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slowly love--chapter six

Disclaimer: Edge owns me. End of story…I kid, I kid! Fictional!

Chapter Six

“Daddy, where are you going?”

“I have to go give a political speech, darling. I won’t be too long.”

“Mommy says that it’s dangerous. You might get hurt.”

“Sweetheart, sometimes we have to stand up for what we believe in no matter the chances. You can’t go your whole life being afraid. If you’re afraid all the time then you will never peace. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy. I get afraid all the time.”

“I know you do but you’re young still. I know you will grow to be a strong woman. Can you promise me that? Can you promise me that you will grow up to be a strong woman?”

“I will try.”

“Now, come on, Alex, promise me, don’t try.”

“…ok, Daddy. I will promise to be strong for you.”

Jolting upright, breathless, Alexandra fought for air, the dream echoing continuously in her mind like a broken record:

“I will promise to be strong for you. For you, Daddy.”

This dream was unlike all her other dreams. Usually they were very detailed and drawn out with bright red blood and shards of glass. Most nights she could see the faces of her brother, mom and dad. Tonight, however, she only heard voices, saw nothing but a blank, black canvas of nothingness. Though she could hear her father’s voice and, though the dream startled her, it also gifted her with some small feeling of joy. Sometimes she couldn’t remember her father’s voice and that alone killed her from the inside out.

Wide awake and only six in the morning, Alex didn’t even bother to try to fall back to sleep. After showering, she brewed a cup of coffee and sat on the front porch to bathe in the dawns early light. Dublin summer mornings were cool and refreshing, the sun gloriously peeping over the green hills. To the left of her was Edge’s house and, while swaying gently on the front porch swing, Alex questioned what he might be doing right now. Sleeping, of course, like the rest of the community.

Once the sun was at it’s peak and the day began, Alex went to her greenhouse to water her fetal tea roses and tend to her other plants. For hours she trimmed, picked off dead leaves and petals, swept the floors, cleaned the windows and babied her flowers. It was almost noon by the time her chores were done and Alex locked the greenhouse behind her, greeted instantly with the sound of voices at her neighbors house. The band must have been over again, thought Alex while grabbing her hose to water her lawn.

She was right, Bono, Jessica, Brooke, Larry and Adam were all over at Edge’s house, gathered around his pool, talking and joking. Envious, Alex wished she could have a life like that again. A life where she could be around friends and family without looking over her shoulder or being so drugged up that she couldn’t remember anything the next day.

Touching her left arm, Alex shook her head, ashamed at all the wrong choices she had made in her life over the years. If she just would have taken her father’s advise and stayed strong, like she promised him, then perhaps she wouldn’t be in this standpoint. Maybe she would still be in California, soaking up the sun, enjoying the beaches with a caring husband and beautiful children if she wouldn’t have screwed things up like she did. And underneath the pink sleeve of her blouse hid the constant reminder of her failure.

Sighing, Alex turned on the hose and went about her business, drowning out the get together on the other side of the fence. Moments later, or so it seemed, the two women she had met only a night ago were waltzing towards her. Jessica looked more radiant to Alex, her honey eyes golden, her dark, brown hair shining in the afternoon light. And her skin…her skin was flawless, creamy.

“Good afternoon, Alex!” Jessica greeted. “I hope you don’t mind us dropping in.”

Alex shook her head. “No, not all. I was just watering my yard before I lost the will. What are you ladies doing?”

Brooke rolled her eyes. “The usual. Hanging out with four obnoxious rock stars.”

Jessica and Alex busted into laughter. “They can’t be that bad.” Alex stated.

“Ha!” Brooke grunted. “You’d be surprised. Ok, for instance, Bono has this thing where he starts dancing out of no where! I mean…really! He thinks it’s funny but the man can’t dance!”

“That’s why it’s so funny,” Jessica pointed out.

“It’s annoying! How do you live with that?”

“Because, he may not be the best dancer, but, “She winked at Alex. “He’s a great dancer in the bedroom.”

“With moves like that? Seriously?” Brooke shrieked. “I can’t imagine that.”

