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Surrender - Chapter 20

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc

Care Mild sex references and swearing

End of Chapter 19

When she opened her eyes, the room was completely dark. She had no idea what time it was. It was then that she realized that she had passed out in her bedroom on the chaise lounge.

Sadie realised that someone had gagged her as she slept; her hands had been tired tightly with something and attached to the leg she wasn’t sure what. Who would do such a thing and why?

She still felt woozy; she couldn’t scream she couldn’t move, all sorts of scenarios were running through her head, she was scared.

Then she heard it, she hadn’t noticed it before. It was unmistakeable, the sound of a couple moaning in the throes of passion. The cheek of it, some couple were doing it in her & Michael’s bed. Then as the woman moaned, Sadie’s heart broke

“Oh my god Michael, I’m coming”

Sadie feared she would suffocate on the choking gag. She felt her chest tighten as her breathing became more laboured; as she lost consciousness Michael’s grunts filled her ears.

Michael woke as Mary stirred.

“Morning gorgeous” he smiled as he looked into her satisfied face.

“Hi” Mary stretched her aching limbs. ”How’s Sleeping Beauty?”

“Don’t know” Michael chuckled. He got up and walked around the bed “She’s still asleep”

“Are you sure?” Mary crawled to the edge of the bed and looked at Sadie, looking dishevelled still in last night’s dress, her hair hanging over her face. “She just seems very still.”

Michael walked over to Sadie. He tapped her, nothing. He shook her, nothing.

He shook her firmly, still nothing.

“Shit!” He looked at Mary. “Quickly get dressed and get to my car”

“Oh god, don’t tell me we’ve killed her” Mary’s voice full of panic.

Michael bent down, he placed his head done near her mouth. He could feel a slight breeze from her faint breathing.” No but she‘s in a bad way.”

Mary had pulled on her dress, and slipped on her shoes. Michael looked at her.

“The keys are on the table in the hall, by the door. Go and wait in the car.” Michael commanded Mary.

“What are you going to do?” Mary asked looking over at Sadie

“What I always do when things get messy. Call Gloomy.” Michael looked at Mary, and yelled. “Well what you waiting for?”

Mary didn’t need telling twice, she was gone.

Michael heard Mary close the front door. He untied Sadie’s hands and removed the gag from her mouth. He picked her up; her limps hang loosely as he carried her to the bed. Swiftly Michael dressed himself, no time for a shower now; he’d have one at Mary’s. He walked out of the room, taking a backwards glance at Sadie, still no sign of her waking. Michael walked down the stairs, Shammy running up to welcome him.

“Not now boy” Michael pushed him away. He’d get Gloomy to sort him too. He walked out the door, turning to the right to go and give Gloomy his orders.
He knocked on the door, and waited. Once more he knocked on the door, his patience waning with every second that past. What was keeping Gloomy??

He thought about ramming the door, but settled on hammering it with his fist continuously.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *****

“Kim, you awake sweetie?” Gloomy whispered into her ear

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” she groaned in reply. “My head’s banging!”

Gloomy laughed, that was someone at the door. He didn’t feel like answering. He wanted to stay in bed; he was exhausted not hung-over just worn out with his insatiable girlfriend.

Bang. Bang.

This person obviously wanted a response. Gloomy just continued to lay there.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” Kim moaned: her head pounding.

“No, they can call back if it’s important” he whispered as he snuggled up to Kim.

Then it started a continual bang, bang, bang

“What in the name of God, do they want?” Gloomy begrudgingly moved his tired limbs; he threw on a bathrobe to protect his modesty as he went to answer the door.

Gloomy opened the door; Michael nearly sent him flying as he ran in.

“Did I wake you?” Michael looked at Gloomy

“Actually you did. What’s the matter?” Gloomy knew something was wrong. Michael rarely lost his cool.

“I need you to sort out Sadie and Shammy. I need to get to work.” Michael calmly replied.

“Sure, I’ll pop in after I shower” Gloomy smiled

“No Shammy’s hungry. Oh and Sadie’s hardly breathing, I couldn’t wake her up.” Michael informed him.

“What and you’ve just left her?” Gloomy responded in disbelief.

“Yeah, as I said I need to get to work” Michael turned and walked out the door, strolling calmly to the car.

Gloomy slammed the door shut, walking back to the bedroom, Kim ran into his arms.

“You’ll never believe what he’s done now...”

