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Surrender -Chapter 18

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....

End of Chapter 17

They walked back into the office.

“The girls will be arriving shortly, I’d value your opinion Mary. “ Michael smiled

“Well I know that my dear, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have brought me here.” Mary growled as she perched herself on the desk... “How long until the girls arrive?”

Michael smiled, he knew what that growl meant; Mary was horny. “About 20 minutes”. He walked over to her and placed his lips on hers, forcing his tongue into her willing mouth.

They had nearly finished dressing when a knock came at the door

“Wow that was a close shave!” Mary giggled as she took her seat

“Just the way I like it” Michael grinned as he sat himself down beside Mary.

“Come In “Michael commanded.

“It’s Michael’s birthday on the 11th” Sadie stated to Gloomy

“Yeah I know” Gloomy answered as he watched Kim bend to pick up a cup from the coffee table.

“So are you having a party?” Kim asked oblivious to Gloomy’s attention

“Well I suppose I better, but the question is where?” Sadie shrugged.

“Would Michael allow it in the house?” Kim looked in Gloomy’s direction

“Well I honestly don’t know” Gloomy gestured.

“And I haven’t a clue who his friends are. He’s hardly introduced me to anybody” Sadie looked at Gloomy & Kim

“Look I can sound him out if you want” Gloomy smiled at Sadie

“Oh would you? That would be so fantastic” Sadie sighed, she didn’t honestly know where to begin.

“No it’s grand. I’ll look into it and let you know ASAP, alrite??” Gloomy promised.

“So how come you’re not with him today?” Sadie questioned

“He said I’d been working too hard recently and that I should have a day off” Gloomy answered. He could hardly tell her the truth could he?

“That’s so sweet of him.” Sadie replied, and then she had a thought. “Kim, why don’t you take the day off too? This place doesn’t really need anything done with it today.”

“Are you sure?” Kim looked at Gloomy; he was obviously thinking the same thing as her.

“Of course I am, go and have some fun!” Sadie grinned

“Thanks” Kim giggled as she thought about what Gloomy would do to her

“Thanks Sadie” Gloomy placed a chaste kiss on her cheek.

The couple ran out the door, giggling whilst holding each other’s hand.

Sadie sighed as she heard the door close, would she and Michael ever be like that she wondered as she retrieved a bottle of wine from the fridge.


Gloomy and Kim ran down the steps from Michael’s house to Gloomy’s flat. They stopped at the door.

“Are you sure, you want to go in?” Gloomy asked Kim

“Yes I am, why is there any reason I shouldn’t?” Kim flirted

“No, but surely you’ve heard the urban myth about what happens to unsuspecting girls that enter the domain of the Dubhach?” Gloomy’s voice lowered as he tried to frighten Kim.

“Eh no, what does happen?” Kim tried to sound scared

“The Dubhach catches them, strips them until they’re naked then ties them to the bed so they can’t move.” Gloomy whispered

“Oh my, then what happens” Kim sighed

They kissed, the intensity too much for Kim

“Oh God” she sighed

“Wow I’m that good!!??” Gloomy chuckled.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

“I need some fresh air” Bono said to the others as he rose and strolled to the motel room door.

The humid Texan night air hit him and he thanked the gods for tonight’s gentle breeze. He walked through the car park and sat on a swing in the children’s playground. Bono pushed his feet from the ground and let the swing’s motion appease his battered soul. He hadn’t done this for years; the peace and tranquillity seemed bizarre in a place designed for children’s screams of laughter and happiness. Long lost thoughts of a care free youth filled Bono’s consciousness, taking him back to the dark day on which he’d had to grow up. He missed his mother even now, but he knew that she watched over him, his guardian angel.

