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The Endless Deep Chapter 17 (6/11/9) and some news!

First: Only 2 More Chapters to go...Hold on to your seats!! Chapter 18 will be PM'd if you're on my list I'll send it along soon--or if you don't want it and I've been sending you stuff please tell me to quit!!!

Now on with the show:


Chapter 17

Morning arrived far too early and I awoke to an empty space beside me. I crept out of bed and found Bono looking out at the lake holding open a small, black, dog-eared book. I assumed it was his bible, and quietly went to the bathroom, leaving him to his meditations.

I put on a black jersey, knee length wrap dress and high-heeled black leather boots. I finished the outfit with a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings that were another gift from my Uncle. I did not put any make-up on, knowing they would do it for me at the studio.

Bono was waiting for me in the foyer. He was clad in blue jeans, boots, a black t-shirt and a dark burgundy leather jacket with white criss-cross stitching along the seams. So handsome, as usual.

“Nice boots.” He smiled broadly.

“Thanks.” I smiled and lifted the hem of the skirt to show off the top of the boots, and he caught a glimpse of my fish net stockings.

“Ansleigh,” he scolded “how am I supposed to concentrate today?”

I gave him a playful shove, “Please, try.” I laughed. We rode down the elevator and met Tom out in the front of the building, the Suburban, warm and waiting. Marco was at his post across the street and began taking his shots as soon as the doorman opened the front door.

In the car, Bono held my hand, which was shaking slightly. “Are you OK?” he asked, squeezing it. I took a deep breath, suddenly realizing my choice to appear on Oprah might not be the best decision I ever made.

“I’ve never been on TV before.” I exhaled.

“You’ll be great.” He said putting his arm around me. “It sounds cliché, but just be yourself.”

The car stopped and we exited to an outside ally. There were some fans, yelling for him. He flashed his bright smile and waved, yelling “I’ll be out later.” to the adoring crowd that had gathered. They cheered at this news. Tom held the door open and we entered the frenetic activity of the television studio and were led to the make-up room. I looked for friendly faces, but did not recognize any yet.

The make-up artist complemented my dress, and suggested a classic look with a pale eye and strong red lipstick. Bono took the seat next to mine, and he removed his glasses as they touched him up a little. Soon I heard a voice I recognized, “Ansleigh!” I could not look but, it was my friend Paige, who worked with me as an intern.

“Paige!” I said trying to hold still.

“Uh, I’d hug you, but it looks like you’re busy.” She said. She was holding a clipboard and wore a head set.

“That’s Ok; we can hug when I’m done.” I replied. “Bono,” I said as he looked on at me in the make-up chair; “Paige and I worked together when we were lowly interns.”

Paige smiled shook his hand, “Nice to meet you Paige.” He said to her and continued “apparently I buzzed past Ansleigh the last time I was here.”

She laughed, “That was a crazy day.”

“ Ansleigh, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard you were going to be a guest.” Her voice sounded surprised. “Well, let’s talk after you’re done. And we’ll also get you mic’d up.”

I almost nodded, as the make-up artist was putting on my eyelashes. “Sounds good.” I said.

Then I heard that voice. Large, warm and dramatic, a voice I’d heard a thousand times before at 4:00 in the afternoon on the television. The voice I heard working as an intern, answering phones, delivering messages, opening mail and fetching lattes.

It was Oprah. She swooped in and greeted Bono with a hug, “This is going to be good.” She said still hugging him and rubbing his back. “How’s my girl?” he squeezed her. She was dressed festively in a red sweater, her hair in beautiful ringlets, make-up perfect, all topped off with a pair of the biggest diamond studs I’d ever seen. I smiled from the make-up chair. Our eyes met and she flashed her mega-watt smile.

“My, my, it’s Ansleigh Fisher! She came back. I didn’t scare you away?” she laughed.

“Oh no, never.” I replied. “How are you Oprah? It’s been a while.”

She came over to the chair and took my hand into hers, “I remember when you were a little college girl.” “Bono,” she said turning to him, “She was so quite, like a little mouse, but so poised. You’re a lot like your Uncle that way. What a marvelous man. How is he?” she asked.

“He’s great, merrily planning the guest list for Thanksgiving. It’s his favorite holiday. He sends his love.” I replied.

“Well, tell him I said hello. I know you’ve been involved with the Foundation for a while now.”

I nodded, “I love my work there.”

“The Fisher Foundation always has the best fundraisers.” Oprah said waving her hand, “You must love organizing them.”

I smiled, “Well, it’s a challenge sometimes. But you never know who you might meet.” I winked at Bono. She smiled.

“So maybe I’ll touch on some of this when you’re on, are you nervous?” she asked me.

