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Slowly Love--Chapter Four

This chapter might be pleasant for those who have read Adrift and wanted an update on Jessica/Bono! And thank you for all your feedback on chapter three! Your comments keep me going!

Disclaimer: The disclaimer is not in right now, please leave a message after the smut!

Chapter Four

“She sent him flowers?” Fiona gasped, her eyes widening with interest and disbelief. “She actually went to his house and dropped flowers off on his doorstep?”

Cait nodded for the hundredth time. “Yes, I’m telling you, I saw what I saw!”

“Can’t you girls leave the two in peace? Alexandra has been through enough, the poor thing.” Biddy sighed, feeling awful that her two friends were making such a deal out of a simple gesture of a growing friendship. “Alex needs a friend.”

“She needs a man!” Fiona corrected, filing a nail and cocking an eyebrow at the older woman across the table. “Don’t look at me like that, Biddy! Alexandra lives in that house alone. She has no friends, no relatives that we know of. Perhaps Edge will be a good man for her.”

“What if it’s not about that? What if they are really just friends?”

Fiona laughed. “Since when are men and women only just friends? Wake up! It‘s the twentieth century!”

Cait added in. “You can’t seriously be suggesting that they’re having sex! I keep an eye on my neighbors and I’ve never even seen them talk to each other in person except for that one time!”

“Do you stay up until three in the morning watching the houses?” Fiona asked.

“Well…no. But really! What a silly thought!”

“I agree.” Biddy said. “Leave them be will ‘ya? Even if they are having sex that’s their business.”

Fiona couldn’t be further from the truth. Normally, like any other man, Edge thought of sex often. Sure he’s invited a few girls back stage after a show or two, whenever he felt lonely or if a woman peaked his fancy during a show. It was out of his nature to do so but after his divorce, his mind went out of whack. Bono eventually knocked some sense back into him during the Elevation Tour after a bad encounter. Edge had a sexual relation with a fan and he woke up the next morning to find his money missing along with a CD containing some very rare unreleased U2 songs. Bono and Edge got into a fist-on-fist argument and ever since then, groupies were out of the question.

And although he found Alexandra extraordinarily beautiful and sexually appealing, he couldn’t think of her in such a way. More than anything he wanted to get to know her, to sit down and have conversations. She was a mystery of the most jigsaw kind. Being curious by nature, Edge just had to find out what went on in her mind. What was it that kept her so secluded and reserved? Why did she never have any visitors?

A knock at the door invaded Edge’s thoughts and Bono came waltzing through the kitchen with his wife trailing behind him. He smiled up at the two and hugged them both.

“Jessica, so nice to see you again.” Edge smiled, kissing Jessica on the cheek, her eyes shining like two pools of honey.

“You too, Ed. How have you been?”

“Just fine, thank you. Have a seat. Would you like some coffee?”

Jessica sat down at the table, Bono dragging a chair right next to her side so that they were hip to hip. Her hand grazed over Bono’s lightly and Edge tried not to look. He was so envious of the marriage Bono shared with his partner. They had a very, very long history together and, after nine years of indecisiveness, Bono gave Jessica an ultimatum: either she marry him or leave him for good. Three months after that they hitched, bought a nice house in Dublin and an apartment in New York.

Edge and Jessica had a very strong friendship that couldn’t be described. He had been there for her during the struggles of leaving Bono and New York for three years. Though he would never admit it one-hundred percent, Edge still kept a piece of his heart reserved for Jessica. Three years ago he had kissed her impulsively, praying that she would feel the same. However, some people weren’t meant to be and others were. Besides, Bono was in love with his wife as deeply as the depths of any ocean. And she was happy with him. That’s really all he ever wanted for them.

“Edge,” Bono leaned into his friend. “Are you ok? You look…paler than usual.”

Edge smiled. “Yes, I’m fine. Really.”

“Bono’s right,” Jessica chimed in, taking her hand in Edge’s. “There’s something different about you. Are you…oh, I know that look.” She grinned like a clever cat.

“What look?”

“You’re seeing someone!”

Edge’s heart stopped. “What? No I’m not!”

Bono chuckled. “I think Jess is right! Who is it? O! O! Is it the girl next door? What’s her name,” Bono asked, snapping his fingers. “Damn it, Edge what’s her name!”

“Alexandra,” Edge answered. “Her name is Alexandra.”

“Ah yes.”