Bono stomped his feet to the ground, stopping the swing’s movement. He walked over to the playhouse, and surveyed his challenge. This should be easy; it was certainly more stable than some of the speaker stacks he had climbed in the past. Bono climbed spitefully up onto the roof and sat assessing the locality. Everyone seemed to have gone to bed, only the odd dim light shining through the rooms tatty curtains, brightened the night’s darkness. Bono adjusted his limbs and laid himself down, staring up to the stars in the clear night sky. His thoughts turned to Sadie, he wondered if she could see these same stars; wherever she was. It was only when he was on stage performing that she wasn’t on his mind. The only release from the worry of their situation came when he went on that stage, Bono the man evolving into Bono the rock star. It was now imperative that he masterminded a rescue plan, as it was affecting his professional affairs; the lyrics just weren’t flowing from his overactive brain. The rumble of distant thunder made Bono sit up, the lightening illuminating the horizon; Bono looked into the sky, searching for the North Star.

“I give you my eternal love, my heart, my soul; guide it safely to my one true love; Sadie” he whispered up to the star.

He walked back to rejoin the others in room. They had songs & lyrics to write. Well they could try...

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Sadie awoke from her slumber. The empty wine bottle lay on the floor; slowly she sat up and looked at the clock on the fireplace. It said 11 o’clock, she had no idea how long she’d lain on the couch and Michael wasn’t home yet. He never seemed to be at home, she saw less of him now than when she lived at her own flat.

Shammy waddled over to her, sitting down, placing his paw on her knee...

“Sorry boy, you must be starving” she spoke to the dog, his big brown puppy eyes making her full of remorse for being selfish and not looking after him.

She walked into the kitchen and went to the fridge. There was a piece of chicken that she was going to use for her own dinner; it was far too late for that now. She placed it on the chopping board and cut it into pieces for Shammy’s bowl, his eyes watching the chicken’s every move.

“Here you go boy.” She said putting down the bowl. She watched him devour every morsel.

“Come on Shammy, we better go outside before we go to bed” Sadie walked to the kitchen door and opened it, walking on to the terrace patio and through to the garden. Shammy ran around, looking for an ideal spot for his needs.

Sadie looked up into the night sky; the stars were shining brightly for a change, no clouds concealing their beauty. The North Star seemed to wink at her. Now that was being stupid, she really needed to get some sleep. She wondered if Bono could see the stars where he was, if he thought about her, or if he’d found someone else and had totally forgot about her. Her heart ached at the thought of Bono not wanting her anymore; she looked up to the North Star
Then with all the love in her heart she sent Bono all her love; where ever he was in the world.

Seeing Shammy had finished, she walked back to the house. Michael would be back when it suited him. Sadie locked the door, and walked through the house to the bedroom switching off the lights as she went. Shammy bounded up the stairs before her; she didn’t mind she was glad of some company.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Kim woke up and looked into Gloomy’s eyes

“Hi gorgeous” he smiled back down at her

“Sorry I must have dosed off.” Kim apologised

“No need, it’s understandable” He smirked.

Kim couldn’t argue with him on that comment. “Gloomy can I ask you something?”

“Ohh that sounds serious” he nervously replied

“Michael seems to be away so much. What’s he doing?” She ventured, this will show if he trusted her yet.

“Working, he’s just started another business so it takes up a lot of time” Gloomy responded.

“Oh come on Gloomy, do you think I’m stupid? No one leaves home at 11.00am and returns at 5am the next morning.” Kim needed to push the boundaries; she was under pressure to get something for the investigation.

“That’s Michael’s own business, Kim” Gloomy looked away from her, avoiding eye contact.

“Does he have another woman?” Kim pried.

Gloomy didn’t respond, he continued to look at the ceiling.

“He does. I’m sorry hun I just need to know. I honestly don’t think Sadie has a clue. I don’t want her to get hurt.” Kim touched his hand

“She’s a tart from Dublin, Mary Kelly is her name. He brought her over. When he’s at “work” when I’m at home, he’s with her.” Gloomy trusted Kim; she wasn’t the sort to squeal.

“What she is a tart or you think she’s a tart?” Kim probed

“I KNOW she’s a tart. She refers to herself as a high class escort but I have more class in my finger than she has in her whole body.” Gloomy sighed.