“I heard” Kim stopped him mid sentence. She had flung on one of Gloomy’s shirts.

“Let me get dressed and we’ll go up” He said hugging her.

“No” Kim snapped, pushing Gloomy away.” We go NOW.”

Kim ran out the house, her keys tightly held in her hand. She didn’t care if anyone saw her; she reached the front steps and opened the door. Gloomy had cut his losses and was right behind her.

“You go find Sadie, I’ll deal with Shammy” Gloomy instructed. Kim ran up the stairs without hesitation, now where was Shammy?

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************************************************************************************************************************************

Bono walked through the Grand Motel West car park and onto W Madison St. As he strolled down the street he was oblivious to the noises from the traffic and pedestrians. He was unsure where he was heading, all he knew was he needed to get away, be alone for a while. Eventually he come to the park and decided it could help him relax and figure out all the quandaries in his head. He walked around Garfield Park looking for a place of seclusion to lie quietly. He passed baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, kids playing basketball. Happy couples ate their picnics whilst looking into each other eyes. How he wished that Sadie was there with him. What was he going to do? How would he save her?

Bono manoeuvred himself to the ground, laying himself on to the dewy grass its dampness not hindering his mission. He pondered the complexities of his predicament. He removed his Bible from his jacket pocket and opened it; he always let the Lord guide him to the right verse to direct him. He looked down at the page, and read the passage from the Song of Solomon

Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.

He closed the Bible looking at the heavens, once more he randomly opened the book and read this time from Corinthians

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails....And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Bono sighed as he closed the bible and placed it on the ground. He lay back and looked into the sky “You’re not making it any easier” he whispered.

Obviously he was meant to fight for Sadie; otherwise he wouldn’t have had those two verses. He would claim her someday.

Now it he could only come up with some lyrics for the new album, it was only a few weeks until the band had a short break and a mini recording session. He needed some inspiration to help him at least come up with a few ideas. He lay there and what seemed like hours, no lyrics no ideas. This new album is not going to be an easy experience.

Bono stood up and looked down to the ground, bending down to retrieve his Bible slipping it into his jacket pocket. He started to walk passing a number of historic sculptures and statues which he couldn't recall seeing earlier. Nevertheless he continued walking hoping to find a familiar landmark. He left the park and return to the streets unsure of his bearings. There was no choice but to find someone who could redirect him back to the motel. He saw a man carrying some artwork into a building.

“Excuse me, could I trouble you for a moment?” Bono asked

“Sure, how can I help you?” the man asked.

“I seem to have lost my bearings; I need to get back to the Grand Motel West.” Bono explained.

“I’m not sure where that is. Do you know the address?” the man enquired

“No I don’t” Bono replied.

“Hey, come in and I see if I can find it out from directory enquiries for you” the man kindly invited Bono in.

“Thank you” Bono smiled following the man into the building.

Bono surveyed the building, “Wow what you doing in here?”

The man placed the painting down. ”It’s going to be a Peace Museum, eventually anyway”

“Really?” Bono was intrigued

“Sorry how rude of me. I’m Mark Rogovin, one of the creators.” Mark held his hand out to Bono

“It’s nice to meet you Mark. I’m Bono.” Bono smiled as they shook hands.

“Likewise Bono” Mark smiled. “Now let’s get you an address.”

“So you’re starting a peace museum?” Bono was interested.

“Yeah me and Marjorie, who’s a former UNICEF ambassador wanted to start a place where we could inform the public about the horrors of war.” Mark said as he searched for the telephone directory.

“It sounds amazing” Bono smiled.

“Peace is defined as living in harmony with each other, respecting individual differences and beliefs. This is the message the museum aims to project. The exhibits will demonstrate the effect of peace in human lives, and its benefits pertaining to education, law enforcement, health care, the environment, foreign policy and economics. Well that’s our aim anyway.” Mark informed Bono.

“Wow when do you open?” Bono enquired

“We’re hoping to be ready in a few weeks” Mark spotted the telephone directory. “Here we are now what is the name of your motel again?”

“Grand Motel West” Bono smiled.

“Here we are” Mark got a piece of paper and wrote down the address for Bono. “You need to go back through the park and then you’ll be on the right street.”

“Thanks. I’ll come and visit the museum when I’m next in Chicago”

“Please do.” Mark smiled

“Thanks again for your help. Bye Mark” Bono grinned

“Bye, hope to see you again soon.” Mark spoke as Bono walked out the door.

