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Surrender - Chapter 16

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....

End of Chapter 15

“What you want me to move in with you?” Sadie couldn’t believe he was asking her

“Call it what you like, I want you in my bed, when I get home every night, want some home cooked food of an evening. A man needs his comforts after a hard day’s work” Michael demanded

“I’d love to” Sadie grinned. Inside alarm bells were going off but she had to maintain a relationship with him, until Bono came for her.

“Good” Michael smiled, “now what was you saying about how I needed to relax?”

“You live down here?” Sadie asked Michael as they drove down the tree lined residential road

“Yes I do” Michael smiled at her

“This is one of the most expensive roads in North London” Sadie looked in awe at all the period houses with their pretty gardens.

“I know. I got lucky I guess, it needed refurbishing and I know people who done it cheap for me.” Michael drove the car into a bay in front of a big Victorian house. “We’re here.”

“It’s gorgeous” Sadie said. “You have a flat in that house”

“Yes I have a flat” Michael sniggered.

Michael carried her up the steps to the big front door, Shamrock bounding up the steps and sitting at door waiting for his masters to catch up.

The door opened, Gloomy was standing there like an old world Butler. “Welcome home Boss. Sadie nice to see you again”

“Thanks Gloomy” Michael smiled,

“It’s alright boss” Gloomy hurriedly walked down the steps, leaving the two lovebirds to it.

Sadie was amazed of the sight that met her; the hallway had a grand sweeping staircase, the sort she’d always dreamt of.

“Oh Michael it’s beautiful” Sadie said looking around her.

“Come, I’ll show you around” Michael lowered her so she could walk, he took her hand in his and lead her around the house, Shamrock quietly following them,

The hallway lead to a large dining room which lead to the fully fitted kitchen with all the mod cons a girl could wish for, French doors opening to the outside, a patio passage that led to the grass surrounded by well kept flowerbeds

“What’s down there??” Sadie asked looking to the basement

“That’s Gloomy’s flat” Michael replied

He lead her up the stairs, the first floor had two receptions each with its original fireplace. Everything decorated in a neutral style, with bits added to Michael’s taste.

They walked up to the second floor,

“My god I thought you had a flat, not a mansion” Sadie said

“And here’s my favourite room in the house, well it will be once we’ve christened it,” he pushed open the door, and Sadie gasped at the sight before her.

The master bedroom suite had a massive bed, the mattress set into a mahogany bedstead, the open working fireplace was burning.

“Open that door” Michael directed Sadie.

“Oh my god” Sadie couldn’t believe it as she walked into a large dressing room which lead her into the en-suite bathroom a large roll-top bath

“This can be all yours Sadie” Michael smiled at her, his voice so much tender than normal

“It can?” Sadie was bemused

“Yes it can.” Michael fiddled with his jacket. He patted himself looking for the ring. He couldn’t find it. Shit. He never lost things and of all the times to start.

“Michael, are you ok?” Sadie looked at him

“Yeah, sorry. I meant to say it can all be yours if you move in with me” Michael hoped she wasn’t expecting a proposal or anything

“You want me to move in with you, into this house?” Sadie laughed. “Michael you already asked me that question in Dublin!!”

“Well I’m asking you again” Michael snapped at her, he wasn’t angry with her, he was angry with himself for losing the ring.

“Michael!! Don’t snap at me” Sadie stared at him

“Sorry” Michael looked at his beloved.

“Alright but on one condition.” Sadie smiled

“Which is?” Michael gazed at her

“We can employ a cleaner” Sadie giggled

Michael laughed and walked over to her, scooping her up in his arms and laid her onto the bed. Shamrock jumped onto the bed beside Sadie.

“Shammy, sorry mate, you can’t witness what I’m going to do to your mummy” Michael chased the dog out of the bedroom and closed the door. Slowly he turned around and gave Sadie that stare.

She knew what was coming next, bracing herself she closed her mind to all thoughts except those of Bono.


“Afternoon Boss” Gloomy got up to greet Michael as he strolled in to the office

Michael flung his jacket over the chair “God it feels great to be back.”

“It’s great to have you back” Gloomy smiled.

“So what’s the story?” Michael sat down and looked at the pile of paper work he needed to sign off.

“All protection up to date, added a few more clients. Smithy helped with the drugs side of things, done a good job too. I’ve interviewed a few girls and the boys tried their services. They’ll be at the house, tomorrow for your final approval. So that’s ready to go at your say so.”