Jessica was confused. She wasn’t informed of any neighbor. “I’m not aware of this girl! Why are you always leaving me out of these things?” She boasted towards her husband, shoving into him playfully. “I’m your wife! You need to let me know of these things.”

“There’s really nothing to tell,” Bono promised, kissing the tip of Jessica’s nose. “Alexandra is Edge’s mysterious, loopy neighbor.”

Edge snapped angrily. “She’s not loopy! She’s…shy.”

“So you’ve talked to her?” Bono asked, slightly amused and aback.

“Kind of,” Edge exhaled, not sure on whether or not to tell his two best friends about last night. “Not with words. Well, words, yes but on…tennis balls.”

Jessica and Bono exchanged confused glances. Bono was the first to ask, “Tennis balls?”

“Yeah,” Edge snickered. “See, I was sleeping last night and was awaken by something hitting my window. She was throwing marbles at my window, I found them in the yard earlier today.”

“Aw,” Jess cooed, squeezing Bono’s hand. “That’s cute!”

“It was. And so I went to the window and her room is directly across from mine across the lawn. So she threw a tennis ball into my room with a piece of paper attached and she said that she couldn’t sleep and wanted to know if I would play something for her.”

“That is soooooo romantic!” Jessica sighed before jabbing Bono in the ribs with her elbow. “Why didn’t you ever do things like that for me?”

“Hey!” Bono pretended to be irritated. “I’ve written songs for you, woman! If that’s not romantic then I give up.”

“I’m joking, sweetheart.” She kissed him. “Now,” Jessica turned the conversation back to the guitarist. “You haven’t actually spoken to her?”

Edge shook his head. “Nope. I’ve tried but she’s very….uh…what’s the word…”

“Loony!” Bono finished.

“Stop!” Jessica urged seriously. “After our relationship, you have no room to insult another’s relationship! Maybe she’s just scared? Besides, Edge is new. Do you expect her to jump right into the sack with him?”

“I’m not saying that she should jump into the sack with him but she could at least invite him over for coffee or have a decent conversation with him that doesn’t involve throwing tennis balls into his room.”

“Maybe that’s her way of communicating with him?”

“Nonsense! That’s not excuse!”

In the back of his throat, Edge let out an annoyed grumble at the fighting couple on the other side of the table. It was almost as if he wasn’t sitting right there in ear shot. Frankly, he did not want to discuss Alexandra if they were going to try to make excuses for her lack of company.

“Guys,” Edge stopped them. “C’mon, just let it be, will you? When she’s ready to talk to me then she’s ready to talk to me. It’s not that big of a deal. And Bono, stop calling her loony! You don’t even know her.”

“Neither do you,” He pointed out. “So how do you know if she’s not loony?”

Rolling her eyes, Jessica shushed Bono with a kiss. “Stop, love. Edge is right. We have no room to discuss a woman we know nothing about. Let‘s just drop the subject.”

“Agreed!” Edge rendered, feeling relived to be freed of the topic. “Did you maybe want to go for a swim? I’ve been dying to get in that pool!”

“Way ahead of you!” Smirked Bono, tugging out the hem of his swim trunks from underneath his jeans. “You have the best pool out of all of us now! Oh, and I called the guys. They should be here in a few minutes.”

Edge’s lips puckered. “Damn it, B! I wish you would run these things by me first! Now I have to cook for five people!”

“Six! Brooke is coming, too!”

“Ugh, I hope you brought the beer cause I’m out!”

“Oh he did,” Jessica voiced, crossing her arms. “You know Paul, always wanting to crash the party. Or create one.”

“I hate cleaning up after words.” Bono winked.

Sure enough, Bono did call Larry and Adam and before Edge could even make it up the stairs to change, a small get-together was booming outside on the back porch. Edge changed into his swim trunks and a black bandanna to hide his hairline. Having going bald at a very young age, Edge had always been very insecure about his hair. The guys encouraged him, claiming that he looked just as good without it. Edge, nevertheless, didn’t see it that way. At one point in his life long, dark brown strands hung at his shoulders like a thick curtain. All that remained now was stubble and skin.

On a lighter note, he was still very slim for being a forty-two year old man and his skin was firm, his face aging but gracefully and slowly. He’d like to think that he had a friendly smile and kind, hazel eyes. Edge was they type that made other people feel comfortable when in his presence. Sure he wasn’t a ladies man like Bono, or model-type like the James Dean Larry or a complete sweetheart like Adam. But he was a nice guy with a caring soul.

