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Stranger In A Strange Land: Chapter 12

If anyone actually waits for these things to be posted, sorry I've been taking so long...I'm so not used to having a job

~As always, the following is purely imaginary~

I had worked very hard to make the 'party' a surprise. And it wasn't really a party, but rather a celebration. Parties to me were organized events, with more than a handful of people, specific start and end times, and probably balloons. My sorry butt had none of that. However, if Bono reacted the way I hoped he would to what I was going to tell him before we went to the club, then it wouldn't even matter if we went at all. I'd been bothering him all day, from the minute he woke up. I woke him up. I pounced on him, like a kid pounces on their parents on Christmas moring, chanting 'birthday boy'. He pretended to be irritated, but I knew he loved all the extra attention. He was happiest when someone was giving him a lot of love and attention. I felt almost that it was my purpose to give it to him, to give him all the affection I possibly could...because who else was he going to get it from? I was happiest when he was happy, and what made it even better was that he just wanted me to love him.

By the time we were up, the other three had disappeared. Bono was puzzled. "It's only 10 am, where did they go?" I figured he thought they might have forgotten his birthday. I had asked them to leave early to go get some stuff for the party, because I had something to talk with Bono about, and not in front of everyone else. "I don't know, love. Maybe they woke up, remembered it was your birthday, and ran out to get you something before you realized they forgot," I said jokingly. It was our last day in Phoenix, so we sat out by the pool for several hours, savoring the last of the dry heat. It was peaceful and quiet...there was hardly anyone around. When I started to feel that I was baked past perfection, I figured we better go in. Bono had fallen asleep. The poor thing wasn't getting anywhere near enough sleep lately. I couldn't imagine how Adam was still standing on two feet...he never seemed to go to bed! I stroked his hair and his cheek, but that didn't wake him up. I nudged him gently, and he jerked awake. "Huh, what?" I laughed. "You fell asleep! Let's go back to the room, I have something for you."

The day before, I had gone to the store and spent hours in the men's department trying to find him something. His size wasn't an easy one to find, either...I had to ask for help several times. But it was strangely fun, looking at all the clothes and imagining how cute he would look in them. It was silly, but it helped me pick something out. Of course, the other thing was most important, but I still wanted him to open something. I was still very childish in nature, apparently. I always liked to open gifts, even though I was almost 20. Being surprised was even better. I had a feeling he would be the same way, because even though in some ways he was very mature for his age, he was very much a child at heart.

I pulled the box from under the bed, and he gasped. "A present!!" I rolled my eyes. "Don't act all know I wasn't going to just let your birthday pass and not do anything!" He gave me a quick hug and tore the paper off like a five year old. I had to laugh. He took the pair of pants out and his eyes got wide. "Lilly, are these...leather?" I giggled. "They were just begging me to buy them. And I imagine they'll look pretty darn good on on you." He was grinning. "They're so...rock n roll! And awesome!" I cringed. "Please, whatever you do, do not pick up my Americanisms." He yanked off his green shorts. "I'm gonna try them on..." I was right. They looked stunning on him. I whistled. "Damn, Bono..." He blushed and hugged me tight. "Thanks, love."

Someone knocked on the door. What the...??? I didn't think they'd be back yet. No, it was Paul. He looked confused. "Isn't it time to go now?" "No, not for another few hours. I'm him a gift." He raised an eyebrow. "Really? Lilly, I meant to tell you...I think it's very thoughtful, and not to mention generous, of you to do-" "Shh!!" I lowered my voice. "He doesn't know! Or at least I think he doesn't. I hope he doesn't." He resumed in a quieter voice. "...For you to give him this party." I could tell that Paul thought I had come to Dublin with a puny amount of money in my pocket, and that it was all I had to my name. "I mean, we would have figured something out, but it was very nice of you to step up." It irritated me that he acted like he had to look after Bono, and he wasn't sure if I was in his best interest. It was my job to worry about him, not his. The sooner he got that through his head, the better we would get along. "Well, only makes sense that I would be the one to do it, right?" I didn't say it rudely, but rather firmly, to get my point across. I realized I was being very possesive of Bono. I was sort of a posessive person by nature, much to my chagrin. But this was a little different. I had an intense caring for him, and I was annoyed that Paul refused to recognize that. "I suppose. See you both later, then." "Yeah. Bye."

