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Stranger In A Strange Land: Chapter 9

I finished the next chapter, finally This week sucked, and it took me forever

~As always, fiction fiction fiction~

My eyes were still closed, but I could hear some thumping in the next room. Probably people moving their luggage around. What time was it, anyway? I opened my eyes and I was looking up at the ceiling. It was light in the room. Bono was curled up next to me with his arms firmly around my body, and I felt his warm breath on my cheek. And then I remembered. I turned my head to look at him. I liked watching him sleep...he looked so lovely and peaceful. It would be a perfect time to try and count his freckles- he would never sit still long enough if he was awake- but there wasn't quite enough light. I nuzzled him until he woke up, stretching his arms and then squeezing me tight. "Morning, love." I stroked his hair. "Hey baby." That strong feeling of attatchment had carried through the night, and if anything, felt stronger now. I laughed softly. "I don't want to let go of you!" He kissed me, and it felt extra tender. "You don't have to-" Someone knocked on the door. "Hey, I just wanted to make sure you guys were getting ready..." It was Edge. "It's 9:30, we have to leave soon." I groaned. I didn't want to get up. I didn't want to get dressed, and I didn't want to leave. "Yeah, we're almost ready," Bono called back. He pulled me into a sitting position. Without the covers, I was chilly. "C'mon, Lilly, let's get dressed..." I got up reluctantly and fished through the suitcase for some clothes. I put on the t shirt that Bono had been wearing earlier the day before with my pants. It was soft and smelled like a mixture of his cologne, deodorant, and a hint of sweat. It gave me a very nice feeling that was hard to describe. He laughed when he saw me. "Wearin' my clothes are you?" He hugged me and I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist. "I smell like you now!"

Our suitcases were packed, and we dragged them into the elevator. "Bono, do you think they know?" He scratched his head. "How could they possibly know?" "Well, I dunno, Edge's voice sounded strange when he knocked on our door. And you were being awfully loud, you know. They were down the hall...but the people in the rooms next to us probably heard everything." He made an indignant noise. "You're blaming me? You weren't exactly being quiet as a mouse!" "Yeah but, baby, you screamed!" He blushed. "Well sorr-y...I couldn't HELP it!!" I laughed and cuddled him. "I guess I should take that as a compliment, then."

Everyone was waiting for us in the lobby, and they didn't look too pleased. Edge gave me a funny look. "Lilly, why are you wearing Bon's shirt??" I shrugged. "I dunno...I felt like it?" He and Adam exchanged glances, and I got a strange feeling that they knew something I didn't. Bono and I went outside to wait. The sky was a lovely mix of pink and purple hues, and it was hot. Our arms were wrapped around eachother again. "I don't want to leave...and don't flip out!" I giggled. "It doesn't mean I never want to go home. I just don't want to leave yet." He chuckled and nuzzled my cheek. "I know. And I guess Vegas will always be special to us..." "Why?" I jumped. "Edge! What the hell are you doing sneaking up on us like that??" "Sorry. Why will Vegas be special?" I wanted to tell him that whatever we had been talking about while we thought we were alone was none of his business, but that sounded suspicious. "He was just talking about how we were both really enchanted by this place, that's all. "Oh, you were enchanted, were you??" I hadn't even see Larry come outside. It was like they were swooping down on us, like bats or something. He chuckled. "How did you guys sleep last night, anyway?" Now Bono and I exchanged glances. He shrugged. "Fine, I guess..." "I don't even remember going to bed. I remember riding back to the hotel, and maybe some jostling, and then I woke up this morning! He said he carried me." Larry nodded. "Yeah, he carried you, alright. You were...really sound asleep." His tone was a mix of doubt and sarcasm.

I was about to ask Bono if he knew what was going on when Paul came stomping up, spewing profanities. "Stupid fucking bus has broken down!! It had to be taken to the damn mechanic, so we're stuck here until this evening. Which means we're behind our fucking schedule, of course!" "Yes!" Adam pumped his fist in the air. "Now I can go back to sleep!" I raised my eyebrow. "Nooo night owl, we already checked out. We can't go back to the room." He looked like I had just dashed all his hopes and dreams. "Tired? Maybe you'll be a responsible adult from now on! Everyone else went to bed last night!" Paul spat at him. Yikes. I seemed to be under the radar of his rath on this one, and pretty much for the most part, recently. I would have thought maybe he would try to blame it on me somehow...try to say that the extra weight of one more person riding on the bus caused it to give out or something. But no. Normally I would have defended Adam. Him being out late like an idiot didn't cause this to happen. But in this situation, it was definitely best if I kept my mouth shut. He was groaning and complaining of a headache. I patted his hair playfully. "Aw, Adam, your 'fro is getting too heavy..."

