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Surrender - Chapter 19

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc

Care Mild sex references and swearing

End Of Chapter 18

“Bono you know that would never happen in real life. We would all help you if possible” Adam felt for his friend, he wished he knew what else to say.

“I know, but I now have an uneasy feeling; as if it was a message that Sadie really is in danger.” Bono looked at Adam.

“I don’t know Bono, look we’re still in America we can’t to nothing at the moment. When we get back home we’ll try and contact her, I promise you” Adam smiled at him.

“Thanks Sparky” Bono regained his composure, “Please don’t say anything to the others”

“Ok, now we better try and get some more sleep we’re got another performance tonight.” Adam climbed back onto his bed.

Kim and Sadie were on their second large glass of wine when the boys arrived home. The caterers were bustling around them making the final preparations.

Seeing Michael, Sadie run over to him “Happy Birthday darling” and planted a big kiss on his lips.

Michael pushed her away, “Thanks. Hi Kim”

“Hello Mr Murphy.” Kim felt a tension fill the air. Michael was such an arsehole why Sadie didn’t see it she would never understand; she surmised that as some people said love is blindness.

“Come Kim, I need to go and shower”, Gloomy said grabbing her hand. He obviously detected the tension too.

“But I haven’t finished my wine” she whined, clinging onto her glass

“Take it with you, bring it back when you return” Michael smiled.

Gloomy and Kim disappeared down to his basement flat.

“Gloomy I’m worried. I’m scared Michael with do something to Sadie.” Kim looked apprehensively at her lover.

“There are people in the house. Michael wouldn’t hurt her with witnesses there. We won’t be long, promise” Gloomy smiled at her reassuringly, hoping that he was right and Michael didn’t try anything.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Sadie checked herself in the mirror one more time, nervously adjusting her hair, smoothing down the skirt of her dress. She was so nervous she was ready to burst; the butterflies in her stomach were doing back flips. She looked over at Michael, seeing him look imperturbable, knowing that he didn’t have her nerves.

Finishing his dressing, Michael slowly moved over to where Sadie continued to nervously adjust and readjust herself in the mirror. Reaching out, he turned her around and pulled her into his arms, holding her tight.

"You seem awfully nervous," he said.

"I guess I am, a little," she admitted, hugging him back.

"You know you don't have to do this," he said.

"Of course I do," Sadie said, looking up at him. "I'd never forgive myself. You know how much effort I’ve put into this. I have to meet your friends sometime. I'm just nervous. It's nothing bad, it's just exciting. And we've never done anything like this before. Do you want to do it?"

"Yes I do. You know it’s so crazy," Michael said. "I’m just a little worried about you."

"Well, stop worrying about me," Sadie said, laughing. "I'm sure once things get rolling it'll be no big deal, just loads of fun."

"You bet," Michael said, leaning over and kissing her, his arms wrapping tightly around her.

Closing her eyes, Sadie hungrily kissed him back, driving her tongue into his mouth to search out and do duel with his. She could taste his excitement as they kissed, sucking deeply on one another. When finally he let her go, they stood there, breathing hard, their eyes shining with excitement. Sadie hoped that they’d be intimate tonight; it had been so long since they made love. Well three weeks was ages where Sadie was concerned.

"You just wait," Sadie laughed, spinning out of his embrace and leaving the room. "There'll be plenty of time for that later."

They sat downstairs waiting for their guests to turn up Sadie constantly checking and rechecking everything, the food, the waiting staff, the house, her.

Michael sat on the sofa, a glass of champagne in his hand.

“Will you stop fussing Sadie, you’re doing my head in” he grumpily commanded her

“I’m sorry, I just want it everything to be perfect” she responded meekly

“Sweetheart, it is. Now come and sit here next to me, relax and have a glass of champagne?” Michael ordered.

Sadie walked over to the sofa and sat down. ”I better not; I had a couple of glasses with Kim whilst we waited for you and Gloomy to get home.”

Sadie remembered too well what happened last time she was at a party and drank too much. She could never let anything like that happen again.

The doorbell finally rang. Michael rose and held out his hand to help up Sadie; together they strolled to the door. Opening the door, they were greeted by the smiling faces of Gloomy and Kim.

“Welcome to both of you” Michael smiled.

“Hi Boss” Gloomy smiled. “Sadie may I say you look ravishing tonight?”