I closed the door and went back to the bed where Bono was sitting. "What did he want?" "Uh, he wanted to know if we knew where the others were. I said we hadn't seen them all day." He looked a little hurt. "Did he forget my birthday too?" I held his hand. "I'm sure he didn't. Now, baby...I have something else to give you. Well, tell you, rather. Remember when you asked me to come along with you guys and I said I didn't have a lot of money left?" He thought for a moment. "Well, you said you only had enough for a few plane tickets. Plane tickets are quite expensive!" "Yeah, well...still, I do have more than that." He looked confused. "So...??" "See, I came here with very little money. Cash, that is. I stuck 300 dollars in my bag and that was it. But, I have access to the banking account, where I have more. I also...have a savings account that I never touch. I'm not much of a spender. I've been saving since my first babysitting job when I was 12. I've got my life savings in that account." He looked even more baffled. "Wow. You're a much better saver than I am! But, Lilly...I'm sorry, why are you telling me this? You just think I should know?"

I scooted closer to him. "Not quite. Like I said, I'm not a big spender. And, anytime we do anything, you always insist on paying for everything. You never let me pay-" "But, Lilly, that's because-" I interrupted him back. "I know. You say that whatever is yours is mine, and that it doesn't matter if you 'pay' because the money is mine as well. I feel like I mooch off you, y'know." He gave me a forlorn look. "Oh, Lilly, no you don't. We're like one. I take care of's part of being a couple!" I knew that was important to him. He saw money as part of taking care of me, something he desperately wanted to do. At first it seemed irritating and almost chauvanistic to me, but I realized that he meant to be chivalrous, and more importantly, it was part of his was of showing that he cared about me. "I understand, Bono. So, in that case, I really have no need to keep all that money to myself in my savings account anymrore. If whatever's yours is mine, then whatever's mine is yours, too. So I'm just going to give it to you." I didn't know how else to word it. His eyes popped. "'re just...GIVING me your life savings?!" I could sense that he wanted to argue, but that he realized to do so would be hypocritical. "Well, I mean...right now it's just in my private account. I'm going to put it in whatever account you have. So it'll be yours, ours, whatever. For touring, for our life...I think this is sort of my way of saying I'm sure about us. I'll give you everything I have, baby. I don't need anything but you."

He crawled into my lap. "Lilly..." His eyelashes were wet. "I don't even know what to say. I mean, besides thank you...but it's not the money I care about, it's what this symbolizes. I love you so much." He pressed his lips to mine, and I could feel a few tears on his cheeks. I clung to him. "Please don't ever leave me." He gave me the most serious look I had ever seen. "Never, Lilly. Never." He pushed me back onto the bed and kissed me hard. His tongue was insistent. "Whoa, whoa, frisky! Later." He sat up and squinted at me. "You PROMISE?" I laughed. "Of course I promise. Now go put on something nice." "Why?" "Why? Because it's your birthday, and we're not going to just sit here in a hotel room! Now get dressed." And I swatted his butt. He jumped. "Wait, Lilly...does, does this mean you want to marry me??" I raised my eyebrow. "Are...are you proposing to me??" He laughed. "Oh, no, not formally!! When I do that, it'll be in the most romantic way I can think of, that you would never expect...not in a hotel room when I'm barefoot and wearing a crap t shirt! No, I just meant that, does this mean that you would want to spend forever with me?" I hugged him, and didn't say anything for a minute. I was just engrossed in the feeling of holding him. "Oh, Bono, that's exactly what it means."

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and yes..some of us were waiting for this!

Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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I wanted to post to you yesterday . but told meself not to be impatient I'm such a dork sometime's.
Wow ! Leather pants PERFECT GIFT!!! totally You win! Thankyou for another great chapter!
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mmm... leather pants!
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hehe lovely chap! and woot for leather !
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I didn't realize it'd been almost two weeks!!

I'm going to try my very best to have the next chapter up by Sunday night
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::siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh:: favorite chapter so far!
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LEATHER PANTS LEATHER PANTS! I didn't know this could get more exciting

as always, adorable. It makes me happy to read this

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