“A little.” I answered, “It’s different here on the other side. Do you have any phones I can answer?’ I joked. Oprah laughed, “You’ll be great. You’ve got me, you’ve Bono up there. Just hold on to one of us! I think everyone will love you.” She let go of my hand, “OK, I’ll see y’all on the set.” She waved with both hands and left.

The assistant’s mic’d us up and led and led us to the green room. We had a few minutes and Bono had a quick interview with a reporter from the Tribune. Paige reappeared and motioned me with her eyes, and I followed her out to the hall. She shoved her headset down away from her mouth and pulled her clipboard close to her, she leaned into me.

“Oh my God Ansleigh, this is so crazy.” She whispered excitedly to me. I blinked letting her words sink in. I realized now how people would treat me differently. People who just met me, people who have know me forever; they would all hold me in a different light. It was something I was going to have to get used to. I remembered how Bono treated Dave at the bar. I looked at Paige and smiled as I touched her arm; “Well it’s been a long time. How have you been?” I deflected the attention, I watched her face relax. “I know, I’m doing really well. I’m engaged.” She smiled.

“Ooohh let me see the ring.” I said and she happily flashed her rock.

“Wow, you must be so happy.” I looked into her eyes.

“Yes I am. You look happy too, Ansleigh.” She said.

“I’m very happy.” I replied. She hugged me, “Well, that’s what really matters.” She fixed her headset and continued, “I’ll let you get back to the Green Room, and Christie will be in to let you know how the show is going to go.”

“Thanks Paige.” I said, pleased with myself for defusing the situation.

Back in the green room, Bono was finishing with the reporter. He looked up and smiled as I took a seat beside him and he put his hand on my knees. We settled back and watched the activity bustling around us. The musical guest, Michael Buble had just arrived and the pace quickened considerably. I leaned toward Bono, “I need to get his autograph for Rose, or she’ll kill me.” He patted my knee and nodded, “Who’s Rose?”

“Uncle Paul’s fiancée. You’ll meet her at Thanksgiving Dinner. She loves Michael Buble.” I responded. He looked amused, “What’s wrong with Bono?’ he said. I looked at him and laughed, “I don’t think she knows what a Bono is.” He laughed and shook his head, “Touché.”

Kristie arrived; she too carried a clip-board and wore a head set. She explained that I would be seated with the audience after the 1st gift giveaway, then Bono would go on with Oprah introduce the new red products for the holidays. There would be another commercial break than Oprah would speak more with Bono and then I would come up on stage. All of this sounded great, until the part where I would go on stage. Bono gave me a quick hug and said “You’ll be great kid.” Into my ear, and Kristie led him backstage.

I watched for the monitor in the green room, hearing the crowd of ladies scream from down the hall; happiness in stereo. After that burst of excitement, they made the cut to commercials. I noticed my hands were cold and clammy as Paige came to get me. We hustled through the hall and into the studio where a spot was given to me in the front row. The women next to me probably wonder who I was.

The director signaled the commercial break was over. Oprah was onstage standing behind a festively adorned table with many boxes wrapped in red brand gift wrap, stacked all around. The applause began again, and she started to talk using her expressive Oprah voice; “My next guest is here to help me introduce some great new things that I love and you many want to give this holiday season. He’s a rock-star, philanthropist, Grammy Award winner and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Here’s the one and only BONO!!!”
The crowd goes nuts. We jump to our feet with applause. Bono walks out raising one hand waving to the audience, clutching his jacket with the other, his smile is beaming. He walks to Oprah behind the gift table and they embrace once again. She says something into his ear. The audience continues its frenzied cheer. He waves out again, and Oprah looks at him and says “Wow.” barely audible over the din of the crowd. The whole thing is so exciting I forget momentarily that, soon I will be joining them onstage.
The cheering fades as Oprah begins to speak, “Hello, Bono.” She says.
“Hello Oprah, I’m here to be you’re Irish Santa.” He smiles. Someone in the audience “Woots” loudly and everyone laughs. Bono rubs his chin with a sheepish grin and says: “I haven’t given anything away yet.”

“Well, I understand that you’ve got some new products from red. And you know I LOVE that these are things you can buy and the money will help those in need in Africa.” Oprah said.

“You know Oprah; there are two words I think a lot about this time of year.” He is looking at her and his brogue seems especially thick today, “those words are presents and presence. We give presents to each other; we give our presence to one another. Sometimes you might think, you know, when you hear the stories of poverty in faraway places, how can I be present? How can I help?"

Oprah is nodding, and he continues “A person can help in this really simple way.” Oprah opens her eyes wide, having one over her revelations, ‘Wow, Presents and presence. That’s wonderful.” She says. She puts her arm around his waist and continues, “So Irish Santa, what did you bring?” Bono looks over the table and lifts up the first box reveling the newest red phone. The crowd cheers loudly knowing they will all be receiving the phone. This continues, and he does a great job of explaining all of the new products, I wondered when he has the time to do his homework. These few weeks had moved so quickly for me I barely had time to think about Thanksgiving Dinner. They come to the last and smallest box and Bono reveals a 1 carat diamond pendant that was 100% conflict free certified. The ladies go bananas.