“Hi Mr Murphy, thanks for inviting me” Kim grinned.

“Come with me Kim, I’ll get you a drink” Sadie grabbed her friend’s hand and they strolled towards the bar.

Michael and Gloomy looked at each other and smiled.

“You ok, to check the door tonight?” Michael asked as he watched the fine arse of Kim swaying in that seductive way, the way it always did.

“Sure thing Boss.” Gloomy looked in the direction of Michael’s apparent fascination. Why couldn’t that man be satisfied with what he had?

“Ok you know the guest list and no one and I mean no one who isn’t invited get’s in” Michael redirected his gaze to Gloomy.

“I know Boss. Leave everything to me” Gloomy needed a drink.

He knew that Kim could take care of herself and she wasn’t the type of girl to go off with anyone. Anyway she would be with Sadie all night and even Michael wouldn’t try and seduce her in front of his girlfriend. Then he chuckled at the audacity of Michael inviting his mistress tonight, he hoped for Sadie’s sake that Michael behaved himself.

The doorbell rang bringing Gloomy back to reality. He opened the door with a smile and let in some guests.

“Gloomy!! How are you my fine man?” a new arrival asked

“Robbie, it’s great to see you my friend. Michael is at the bar I think”

“I’ll find him I’m sure. Hope that they’ll be lots of sexy ladies here tonight?” Robbie quickly scanned the room. A good start he spotted two lovely ladies over in the corner, he must get to know them later.

“There’s not many bodies here yet, but I can assure you there will be” Gloomy smiled.

“That’s what I like to hear. I’ll see you later Gloomy” Robbie smiled and strolled towards the kitchen.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Sadie and Kim stood watching as the guests arrived. Everyone was interested in talking to the birthday boy and Michael loved all the attention. A waiter approached the girls offering them champagne.

“Now he is cute, look at the fine cut of his body” Kim whispered to Sadie as the waiter walked away.

“Kim!!! You really are incessant. You have Gloomy” Sadie teased

“Yeah I know but there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a nice firm body as long as you don’t touch. May I add you’re not so innocent?” Kim giggled

“Well I don’t do it.” Sadie looked up at Kim.

“You don’t? I have one word that proves you do” Kim smirked

“And what would that be?” Sadie inquired

“Bono” Kim grinned

“Well I can’t argue with you at that one” Sadie giggled.

They continued sipping from their champagne flutes, people watching as the guests arrived. Sadie was clueless to who all these people were whilst Kim recognised gang members, criminals and whores.

“Please don’t leave me, apart from you, Gloomy & Michael I don’t know anyone” Sadie begged Kim

“I won’t hun but there will be times when you have to circulate, you want to make a good impression on Michael’s friends don’t you?”

“Of course, it’s just scary you know” Sadie replied, hesitantly.

“You’ll be fine” Kim looked at her friend, Sadie attention was fixed elsewhere; looking over at the door she could understand why.

He was gorgeous, with baby blue eyes and thick dark hair. There was something about him that captivated you, even from a distance. He oozed sex appeal; a tingly, tear-the-clothes-off-my-body-and-do-me now feeling. It wasn’t simply about lust; it was about being instantly drawn to him, overwhelmingly intrigued to get to know him better.

It took Sadie a moment to realize that she was staring. Her entire body was frozen with a powerful electric surge of desire. She forced herself to look away, confused about her feelings. Casually, she glanced back at him again, unable to stop herself. He was standing talking with Michael. Whatever they were talking about must have been funny, because the hunk kept smiling a heart-meltingly sexy smile.

“Wow who is that?” Kim drooled

“I honestly don’t know.” Sadie’s still transfixed with the hunk

“It isn’t Bono is it? It sure looks like him.” Kim tried to regain her composure

“No it isn’t, but ......” Sadie looked at Kim, “Wait there I’ll go and find out.”

Within seconds Sadie stood at Michael’s side, gazing up into the hunks eyes.
Kim laughed to herself; she hoped Michael noticed Sadie’s adoration, give him a taste of his own medicine. Now where was that boyfriend of hers?

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

"Robbie! I'm so glad you could come!" Michael firmly shook his hand,

“It’s been too long Mickey, way too long. I hear you’re even shacked up with a fine piece now.” Robbie questioned.