With one last look at Alexandra’s window, he felt his heart flutter like a paradise of butterflies. There was no denying it anymore. In some shape or form, he was developing feelings for the girl next door. If only she felt the same way…

Leaving his feelings at the door, Edge went back down the stairs and joined his mates by the pool side. Adam and Larry were already in the pool with Brooke and Jess, the four of them having splash wars, laughing and shrieking. Bono was at the grill, dancing poorly with the music in the background. Staring up at his friend, a very diverted grin spread on his Irish lips.

“Ah-hoi there, Pirate Edge!” Bono chucked towards Edge.

“Jack ass,” Edge mumbled, trying to hold back a fit of chuckles.

“Jack ass? Do I look like a donkey to you?”

Edge shrugged. “Only when you wake up.”

“That’s it, tiny Tim, you’re going down!”

Bono ran towards Edge, the spatula flying across the yard. Edge yelped as Bono wrapped his arms around his mate, picking him up off his feet and over his shoulder.

“Let me down!” A laughing Edge demanded. “Bono! I mean it!”

Edge tugged at Bono’s hair, his fists pounding into the singers back and shoulders. Reaching the edge of the pool, Bono went to throw Edge into the water, unknowing that Edge had a strong grasp around his shoulders. Both men fell into the pool, their bodies creating a large crash of splashes.

Resurfacing, Edge jumped on Bono, dunking him underwater, Adam joining in on the play wrestle. Soon enough, all six friends were plunging water at one another and dipping, throwing and tossing bodies into the pool. Edge couldn’t remember having this much fun in a long time. After the lost custody of his daughters, he never thought he would be able to enjoy something so simple. With good friends and good brothers surrounding him, all troubles seemed to melt away.

Exhausted and breathless, the group exited the pool to finish cooking and setting up plates for dinner. Brooke and Jessica handed out cold beers to the members of U2 and, noticing first, Jessica whispered to Brooke.

“I think that’s Alexandra over there.”

Brooke turned to see a small, tiny, red haired woman on the other side of the tall wooden fence. As loud as the party was, Alex didn’t seem to show any sign of recognition to her neighbors. She was lost in her poetry, invaded into a world of John Keats.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
It’s loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing

“Maybe we should invite her over?” Brooke offered towards her childhood friend. “Edge has been wanting to talk to her.”

“I don’t want him to get mad at us.”

“Who cares if he gets mad? He’s not going to make a move. Come on.”

Grabbing Jessica’s hand and dragging her towards waist height gate door, Brooke cleared her throat loudly, striving to get Alexandra’s attention. Eyeing from the brim of her book, Alexandra squinted at the two beautiful brunets in Edge’s yard.

“Hi, there.” Jessica said friendly. “I’m Jessica and this is Brooke.”

American accents, Alex thought. How joyous it felt to know that there were other American girls in Ireland and close to her age! Intrigued, she set her book down on the lawn and stood up from the blanket on the yard.

“We didn’t mean to interrupt,” Said Jessica promisingly. “But, you see, we have all this food over here and not nearly enough people to eat even half of it. My husband has a horrible habit of cooking for an army. Would you maybe like to join us?”

Alex’s eyes shifted from the two women to the four men, resting longingly on Edge’s stance, his bare back towards her, helping his mate flip meat on the grill. She was so very tempted to join them, to be only inches away from Edge instead of meters. For the last couple of days she has grown accustomed to the musician, his smile haunting her awaken mind like a bright ray of sunshine. But it’s been years since she’s been around so many people at once and she wasn’t sure if she would be capable of conversing without making a fool of herself.

Still, seeing the wet, topless man by the pool, the sun rays dancing off his pale skin in an almost prism sparkle set off thousands of fireworks inside the pit of her stomach. She was sick of hiding.

“Sure.” Alex smiled at Jessica. She had to make a mental note that Brooke had the wavy hair and long legs. Jessica modeled amber eyes and long, long, straight brown hair that reached her mid-back. “Thank you for inviting me. That’s so nice.”

“Hey, no problem!” Brooke unlocked the gate. “We hate being out-numbered by men! It will be nice to have another girl on our side.” She winked.

Alex chuckled. “I can see that. I’m Alexandra by the way.”

“What a beautiful name!” Expressed Jessica while looping an arm through Alex’s. “I get on my mom all the time for giving me such a simple name as Jessica. I mean, really, it’s the most over-used name since Bob!”

“I like Jessica. You know, in Hebrew it means ‘God Beholds.’”