“That’s grand, my dear friend. I must give you a pay rise and a bonus. Had any other problems?” Michael looked at Gloomy

“No the only thing was that George bloke, the one going out with Sadie’s friend. Well it seems he had an offer through work to move to a position in New York, so he’s gone.” Gloomy shrugged

“Feck the loss, there’s plenty more schmucks where he came from” Michael laughed. “Where can I get a cleaner from?”

“What? As in maid?” Gloomy looked puzzled

“Yeah, Sadie insisted she had one when she agreed to move in” Michael raised his eyes, “You know what women are like!”

“Well if I may be so bold, my girlfriend is looking to supplement her income.” Gloomy smiled

“Sorry? Did you just say girlfriend?” Michael looked at Gloomy astonished that he’d heard those words.

“Yes I have myself a girlfriend, her name’s Kim and she moved to London recently from the country somewhere. She’s an artist.” Gloomy beamed proudly

“Wow, tell me more…. Is she fit? Is she good in bed? How long you been going out?” Michael teased Gloomy

“We started going out on 16th March, shagged 17th March and for your information she is awesome in bed, she is the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met.” Gloomy went into a daydream thinking of what he’d like to do to Kim

“Ok, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Get her to pop along to the house tomorrow morning. We can then leave those ladies to it and go to the whore house after.” Michael looked at Gloomy

“Sure thing boss. I better get onto my rounds.” Gloomy grabbed his jacket, holding it over his arm. “Thanks”

“No problem,” Michael smiled as Gloomy walked out of the room

Michael stared at the pile of paperwork still there on his desk. “Where do I begin?” he sighed.


As Sadie walked into the Dublin Castle, she felt as if she’d come home. She’d had to take a cab but it was Michael’s money so she didn’t mind.

“Oh my God, if it isn’t me long lost daughter” Paddy cried when he saw her “Or is it a figment of me imaginmenation”

“Hi Paddy, I missed you so much. How are you?” She hugged him tightly, tears of joy in her eyes. And I’m not a figment of your imagination or what was it you said imaginmenation??”

Now tell me about your trip to Ireland. Oh Mary will be over the moon your back. Wait I must get her.” Paddy run off behind the bar... “Mary!! Mary!! You never guess who’s back”

Sadie sat herself on a barstool, and chuckled, the Clarke’s were so sweet.

“Oh sweet Jaysus, it is herself” Mary cried as she spotted Sadie at the bar.

“Hi Mary” Sadie smiled as they hugged.

“Paddy gets us a drink now, whilst I go sit with Sadie and hear about her adventures.” Mary commanded her husband.

Paddy looked at the girls as they settled down in a snug. He hadn’t seen Mary smile like that in months. He carried the drinks over to them and left them to gossip the afternoon away.

Mary explained how Julie had immigrated with George to New York whilst Sadie was in Dublin. How Julie had been upset but said she’d contact Sadie soon.

Mary didn’t hear about the bad stuff, the loneliness, the sexual drunken debauchery or even about Bono. Mary heard about how nice the Murphy’s were especially Conor & Ma, how great Dublin was, how Michael had spoilt her on her birthday, tea in Bewley’s, how she’d moved in with Michael

They say ignorance is bliss and this is how Sadie wanted Mary to think. Mary’s soul was too pure, too innocent to know the full extent of the evil in the world.


The day had been long and exhausting. Kim arrived home, wanting nothing more than a long soak in the tub. After feeding the dog and letting her out, Kim walked into he bathroom, and began filling the tub with steaming, scented water, candles burning, and sexy music playing softly in the background. Kim sank her body into the water and sighed as its hotness sooth her aching muscles.

As Kim lay in a dreamlike state in the bath, the bell went.

“Bloody typical” she cursed her luck. Why when she was in the bath did either the phone or the doorbell ring? Well they could come back later

It rang again, Kim ignored it. Then whoever was at the door rang it continuously, it was driving both her and Tammy mad.

Kim grudgingly got up and step out the bath, wrapping a towel around her and walked to the door

Standing there was a grumpy faced Gloomy, who demeanor suddenly brightened as he saw the dripping wet, nearly naked Kim standing before him

“You want to come in?” Kim was not amused as she stared at a drooling Gloomy

“Emmm yeah please…” Gloomy walked in, his eyes permanently fixed on the towel wrapped tight against her breasts.

“I was just in the bath” Kim complained

“Yeah I can see that” Gloomy grinned, “Want me to wash your back?”