Michael’s wandering eye had never bothered him before, just Sadie was so innocent and she really deserved better than what Michael was giving her. Or not giving her. He thought he knew Michael inside out, but this was beyond his comprehension. He’d said that Sadie was the one yet the cheating continued, one day Michael’s uncontrollable sexual appetite was going land him in trouble one day.

Kim smiled to herself; she could pass the information onto the Guv. It’d give the boys back in the station something to look into. Although the friend in her felt like killing him for betraying Sadie. She knew she couldn’t say anything either, as it would surely jeopardise the whole investigation. She needed to get some stone wall evidence in the bag before she could expose him for the scumbag he was. She would make sure that day would arrive sooner rather than later. No one messed with her friend, and regardless of the fact she was undercover, she knew that Sadie was a true friend.

“Kim??” Gloomy’s worried tone brought her back to reality “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just can’t stand men that cheat” she scowled

“Don’t worry sweetheart. I’d never cheat on you, that is a promise” Gloomy whispered into her ear.

“I know you wouldn’t” she cooed back. If only he knew the real Kim that would surely send him running she thought.

He manoeuvred his body until he was above her, bending down to place a tender kiss onto her lips. Kim moaned, as the kiss turned more desperate, lustier. She felt him against her inner thigh.

“Ready for round two?” Gloomy groaned

“Oh Gloomy, ” she screamed as he fulfilled her wish.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Sadie woke up, with an urgent need. She rushed into the bathroom as the sickness overcame her.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with me?” she cried. She was never sick however much alcohol she consumed. “What did I eat yesterday?” she wondered.

Sadie washed her face then dragged her aching body back to the bed. No Michael. She looked at the clock, where on earth was he at 6am? God running your own business didn’t make much time for a life, or family did it? Maybe she could ask Gloomy to look after the business for a few days so they could spend a few days together before Michael worked himself into an early grave.

This queasy feeling wasn’t going away. Maybe she should go to the doctor. She hated stomach bugs. She tried to return to her slumber but the dawn chorus from the garden refused to let her even contemplate it.

“Oh well” she sighed as she walked into the bathroom and turn the taps on. Maybe a soak in the bath would help her...

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

“Bollox” Michael yelled

“What’s a matter?” come the sleepy reply from across the bed.

“Its 6am, I must have fallen asleep last night” Michael wondered what he’d say to Sadie.

“I’m not surprised after the performance you gave last night. I’ve had 5 men in a night and they were nowhere near as impressive as you.”

“Thanks.......” he paused, he didn’t recall her name

“My name’s Tracy” she reminded him

“Tracy” he pondered momentarily. “Thanks, I’m sure our cliental will appreciate your abilities too.”

“Thanks Mickey”. Tracy couldn’t believe it, her first night on the job and she’d met the boss. Well technically Sadie was the manager but Mr Murphy here was her boss. He was awesome; one of the best she’d had, if she played her cards right maybe she’d manage this place one day.

“Well I better get dressed and make the apologies to my lady back home” Michael smiled. He pulled on his clothes and placed a £20 note on the bedside table. “That’s for you” he winked at her.

“Cheers. Until next time” she smiled at him

“Yeah, maybe” he responded as he walked out the door.

Tracy was pretty but at the end of the day she was a whore. There was only one woman he really wanted and that was Sadie. Mary; she was for any excess energy he had, although she’d had most of it recently. He must try and make an effort with Sadie over the next few days, didn’t want to lose her. He heard that she’d brought him a bit of respect from the criminal fraternity of London & Dublin.

He reached his car, and noticed a scratch down the side “Bloody vandals” he fumed.