Jessica perked up. “Really? That’s awesome! Now, don’t be alarmed. If the guys come off a bit strong, it’s just their nature.”

“Yeah,” Brooke added with an eye-roll. “They’re boys trapped inside male bodies.”

Giggling nervously, Alex continued walking, each arm occupied by Brooke and Jessica. Nearing closer and closer to the four men, she could feel her heart thud loudly in her ears. How would Edge react? Would he be angry that she was on his property uninvited? Well, she was invited, but not by Edge, the owner.

Approaching Bono and Edge, Jessica tapped the musician on the shoulder and Alex was unconsciously holding her breath, shaking like a leaf on a wild tree. Laughing at the butt of a joke that Bono had finished, Edge rotated, stuck motionless when meeting a pair of bright, green light eyes. No way! How…what…it couldn’t be!

“Edge, I hope you don’t mind,” Jessica winked. “But I invited your lovely neighbor over for dinner.”

Alex’s face turned the color of her hair, unable to peel her vision from Edge’s hazel iris’s. “Hello, Edge. I’m Alexandra.”

Bono stole a peak over his shoulder at their new guest, flashing his wife one of his very famous grins. She smiled back at him. Ah, yes, thought Bono, leave it to Jessica. That’s one of the things he loved most about her. She had that friendly aura about her that could bring even the shyest person out of their hard hermit shell.

Edge smiled at Alex, bringing the back of her hand to his lips, planting a soft kiss on her smooth, creamy skin. A shock raced through Alex’s veins, her feet going numb at the feel of his sharp stubble on her knuckles. She enjoyed, perhaps a little too much, the delicate patch of dark hair on his slim chest and his extending collarbone. Up close, she could see the trifling gray hairs in his beard and goatee. Although he was skinny, it suited him well, Alex’s fingertips burning to run themselves along his fit torso and hipbones.

God, she thought, he was stunningly breathtaking.

Edge was studying her as well, trailing his attention from her long, ivory legs up to her curvy hips and waist. Her dark, blood red hair was loose today, falling elegantly around her small, round shoulders. Beneath her long lashed eyes were small, sprinkled freckles and her lips were pouted.

“It’s nice for you to join us. Can I get you anything?” Edge asked. “A beer? Coffee? Water? Tea?”

He was stuttering. It wasn’t like him to be twitchy.

“Um, water is fine, thank you. Not much of a drinker.”

“Ok. I’ll be right back. Don’t…move.”

Alex giggled, her cheeks a hundred degrees hotter than the Ireland sun. Jessica and Brooke stole her away before Edge could come back, introducing her to Larry, Adam and Bono, all of whom kissed her in the same fashion as the guitarist. Bono was the most charming out of the three, his blue eyes twinkling under a deep shade of blue sunglasses. Larry was a bit quiet and Adam had one of the thickest Irish accents she had ever heard even out of all her years of living in the country.

All in all, every member, including the girlfriends, were very friendly and laid back, making her instantly feel like a part of the group. Edge came back a few minutes later with a bottled water and he handed it to Alex, their fingers grazing for a split second. Edge tried keeping the flutters in his stomach under control. However, it was very hard to do so.

“We’ll leave the men to cook,” Brooke advised, leading Jessica and Alex to the picnic table by the pool. “Lord only knows when a fire will break loose with Bono at the grill.”

“I heard that!” Bono warned, waving a fist.

“Do you think I care?”

Alex laughed and sat in between the two girls. Adam and Larry were back in the pool playing Marco Polo while Edge and Bono stayed at home by the grill.

“How does she do that?” Edge whispered to Bono.

Bono asked. “Who does what?”

“Jessica. How does she do that? I’ve tried almost everything to get Alexandra over here and it never worked! Jessica meets her once for three minutes and next thing you know she’s over here.”

Bono’s shoulders shook humorously. “Who knows, mate. She’s amazing in that way. She could make Hitler feel at home.”

Edge laughed. “No kidding! I’m so nervous, man.”

“The Edge? Nervous? Wow, you really have a thing for her don’t you?”

Edge nodded. “Yeah, I kind of do. I don’t know what it is about her, Bono.”

“She’s very pretty. Very Irish looking but she has an American accent.”

Edge nodded. “Don’t you remember the three old biddy’s telling us that she was from America?”

“Oh, yeah! Silly me! Either way, very cute.”

“And not loony! Hold your tongue, Bono!”