“I am my friend I am, she’s a fine piece aright” Michael smiled.

“So all the ladies here are for my pleasure? I take it you’re a good boy now?” Robbie had those two hotties he saw earlier in mind.

“Hey, since when has Michael Murphy been faithful to anything? What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her” Michael grinned

“You’re such a rogue, one day Michael you’re going to get yourself into a whole lot of trouble” Robbie laughed. One of his hotties was walking towards them; his mouth went dry with the anticipation of meeting her.

Sadie reached Michael, knowing that she had to wait until he spoke to her. She looked at the hunk, their eyes meeting across Michael. Michael looked for what had grabbed Robbie’s attention.

“Robbie may I introduce you to my girlfriend, Sadie Murray”

Robbie leant in and kissed Sadie lightly on both cheeks as Michael introduced her.

Sadie’s heart stopped. Robbie was a stereotypical Irishman; his resemblance to Bono was remarkable. Robbie had Bono’s eyes, his nose, his lips, his accent, just the tattoos he had on his body reminded her that he wasn’t Bono.

“Michael, you didn’t tell me how stunning she was” Robbie looked deeply into Sadie’s eyes and she couldn’t fail to see the devilish twinkle in his.

“With good reason, my dear friend” Michael laughed.

Sadie felt herself blush.

"I brought this for you – I hope you can put it to good use" he said, handing her the gift bag containing a bottle of Jamieson.

"Oh, thank you Robbie. You are too sweet! The bar is in the kitchen and there's lots of food. I'm afraid that I'm running around too much to talk for long, but I'll catch up with you later." And with that Sadie turned and was suddenly gone.

"So you're still on the prowl tonight then?" Robbie asked as his eyes followed Sadie. "Are they’re a lot of cute girls here tonight?"

"Yes, but you know which ones I'm interested in most." Michael commented, as he noted Robbie’s reaction to his lover.

He had made no secret about his affair with Mary. Michael had made sure that she had specifically been invited to the party. However he didn't have his hopes up, at this point as he hadn't even seen her yet.

He spotted Mary out of the corner of his eye chatting with some of the girls and slowly walked up behind her. Her bare shoulders called out to him and he reached out to massage her shoulders lightly. She turned suddenly but when she saw Michael she smiled and relaxed. He kept his hands moving without saying a word and she turned around again, backing into him so that their bodies were pressed suddenly together. He leaned a little closer and grazed his nose across her hair, rubbing her shoulders lightly. Her smell was overwhelming and he felt that familiar stirring... It made him feel good to know that she wanted him to touch her. Both of them aroused knowing that Sadie could catch them at any moment.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

“Mary? Is that you?” Sadie asked in disbelief. She had just returned from the bar looking for a drink and a familiar face.

“Hello Sadie. Yes it is.” Mary smiled, her eyes surveying the party for Michael’s whereabouts.

“What are you doing here? Is Danny with you?” Sadie felt a sudden rush of fear.

“No he’s back in Dublin, haven’t seen him since your birthday. No I was on a business trip to London and bumped into Michael this morning and he invited me.” Mary confidently lied.

“Oh well, you’re welcome of course. How long are you here for?” Sadie enquired, something didn’t add up.

“I go home tomorrow, it was just a quick one” Mary smirked.

“Well it was nice to see you, I must go circulate” Sadie turned and walked away.

Mary looked for Michael. She found him assessing the situation, his face contorted with panic at what she had said to Sadie. She grinned at him; he was by her side within seconds.

“What did you say to Sadie?” Michael hissed.

“That I was now living in London working as your mistress” Mary quipped back

Michael grabbed her arm roughly, the contours of his face betraying his fury. “You did what?”

“Hey, Mickey what do you think I am?” Mary yanked her arm free from his clutch.

“Sorry, but you know if she finds out and I track it back to you, there will be consequences.”

“Mickey, don’t threaten me. And why would I want to ruin our “business” arrangement?” Mary smiled at him, her eyes expressing her lust for him.

“I hope not.” He weakened at the sight of her desire, he wanted her bad. He wondered if anyone would miss them, if they disappeared for a while.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Robbie watched Sadie walking around, greeting guests and introducing herself to people, making sure everyone's having a good time, but he couldn't keep his eyes off her, and every time she look around, she saw him looking

Whenever their eyes meet, it was obvious she had felt the same attraction. She smelt awesome and whenever she walked by, her perfume made him want to pick her up right then and carry her away, but that wouldn't be very refined of him and word would soon get to Michael. So Robbie just stood there with his drink, conversing with friends, admiring her, wondering what might come of tonight, if anything at all.

