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Stories For Boys (Chapter 2)

A/N: Bono and Edge find out more...and Audrey is warned.

PG for some language

Author's: wo_speaking & allatonce10 (Love & Logic)

After lessons of math and English passed, I headed towards the caf, spotting Edge, Adam and our mate Larry, our drummer and founder of The Hype, in our usual corner on the right side. They waved anxiously, excited that we were all together again, not that we don’t get together in the summertime. It’s just nice to be with your mates during school. It’s the only true excitement we have.

I sat down next to Adam, across from Larry and Edge. Larry was already busy opening the usual brown paper bag full of goodies his ma packed him. Any other day I would be stealing all the sweets when he wasn’t looking. Today, nevertheless, I had more important things to discuss with my four best muckers.

“So,” I started, huddling together with my mates, “Am I the only one who has noticed the new girl?”

“You mean the American?” Larry asked, a boyish grin spread across his lips.

So Larry has been eyeing my American girl has he? I might just have to put a stop to that.

“Audrey O’Neill. Any gossip about her yet?”

“O’Neill?” Edge puzzled, cocking his head to the side. “Has anyone been to music class yet? Our new teacher’s name is O’Neill.”

“And she’s new?”

Edge nodded. “Aye. What could that mean?”

“Maybe they’re related?” Larry suggested, biting into a sandwich.

“I could have told you that! Edge, do they look alike?”

“…not really. Miss O’Neill has beautiful red hair and blue eyes. Isn’t Audrey a brunette?”

“Yes, with green eyes. You can’t miss those eyes. She’s gorgeous!”

Larry rolled his blue eyes dramatically. “Do you ever think about anything other than girls and music?”

“Nope! And you should concentrate on girls, too, mate. They climb over the fence during band practice just to get a glance at you!”

“Aye! And I bleedin’ hose them down!”

“You’re off your rocker,” I laughed, stealing one of his cookies. “So, back to the O’Neill’s.”

“They are sisters,” Adam offered, approaching the fact with assured knowledge.

Stunned, I asked, “How do you know that?”

“I heard Audrey talking to a few girls in my English class. She didn’t say much else. Just that Miss O’Neill is her older sister.”

“Are you positive, Adam?” Edge asked. “I mean, Miss O’Neill sounds Irish. Audrey, from what Bono has told me, has a very thick New York accent. How can they be sisters?”

“Audrey said she was born and raised in America. Miss O’Neill probably grew up in Ireland. It makes sense.”

“Sisters, huh ... I wonder how old Miss O’Neill is?” Edge daydreamed, biting his lip and looking up at the ceiling. Was he blushing?

He was blushing. The boy was so pale there was no way he could hide it.

“Aww .... does someone have a crush on their music teacher?” I chided ... Larry and Adam giggling along with me as I kicked Edge under the table.

“Shut up, you eejit ... just wondering was all,” Edge responded, refusing to look me in the eye when he did.

“Are you even old enough to be thinking such things, David Howell Evans?” I teased, shaking my finger at him as Larry and Adam looked on amusedly.

“Feck off,” Edge countered, throwing one of his carrots at me and hitting me square in the face.

“Ooo ... someone definitely has a crush on their music teacher ... and he’s defensive about it too. Beautiful red hair, huh ...” I smiled at him, knowing now was the time to leave him alone. I’d definitely bring it up again when it was just the two of us. He didn’t often have crushes on girls, or at least he didn’t tell me about it – but this was something entirely different. He had a crush on a woman this time.

So they were sisters. I haven’t been to music class yet so I didn’t know Miss O’Neill on a personal level quite yet, though I had passed her in the halls and hadn’t realized such until Edge described her. She truly was a stunning woman; young, elegant and fragile. Just like Audrey.

This was getting more and more interesting as the day progressed. Lunch ended far too quickly and I headed back to my locker with Edge – who still refused to talk to me after I’d outed his crush. There was just one little problem—our lockers were blocked! Blocked by a large group of Irish girls! And by Audrey’s locker, no doubt!

Even from a few feet away, I could hear Caitlin Kennedy’s loud mouth “warning” Audrey about the evils of Mount Temple. She was one of the most ‘popular’ girls at school and had a prissy group of cult followers who stood on the sidelines, giggling and agreeing with every silly thing she said.