“I know, I know. Everything is done, let’s try and drag Adam and Larry out of the pool.”

“Good luck with that one.” Edge snickered, grabbing the tray of steaks and lobster tails to the table where the three girls talked amongst each other in soft voices. It’s not that they were whispering, it just so happened that Brooke, Jessica and Alex all had very quiet tones.

Meeting her eyes, Edge winked at Alex, suppressing another blush to her face. Bono was practically pulling Adam and Larry out of the pool, demanding in a very fatherly way for them to join the others at the picnic table.

Alex laughed, understanding what Brooke meant when she said that the band were all boys in the bodies of men. They joked like boys, played like boys. Except for Edge. He was a bit more mature though not dull. Grounded. That was the word.

And he sat directly across from her, passing plates and bowls around the circular table. Alex took only a small helping of food, she had already ate before she had been invited but the steak smelled too good to pass down. Besides, she didn’t want to come off as rude.

“Do you mind if we pray before dinner, Alex?” Bono asked.

Alex spoke quickly. “No, no. Not at all.”

“Wonderful! Let’s all join hands.”

“Aw, man, “ Larry whined. “Don’t let Bono say the prayer! He takes forever! You might as well just read the whole Bible!”

“I’m not that bad!” Bono defended himself.

“Actually,” Edge spoke up. “You kind of are. Something simple tonight, eh? We love your love for God but, seriously, we’re starving, mate!”

“Fine! Alleluia! When Israel came out of Egypt, the House of Jacob from a foreign nation, Judah beca-”

“NO!” Five voices rang out.

Disgruntled, Bono continued on with another. “Alright, alright! Sheesh. Thank you for the food we eat, Thank you for the friends we meet. Thank you for the birds that sing, Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.”


“Amen that Bono knows a simple prayer!” Adam noted sarcastically, cutting into his steak.

Alex couldn’t stop laughing. Not only was she surrounded by friendly people, but they were all very humorous. Jessica was the first to start a conversation on the topic of the new addition.

“So, Alex, how long have you been in Ireland?”

Alex had to stop to think. “Five years? Maybe six? I’ve lost track.”

“Where are you from originally?” Bono asked. “The States obviously.”

She nodded. “Yes, I was born and raised in California.”

“Wow,” Edge said next. “What made you want to move out here?”

Tensing, Alex fought to find a good answer that wouldn’t give away too much information on her background. “I, uh, just wanted to get away. You know, try something different. See, I was married for five years, got married when I was eighteen actually, and we split up and I just wanted a fresh start.”

“I can understand that. I’m divorced as well. Do you have any children?”

She shook her head. “No. How about yourself?”

“Three beautiful girls.”


“Thank you.”

Getting lost in each other’s eyes for the umpteenth time, the five friends secretly exchanged winks and smiles, satisfied to see that Edge and Alex were hitting it off well.

“Do you like it here?” Brooke asked, trying to help Edge along.

Alex broke her gaze away from Edge’s. “I love it here. I love the people, the green hills. California was too hot. I miss the beaches but that’s about it. Enough about me, what do you guys do for a living? Well, that’s kind of dumb of me. I know the four of you are in U2 but what about you and Jessica?”

“We’re photographers.” Jessica answered. “Well, music journalists, really.”

“Is that how you met Bono?”

Bono and Jess smiled at each other, lacing their fingers together. “Not exactly,” Jessica explained. “It’s a very unbelievable story. I used to live in this really small town in Ohio and their tour bus broke down in my driveway during the worst snow storm in Ohio history. Bono and I took a liking to each other, departed for six years and found each other again.”

Bono continued on. “And I was engaged at that time but I swept her away to France and we fell in love all over again. Then she left me because she wanted me to be a man and stick to my commitment.”

“I went to Ohio for three years, Bono married and got divorced months later.”

“And I found her in New York again and told her that she can either marry me or leave me. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

Jessica was right, Alex agreed silently, the story was unbelievable. But it didn’t make it any less romantic.

“That’s amazing. How long have you been married?”

“A little over seven months.” Jessica answered. “But I try not to count the days because our love is endless.”

Bono kissed his wife gently, caressing her chin with the pad of his thumb and they gifted “I Love You’s” without saying a word. Their body language alone demonstrated how they cared for each other. Occasionally looks were thrown or hands would brush. Bono was sweet on her, kissing her out of the blue, stopping whatever he was doing just to taste her lips. It was the type of love one only saw in movies or read in books. It was the type of love that both Edge and Alex secretly craved.