By now Sadie was feeling the liquor. Robbie could see that she had become more talkative and her senses had heightened, and her presence was also arousing Robbie’s senses. She was chattier and giddy, more susceptible to his charms. He didn’t care if she did belong to Murphy he wanted her, in any way he could.

He watched her walk to him once more, for yet another conversation. To everyone else it appeared to general chat but to him it was flirting, Sadie obviously wanted him yet fought away the lust due to her duty of remain faithful to Michael.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

As the evening progressed, additional guests were arriving at a steady pace. The music was loud and the food was fantastic. Sadie was having a great time, meeting new people and dancing the night away. As time went on Sadie found that she couldn't take her eyes off of Robbie. The more she drank, the more Sadie found herself stealing glances at him.

The alcohol was getting to her and devilish thoughts were beginning to creep into her head. As much as she loved Michael, Sadie could not help thinking about Robbie, fantasizing about him having his way with her. The thought of being with him was beginning to consume her more and more with each glass of wine she drank.

As the evening had progressed Sadie had several opportunities to talk to Robbie, one on one. He was a very fascinating man and she found herself hanging on every word he spoke. Sadie wasn’t sure what he was thinking but she was definitely feeling some chemistry between them; alcohol had seriously numbed Sadie’s conscience.

She began feeling the full effect of the alcohol as the evening rolled along. A good many of the guests were strangers to her as she looked around the house, she could see that Robbie was sitting on a recliner in the family room, relaxing and enjoying his drink alone.

Michael and Mary were having a conversation out on the patio where the guests were relaxing. Sadie looked at him and only saw Bono; she entered the room, closing the door behind her. She made her way to the sofa and sat down; positioning herself so that Robbie would get a good look at her yearning body. As she leaned against the arm of the sofa, making sure that that he got a good eyeful of her shapely figure. Sadie took a large swallow of her drink.

Her soul was feeling no pain from the large amount of alcohol she had consumed. She wanted Robbie to take her now.

Robbie was just about to launch himself at her when Michael walked into the room.

“Oh there you are, I’ve been looking everywhere.” Michael looked at Robbie knowing he’d interrupted just in time.


******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************

Michael was walking around trying to find Mary, when he saw her drinking a glass of wine casually on the stairs. What a gorgeous woman she is, he thought. The softest looking brown hair flowing down to her full breasts; her sparkling green eyes, and just the right complexion. Textbook stuff, he called it; short nose, short forehead, pouty lips. Then of course there was her body, which her outfit didn't exactly hide; a simple white dress that hugged her body tightly and accentuated her generous breasts. Michael shook his head, smiling, as his eyes met hers, and he walked over.

"I didn’t know you'd be here." Mary teased

"You're so full of shit," he grinned. "You know full well I was. It is my birthday party and we talked earlier."

Mary smiled, almost fiendishly. "Is it really? Well I didn’t bring the birthday boy a present."

“I’m sure you’ll think of something, I’d like” Michael grinned. His mind wandered to the last time he’d seen her, lying exhausted on her bed. Michael’s thoughts were broken as Mary let out a gasp.


Mary had spilled her wine intentionally on her dress. The bright red wine spread slowly down her breasts to her stomach and she looked up at Michael, as if to say "oh dear"

Michael looked around for Sadie. She was deep in conversation with Kim & Gloomy

"Come on," he told her, as he grabbed her hand. “I’m sure we can find you something to wear upstairs."

Michael looked around as they walked up the stairs, Sadie hadn’t seen them. Good he thought as he watched the swish of Mary’s hips walking up towards the bedroom.

Little did he know that someone had seen them...

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Robbie saw Sadie alone in the hallway outside of the bathroom crying. She looked so intoxicated; her eyes were red.

“What is the matter, Sadie?” he asked her

“I’ve looked all around the party and can’t find Michael anywhere. He wouldn’t have left his party without giving an explanation. I haven’t a clue what’s going on and someone even asked me how much I charge for sex, as if I was a whore” She sobbed as Robbie listened

How could he tell her Michael was doing his "whore."