He jumped into the car, failing to notice that Mary was witnessing his departure.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Sadie padded across the cool tile floor of the bathroom to draw a bath, fussing with the temperature before adding in the oil, perhaps a bit too much, sighing softly as the fragrance fills the air. She pinned her hair on top of her head and dim the lights before turning off the faucet and climbing gratefully into the bath. As she leant back against the pillow, she couldn't help but sigh blissfully as the heat made her muscles soften and relax. Sadie closed her eyes and let her mind drift, letting the tenseness drain away. The oil in the water made her skin feel a bit slippery, and she let her hands drift over her stomach, enjoying the feeling. Michael placed at the back of her memory as she put lay daydreaming of Bono, the first time their eyes meet, discovering each other at the concert and their time in the church back in Glasnevin. How different would her life be if she was with him now? Was he really the man she imagined him to be? The front door slamming should have brought her back to reality but she was miles away, back in Dublin in the arms of her beloved Bono.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

“Sadie!!! Sadie???” Michael voice reverberated around the hallway as he slammed the front door.

Shammy appeared barking at a rare appearance of his master.

“Hello Boy” Michael petted his head, “Where’s mummy?

The bottom stair creaked as Michael spritely ascended following Shamrock, who kept looking at his master as if to say “Can’t you keep up?”

Michael walked into the master bedroom, he could hear Sadie in the bath. Quietly he opened the door, and he watched as she soaked in the bath obvious to his presence.

“Enjoying your bath?” he asked smiling.

Sadie jumped and looked to see him kneeling at the side of the bath. She nodded.

“I’m sorry I feel asleep at the office” he said apologetically.

“My poor baby” she sighed, touching his face the water dripping down onto his clothes.

“Oh dear I’m all wet now” He giggled.

Michael stripped off his shirt and leant over to kiss Sadie, softly at first, but quickly growing more passionate.


After a few moments to recover in each other’s arms, Sadie realized the room was slowly cooling. She mentioned this to Michael, and he helped her to her feet and led her into the bedroom. As they relaxed on the bed, Sadie lent against Michael, her head on his chest and his arms wrapped around her. Just a few moments, she thought to cuddle him and then she’d get breakfast started. It is at that point that she realized his breathing had slowed to a sleeping rhythm and her own inevitably followed suit as she drifted off, warm and comfortable in his arms.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************

Kim knocked firmly at the door.

“Come in” the Guv’s deep masculine voice giving her Goosebumps.

Kim opened the door and the Guv looked up, a smile erupting onto his face when he realised it was her.

“Ah hi was just thinking about you” he said

“You were?” Kim was intrigued

“Yes, I was. The Chief Super was on from Scotland Yard, was wondering how the operation was going. He was amazed there was hardly any expense claims.”

Kim chucked, “Well I haven’t had much to claim for”

“Yeah only because you shacked up shagging that paddy all the bloody time!” the Guv shot a invidious look at her

“Not all the time. Anyway I got some info that you can use” Kim smirked.

“Well spill the beans, what you got?” the Guv said impatiently

“Murphy has brought a tom other from Dublin, a Mary Kelly. He’s put her in charge of something. Apparently he’s shagging her. So it’s probably worth looking into her background.” Kim commented.

“Good work. We know he’s started a “massage parlour” in King’s Cross. He even called it “Sadie’s”. The Guv got up from his seat and walked to the window.

“You’re joking me.” Kim was shocked. “She doesn’t know anything about it that much I can tell you”.

“Yes I know.” He turned and looked at her. “I’ll get onto the Garda S�ochána HQ, give them an update. I’ll call if it brings up anything interesting”

“Ok Guv, best I get going. I have housekeeping duties to perform” She smiled

“Kim. Be careful.” The Guv’s voice was full of concern.

“I will, I promise” Kim replies as she opened the door, shutting it loudly behind her.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **************************

The phones shrill ring woke Michael from his slumber; drowsily he picked up the receiver.

“Hello” his tone grumpy from the sudden return to conscious. “Hi Gloomy”

Michael listened intently before responding. “Yeah, give me an hour than pick me up from the house.”

Michael replaced the receiver, and threw back the sheets. Sadie was still soundly asleep. Michael gazed at her, lying there looking like a goddess, so venerable. Michael felt a sudden surge of unquestionable love which stunned him to his core. He had never felt this way about any woman; he obviously loved her so why did he behave as if she was so insufficient?