Kim couldn’t be angry with him, “Cheeky!! Let me just go and get my other lover out the bathroom and then you can come in” She teased.

“Is Kim being a naughty girl?” Gloomy laughed as pulled the towel away from her, leaving her body naked, still shinning with wetness. “Wow, do you know how sexy you are?”

“Well I do now!” Kim chuckled and motioned to Gloomy, he looked down

“Well that certainly does give it away” He looked at her, the thoughtful smile on his face growing into a devilish smirk as he planned his next move.

“Oh no you don’t” Kim already knew what that smirk meant for her

“You know you want me baby” Gloomy inched closer to her

Kim watched his every move, lusting for his touch.

“Come here” Gloomy asked as he maneuvered himself, cutting off her escape route to the bedroom.

“No” Kim teased.

“How can you resist me?” Gloomy had removed his clothes, now as naked as her.

“Easily” she smiled as she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Really??” Gloomy enquired.” And how do you think you’ll manage that?”

Kim looked at him, “By locking myself in the bathroom” as she turned and ran

Gloomy sprinted after her; needless to say she didn’t run away too quickly.

Without a word, he reached out and led her to the tub, helping her to step in before he climbed in with her.


They came back to themselves slowly, Gloomy drifted off to sleep, and Kim lay awake smiling, caressing his back, their legs tangled together. She wondered how would she ever be able to leave the lover of her dreams??


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stupid bloody wanker” Bono threw his notebook and pencil down onto the table in frustration.

Edge stared up at Bono, and looked back as the pencil rolled across the table, falling to the floor. He bent down and picked the pencil up, placing it back on the table in front of Bono, without saying a word.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what’s wrong?” Bono looked at him in amazement.

“No why should I? It’s obvious to everyone why.” Edge stared back at his friend

“It is?” Bono’s facial expression, confirming his confusion. Was he that obvious?

“Yeah it is. You’re frustrated and tense. You can’t think straight because you’re mind is on Sadie and because you’re brain is focused elsewhere, you can’t come up with any lyrics for the new album.” Edge explicated.

“How do you know? Bono wondered

“Well it’s elementary my dear Bono, her name fills page upon page of your notebook and there’s no lyrics.” Edge smiled

“Smart Ass!!” Bono quipped back. “I just can’t think of anything else, I need to devise a plan to get her away from that brute.” He looked down to hide his eyes; thinking about Sadie’s situation always brought him close to tears.

“Well you’re right there Bono, It’s a tricky position you’re in” Edge agreed.

“Every night I lay awake thinking about her; why I’m not strong enough to have freed her from his grasp by now.” Bono looked at Edge, for some sort of answer.

“Bono I don’t have the answer. Do you not think there’s an onus on Sadie to try and leave him too?” Edge asked.

“I told her to stay put until I came or her. You know what that family is like. I can imagine he is an overbearing man. She doesn’t stand a chance against him, she’s an innocent soul.” Bono jumped to his beloved’s defense.

“Just try and relax, at the end of the day there’s nothing you can do whilst we’re touring the US.” Edge said

“I can’t, it’s so hard. Anyway what would you know about heartache!” Bono retorted

“I Do” Edge snapped back, the hurt in his voice unmistakable

“Really? Who?” Bono questioned.

Edge kept his thoughts to himself; if he said anything they’d all tease him.

Bono sat staring at Edge, he was speculating who the lucky lady was. There was only one that stood out from the crowd as far as Bono could remember.

“I know, it’s that pretty girl you brought a drink for at the Lyceum in London” Bono taunted

Edge’s flushed cheeks told Bono all he needed to know

“Hey Adam, Larry guess what!! Edge has a crush..”


Kim woke from her sleep, still dozy she turned to hug Gloomy only to find herself snuggling fresh air. Panic gripped her wondering if he left, until she heard noises from the Kitchen. She forced herself to get up and peak around the door, there was Gloomy singing along to the radio,

Cover me with kisses, baby
Cover me with love
Roll me in designer sheets
I'll never get enough
Emotions come I don't know why
Cover up love's alibi
Call me on the line
Call me call me any anytime

Kim lifted her hand to her mouth to keep the laughter inside; as much as he tried, Gloomy couldn’t sing. Tammy came running into the bedroom, burying her head under the duvet to escape the noise.

The kettle started whistling, the bread in the toaster popped up, it looked as if everything was under control. She observed him make her breakfast and smiled to herself; No one had ever made her breakfast before, Gloomy was so sweet.