One thing that confused him is why Bono hadn’t hailed a cab to take him back.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

Kim ran up the stairs shouting Sadie’s name. No response.

She heard a bark from the next floor up, and as she reached the bottom of the stairs saw Shammy standing at the top. He barked again and ran into the master bedroom.

Kim run up the stairs two at a time, she had a horrible feeling. She ran into the bedroom, seeing Sadie on the bed, Shamrock lay next to his mistress, protecting her.

Kim sprinted over to the bed, taking hold of Sadie’s shoulders and shaking her gently. ”Sadie, Sadie please honey wake up”


Kim knew the first aid basics. Sadie looked in a bad way, she had difficulty breathing, and a swelling of her lips and a yellow tinge to her skin. She had bruising to her wrists as if she’d been tied up.

“God, what has that bastard done to you” Kim sighed as she picked up the phone.

“Hello can I have an ambulance please. She’s having difficulty breathing. Please send it as soon as possible to 46 Highbury Hill.

She replaced the receiver as Gloomy walked into the room.

“Jeysus what has Michael done?” panic gripping Gloomy’s heart

“I don’t know, but Sadie’s not too good. I called an ambulance and it’s on the way.” Kim looked down at a dishevelled Sadie. “Maybe I should get her out of that dress”

“It might be a good idea.” Gloomy said. ”Do you want a hand?”

Kim just stared at him. He knew that look.

“Honey, go sort out Shammy before we leave” Kim wanted him out the way.

She needed to preserve the scene encase it was needed. Kim dressed Sadie so she didn’t look like a ho, she slipped a nightdress on her as she heard the sirens of the medics approaching.

“Please let her be alright” Kim prayed.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *********************************************

“And where have you been?” Larry was obviously pissed about something.

“A walk” Bono replied

“A walk? Well thanks for telling one of us you were going!!” the sarcasm in Larry’s voice evident to everyone.

“Hey, he’s a grown up now, he can go where he wants.” Adam interjected

“I sometimes wonder” Edge muttered as he read his Guitar Monthly.

Bono knew he was in trouble again. “I just walked looking for some inspiration, for lyrics you know.”

All the boys looked at him, all with the same bemused look on their face.

“I was, honestly.” Bono flashed his cheeky grin.

“Well you’re here now” Adam wanted to cool the situation. Weird he was the atheist yet always the peacemaker.

“So what about tonight’s set list? “ Larry asked

“Well last night was good, may as well keep it the same” Edge smiled.

“People who went last night might realise it’s the same” Larry protested

“Larry last night the beer was free. I doubt anyone who was at last night’s gig will remember the set,” Adam smirked.

Larry folded his arms.

“Well if that’s decided I need a shower” Bono smiled as he stripped off and walked into the bathroom.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************

Kim sat staring as the medic worked on making Sadie stable. Only one person could travel with her and Gloomy had said he’d lock up and follow them to the hospital, he said he’d inform Michael what had happened. All sorts of horrible conclusions were running through Kim’s head, Sadie had to make it through she just had too.

“Excuse me love” the medic gently touched Kim’s hand. ”We’re at the hospital. We’ll take her through to the doctors. You go and check her in. You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just look after Sadie for me. Please.” Kim looked up at the medic, the tears falling from her eyes as she realised how much Sadie meant to her. She followed Sadie through the blur of her tears until she could no longer see her. If anything happened to her she’d make it her personal crusade to bring Michael Murphy to justice, whatever the cost.

She waited in the line for what seemed like ages. Eventually checking Sadie in with as much details as she knew before waiting in A & E. The minutes seemed like hours as she awaited any news. What was keeping Gloomy? She needed his strong arms around her.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

Gloomy watched the ambulance pull away, its blue lights flashing as it took the girls to the hospital. He had no idea what Michael had been up to this time but he hoped Sadie would be alright. He walked upstairs and into the master bedroom, Shammy was on the bed, looking sad his head in his paws.

Gloomy walked up to him and pat his head

“She’ll be alright, boy” he promised Shamrock.

Gloomy looked around the room. He spotted a scarf all scrunched up by the chaise lounge, he walked over and picked it up. Michael had obviously tied Sadie to it but why? Then it dawned on him, Mary had stayed last night at the house. Surely Michael wouldn’t have done that. Or would he?