“Good, don’t imagine it, because that would just be wrong on your part. And besides, what about Larry and his habit of combing his hair every half hour? Really, Brooke, he’s worse than a girl. I don’t even re-touch my makeup!”

“He’s high maintenance.” She shrugged. “Nothing wrong with that.”

Alex chuckled at the two girls arguing back and forth about their boyfriends. It was hard to believe that they were dating rock stars. They didn’t boast about money or brag about the places they’ve seen, the people they’ve met. In fact, Brooke and Jessica were more average than Alexandra was. They dressed normally, in jeans and tanks, their hair didn’t appear professionally done, nor did their makeup. If she didn’t know any better, if Alex passedJess and Brooke walking down the street, she would have seen them as every day women with an ordinary life.

“So,” Jessica up spoke. “We’re all taking Edge out to lunch because, well, we’ve been invading his house ever since he got here. We were wondering if you wanted to come along?”

Why didn’t Edge ask her? Did he send his mates significant others to do his dirty work? Oh, stop, Alex. Stop being so hard on the man. He probably knows nothing about this, just like how he had nothing to do with them inviting you over last night.

So what did that mean, exactly? Did it mean that Edge didn’t want to be around Alex? Was she an embarrassment? Dear God, if she went along, she could only imagine what the three biddy’s of Wicklow would spread around:

“Alexandra was actually in town. With PEOPLE! Can you believe that? She’s probably sleeping with one of them. What is she trying to prove? Is she too stuck up to be around us? She’s only good enough for rock stars?”

Stressed, Alex proceeded with her watering. “Thank you for the invitation, but I really have a lot to do today.”

“Aw, what a shame,” Jessica replied. “Edge really wanted you to go.”

Pausing, Alex looked up at Bono’s wife with bewilderment. “Really?”

“Yes, really! He didn’t want to ask you because he was afraid that he would come off desperate. So we did it for him because, as you know, women don’t mind sounding desperate.” She snickered.

“Oh, well, I don’t know. I don’t want to intrude.”

Brooke crossed her arms. “Girl, come on now, if we thought you would be intruding we wouldn’t be asking now would we?”

Alex hummed. “Where are you going?”

“O’ Connell’s in Dublin. I know it’s kind of a stretch but it’s one of Edge’s favorite places.”

“Dublin’s not that far. Let me go freshen up and change. Give me about fifteen minutes?”

“Sure,” Jessica smiled. “Come right on over whenever you’re finished.”

Arm in arm, Brooke and Jessica left Alex to get ready and joined their friends by the pool. Bono wrapped an arm around Jess’s shoulders, planting a feathery kiss on her cheek.

“How did it go?” He asked.

She glanced up at him. “Mission accomplished, Captain.”

“What mission?” Edge asked, coming up from behind his two friends. “What did I miss? And when are we leaving? I’m starved!”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, Ed.” Jessica pushed him kidlike. “We have to wait for Alex.”

“Oh. Wait, what?!” Edge yelped, grabbing Jessica’s arms, shaking her. “What do you mean we have to wait for Alex?”

“I invited her to join us and she said yes.”

At arm’s length, Edge shifted his vision from Jessica to Bono, to Jessica and back again. Letting his friend go, he smoothed his shirt and collected his composure. “Really?” He cleared his throat. “Well, then. I guess I should clean out my car?”

“Who are you trying to kid?” Bono grinned. “You’re the biggest neat-freak on the planet.”

“Not so! I can be dirty!”

“As if,” Jessica added. “You can’t even re-use a towel one time!”

“Piss off,” Edge laughed, his insides like a flock of birds. Alex would be joining them for dinner! Alex! Dinner! With him! In his car! To Dublin! Damn it, man, get a hold of yourself! It’s just dinner!

Bono was the first to notice their newfound friend stepping in past the gate and Edge turned around to see what Bono was staring at. Edge’s heart skipped an extra beat at the sight of Alexandra in a long-sleeved white dress that ended only inches above her knees. Her ruby, lengthy hair hung down in thick, wavy curls, framing her angular face elegantly, similar to a Di Vinci painting.