He picked up a tray and headed towards the bedroom; Kim ran back to the bed and posed as if she was still sleeping. She heard him put the tray down and then felt his hand tap her shoulder.

“Kim, wake up sweetie” he whispered

Kim lay there, not reacting

“Kim, Wakey wakey” again he tapped her

Again she didn’t respond

“KIMMMMMMMMMMMMM” he’d gone from a whisper to a scream, shaking her to wake her.

She stirred, stretching her limbs. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, “Why did you wake me I was having the most wonderful dream”

“Was I good” Gloomy winked at her

“No you weren’t in it. But the man that was, he was amazing, so good with his hands” Kim teased.

“And who would that be?” Gloomy looked at her

“Oh someone you’ve no need to be jealous of, well in real life anyway” she grinned

“Has he got a name?” Gloomy teased

“Yeah, it’s Edge of U2, if it’s that important” Kim poked her tongue out at him, he laughed.

“Oh you I could see him off anytime!” Gloomy smiled. “Anyway I brought you breakfast”

“Ah that’s so sweet” Kim cooed as Gloomy walked over to the dressing table, picked up the tray and carried it to the bed.

“Well the plan was for a full Irish but the cupboards were bare. So you have toast, some wild honey and tea” Gloomy explained.

“So what have I done to disserve all this pampering?” Kim questioned

“Nothing” Gloomy smirked

“That nothing means something” Kim giggled, “Come on tell me, what have you done?”

“Well I know you were looking for a job to bring a bit of cash in and my boss needs a cleaner. The job’s as good as yours if you want it.” Gloomy looked at her lovingly.

Kim thought about it. Michael Murphy’s cleaner… She could get close and obviously snoop. “Oh Gloomy, that’s so awesome.”

“You don’t mind me putting your name forward?” Gloomy was relieved Kim wasn’t offended.

“Of course I don’t, you silly sod” She replied

“Good as he’d like you to pop along to the house when I go to pick him up later” Gloomy explained

“Sure, that’s not a problem.” Kim smiled

“That’s grand. Know you eat your breakfast whilst I shower” Gloomy threw the bathrobe to the floor, exposing his toned naked body to Kim’s eyes; she wished it was Irish sausage she was chomping on...


“Sadie!! SADIE!!!!!! Wake up” Michael growled at her

“What?” Sadie woke from her sleep, wonder what Michael’s problem was.

“Where’s my breakfast, I’m hungry” He whined

“There’s some stuff in the fridge, I brought some groceries yesterday” She sighed as she turned away from him, covering her head with the duvet

“No!!” Michael screamed “I want YOU to get me my breakfast”

“Michael I’m tired, you kept me up most of the night” came Sadie’s muffled reply from underneath the duvet.

Michael was livid, he yanked the duvet from Sadie exposing her naked body; He grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her from the bed, ignoring her scream

“No you misunderstand me, you are the woman you look after ME, now get some clothes on and do my fucking breakfast” he hollered. He gave her a demeaning look and walked off into the bathroom for his shower.

Sadie rubbed her tender wrist and raised it to her face to wipe away the tears from her cheeks. She grabbed a bathrobe and walked to the bedroom door, where Shamrock was scrapping to gain entry to stop the noise. As Sadie petted his head, he licked her sore hand.

“Come on Shammy, let’s get his breakfast.” Sadie sighed as they walked down the staircase to the kitchen.

She cooked Michael his fry, he came down to the kitchen as if nothing had happened, ate and read his paper.

Sadie sat down with her mug of tea and her buttered toast, quietly not daring to speak

Michael looked up from his paper “Oh you better get dressed, Gloomy’s bringing his girlfriend around, I said she could have the cleaner’s job, just need to check her out first.”

“Oh, that’s great.” Sadie smiled at him. “What time are you expecting them?”

“Well about 11 O’clock, Gloomy is picking me up, I have business to attend to, and I’ll be out late” Michael went back to his paper.

“Oh alright, I’m sure I’ll find something to do” Sadie replied. Like what, no friends, no family, just her, Shammy and a bottle of vino in front of the TV.

The silence was unbearable; Sadie stood up and walked the dirty utensils over to the sink.

“I’ll go for my shower, if that’s alright?”

