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The Bass Player's Wife - Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Not real, never happened. There's a reason it's called fiction.

Anyways, please to enjoy.


Chapter Three - 17 May 1994

"Wow," Adam whispers softly.

I smile. It's at least the millionth time he's said that in the past hour. After seven hours of labor, I gave birth to our daughter, Aurora Jane Clayton, at New York Hospital. Adam's cradling her and rocking her in a rocking chair, amazed. Rory's awake and watching her daddy very closely. I'm supposed to get up and walk once around the nurse's station pushing her bassinet. That is, if I can pry her out of Adam's arms.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on," he says to her and strokes the blonde peach fuzz on her head.

"Hey!" I pretend to be offended. We both giggle. "So, are you feeling any more comfortable with the fatherhood thing?"

Adam's been panicking the last two weeks of my pregnancy, saying that he doesn't know how to be a father and that he should just go back to Ireland and stay out of her life so he doesn't ruin her.

"I'm still terrified, but once she was here, I knew I can't ever leave her," Adam sniffles and wipes his eyes with the heel of his right hand. "I thought you were supposed to be the emotional one," he laughs and sniffles again.

"You're going to be a great dad, Adam," I smile.

"Thanks, honey," he says. Aurora yawns. "I think she's ready for a little sleep."

"Give her here, I'm gonna try to nurse her to help her sleep," I hold out my arms.

"Nope, I can't put her down. She's mine," Adam grins and strokes her cheek with his finger.

"You're gonna let her suck on your tits, then?" I ask. Adam looks up, staring straight ahead for a few seconds, then stands up and hands me Rory. I struggle to get her to latch on and a nurse comes in after I've managed to upset Rory and myself to the point where we're both crying and Adam dashed out of the room to retrieve her. She brought Aurora a bottle and calmed me down, saying it was normal to have a little difficulty the first time and that she'd get the lactation consultant in as soon as possible. I watched Adam almost jealously as he calmed her down with the formula and got her to sleep.

Later, he's watching the morning news and answering back at the TV while I lay in bed, thinking. After the weather forecast of typical May temperatures in New York, a story begins about elections in Malawi, but Adam turns it off. "You're quiet, babe." I shrug. "Are you still upset over the breastfeeding thing?" I nod and start to cry again. "Oh, love," Adam climbs in bed with me. "You're not the first or the last mum to have problems. That's why they have nurses and consultants and things. You'll get it." I nod and try to calm down. "Lucy, don't beat yourself up over this. We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. What more could we ask for?" I close my eyes as he kisses me, and I'm so tired that I don't open them after. "I'll let you sleep, love."

I didn't notice that he'd climbed out of the bed, but when I woke up a few hours later because Rory was crying, he was sound asleep in the rocking chair. I get up and pick her up and she calms down a little. "Hi, Aurora," I say and she stops fussing to listen. She knows that voice. "My, what big blue eyes you have. Just like your daddy, hmm?" Rory decides that she's heard enough and starts crying again. I sit down on the bed and get her to latch on almost immediately. "That a girl. Much better this time around, huh?" She looks up at my smiling face as she nurses, fixated on the point of my nose. I talk to her softly and sweetly, finally having this mom thing feel real.

My obstetrician comes and goes, making sure we're both doing well after the birth. I can't take my eyes off my daughter until I put her on my shoulder to burp her. Adam wakes up after the feeding and says he's going to go announce her arrival to his family and the band. He returns with The Edge and Morleigh.

"We went by your place to say hello and your landlord told us you'd rushed out in the middle of the night, and Morleigh remembered you saying you were going to have the baby at New York Hospital, so we headed over here and found Adam in the hallway," Edge explains.

"And since we missed your baby shower, we brought her a little something," Morleigh sets a gift bag next to the bed.

"You didn't have to do that," I blush and pull a little pink dress out of the bag. "But thank you."

"We didn't tell Bono or Larry, and Adam was still arguing with his parents when we walked in," Edge says. "It sounded like they were criticizing him for having a baby out of wedlock, but it was hard to tell through the tapestry of profanity Adam was weaving."

"My mum called me a stupid bastard then passed the phone off to Dad. He started to curse at me so I was cursing back. I'm 34 years old, I can have a baby if I want to, but they still treat me like I'm 15," Adam folds his arms. Aurora fusses a little at his tone.

"Anyway, let's take a look at her," Edge holds his hands out and I give him the baby.

"Oh, she's precious," Morleigh grins. "Does she have any temperature issues?"

"No," I shake my head.

Edge nods and unwraps her swaddling. Aurora stretches, but then curls back up into her fetal position until she sees her own hand move and tries to figure out how to do that again. "She's watching everything. I think she's trying to figure out who I am. She's got a very concerned look on her face." I lean over and Rory's brow is creased. "What'd you name her?"

"Aurora Jane," the proud new father grins and puffs out his chest.

"Aurora Jane," Morleigh repeats. "Hello, Aurora Jane," Morleigh gets Rory to squeeze her finger.

"She's amazing," Edge wraps her back up tight. "Reminds me of when my girls were born. Blue Angel is going to be five next month, can you believe that?"

"That means Hollie's going to be ten," I do the math quickly.

"I know, she's growing up too fast," Edge shakes his head. "Adam, do you want to go get lunch?"

"No, thanks. I'll head down to the cafeteria in a while," Adam replies, taking Rory from Edge.

"Alright, well, congratulations," Edge hugs me, then Adam while I hug Morleigh. "And we'll get out of your hair. You're probably going to have a hundred more visitors before you get out of here, and we'll be back, too."

"Thanks. And thanks for stopping by and for the present," I say, waving from my bed.

"See you soon," Morleigh says before they leave.

I pull out a toy from the gift bag as well. It's a little mobile. "I think this fits over her bassinet for her to look at." I clip it on and Adam puts Rory under it. She starts wiggling and making excited noises. "I think she likes it."

"Me, too," Adam giggles at how animated she's become. "Edge had to mention food. I'm going to go get something. Are you hungry yet?"

"Starving. Get me...whatever. You know what I like," I say, watching my daughter play.

"Alright," Adam kisses my forehead. "I love you." He kisses Aurora and then leaves.

I chuckle to myself as I notice my next task as a new mom, a diaper change, and say to Rory, "It only took 12 years and having his baby to get him to say it."

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Aww, I like Adam as a daddy. Good job, Reg

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Oooh, another chapter. I'm getting hooked on this, you know. And Adam as a daddy...*squeal*
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[COLOR="Magenta"]i like it.[/COLOR]
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