“Wait right here for a minute and I’ll help you find him” Robbie gently touched her cheek, wiping a salty tear away.

He used the bathroom and then came out. Sadie was still there and he gave her a hug. She said nothing. Without any explanation she looked up at him and he bent down and kissed her. It was a gentle but wet kiss. She kissed him back. His tongue made its way into her mouth. Her lips were hot. They continued kissing and he held her for about two minutes. They grinded against each other; he grabbed her ass and pulled it closer to him. The sounds of the party brought Sadie back. He would not stop and she was unsure whether she wanted too. Abruptly she pulled away, looking at Robbie

“I’m sorry” she whispered as she turned and run into the thong of people.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Grabbing a glass of cold white wine from one of the circling waiters, Sadie found herself standing outside the back door and facing the carefully manicured lawns. She tried to make sense of the scene with Robbie only moments before. Why did she want other men when she was in love with Bono? She couldn’t work out what it was all about. It was getting late and there was a slight chill in the air.

She turned and walked into the house, where was Michael she hadn’t seen him for ages?

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

She was just trying to remember if she had ever felt so horny before when she noticed a light on in one of the upper rooms of the house. Had she missed a room, she wondered? Maybe, she would find Michael there.

The door of the small room creaked noisily opened to a darkened interior and Sadie immediately wondered if she had the right room. She knew that there had been a light on only a few minutes ago. Stumbling slightly she felt her way to the window and looked down onto the gardens. There was still no sign of Michael. She sighed deeply as she prepared to go back downstairs, disappointed again.

Suddenly everything in Sadie's world turned completely black. Fear gripped her whole body as she realised that a large hand was clamped over her eyes and mouth and was holding her head tightly back against a chest. Images flashed through her mind at the speed of light as she tried in vain to struggle free. But the hand that held her was strong and firm and Sadie quickly realised that there was no way she was to escape its possession unless the hand so wished. The voice in her ear made her hold her breath.

“Don’t struggle, it’s me” Michael’s voice whispered

He turned Sadie around, so she wouldn’t see Mary’s shadow, and kissed her on the lips.

A moan escaped Sadie’ yearning body, Michael letting go so she could take a breath

“I’ve been looking for you for ages!!” Sadie informed Michael

“I’m sorry baby; I had to call Ma so I came up here.” Michael lied

“Oh babe, that’s ok. How are they all?” Sadie anger softened

“They all fine. Now shall we get back to our guests?” Michael opened the door.

“I suppose we better” Sadie laughed.

Michael waited for Sadie to start walking down the stairs before turning on the light. Mary walked from the shadows, her semi naked body in full view. “Later” he smiled.

“You bet” Mary whispered, satisfied for now.

Michael closed the door, his big paces quickly catching up with Sadie.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Robbie had been looking for Sadie everywhere. He wanted to apologise to her, although he didn’t regret kissing her. He’d only come to the party to keep an eye on Michael’s movements. He been contacted to spy on him and he couldn’t object, not to them anyway. Robbie valued his life, and as far as he was concerned Michael was heading down a slippery slope.

Then he saw her, looking gorgeous as she walked down the stairs, he swiftly moved towards her stopping when he caught sight of Michael steps behind her. He turned disappearing into a crowd of villains and whores hoping he’d get to see her again before he left.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Kim stood with Gloomy sipping her champagne. She was giggly but she still had the sense to make notes on Michael’s associates, every once in a while slipping somewhere quiet to write down their names in a little notepad; there may be some new leads for the case. If the MET raided this party they could wipe out half the gangsters in London. She’d seen prostitution and drug dealing alone tonight.

She spotted Sadie & Michael coming down the stairs. There was no doubt they were handsome couple but she was still flummoxed as to why Sadie couldn’t see the real Michael Murphy. Sadie looked happy enough although her alcohol intake could have been responsible for that. Kim spotted the mystery woman walking down the stairs

“Gloomy, who’s that?” Kim said pointing to the stairs.

“Eh that’s Mary, a friend of the Murphy’s from Dublin. She came over to help run Michael’s new business venture.” Gloomy smiled at his girlfriend

Kim looked at her; Mary definitely had a sparkle in her eye, a glow to her cheeks.

“Gloomy, I’m going to see if I can find Sadie, see if she’s alright” Kim kissed him on the lips.