Flushing from head to chest from Edge’s obvious observation, Alex looked to the ground, rocking on the soles of her feet. Bono broke the ice.

“Nice to see you again, Alex. May I call you ‘Alex?’”

Alex nodded. “Oh, yeah. Everyone does. And it’ nice to see you, too.”

“Enough talk, more food!” Larry demanded, pushing past Bono and Edge, planting a delicate kiss on the back of Alex’s hand. “No offense to you, love. It’s a pleasure.”

“Larry just get’s crabby when he’s hungry,” Adam grumbled. “It’s quite irritating. He can be more annoying than a wife!”

“Hey!” Slapping Adam on the arm, Jessica huffed. “I’m not a bad wife!”

“Yes, you’re right.” Adam assured. “You’re lovely. But lately you’ve been a crab, too!”

Edge perked up. “Yeah, you have, actually. Not trying to come off rude or anything but I, too, have noticed a change in you.”

“What? You’re kidding right?” Asked Jessica. “I’ve been normal. Silly men.”

“Whatever you say.”

“Back off mates, will ya?” Bono stood up, lacing an arm around his wife’s waist. “She’s just as tired from the tour as anyone else. It was her first time following us. Cut her some slack.”

“Bono is right,” Edge said towards his band mates. “Drop the subject. Adam, who are you riding with?”

“I guess Larry,” He answered, erupting an insulted look on the drummers face.

“And what the hell is so wrong with that?”

“Uh, let me think, you’re CRABBY!”

“Cause I’m HUNGRY!”

“Maybe you should have had a snack before you came over then?”

“Maybe you should just shut your trap and drive me to the restaurant!”

Rolling his eyes, Edge motioned Alex to his car, leaving the bassist and drummer to their endless quarrel, apologizing for their behavior.

“They’re usually like that,” He explained. “Nit-picking like siblings.”

Chuckling, Alex said. “It’s ok, really. Quite humorous. You have nice friends.”

“Yeah, they’re the best. There’s never a dull moment.”

Edge opened the passengers door of his Mercedes, snickering when Alex whistled, clearly impressed with his ride.

“Nice car! She’s a beauty!”

“That she is.” Agreeing, Edge started up his car, first toying with his iPod before even thinking about driving. “What would you like to listen to?”

“Erm…how about your band?”

Raising an eyebrow at the girl next to him, he found the albums on his play list and set the device to shuffle, the opening of Bad blasting evenly from the speakers, loud enough to hear but quiet enough to continue with conversation.

“What a beautiful song,” Alex complimented a minute or so into the song. “It’s funny that I grew up around your type of music but never really got into it. Who would have known that you end up being my neighbor someday.”

“I’m kind of glad it happened that way.” Edge told her. “I mean, I moved to Wicklow to get away from everything--the chaos, the media. All I wanted was to be alone but…I have to be frank, I enjoy being in your company.”

“You do?” Alex asked, somewhat shocked. “Why? You’re around famous people all the time! I’m pretty sure I’m not as interesting as those people.”

“I’m around all sorts of people. Our fans, for example, aren’t celebrities. Well, some of them are, but not the majority. And you don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re very interesting.”

Unable to process a response, Alex turned her attention towards the window, listening to the music that filled the small space, her arm occasionally grazing Edge’s on the armrest. Pulling into O’Connell, Edge and Alex met Jessica and Bono, who arrived first, at the door.

“Larry keeps bitchin’ about how bloody hungry he is and he’s the last one to show!” Bono remarked and Alex laughed along with the others.

Ten minutes passed before Adam, Larry and Brooke drove through the parking lot, parking right next to Edge’s car. Bono threw up his hands in the air, yelling across the lot.

“What the ‘ell, guys! Where have you been?”

“Blame this guy,” Larry pointed towards Adam. “Blame him and his short term memory! The dumb block forgot his jacket! Not that he needs one! It’s eighty degrees out!”

“I get cold in restaurants! They turn the air down so low that it’s like dining on a glacier in Ant-fucking-artica!”

“Suck it up! You’re a man for fuck’s sake!”