Later in the day, we sat in a cafe after wandering around for a while. In the daylight hours it was safe to walk the strip. That's when people were out shopping. At night was when you had to worry about getting hit up by pimps. Bono and I were taking turns sipping a root beer. After eyeing us all day, Larry said, "There's something odd about you two today. Something's different." It was as if they sensed it, like we were giving off some kind of vibe that gave it away. Either that, or they heard us. But I doubted that. Bono looked puzzled. "Like what? Nothing's different." Adam snickered. "You're even more clingy than usual today! Every time I turn around, you're holding onto eachother like one of you is going to disappear into thin air if you let go!!" It sounded funny, but that was sort of how I felt. He was right. We were doing it as we spoke. All three of them were giving us strange, curious, sly looks. Bono stood up quickly. "I have to go have a pee." "Are you going to go with him, Lilly?" Edge teased, and they roared with laughter. "Shut UP!!" I kicked their feet under the table. As soon as he had scurried off to the bathroom, Adam slid into the booth next to me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. "So. Did you know..." And he did this strange movement with his hips. Oh good God. I put my hand over my eyes. "I could have gone my whole life without seeing you do that." He laughed. "You didn't answer my question." "That's because the answer to that question is know, not your business?" I stuck my tongue out, and he slammed his hand on the table. "They did it!" My eyes bugged out. "WHAT?!" "If you didn't you would have just said 'no' and told me to go shove it or something. But since you wouldn't tell...well, that's a dead giveaway that you DID! Plus, wearing his shirt?? Telltale sign!" Bono came back from the bathroom. "Eyy, congratulations Bon! You're a man!" He looked confused for a minute, and then realized. He grabbed Adam by his shirt and literally dragged him out of the booth and slid in next to me. His arms were around me again, and it felt so good. "Were these oafs bothering you, love?" I nodded. "Oh yes, they were harassing me terribly...saying crude and vulgar things- I'm just kidding!" He had been looking horrified. A slightly awkward moment passed in which the other three just stared at us, and then we were over it. I was sure much more gibing was to come, but they were like family. Families shared personal matters and teased eachother.

On our way back to the hotel to wait for the bus, we passed a phone booth and I remembered I had told my mom I would call her before we left for Denver. Bono followed me into the phone booth and the others continued on, snickering amongst themselves. He was shaking his head. "Those three, I swear..." I laughed. "I KNEW something was up with them! They've been watching us all day..." I was searching through my bag for some change, and when I looked up, Bono had his face about an inch from mine. He was grinning. "Hi." I laughed out loud and showered his face with kisses. "HI!!!" He was hanging on me as I dialed the number. "Am I clingy, Lilly?" By other people's standards, I was pretty sure he definitely was. I shrugged. "I don't think so. Even if you are, don't change. I like it."

It rang a few times.
"Hi mom, it's me...I said I'd call you. We're still here because our bus is at the mechanic's. We should be leaving soon, though."
"Oh, Lil I'm so glad you called! I wanted to call you, but I had no idea how to get a hold of you, so I just waited. You have to come home. I booked you on a flight out of Vegas to New York tonight."
I wasn't sure if I had heard correctly. There were so many things wrong with what she had just said, the main thing being that I certainly was not going home. I felt a chill and held Bono a little tighter. He didn't even know what was going on. He was just playing with my hair.
"Uh, mom, I don't know what you're talking about, but...I'm not coming home, so I hope you can cancel that."
"You have to. Killian is coming home tomorrow, and it would be horribly cold of you not to be here for him."
I almost dropped the phone. My brother was coming home...of course I was happy. But that didn't change the fact that I didn't want my recently smoothly running life getting de-railed.
"Wow, that's...that's great that he's coming home, mom. But...we're going to be in New York not all that long from now, and we'll be visiting. I...this whole tour (could I even call it that? It made it sound a lot more organized and professional than it really was) is keeping a very tight schedule. I don't want to miss a show...I promised Bono I never would. And his birthday is in six days! I'm not going to miss it."
"How can you be so selfish?? Your brother...your brother...has made it through a very hard ordeal. He sounds like he's doing great. You can't even give him the time of day to be here to welcome him back?"
It sounded so much worse when she said it. I knew I was being selfish. Even though my concerns were projected onto someone else, they were my concerns. I felt awful, but I still didn't want to go. I hugged Bono even tighter. He was looking at me with complete confusion and panic, mouthing "You're going home??!" to me.
"Ok, I'll come. It would be awful if I wasn't there. But I'm not staying more than a few days. I'm flying back to...wherever I need to by the 8th, and I'm not paying for this. I'm keeping the money I have left for something else."
"Fine. But you'll be explaining it to your brother when you run off again. And what are you keeping the money for, anyway?"
I felt that having something to live off of was a good enough reason.
"I'd rather not say right now. But I'm saving it."
She gave me the flight information and I hung up, completely numb.