After dinner, Edge collected all the dirty plates while Bono played guitar and sang. Alex broke free from Jessica and Brooke, joining, instead, Edge at the picnic table, moving up beside him.

“Would you like some help?” She almost whispered.

“What? No, you’re a guest! Enjoy the entertainment.”

“Really, I don’t mind. I’d hate to see you clean all this up by yourself.”

Edge found her generosity refreshing. “I just have to load these dishes into the washer is all. Really, not all that hard. But I could use some company.”

When entering Edge’s kitchen, Alex awed at the room, adoring the slate floors and black countertops. Edge discovered the look of admiration on his neighbors face and was now the one turning red.

“What?” He asked.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just, well, you know, I’ve lived next to this house for five years. I was actually wanting to buy it when I first moved here, just because there was a lot of land to attend. But it was a bit out of my price range. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see the inside. It’s gorgeous. You decorated well.”

“Thank you. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an artist.”

Taken by her answer, Edge’s interest sky-rocketed. “Really? What kind of artist?”

“Anything really. I enjoy painting but I’m a freelancer. Pretty much companies send me requests and I will create a logo or whatnot. I do a lot of advertising. I have some of my artwork on display back in California.”

“Ah, so you’re famous?”

“Heavens no!” She chuckled. “Anything but!”

“Maybe you are and you just don’t know it. Hell, sometimes even I forget that I’m famous until I go to a store and see our CD’s on display. Or when I have a trail of photographers following me around everywhere.”

“Is that why you chose this town?” Alex asked, leaning against the counter.

Nodding, Edge said. “Yes. I had to get away from chaos for a bit. You know, find some serenity.”

“I know what you mean. Sometimes all you can really do to find peace is to leave everything behind no matter how much it hurts.”

Edge stared deeply into Alex’s green eyes, a bridge of understanding building between their silence. It was almost as if she understood him even despite the short span of meeting. Hell, she had already told him more about herself than she has told anyone before in the last five years. And why? Who was he to trust? He could easily be like all the other men she had known in her life. And as for Edge, he wondered the same thing. Alexandra could take his words, chew them and spit them out like yesterdays leftovers. After all, both Alex and Edge had been heartbroken, used and neglected.

Breaking the silence, Bono rushed in through the room with Jessica at his side. “Well, mate, hate to cut it short tonight but the wife here is tired. Thanks for the grub!”

Edge snorted. “As if I had a choice!”

They laughed and hugged, wishing each other a good night and a safe drive home. Jessica wrapped Alex in a delicate hug and slipped her a piece of paper.

“Here’s my number if you ever want to hang out, you know, have a girls night or something.”

Alex held back her tears. “Thank you so much. It was nice meeting you.”

“You, too. Have a nice night.”

After everyone was gone and the night was still once again, Alex stood before Edge, locking her pupils to his.

“I should be going as well. It’s getting late.”

Edge didn’t want her to leave. Shit, he’s been trying to get her over here and now that he had her alone he had to let her go. Oh well, he reminded himself, there was always tomorrow.

“I’ll walk you.”

Heading out the back door and through the gate, Alex lead them to her front door and she opened it, stopping half inside and half outside.

“Thank you for having me over. I had a really nice time. Your friends are wonderful.”

“They’re a pain in my arse!” Edge laughed, Alex following suit.

“Have a nice night, Edge.”

“Will I see you tomorrow?” He asked in haste, though not meaning to.

Alex smirked. “I imagine you will. I live right next to you.”

With that said, she went into her house and shut the door easily, leaving Edge speechless and solidified.

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I likee it

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*squeeee* good ol' Jess hehe
lovely as usual

I like how your characters are all artistic btw - somehow I feel like I can relate. Well. a teensy bit. haha
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Originally Posted by popmartlemon93 View Post
*squeeee* good ol' Jess hehe
lovely as usual

I like how your characters are all artistic btw - somehow I feel like I can relate. Well. a teensy bit. haha
I try to write about things that i'm familiar with. hahah! i love your art btw, i see your stuff in the forums.
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Loved it!!

It was great having an "update" on Jessica and Brooke, too!!
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I absolutely love this story. Keep it coming!
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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I loooooove how you tied this to Adrift!!! So sweet...huh
Hooray for Jess, she rawks breaking the ice FOR them.
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You're making me want to paint, having all these artistic people in your stories.

I'm liking the mentions of Bono and Jessica

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