That was a conundrum that could wait. He had to get ready; an extremely hectic day lay ahead. He crept around the bed not wanting to disturb his slumbering beauty, placed a kiss gently on her soft cheek before walking into the bathroom.


Gloomy arrived exactly on the hour. That’s one of the qualities Michael admired most in him, left to his own devices Michael dreaded to think how his time keeping would be like.

Michael opened the door, slammed it shut and walked to the car, “Oh well another late one” he sighed.

“Afternoon Gloomy” he smiled down at him

“Hi Boss. Good night?” Gloomy knew Michael had only got home this morning. He’d seen him. He could guess where he’d been.

“Yeah the usual” he smirked. He could tell from the tone of Gloomy’s question, he knew where he’d been and didn’t approve. He didn’t let it worry him, now wasn’t the time for digression, business was about to increase significantly and he needed to be ahead of his enemies.

“Where we going to first Boss?” Gloomy asked as he started the engine.

“To the Royal Docks please Gloomy. First shipment comes in this morning. I need to be there, I don’t want to chance anything.

“Sure thing Boss” Gloomy replied as he drove the car to the desired destination.

They drove in silence for a while;

“Boss, I need to ask you something?” Gloomy ventured tentatively.

“Go on” Michael encouraged

“I know you don’t usually do this but Sadie is contemplating a party for your birthday.” Gloomy stated.

“She is??” Michael sounded surprised.

“I just wanted to check it was alright. She was asking me who to invite as she doesn’t have a clue who your friends are” Gloomy paused. “So what do you want me to do?”

Michael sat in silence, pondering. Gloomy knew to wait for a response, no one pressured Michael.

“I have an idea. Tell her that it’s fine, let her think she’s organising it but I want you to “help” her. Run every detail through me, use that catering company that pay us protection, tell them we want a good deal. Invite the usual acquaintances; Sadie doesn’t know them so she’ll hardly know she’s amongst a criminal family. Well have it at the house.” Michael had given his orders.

“What the town house?” Gloomy asked

“Yes” Michael looked at Gloomy strangely. “Why where were you thinking?”

“The one you brought in the country or...” Gloomy tailed off, he knew from the look on Michael’s face not to push it.

“Gloomy, make sure the girls from Sadie’s are there, with our contacts they will rake it in that night.”

“As you want boss.” Gloomy was not impressed; inviting prostitutes into Sadie’s home. He would have to make sure he protected Kim and Sadie, that night.

Gloomy took the turning into the Docklands. It amazed them how easy they could access all this waste ground with the Thames within easy reach. Smithy and the rest of the boys were there as Michael had instructed the vans ready waiting to be loaded; all they needed was for the goods to arrive. Gloomy got out of the car and walked to check the boys knew the plan. He heard the faint sound of motor boats in the distance; it seemed the deal was on. Gloomy strolled back to the car, Michael rolled down his window.

“They’re here Boss. Want to deal directly?” Gloomy smiled

“Gloomy, they’ll expect me to deal directly. Just have the boys ready, encase we need to shot.” Michael instructed as he got out the car, slamming the door shut.

As Michael marched towards the quayside, Gloomy hang back. He had a horrible feeling about this partnership. He didn’t trust them. He was sure this time Michael Murphy had got himself in to far. Well the rest of the Ó Murchadha had wanted nothing to do with them, and they were notorious for making people that wronged them “disappear”. Gloomy would have to keep his head close to the ground on this one.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

She’s planned every minute detail, now hopefully all would go to plan. Gloomy had helped her, which she’d been grateful as he did know Michael better than her. The last few weeks Michael had been as distant as usual, but with the party keeping her busy she didn’t mind.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“You look beautiful”

Sadie turned and looked at Kim and smiled, “Thanks, you’re not looking so bad yourself” she replied.