“Come on Shammy” he called “let’s get you some food”

Shammy run out the room and waited on the landing, waiting for Gloomy to follow him. Gloomy closed the bedroom door. He made his way to the kitchen and let the dog out into the garden and walked to the phone.

He waited for someone to pick up the phone.

“Is Michael there?” he’d dialled Mary’s office

“Hold on” Mary snapped as if he was disturbing something.

“Hi “Michael’s voice came through the ear piece.

"Michael it is me. Sadie is in a terrible way, she's been taken to Whittington Hospital."

"How bad is she?" Michael tried to sound concerned.

"I honestly don't know, Kim has gone with her to the hospital. I thought you would like to know." Gloomy could tell from the tone of his voice Michael wasn't in the least bit worried.

“Call me when you have more information about Sadie's condition. I'm busy so I won’t go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. I will be here all day.

Bye Gloomy.” Michael put the phone down.

Gloomy was lost for words, considering Sadie was meant to be the future Mrs Murphy, Michael didn't seem too worried about her. He honestly didn't understand Michael these days; it was obvious what Michael was planning to do whilst his girlfriend was in hospital in a bad way. Gloomy called in Shamrock from the garden and shut the door. He locked up and made his way to the car, how would he explain this to both Kim and Sadie that Michael could not be bothered to visit.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

"I glad to see you" Kim said as Gloomy held her in his strong muscular arms.

"Is there any news?" Gloomy asked.

"No not yet" Kim looked into his eyes.

“Shall I go and ask?” Gloomy didn't know what to do for the best.

"No it's okay. I only went and asked about 10 minutes before you got here. I was told they still doing tests to establish what is wrong with her." Kim could not hold back the tears any longer.

Kim sobbed into Gloomy’s jacket; he let her cry not knowing what to say to her.

After a while Kim stopped crying and looked at Gloomy, "So where's Michael?"

He just looked at her in silence.

"He's with the whore isn't he?" Kim asked him. “He is unbelievable!"

"I phoned and told him, but he didn't seem to care. He asked me to call him when I have more information about her condition." Gloomy explained.

Kim & Gloomy sat in silence, now was not the time to argue.

"Are the relatives for Sadie Murray here please?” a nurse asked.

Kim & Gloomy stood up and went towards the nurse.

"If you follow me please" the nurse said leading them into the A & E hub.

"Is she okay?" Kim asked desperate for information

"The doctor is reviewing the results and will be with you soon.” the nurse said without much compassion, as she lead them into a room and walked away.

“ Ohhhhhhh Gloomy, I'm so scared. What if she’s... “Kim started to say

“Shh don’t think like that. She will be fine, I’m sure” Gloomy pulled Kim to him, trying to allay her fears.

They sat quietly, Gloomy with his arm tightly around her, keeping her safe.
The seconds turned into minutes, minutes felt like hours until a doctor walked in shutting the door behind him.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Hewson. Sorry to make your acquaintance under such circumstances." The doctor smiled a brief smile at Kim.

Kim looked at the doctor. Her heart stopped, what was it with Sadie attracting gorgeous Irishmen.

"That afternoon Doctor Hewson, I’m Martin McAuley and this is my girlfriend Kim. I’m Sadie’s brother-in-law. Her husband is out of town on business, he’s been informed and will be here soon as he can.” Gloomy was a bit economical with the truth but he needed the doctor to speak to him.

“Ok. Please sit down.” Dr Hewson requested.

"Please doctor; just tell me how she is” Kim pleaded.

“Can you tell me if Sadie takes any medication?” he asked.

“No she doesn’t” Kim knew she didn’t.

“Does she drink excessively?” Dr. Hewson looked at them both.

“Not normally, but we were at a friend’s party last night” Gloomy informed the doctor.

“It appears that Sadie’s had a lucky escape. She seems to have mixed an awful lot of alcohol and we found a big dosage of Alprazolam in her blood.This could have been fatal. And it goes without saying in her condition, it is far from advisable.” The Doctor paused.

“What condition?” Kim & Gloomy asked in unison.

“Oh, you don't know? I'm afraid you’ll have to wait until Sadie regains consciousness.” The doctor didn’t want them to know before the patient.

“Can we see her?” Kim asked.

“Sure. I'll get a nurse to come and take you to her. If you would please excuse me, I have more patients to see.” Dr Hewson smiled and exited the room.

“What did that mean?” Gloomy asked.