Bono immediately started talking a mile a minute. "Lilly, you're leaving? What's going on? You're going tonight? But...but..." "Shhh, shhhh, calm down baby. I'll only be gone a few days, I promise. My brother is coming home, and it would really be cruel if I wasn't there..." I could tell he was trying hard to look happy about that news, even though he was clearly distressed. "Wow, that's great! So he's ok and everything?" I nodded. "It seems so." "Ok, well...I'm coming with you." That really tugged on my heart, but I had to laugh. "Oh Paulie, you know I want you to. But you know that you can't, don't you? You'd miss the show in Denver." He bit his lip. "I know...but so what? That doesn't rule my life. You're more important." I hugged him as tight as I possibly could and considered agreeing with him. But I knew that it was very important that he be there. "I know, baby. And I'm happy. But you can't just cancel a show when you might not get the chance to go there for another six months or more, if you want to get where you're going. And everyone else would be livid." He sighed. "You're right. Damnit. Well, what time is the flight?" "Eight tonight." "Ok, I'll take you to the airport, and I'll be right there to get you wherever and whenever you come back. It'll be Phoenix I guess..."

When we got back to the hotel, Paul was there, the bus was there, and it was clearly time to go. "What took you two so long? Let's go!"
"Uhm, I...have to go home. For a few days. My flight is at 8..." I didn't know what to say other than that. They looked shocked. "Listen..." Paul looked uneasy, and maybe...compassionate? "We can't wait till then to take her to the airport. We're already too far behind...I'm sorry." And he did seem to be sorry, actually. At least sorry for Bono, who looked crushed and panicky. I hadn't expected this kind of goodbye, but it was better than at the airport. Airport goodbyes were the most miserable ones, even if it was only for a few days. I realized that it was a little ridiculous that I was so upset, but I didn't care. We hadn't been apart at all since we met. And not only that, after last night, we had been left feeling about ten times more attached to each other. We had barely let go of each other all day...and now we wouldn't see each other for three days? It was awful. I didn't want to leave him. Paul turned to me. "Have a safe flight. We'll see you...ehh..." "In Phoenix. On the 8th." I said firmly. I would not be back later than that. "Right. I'll, ehhh...just..." He pointed awkwardly to the bus, and got on. I couldn't help but wonder if he was secretly glad, but if he was, it didn't show at all. So I didn't think so. I hugged Adam, Edge, and Larry. "See you guys in a few days..." Hell, I was going to miss them too. They got on the bus. "Bono..." I hugged him, and he clamped his arms around me so tight I didn't think he was going to let go. "I'll miss you Lilly. I don't care if that's dumb." I shook my head. "No, no baby. I'll miss you so much." I handed him a piece of paper. "This is the number at my house. Call as soon as you get to Denver, ok? The second you get to the hotel." Their hurry kept it from being a long and drawn out goodbye. He kissed me. "I love you." It hit me hard every time he said it. "I love you too." I gave him a last nuzzle, and they had to go. As the bus pulled away, a few tears rolled down my cheeks.

A cab took me to McCarran airport. I boarded the plane quickly, and without a single thought of being afraid. I hadn't had enough time to talk with the others about what I wanted to do for Bono's birthday. He was turning 21...I wanted it to be at least somewhat special. I had a few ideas to discuss with them, and I mulled them over on the flight until I fell asleep.

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I hope next week is better for you!

Another amazing chapter,
Lets see what happens at home.
Poor girl, she's gonna mis Bono so much.

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good one. hope next week is better.
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another great chapter!
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I'm really liking this story and not just because it's Baby U2.....the secondary characters in it just add to it.

I think you have the personalities of the band down can just see Bono acting the way you have him here.

You are a good writer and I hope this is just the beginning of us hearing from you.
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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another great chapter
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i like.
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Awww poor little Bono

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