Sadie turned around viewing herself in the mirror once more. Surely even Michael would want her tonight. The dress was sexy but not too trashy; it was strapless with a fitted bodice of sheer black lace with a nude silky lining underneath; its skirt was black silk with an overlay of black sheer dotted lace with a ruffle on the bottom giving it a bubble effect.

“Perfect” she whispered to herself. Queasiness overtook her.

“Sadie are you ok?” Kim asked

“eh yeah... Just nervous I guess and I can’t shift that tummy bug” Sadie smiled at her friend

“Hey you’ve nothing to be nervous about” Kim walked over and hugged her.

“I know, well except where the birthday boy is, I haven’t seen him all day” Sadie sighed.

“Hey don’t worry, Gloomy’s with him. He’ll get here in time, I made Gloomy promise me he would” Kim giggled. “Maybe that’s not such a good thing”

Sadie giggled. “Fancy a drink, get this Party going?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Kim chucked

“Let’s go then Party Girl” Sadie smirked.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

Adam sat on the hotel room window ledge, puffing his joint smoke out into the chilly morning air. He smiled to himself about last night’s concert, a good gig made memorable because of Bono’s improvisation of the tables placed before the stage as an extension and jumped on them. Bono had rebelled against the venue management for refusing to remove the tables earlier in the day. Adam and the boys were used to Bono’s improvising on a nightly basis; he loved to hear Bono’s latest lyrics, it amused him that the lyricist could forget his own words.

The mild breeze moved the curtain that separated Adam from the room, the first Chicago 'L' train of the morning rushed by, the passengers a blur to his eyes. Adam inhaled deeply, as the tranquillity was disturbed.


Adam flicked the remainder of his joint as he flung back the curtain to see what was going on. Bono was sat up in bed, sweating profusely, salty tears streaming down his face. He looked as if he’d seem a ghost, his face showing a look of pure fear.

“Bono, are you alright, mate?” Adam strolled over to him

Bono sat in silence trying to get his bearings.

“Bono?” Adam sat down on the bed, looking at his friend

“Jeysus Adam, I had the most horrible nightmare. It was just vile” Bono looked at his friend unashamed of the tears dropping to the sheets.

“It’s fine Bono, It was only a dream it wasn’t real” Adam reassured him.

Adam walked to the table and poured a large whiskey for both of them.

“Here” Adam handed Bono his glass and sat once more on the bed. “So what was it about?”

“We were onstage somewhere, and every important person in the world of music was there. Half way through our set when Murphy arrives dragging Sadie roughly onto a podium opposite me on stage. He then started to tortures her, right before my eyes. I couldn’t get to her, there was just no way. I was barred whatever way I tried, by you guys, by Paul, by the executives; I just couldn’t get to her. In the end I had to continue singing whilst he butchers her.”

“Eh yeah, that sounds awful” Adam tried to comfort Bono

“She was screaming, beseeching with me to help her: I pleaded with the audience but no one would help her.” Bono continued

“Bono you know that would never happen in real life. We would all help you if possible” Adam felt for his friend, he wished he knew what else to say.

“I know, but I now have an uneasy feeling; as if it was a message that Sadie really is in danger.” Bono looked at Adam.

“I don’t know Bono, look we’re still in America we can’t to nothing at the moment. When we get back home we’ll try and contact her, I promise you” Adam smiled at him.

“Thanks Sparky” Bono regained his composure, “Please don’t say anything to the others”

“Ok, now we better try and get some more sleep we’re got another performance tonight.” Adam climbed back onto his bed.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *************************

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Too bad it wasn't Michael getting butchered in Bono's dream. Really, Wild, just when I don't think you can make me hate that Michael any more than I already do...pfft. But Bono!

Ack, and now she has nausea!

(nice chapter and nice little picture up there. )

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yay! another chapter!
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Ask & ye shall receive---thanks Wild! Great as usual.
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i like it.
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I 'loike' it a lot but i don't 'loike' that Michaelpoopyhead We need to deal to him Wild. I'm telling you

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