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The Endless Deep Chapter 2 (4/16/09)

Totally Made Up!!! Pure Fiction!!!


He left, and the party atmosphere went from electric to normal. After our encounter I decided I definitely needed a drink and went to the bar. I held on to the edge of it for dear life. The bartender brought me a cosmo, which I downed like a shooter. I felt slightly calmer.
Luke slid up next to me.
“Well Ans,” he said “how was your private audience with the King of Ireland?” I laughed and was thankful for his levity.

“He’s really a great guy.” Luke remarked. “He really knows how to make a connection; I’ve never see anything like it. I mean he can do it to one person or fifty-thousand. Amazing. I wonder why he was divorced?”

I raised my brows, “Probably something about making a lot of connections.” I laughed. “He’s going to buy one of my pieces.”

“Wow, that’s great. I’ve met two famous artists in one night.” Luke said. The bartender slid another drink towards me.

“Don’t get too excited, Luke. The deal isn’t done yet.” I said as Luke turned to survey the thinning crowd, “Well, I gotta split,” he said. “Early morning with the Mayor.” He nodded and downed the last of his gin and tonic.
“OK.” I said “See ya ‘round.”

Slowly, I noticed the large man with the salt and pepper hair next to me at the bar. This struck me as strange, because I thought he left with Bono. Our eyes met in the mirror above the bar. He slid a folded paper toward my hand. “I’ll be out front.” The man said. Now the drinks stopped working. My mind raced, my heart was pounding. The large man simply walked away. If I had any questions, they could not be answered. I wondered what he wanted. I looked down at the paper afraid of it.

I took a deep breath and unfolded the paper: “Meet me at the Four Seasons. Tom will bring you. B.”

I cupped the paper in my hand, holding it like a jewel. I had to look at it again. I thought the words were lying, but they did not. They did not change. I had that feeling again. One that I had not had in a while; the feeling of watching your life as a movie. I felt it in Africa, running between two heavily armed Land Rovers, dodging gun fire. As I ran towards a UN Helicopter. Sickening and thrilling.

I left my seat, found my Uncle and told him I was meeting friends in the city. “I’m getting a ride.” I said. “I can get a cab back.”
“Darling, you can call for the car.” He answered.
I smiled, kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks, but I might be late.”
I checked my reflection in the foyer mirror, grabbed my pashmina wrap and clutch and exited into the crisp fall evening.

Tom, the large man with the salt and pepper hair got out of the large Mercedes sedan efficiently and opened the door for me. The car was warm and light jazz floated in the air. We drove toward the city. I wondered to myself, what I was doing? What was Bono doing? I took a deep breath and exhaled. Tom noticed.

“I can tell he likes you.” He stated.

“I’m sorry?’ I said not hearing.

“He likes you. You seem very intelligent. He likes that.” He said again.

“B told me about your photos. Some pretty harrowing stuff, eh?”
I nodded. He continued. “I’ve seen some things too. Went to The Falklands, the 1st Gulf War. All of this crap is a cake-walk.”

I giggled, somewhat inappropriately “I’ll bet it is.”

We cut through a back alley; to a rear garage door. Tom deposited the car with another burly man. He ushered me to an elevator. Inside I caught Tom checking me out. “I can see why he likes you.”
“Um, Thanks.” I said feeling slightly uncomfortable. My heart was in my throat as the elevator raced up. What was I thinking? I was thinking about his smile, his intense, yet friendly gaze. His tractor beam personality. The car arrived at the floor and the door opened.

Tom held it and sort of shoved me out. I heard Miles Davis in the background. My eyes adjusted to the dim light, the suite was gorgeous. Bono came around the corner.

“Ansleigh.” He said smiling as he took my pashmina and clutch. “I wasn’t sure you’d accept my invitation.”

I raised my brows, “You get turned down a lot?”

“Well, I don’t do this ‘a lot’” he answered. He turned leading me to the living room. I must have flashed my ‘bull-shit’ look.

“No really.” He said.