Alex, leaning into Jessica, whispered in her ear. “Are they going to be like this all day?”

“More than likely.” She whispered back.

With Adam and Larry still arguing in the background, the seven friends were seated immediately, Bono having made reservations the night before. It probably wouldn’t have made any difference if he did or not, Alex thought. He was Bono after all. If all the tables were used, she was almost certain that someone would give up their seat for the band.

The glamour of the diner and the price of the menu was nothing unusual for Alex. Her parents were very wealthy, both being part of a large, well formed trading corporation. Growing up, she was blessed to have been given the luxury of fine dining, clothing and education. Money was never at the top of her families struggles. Now, however, Alex would much rather her family back than the money. You can make money but you can’t re-make the loss of a family.

“Are you ok?” Edge asked Alex, noting her faraway gaze. “Is something troubling you?”

“No, no, I’m fine. Thank you. Just trying to decide on what to eat. What are you getting?”

“I’m leaning towards the Chevre & Proscuitto Stuffed Chicken.”

“Hm, sounds good. I was thinking of ordering that, too.”

“Great minds think alike.”

Alex’s lips twitched and Bono ordered a round of delicious, dark red wine for the group, all except Jessica that is, which brought up yet another heated discussion.

“No wine for Jessica?!” Adam practically yelled, Larry shushing him. “What? It’s odd! It’s not natural!”

“I’m not in the mood,” She defended. “Don’t you think we’ve drank enough on the tour?”

Adam gave her a crazed look. “NO!”

“Come off it, Adam!” Larry poked his friend in the shoulder. “Let the woman enjoy her water! And Alex isn’t drinking either! Are you going to get on her, too?”

“No but only because Jessica is a drunken sailor.”

Slamming her glass down, Jessica fumed. “What the hell, Adam! I am not!”

“Yes you are! You out drank us at the pub back in New York! You beat Bono! We,” He thumbed at Edge, Larry and himself, “can’t even do that!”

“I was having a lucky night!”

“Posh! You’re a drunken sailor!”

“That’s it!” Bono raged, the table going deathly silent. “Adam, enough! And if you really want to know the reason why Jessica isn’t drinking then ask her politely and she might just tell you!”

Focusing on Jess, Edge asked quietly. “Jess…are you…”

Understanding the question in Edge’s hazel, gold eyes, she nodded. “Yes, Edge. Bono and I are having a child.”

More silence.

Spontaneously combusting into cheers, Jessica was being hugged and kissed while Bono’s back was slapped and hair ruffled. Alex sort of stayed in her seat, not quite sure how to react. Not that she felt left out or anything of the sort, it didn’t feel like her place to kiss on someone she had only met last night.

When the guys were done harassing the couple, Alex stood up to give them a hug, congratulating them on the wonderful news. The rest of the evening was focused on the soon-to-be-parents, one person talking over another, asking them questions like what they hoped for, if they had names picked out, who would be the godfather which fired up another debate between Adam and Larry.

“I should be the godfather!” Larry retorted. “I’m young and fresh!”

Adam lulled his eyes. “Don’t make me gag! I should be the godfather because I’m responsible!”

“WHAT?! You got busted for drugs!”

“It was a misunderstanding!”

“It was a misdemeanor!

Putting his face in his hands, Edge shook his head and glanced at Alex who smiled in response. She was so close to him, her thigh brushing his every now and again. Lounging back in his seat, pushing his empty plate away to the center of the table, he risked a move, inching his hand blindly underneath the table in search for hers. Finding it, he ran the side of his index finger along her knuckles, locking his eyes to her own.

Biting her lower lip nervously, Alexandra folded her fingers through the guitarists, feeling for the fist time the roughness of his hands. She knew he would have skin like this--her brother had callused fingers as well. Years of guitar playing will do that. Still, despite the hardness, it was the way he held her hand that caused the flutter inside the depth of her stomach. There was something in the way he caressed her skin, like a paintbrush on porcelain.

All the sudden, she wondered what it would be like to have him kiss her. Would he be just as gentle with that as he was with touching her? Could he treat her with the same type of ease and skill that he showered upon his guitar?