“There are three things to stay away from in this school. First, the stew in the caf, it’s made of artificial meat, so beware. Two, Mr. Moore, the history teacher, likes to give a pop quiz every other day and if you fail, he makes you write a five page essay on the history of Ireland. Extremely boring junk. And three…”

Stay away from Paul Hewson.

“Stay away from Paul Hewson.”

Told ya.

“Wh…who?” Audrey looked confused. “Paul Hewson? The boy with a strange haircut in some sort of band or whatnot?”

Ah, so she’s heard of me. That’s a good thing…right? And what does she mean by “strange” haircut! I have a very popular haircut thank you very much! American girls…don’t know what they’re missin’ I’ll tell ya!

“Yes, that one,” Caitlin hissed.

Audrey turned away, collecting some books out of her locker. “What’s so bad about him? He seems humorous.”

Thank you, Audrey!

“Don’t fall into his charming trap! He will sweep you off your heels and then feed you to the dogs! He knows he’s good looking and can win over any girl with that sly personality. And with you being all American, I’m sure he has some tricks up his sleeves to st-”
Now it was my turn to intervene.

“Hello Caitlin,” I pushed past the over abundance of popularity, providing each and every one of them with a cheeky grin. “Spreading lies already are we?”

Audrey closed her locker, staring at the floor and tucking a piece of her glossy hair behind her ear. She had a blush on her face, her feet shuffling.

“No, not lies,” Caitlin corrected, crisscrossing her arms and arching her back so that we were face to face. “Just warning the new girl of the conniving, childish boys in this school.”

“Well,” I spat, narrowing my eyes. “I’m sure that Audrey is a big girl and can judge for herself who is the black sheep of this school. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the one she should be warned about. Don’t you agree, Caitlin? Besides, you’re the one who has been chasing after me for years now. Just because I’m not interested, doesn’t mean I’m the rusty nail in the toolbox.”

I can’t be positive, but I was quite sure that Audrey just smirked. Looking past Caitlin’s agape mouth, I caught Audrey’s almond shaped eyes and held them for as long as I could. Gifting her with a small wink, Audrey cleared her throat and flew past me, our arms brushing for a split second.

Caitlin was left speechless.

“Good day, ladies.”
* * * * *
“So ... Miss O’Neill, huh? I was in her class this afternoon ... she’s a bit of all right, that’s for sure ...” Bono returned to the subject while we were on our way to the record store – a common outing for boys in Dublin of our age, especially ones in bands like we were.

“Yeah, so. I think she’s pretty,” I said defiantly, stopping mid-stride and crossing my arms. “Why does it matter to you? You’ve got a crush on her little sister ...”

“Yes, Edge ... her little sister – who’s our age. And it doesn’t matter how old Miss O’Neill is ... it matters how old you are. You’ve only just turned 16, mate ... there’s no way she’d get off with you! They’d march her straight over to Mountjoy for that you know ...”

“I just think she’s pretty,” I shrugged my shoulders, walking ahead of Bono. “And she’s a really good teacher, too.”

“Just be careful what you’re imagining her teaching you,” Bono joked, giving me a shove and making me stumble.

“So you can have a crush and I can’t?” I contended, nimbly catching my balance in the cobbled walk.

“I didn’t say that ... I’m just saying be careful, is all ... don’t go getting into trouble or getting your heart broken, Edge ...”

Leave it to Bono to overanalyze something so small. I’m a sixteen year old boy for God sake’s! It’s normal for a boy my age to develop crushes, no matter who the girl is. I mean, it’s not as if I was writing secret love letters or doodling her name on my book covers! I wasn’t interested in telling everyone about my crush – everyone would just make fun of me. I didn’t even want to tell Bono but my stupid red face gave it away.

As for Audrey, Bono may be too blind to see it, but I didn’t think she had any sort of attraction towards Paul Hewson. If anything, she seemed rather invaded at the lockers earlier today, as though Bono just made the situation even worse.

Then again, who am I to judge? I’m the one with the crush on my music teacher…
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stories for boys

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