“I haven’t a clue. She never told me that she had a condition.” Kim shrugged.

A nurse popped her head into the room. “If you’re ready I can take you to Sadie.”

They followed the nurse to a room.

“Be warned there are a lot of tubes, and she’s not fully conscious yet. Don’t feel silly talking to her, sometimes it helps if they hear a familiar voice.” The nurse smiled.

They walked in, Kim gasped as she saw her friend. Gloomy took her hand and escorted her to the bedside.

“Do you want a drink?” he whispered as he placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Yes, I’d love a tea.” Kim looked at him.

“Ok, I’ll go and get you one.” Gloomy wiped away a tear as it flowed down her cheek.

“And can you do something else?” Kim asked.

“Sure, what is it sweetie.” Gloomy smiled.

“Phone that bastard and tell him to get his arse here now!!” She hissed angrily.

“I’ll try” Gloomy replied, he could see the hatred for Michael in Kim’s eyes.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” Sadie groaned.

Kim woke from her doze. “Sadie, its Kim. You’re in hospital sweetheart.” Kim put her hand in Sadie’s and felt a gentle squeeze.

“Michael!” Sadie groaned

“He’s not here, he’s working. Gloomy’s trying to contact him” Kim hated lying to her.

Sadie tried to raise herself from the bed, but the tubes inhibited her.

“Its ok sweetheart, I’ll get a nurse.” Kim tried to get her settled.

Kim walked out to find a nurse, by the time she’d come back in, Sadie was asleep once more.

“Sorry, she was awake.” Kim apologised to the nurse.

“It’s alright. She’ll be in and out of consciousness for a while.” The nurse smiled. ”Call me if she wakes again”

Kim looked at the clock. Where on earth was Gloomy? He’d been gone ages.
As if he’d heard her, Gloomy walked into the room holding a cup of tea.

“Sorry I was a while. Here you are, just the way you like it” He handed her the tea and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Thanks. Did you get hold of Michael?” Kim looked at him

“No sorry, I didn’t” he hang his head. “Is there any more news about Sadie?”

“No” Kim was livid with Michael, she was sure he had something to do with it, but she was taking it out on Gloomy.

Gloomy sat down on the other side of the bed. No talking, even the silence seemed too loud.

They both dozed off, the lack of sleep the previous night catching up with them.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************
Sadie slowly opened her eyes, her head was still pounding. Initially her vision was blurred but she could make out two figures either side of her. As she lay on the bed tears rolled down her cheeks, as memories of last night came back to her. Michael had cheated on her, but how could she condemn him when she herself was guilty of committing the same sin. Was this is God's retribution for her infidelity with Danny?

Her throat felt so dry, as her vision cleared she managed to grab hold of Gloomy‘s hand and squeezed it until he woke from his snooze.

"Hi there baby, how are you?" Gloomy smiled

“Please can you get me some water? My throat is so sore” Sadie whispered.

"Sure" Gloomy flashed his cheeky grin, and walked off to find a glass for Sadie.

Once he's gone from the room Sadie reached in grabbed Kim’s hand, making her wake suddenly.

“Hi” Sadie smiled.

“Hi honey. How are you feeling?”

“Honestly, like crap.” She whispered.

“Where’s Gloomy?” Kim had just realised he’d gone.

“Gone for water” Sadie murmured

“It’s ok, we can talk later. Just get some rest now.” Kim smiled tenderly at her friend.

“Here we go “Gloomy returned with a glass and jug of water. He poured a glass and placed the jug on the side table. He placed the glass gently to her lips, and held it whilst she drank. All the while they looked into one another’s eyes. Sadie closed her eyes, she couldn’t stop that feeling, she didn’t need to fall for another man, she wasn’t thinking straight. Sadie knew Gloomy had felt it to, yet he said nothing, he just smoothly removed the glass from her lips and placed it on the table.

Gloomy had felt it, but he knew it was pointless, he had a woman he adored and he knew what Michael would do to him if he even tried it.

He turned to Kim and kissed her on the lips.

A nurse walked in, “Sorry visiting hours are over”

“Oh can’t I stay?” Kim asked

“I’m afraid not.” She apologised.

“Come Kim, let’s go home and let Sadie get her rest. We need to check on the dogs to.” Gloomy tried to prise her from Sadie’s bedside

“I’m fine Kim” Sadie smiled, “Please go home and rest”

“Alright” Kim bent to kiss Sadie, “I know Michael hurt you” she whispered.
Sadie simply nodded.