After dinner, everyone departed to their separate cars, promising to hang out soon later in the week. Edge drove them home, his hand still in hers, never wanting to let go until she grew tired of his touch. It was dark out now, the sun setting behind the great, aged buildings of town and then over the horizon of Wicklow.

Parking in his driveway, Edge and Alex ended up in Edge’s backyard and, once again, dipped their feet into the cool water as the sound of a guitar danced and twirled in the midnight sky, the stars twinkling, twinkling like fireflies strewed across an ebony blanket of eternity.

“That’s great news about Jessica and Bono,” Alex said. “They’re a nice couple.”

“They are. She’s a wonderful woman. Bono needs someone like her. He’s was lost for so long until she came into his life. She turned him around completely.”

“Was he wild?”

“Not really wild. He could never open up to a woman. You know, you should really talk to him and Larry sometime. Both of them lost their mum at an early age and Larry lost a sister. And Bono just lost his father a couple years ago. If you ever need someone to relate to, their the perfect people. I know it doesn’t seem like it because of his grumpiness, but Larry is actually a very wonderful, smart individual.”

“I could kind of tell that they’re motherless. When you don’t have parents you learn how to seek out those in the same position as yourself. There’s a look in their eyes, you know? A deep, long tunnel of…nothing.”

Swiping away her unwanted tears, Alex apologized. “I’m sorry, Edge. I haven’t talked about my parents death to anyone in a long time.”

“You’re fine, Alex. I wouldn’t expect you to talk about them without crying. It’s hard to imagine not having parents. My mother is my strength.”

“So was mine,” Said Alexandra. “She was enchanting. A red head, like me. My father always called her his ‘Irish Cherry.’ My parents were sort of…hippies, I suppose. They protested a lot, went to rally’s. But they worked for a large trading company in the heart of L.A. My father was part of the CEO and a lot of the workers didn’t see eye to eye with him on his views of politics because his beliefs went against what the company stood for. My mother worked there, too, she was security. I mean, I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and the John Lennon, singing along with all the hippies, inhaling second hand joints. God, I had a crazy childhood.” She laughed. “But it was a good one. There was never a raised voice in the house, my parents were deeply devoted to each other, to their beliefs and to me and Aaron. They were the best parents imaginable.

“And what makes me sick are the parents who have children because they couldn’t keep it in their pants or because they want money from the government. Those parents don’t die. Instead they breed children who breed more children to become lazy, irresponsible drug addicts or felons. My parents had us out of love and compassion and respect. They were taken away from the world. It doesn’t make sense to me. Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I went on another ramble.”

Placing his guitar to the side, Edge scooted closer to Alexandra, lacing his fingers through hers once more. He leaned in, his nose rubbing her cheek and along her jaw line. With his lips to her ear, he spoke without measure. “Stop apologizing. I like it when you talk. You’re so mysterious and I find myself thinking about you all the time. I’ve been trying to analyze you, to sort you out like some complicated formula. You intrigue me.”

Soaking in his words, Alexandra inhaled, reminding herself to breathe. He was so close that she could feel the stubble on his cheek and the hairs of his goatee. Alexandra positioned herself so that she was face to face with the guitarist. Though his lips were only a kiss away, he didn’t take action on his desires. His breath was hot on her face: sensual, inviting. Hiding a moan, Alex moved in so that their foreheads were touching.

“Alex,” He whispered while pushing aside locks of soft hair away from her face. “Would it be a problem if I kissed you?”

A surge of violent ecstasy coursed through her veins like a burning heat wave. Edge brought a hand to her face, cupping her cheek in his palm, circling her cheekbone with the pad of his thumb. This was too much for her to turn down: the storm in his hazel eyes, his pale skin in the moonlight shining with an electrical glow, his fingertips sliding along the length of her neck, creating chills down her spine. And the way he looked at her, that ever longing study of compassion and lust. If it was merely infatuation to him, there was no physical sign of it.

Finally, she spoke. “I haven’t used my lips for kissing in so long. I can’t promise you that they work.”