“Be good baby” he smiled back as she walked off into the crowd.


“Hi, great party isn’t it” Kim smiled at Mary

“Yes, it is.” Mary politely replied

“There are some hot men here too” Kim tried to get a conversation going

“I can’t see I’ve noticed. I’m attached.” Mary smiled

“Oh. How rude of me, I’m Kim” Kim extended her hand in greeting

“Hi, nice to meet you Kim, I’m Sadie” Mary hesitantly replied

“Hello Sadie, nice to meet you” Kim was appalled; the cheek of her, if being Michael’s mistress wasn’t bad enough she was even calling herself Sadie.

“Anyway I better go find my man, you know what they’re like” Mary said as she walked away

“Bye, see you around” Kim shouted after her. Now where was Sadie...?

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

“There you are” Sadie hugged her friend Kim

“Hey, it’s you who keep disappearing on me” Kim giggled.” So who was the hunk?”

“You mean Robbie? He’s a friend of Michael’s; he’s Irish and gorgeous. I have to get you to speak to him; his accent is to die for. “Sadie paused.

“Sadie he’s looking over here now.” Kim smirked

“Oh God he isn’t is he? Kim I’ve been a really naughty girl” Sadie hang her head in shame

“Why? What did you do?” Kim was amazed that Sadie had strayed.

“I snogged Robbie” Sadie admitted

“Is that all? Hey, that’s nothing. There’s a lot worse you could do.” Kim bit her lip before she blurted anything out.

“I know. It’s a cliché but I’ve had a bit too much to drink.” Sadie smiled.

“Sadie!!! You go girl. There’s no harm in it and if anyone did see and it got back to Michael just tell him that you didn’t do it” Kim laughed.

“No one really knows who I am anyway so I tell him they were mistaken” Sadie giggled

“You have to tell me was Robbie good?” Kim smirked “and did you think of Bono?”

“Kim it was divine, delicious and yeah he looks more like Bono the more I drink” Sadie whispered. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I need to sit down I feel all dizzy.”

“Come on let’s go outside for some fresh air.” Kim walked Sadie out to the garden.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Mary saw that Kim one taking Sadie out into the garden, now where was Michael. Mary walked around; most of her girls had business which pleased her greatly. They all knew that all “business” was to be conducted back at Sadie’s and that there was transport outside.

Michael was chatting away to some sleaze balls, she walked up to them

“Excuse me gentleman, may I have Michael for a while” Mary asked making eyes at all of them.

“This is Sadie, the manager of Sadie’s my new business” Michael said introducing her to the group. “It appears I need to sort some business, so please gentleman; circulate, drink and get laid. “

Michael followed Mary, and they found a free sofa and sat down.

“Wait one minute” Michael motioned for a waiter to approach and lifted two glasses.” That’s better. Now what’s a matter?”

“Nothing, all the girls seem to have assignments for later, I just wanted you to myself” Mary looked lustfully into Michael’s eyes.

“You greedy cow, you just had me not 30 minutes ago” Michael teased

“Well if you’re not up to it, I can go elsewhere. You’re getting older now” She giggled

“Bitch. You know I can handle you. Hell I could handle two hot babes later” Michael bragged

“Who do you have in mind?” Mary enquired

“Eh, as if you didn’t know. I want you & Sadie” Michael grinned

“Tell you what would get me going” Mary cooed

“What?” Michael knew she would come up with something to excite him

“I want to do it, just like Sadie’s birthday.”

Michael grinned. “Yeah I can do that. You’re one naughty evil girl, Mary Kelly”

“I know that’s why you love me” Mary said, licking her lips in anticipation.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Michael waited until most of the guests had departed; just a few of his closest associates were there. He took a tablet from his jacket pocket and broke the capsule, pouring the powder into the fizzing champagne.

He found Sadie with Kim, now to get her away from Sadie.

“Sadie I need you to do me a favour” Michael said removing the nearly empty glass from her hand; placing the drugged one in its place.

“Hi dear. Enjoying the party?” Sadie slightly slurred.

“Of course I am.” Michael smiled. “Kim, Gloomy’s looking for you”

“He is?” Kim knew it was a ploy so Michael could be alone with Sadie. “Will you be ok Sads?”

