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The Coffee Ritual

This is a kind of experiment to get rid of an enormous case of writers block. It's not long...but at least I've been able to actually write something. It's been awhile.

As always, this isn't never wasn't can't prove anything.

Big, huge, enormous thank you to Ali for kicking my butt and nagging me half to death.

It was early Monday morning when Sandra woke up and looked at her clock.


She was supposed to be in class at 8 am and it was 7:45. She had this deal with her friend Carly that if one of them was late they had to buy the other a cup of coffee. Most mornings one or both of them were late so it worked out well.

She jumped into the first pair of jeans and shirt she saw and flew out the door bushing her hair at the same time. When she got to the coffee shop on campus there was a huge line-up. Luckily, they knew her there so she got let in the front of the line.

10 minutes and two coffees later she rushed into the lecture hall and sat down. Without looking over she placed one coffee on her friend's table.

"Remind me *never* to go to Cheryl's on a Sunday night and start doing jell-o shots," she said in the general direction of her friend.

What she hadn't noticed was that her friend wasn't sitting in the seat next to her.

U2 were in town for a couple of concert dates and on the day off in between them Edge had decided that he was going to sit in on a class that a Professor he knew well was giving. He had slipped into the back of the classroom and sat in the first available seat. He hadn't been there long when Sandra had come in and plunked a cup of coffee in front of him. He was going to say something but she started talking and he didn't want to interrupt.

"You'd think I'd've learned the last time I did this. It's not like I didn't know this would happen. It's not like you can actually taste the alcohol in them. Especially when Dan is doing the mixing. He doesn't believe in shot glasses."

Edge was just listening, trying not to make a sound so he wouldn't startle her. It was hard trying not to laugh.

"I did mean to get home before 2 am... it just didn't work out that way. Why they schedule 8 am classes on a Monday morning is beyond me anyway. Do they not realize that we actually have social lives?"

It was beginning to dawn on Sandra that she hadn't heard a word out of Carly's mouth. She had been saying all this while her head was down on her desk and her arms were being used as a pillow.

She looked over and saw an arm that was a bit too hairy to belong to her friend. Blinking, she looked up a little bit more and saw that the arm had more muscles than would be considered normal on a girl. Then she noticed stubble on a face that was most definitely male. It was when the beanie came into view that she realized who it was.


Everyone turned around.

Edge just smiled and thanked her for the coffee.

Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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I love this! The ending just cracks me up every time.

Now for the longer stuff, pls?


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That's great! Very entertaining read.
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haha, this is great
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so subtile! deinably Edge style!
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hahaha. As a college student who generally wakes up late everyday, I loved this! Its refreshing. Good luck on getting over your writer's block!!!!!
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i like it
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This. For the win, this. This is me, all the time, and I'd probably end up in exactly this situation.

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