The room was pretty in that expensive hotel kind of way, there were some candles were lit. There was a small bar in the room. “Would you like a drink?” He asked. I stood at the bar. “Sure, how about a cosmo?” I smiled. He looked up and down at the bars contents, slid his arms wide on the edge and he exhaled, laughing. “I have no idea how to make one of those.”

“What kind of rock star are you?” I said in mock horror.

He leaned in over the bar, “One with piss poor bartending skills.” He grinned, his blue eyes flashed.

I walked around the bar, next to him. “You should brush up on that, you know, just in case you have something to fall back on.”

He watched as I surveyed the bar. Everything was there to make the drink. I proceeded to show Bono mix a proper cosmo, finishing the shaking with a flourish. Playfully I bumped my hip to his and said, “That Mr. Hewson is how you make a cosmo. I hope you were paying attention because you will be tested later.”

He tugged at his collar, “I think I’m already being tested.” He cleared his throat. “It looks like you can add bartending to your list of skills Ansleigh.”
I took a deep sip, and even though this moment was so unreal, I felt strangely calm and safe. Our eyes met again.

“Your eyes,” he said “they’re so green. Are they...”

I nodded, interrupting, “Yes, they’re real. No contacts. Well, colored ones at least.” I said.

He raised his brows, and leaned in very closely. “Amazing.”

Close up I could see his laugh lines, freckles and his amazing blue eyes. I blushed hot and red. He touched my cheek with his soft, thick hand.

“Whaa...What are you drinking?” I asked stammering. He covered the glass with his hand. “I’m done, thanks. I’ve got an early call tomorrow.” He said. It was already so late and I was tired. The adrenaline was wearing off, the alcohol making me sleepy.

“Let’s go sit.” He motioned to the chairs in the living area. He took one chair; I took the other opposite to him. I undid the strap of one of my heels. “Sorry.” I said wondering if I was making myself too comfortable. “I’ve been in these things all night.” Then he leaned in from his seat. He undid my other ankle strap and took off my shoe. “They’re nice.” He said holding my gaze. His hands lingered on my leg, then moved down and wrapped his hand around my ankle. It felt like my heart was going to explode. He let go, putting the shoe down. “The shoes are pretty good too.” His smile was devilish.

We talked the rest of the evening. Actually, I talked most of the time. He said he had to save his voice for tomorrow night’s show. I spoke mostly of my trip and how I became interested in photography. It seemed like a few minutes past, but it was actually a couple of hours. He looked at his watch and realized what time it was. I put on my heels and we stood facing each other. At that moment, I could hear Frank Sinatra in the background, singing ‘Strangers in the Night’.

I could not help it; but I started to laugh. Not a giggle, but a deep from within laugh. I bit my lip to stop myself.

“Did you plan that?” I smiled.

Bono looked up, “Must be divine intervention. Frank knows a good looking dame when he sees one.” He stepped closer, grabbed my waist and took my hand. “I guess we’ll just have to dance.” He put his arm around my waist, and took my hand. We sort of swayed slowly.

“I want to see you again, Ansleigh.” He said heavily, looking into my eyes. “But you have to be willing to be complicated by me. It won’t be easy.”. My heart pounding so hard I’m sure he could feel it. He pulled me closer and his lips were on mine, I sighed, parting my lips and his tongue mingled with mine. My body went limp as his hand moved to the back of my head, mussing my hair, loosening my pony-tail. We parted, panting, desperate. My mind temporarily scrambled.

“I’d love to see you again.” I sighed.

“Keep your phone on.” He said.

We moved to the hall, and the elevator door opened. I went in. He waved slightly, with a small grin. The door closed, and I was back to the real world.

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ok...ready for chapter 3...

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This story is

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I haven't read U2 fic in ages. This I , more please.
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I'm really liking this story! Keep it up!!!!
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beautiful - cant wait for more!!
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partygirl43 -

It's been so long since we had something new to cuddle with.
Liking the idea of the story so far, and how you describe things. Present day Bono, can't get enough of that -
Will you have chapter 3 soon?
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Originally Posted by blm View Post
Present day Bono, can't get enough of that -
so true!

good job, partygirl please more soon
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HOLY MOTHER OF.......................
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Ooooh dear, I think I'll be on my way to chapter 3 now

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