“Yeah go on” Michael muttered

Sadie walked towards the doorway

“Excuse me, have you forgotten something?” Michael looked at her

“Sorry” Sadie apologized as she walked back to Michael and kissed him.” I love you Michael”

“That’s better, now off you go” Michael smirked as he pat her firm bum, “Oh and don’t forget the breakfast things need washing before I get home tonight”


Gloomy pulled the car up in front of an impressive Victorian house. “Here we are”

“Wow your boss must have some serious money” Kim stated

“You could say that” Gloomy smiled,” My flat is in the basement, not massive compared to the rest of the house but it’s rent free so I am not complaining”

“So what are their names again?” Kim asked

“My boss is Michael Murphy, better call him Mr. Murphy until he instructs otherwise. His girlfriend is Sadie, you better call her what he instructs you to as well” Gloomy advised Kim

Kim nodded, “Ok, I hope they like me”

“Babe, they’re going to love you” Gloomy, patted her hand reassuringly.

They walked up the pathway, up the stairway and Gloomy rang the bell

“I have a key but best not use it, encase the lovebirds aren’t up yet.” Gloomy laughed

Kim noticed the curtain flinch, the shadow of a man looking to see who was at the door. She heard a male voice calling for the door to be opened. A feminine shadow appeared in the stained glass of the door and they were greeted by Sadie, who looked a little peeved.

“Hi Gloomy” Sadie smiled at him, then turned her head to Kim, “and you must be Kim” she held out her hand to welcome her.

“Please come in” Sadie closed the door, “Michael’s in the lounge, please follow me”

Gloomy lead the way, followed by the woman. They walked in to find Michael sitting in a chair looking like lord of the manor. Just the sight of him made Kim shudder.

“Gloomy, How are you?” Michael stood and they exchanged hand shakes.

“Fine, boss. And you?” Gloomy smiled

“Never been better.” Michael replied. “And this must be the lovely Kim.” He said as his eyes ran up and down the length of her body

Michael approached her. “Gloomy said you were beautiful but not this exquisite.” his flirtatious manner obvious to everyone present. .

“Nice to meet you Mr Murphy.” Kim looked unperturbed by Michael’s flirtations, smiling reassuringly at Gloomy.

“Likewise I’m sure” Michael smirked. “This is my girlfriend Sadie, you’ll be answering to her.”

Sadie looked at Kim. She was sure now that it was the girl from the Lyceum. She shook her hand “Nice to meet you. Kim.”

“And me you. Thanks for offering me the opportunity” Kim smiled back at Sadie.

“Well ladies, us men must love you and leave you we have important business to attend to. Sadie I’ll be late tonight so don’t wait up. I’ll see you again sometime Kim” Michael winked at her.

“I hope so Mr Murphy” Kim answered. God that guy was so sleazy, what did Sadie see in him? She wondered.

The men walked out the door, moments later Gloomy can scurrying back and passionately kissed Kim on the lips before disappearing with Michael.

“So you remember me?” Sadie asked

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure at first though.” Kim smiled

“Nor was I” Sadie confessed.

“It was an awesome gig wasn’t it” Kim ventured

“Absolutely amazing” Sadie agreed.” Fancy a cup of tea?”

“Yes please, I’m parched” Kim smiled and followed Sadie into the Kitchen.

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i like it.

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great chapter! i was starting to get withdrawal symptoms!
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That Michael Murphy
Great chapter.
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Bono please come soon & rescue Sadie.
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Great chapter

Ohh that Michael better watch out for us plebans

Is there an unedited version?? :Pray:
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i hope the KISA comes to the castle to rescue her soon..
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LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
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Thanks girls

There is indeed a unedited version , if you want it let me know

Sorry i didn't post a new chapter this week but real life interupted

Normal service will beresumed this weekend
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Yes,I would like the unedited version.Please send it I hope Bono comes soon and rescues Sadie,I don't like that Michael.
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unedited please
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Would Love an unedited version
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I've been reading this but the rest's in the archive so I couldn't comment. I love your version of Bono and Sadie is a wonderful character, Michael is such a creep, and I'm thinking Kim might need in on this plan to rescue her from him...
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Originally Posted by AnCatKatie View Post
I've been reading this but the rest's in the archive so I couldn't comment. I love your version of Bono and Sadie is a wonderful character, Michael is such a creep, and I'm thinking Kim might need in on this plan to rescue her from him...
Thanks for you comment , glad you enjoyed it.

I'll be starting to write more chapters shortly if anyone is interested
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I didn't know you had a fan fic! I must read this when real life slows down!
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Originally Posted by WildHoney View Post
Thanks for you comment , glad you enjoyed it.

I'll be starting to write more chapters shortly if anyone is interested
Awesome. You left off at such a frustrating place! please have someone kill Michael. He's bothering me so. Much.

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