“That’s a small chance I’m willing to take.” He smiled, their lips breaths away. “Maybe I can spark a memory?”

With that said, he closed the gap that separated them, his mouth landing on hers mildly. Neither being capable of moving, as if they had forgotten thoroughly how to use all senses except one, their mouths remained motionless for the longest time, Edge not wanting to scare her away or make her uneasy. He could feel her fingers on his neck, sneaking their way up to his jaw, finding a nesting spot behind his ear. That single gesture enthralled him From there she urged him on, needing to taste him.

Opening his mouth, she got the right of entry she silently begged for. Roaming their tongues, they met evenly, emerging a whimper from the back of Edge’s throat. Alex was right, he did demonstrate her the comparable gentleness that he bestowed upon his guitar. He detained her like a fragile piece of art, licked her teeth and the roof of her mouth like a multifaceted, emotional melody.

He tasted of wine and something inimitable, a flavor that couldn’t be described, only witnessed and real when discovering first hand. It was a subtle taste that danced on her taste buds like hard candy. Devouring him, she pulled him onto her until their chests met and swung a free arm around his waist, blindly tracing the small of his back, putting to memory the supple warmness of his flesh and the pattern of bones that stressed from beneath a layer of muscle.

Knowing that regret would spike her mind the next morning, Alexandra could have cared less at this particular instant. Everything about Edge was impeccable--the severe fabric of his jeans, his burly forearms and shapely shoulders. With both hands, Alex massaged the nape of his neck and in-between his structured shoulder blades.

Confident, entranced in the moment, Edge urged her towards him nearer, if that were possible, whining and purring into her ajar mouth, incapable of getting enough of her sweet, delighting flavor. All in all, he, too, was flabbergasted that his lips were useful after so many years abandoned romance. And this was, indeed, a gesticulation of romance. Alex wasn’t some forged groupie wanting for him after a two hour show. She wasn’t there to lead him on or use him after one night. No, Alex was a woman from skin to soul.

Nipping on his bottom lip, Alex gave him permission to conclude their affection, even if departing only enough to speak in a low tune of aspiration and thirst, their chests heaving vaguely, communicating at first through body language until Edge broke the fevered silence. “See,” He told her. “I knew they still worked.”

Grinning, Alex responded. “And thank God for that.”

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After reading Airdrift and now with SL, I'm a proud fan of your fics I love the way you write them. Each one has a different style And btw, it's awesome that you managed to link the two of them. I like that!

That being said, here are my thoughts on this chapter:
- Edge & Alex:
- Bono & Jess: I knew it
- Adam & Larry: just hilarious!!

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Another amazing chapter! I laughed so hard when Adam and Larry were arguing.. and again.. and again.. You're an amazing writer!
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ZOMG!!! I squealed so loudly...they're having a baby!!! Hah, I kneeew it, when they said she was grumpy!! And then the wine, haha.

This was a hilarious chapter...but I think this bit was my favorite:
“WHAT?! You got busted for drugs!”

“It was a misunderstanding!”

“It was a misdemeanor!”

Clever wordplay FTW!!

And Alex makes me so sad...but finally, they kiss
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Originally Posted by secretly alone View Post
ZOMG!!! I squealed so loudly...they're having a baby!!! Hah, I kneeew it, when they said she was grumpy!! And then the wine, haha.

This was a hilarious chapter...but I think this bit was my favorite:
“WHAT?! You got busted for drugs!”

“It was a misunderstanding!”

“It was a misdemeanor!”

Clever wordplay FTW!!

And Alex makes me so sad...but finally, they kiss
that was my favorite quote too! You should have seen me when I was writing it. Oh man...I live with three men who have NO idea what i do on my laptop and their all looking at me like "Wtf are you laughing at?"

And thank you ladies!
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i like it!
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Gaaaah!!!! Yet another amazing chapter I don't know how you do it... You're an amazing writer!!!!
Hahahaha, I love the Larry/Adam interaction, its so well done!
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Yay a baby! Larry and Adam should be...joint godfathers or something.

This is adorable. Edge is such a sweetie.

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adrift, edge, fan fiction, slowly love, u2

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