“Whooo, hooo!” Oprah shouts, “Thank You Irish Santa!!” Bono’s smile radiates from ear to ear and for a moment our eyes meet. My turn is coming up soon and I am starting to get nervous again. My stomach does a flip.

The cheering subsides slightly and Oprah announces over the commotion, “We’re going to talk more with Bono after the break, we’ll find out what’s going on with him and U2. We’ll be right back.”

The director signals a break and stage hands scurry about, adjusting and rearranging. In a few moments I will be on stage. Suddenly a very Zen like feeling washed over me. I felt calm, almost confident. The director signaled the break was ending and motioned that the cameras were rolling. The clapping began once again.

“So I’m here with the Irish Santa; Bono.” Oprah says “How are you, Bono?” she asks.

“I’m great.” He smiles. She turns more towards him, “So U2’s world tour is over…” she says as he nods, “Are you tired? How do you do this? I’m tired just hearing about your busy schedule.”

He shrugs slightly and runs a hand over his hair, “Well, you know I’m very fortunate to have many people behind the scenes to help me; Team Bono. But I’m on a nice break right now. After the holidays we’re hoping to get back into the studio.”

Oprah smiles, “That’s funny, Team Bono. I have a Team Oprah. Now I heard you’ve been in Chicago, people kept asking me, where’s Bono? I’m like, how should I know? I think people thought you were in my guest room.”

He laughs and puts his arm around her waist, “Now Oprah, let’s not start any rumors.” The audience laughs. “Yes, I’ve been in here in town with another very nice Chicago girl, her name is Ansleigh Fisher.” He looks out to the audience and waves to me. The camera is on me, as I wave back with a smile.

Oprah nods, “Now I should disclose that Ansleigh used to intern for the show a few years ago.” I nod as the camera comes back to me. “Ansleigh, why don’t you come up here?” She waves me up. I get out of my chair keeping my eyes on Bono and Oprah. There is some applause. Bono takes my hands giving them a quick squeeze; he kisses me on the cheek. I hug Oprah, than I am standing between them both.

Oprah brushes her hair back with her hand and continues, “For those of you who aren’t from Chicago, The Fisher Family is a very huge force in Chicago philanthropy. You can’t turn on the PBS without hearing that a show is supported by The Fisher Family Foundation.” I’m looking at her nodding. “So how does it feel to be onstage instead of behind the scenes?” She asks me.

“It’s pretty amazing.” I smile.

“So I gotta ask it, because all of America will want to know, how’d y’all meet?” she says looking at me.

“Well,” I said, “we met at a fundraiser for the Fisher Family Foundation.”

“Ansleigh and her family have been very active in their work for families in Africa and in America. She’s just recently returned from Burkina Faso.” Bono said.

“Wow. What were you doing in Burkina Faso?” Oprah inquires.

“Yes, I was documenting a program that provides livestock to families, so they can earn money from the livestock. I was taking pictures.” I answered.

“She’s a wonderful, talented photographer.” Bono adds with a gracious smile.

“That is so great.” Oprah says and continues: “Well you do wonderful work and it was great to see you. And Bono, you know I love you, thanks for being our Irish Santa, and we’ll be right back with Michael Buble!” The audience started their applause and quickly, mercifully as my bravado was fading the director yelled “Cut!” Oprah turned to me with a wide eyed smile, “Good job!” and she rubbed my arm. The stagehands escorted us to the backstage area.

“You did great!” Bono said to me.

I exhaled loudly, “Thanks, I feel like I need a drink!” The commotion continued backstage as an assistant asked if the shows photographer could get some photos us backstage and photos of Bono with Michael Buble. This was my chance to get the autograph for Rose. The photographer got the picture and I was able to get the autograph.

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Make that 3 more chapters...I'm bad at counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Make that MORE than 3 !!!
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presents and presence that!
I'm sad this will be ending soon
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Originally Posted by blue kite View Post

Make that MORE than 3 !!!
what she said!!!

I really love this!
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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Very sweet.. you're doing a great job!
can't wait to find out what happens.

Will you be writing anymore after this is finished?
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im sad this will be ending! im wondering as well if you will write anything else?
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I'll have to see where my muse takes me......
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I like this one a lot and can't wait for the next chapter.
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Exciting chapter! And I can't wait for the next one
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i like it.
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Originally Posted by partygirl43 View Post

I'll have to see where my muse takes me......
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WONDERFUL CHAPTER! I LOVE that you got Bono's mannerisms so spot on! and you got (RED) products in your story!
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Great chapter!

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