Kim & Gloomy walked out the room. Sadie went back to her thoughts and guilt.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

There he was in front of her. He looked so handsome, and those tight jeans showed him off well. Sadie reminded herself to breathe. In front of the stage were lots of important executives that would help the band’s career. She wanted to run into Bono’s arms but she knew that he should concentrate on his performance; she’d go to him afterwards. Suddenly out of nowhere a hand clamped over her mouth, an arm held her so tight she was motionless.


As much as she struggled she couldn’t escape. They went past people, everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that she needed help. Michael dragged her to the centre of the arena, and pulled her roughly onto a podium right in Bono’s eyesight. She looked into Bono’s eyes he saw her. Michael started to hurt her, inflict intense pain on her, and no one helped her. She could hear Bono begging people to help her; she could see him trying to get to her, his way barred by his band mates and the audience. Bono carried on singing , his lyrics begging that Sadie be helped but no one came to her rescue. Then she saw something shiny, she looked at Michael who grinned and showed her the axe was sharp but cutting his finger. She bit Michael’s hand and screamed at Bono.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, she knew Bono loved her. Just before it went dark she heard him say “I Love you”.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

The phone rang, Mary picked it up.

“Oh it’s you again. Yes he’s here.” Mary hated interruptions; she’d kept Michael busy all day and was just about to start on him again.

“Mickey, Gloomy’s on the phone.” She said handing him the phone.

“Hiya, what’s the latest?” Michael paused to let Gloomy speak.

“Condition? Not that I know of” Michael scrunched his face in puzzlement.

Mary had been enjoying Michael all day, she wanted his attention again. She removed her robe, and paraded herself in front of him.

“What do you mean?” Michael looked up and saw Mary gyrating in front of him; he smiled as she lowered herself to her knees.” Look I gotta go now, I’ll visit her tomorrow”

With that Michael hung up on Gloomy. “Don’t stop Mary that feels so good” he moaned.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **

Sadie awoke from her nightmare, crying and scared. She wanted to sleep so much but the threat of another terrifying dream forced her eyes to remain open. She lay staring at the ceiling; she didn’t understand why Michael would do such a horrid evil thing to her. Why did he want her to find out he was cheating in that way? Sometimes she didn’t understand men at all.
She heard movement and looked to see a doctor walking into her room. Wow he was gorgeous.

“Hi there young lady, I’m Dr. Robert Hewson.” His accent made her melt into the sheets.

“Hi” she shyly replied.

“How you feeling?” he looked at her.

“A bit shit to be honest with you” she said. ”Could I sit up?”

“I don’t see why not, now let me help you.” Dr Hewson smiled and leant over
her to adjust her pillows. Sadie took a deep breath, he smelt gorgeous.

“Thanks” Sadie smiled as he helped her into a seating position.

“My pleasure” he said winking at her.

“So Dr. Hewson, am I ok?” Sadie asked, she wanted to be home as soon as was possible.

“Well you were a very lucky lady, and you’ll have to put up with me for a few more days I’m afraid” he smirked.

“Oh” Sadie tried not to sound happy about the fact.

“Sadie I need to ask you a question.” Dr Hewson looked serious.

“Sure” she said as he sat on her bed.

“Please call me Dr. Robert, I hate formality. Did you know you were pregnant?”

“Sorry” Sadie was sure she’d misheard him.

“You’re pregnant” he repeated.

“I am?” Sadie looked at him; he could tell it was a shock to her.

“When did you’re last period start?”

“It was 3rd March. “ Sadie thought about it, she was nearly 2 weeks late. God he was right.

“So that makes you about 4 weeks pregnant. Congratulations but you can’t drink, smoke or take drugs whilst you’re carrying that baby.” He gently patted her hand.

“Yeah, I won’t” she said, she still couldn’t believe it, she was pregnant.

“It’s early stages yet, but I don’t see any reason why you won’t have a
healthy baby. Now I must go and see a few more patients, I come and see how you’re doing later.” He smiled at her, and got up leaving Sadie to her thoughts.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************

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Wild!!! it's getting more exciting with each chapter.

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I haven't forgotten about Sadie - PC issues i lost all my files

I'm up and runnung but off to Ireland for a few days so when i return i'll post the next chapter
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Maybe you will get some inspiration from a certain person you might per chance meet in Ireland. Have a great time.
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