“Of course I will “Sadie smiled “I’m with Michael so I’ll be fine”

Michael looked at Kim; his silent stare telling her to leave them. She turned and walked to Gloomy praying that Sadie would be ok.

“My good friend Robbie seems to be rather taken by you, His business is very important for my success. Would you entertain him for a while?” Michael asked as he held her empty hand

“How do you mean entertain?” Sadie asked as she wondered what Michael meant.

“Just flirt with him, talk to him, and listen to him. Can you do it for me?” Michael lifted her chin with his hand so that looking into his eyes was unavoidable.

“Sure, but what if he wants to get physical?” Sadie questioned. It wasn’t his advances she was scared of just containing her lust for Robbie.

“No way! A dance yeah, a peck on the cheek sure, but anything more you walk away, understand” Michael looked at her.

“Alright I’ll do it” Sadie grinned

“Good girl! Now off you go” Michael shoved her away and slapped his hand on her arse.


“Hi Robbie” Sadie smiled

“Hi baby, how you doing? Still looking for Michael?” Robbie looked at her. There was no mistaking the look of lust in her eyes. Maybe he would get lucky tonight.

“No I found him ages ago. It was you I was looking for actually” She smiled up into his intense eyes.

“Was you now?” Robbie smiled

“Shall we go somewhere a bit quieter?” Sadie asked

“That sounds good to me” Robbie smirked. To get one over Murphy would be awesome.

Sadie took his hand and dragged him into Michael’s den. Twice tonight she and Robbie had come dangerously close to crossing the line.

“Robbie talk to me. Talk about anything, everything whatever you want. Your accent takes me to places I never thought possible” Sadie cooed seductively.

Robbie chuckled, boy if his accent done that to her, what would his full treatment do.

As he talked, she hung on his every word succumbing to Robbie’s charms; she knew it was wrong but she couldn’t control this urge, this want. She finished her glass of champagne, licking her lips. Robbie could control himself no more.

Robbie leant into her, kissing her fully on the lips, gently at first then more urgently.

Sadie couldn’t resist she wanted Bono, she wanted him. Bono pulled away, to remove his jacket.

“Wow that kiss made my head spin” Sadie felt so dizzy, she leant her head back on the sofa and passed out.

“Bloody typical” Robbie cursed his luck. His delish side wanted to carry on but she was worth more than that. He would have her one day but for now he best find Michael and tell him, then make his excuses.

He walked back to Michael, who was getting cosy with Mary again,

“Your girlfriend’s passed out in the den. I was walking past and saw her, I thought it best you should know before I left” Robbie looked at Michael.

“She is? Well thanks for letting me know. I’ll get someone to check on her. I’ll call you” Michael smiled extending his hand

“Right, I’ll see you.” Robbie turned and walked towards the door. Something told him Michael had already known Sadie’s predicament.

Mary smiled at Michael, “It’s about time, this party ended and ours began” she whispered.

Michael grinned.

He motioned to Gloomy, Gloomy nodded.

The Party was over.....

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

When she opened her eyes, the room was completely dark. She had no idea what time it was. It was then that she realized that she had passed out in her bedroom on the chaise lounge.

Sadie realised that someone had gagged her as she slept; her hands had been tired tightly with something and attached to the leg she wasn’t sure what. Who would do such a thing and why?

She still felt woozy; she couldn’t scream she couldn’t move, all sorts of scenarios were running through her head, she was scared.

Then she heard it, she hadn’t noticed it before. It was unmistakeable, the sound of a couple moaning in the throes of passion. The cheek of it, some couple were doing it in her & Michael’s bed. Then as the woman moaned, Sadie’s heart broke

“Oh my god Michael, I’m...”

Sadie feared she would suffocate on the choking gag. She felt her chest tighten as her breathing became more laboured; as she lost consciousness Michael’s grunts filled her ears.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **************************

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The Fly
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Loving it, yet another exciting chapter as for Michael


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Ohhhh... im so glad that prick has finally been caught - another very exciting chapter Wild!
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Wild (KISA come on)
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wow keep it up.
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Ok, who wants to form a posse with me to drag that KISA home.
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Originally Posted by gluey View Post
Ok, who wants to form a posse with me to drag that KISA home.
Count me in!!!
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I'm so glad I finally caught up on all my reading! This is fantastic!! I can't wait to see how Michael talks himself out of this one...KISA come home SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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