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Shadows and Tall Trees - Chapter 2

She finnaly became friendly with Larry these past few months, she was helping him about studying he was fourth year and she was third, and he helped her too. When it's needed she gone to the near groocerry store to buy some food so that Larry's father could trake some rest. Everything was so normal untill one day when she recieved a letter from one London university, at first she couldn't believe her eyes. Before a year she would packed her stuff and left Dublin without hestiation, but now she wasn't so sure. It was very hard for her to leave Dublin and her best friends, she thought about how Larry would feel if he would knew that she have to leave Dubline for a one week. Ali, would say to use a chance and to see where it goes. The noise from dinning room has stopped her thinking, and she soon joins them like she is going to jail. That night she was increddibile quie and everyone was wondering what is all about. Larry asked her a question on whom she was preparing to answer.
-Why are you so sad? - he sit beside her, and she felt that tears is coming on her eyes, and she shaked sharply her head and replied:- I need something to tell you, guys.
-What is it, Sandra?- Ali asked concernedly her sister, she's looking now through a window.
-Read this letter on table, Al.
She knew that she've to be prepared herself that Larry would be the one who will be suffer. Larry sighed and waited inpatiently Ali to start reading the mysterious letter:

"Dear, Mrs Stewart. We're informing you that you have been entered on our university because of your marks. We'll expecting you next week, all bills are payed.

Sincierely yours,
Dr. McKormick "

Larry when he hear all letter he broke a glass with coffee and looked at Ali in shock then at Sandra who was standing by window. Everyone got quiet in room, unable to speek. He was wondering would he really let her go and maybe never come back? He stood up stubbornly and spoked:- You're living forever from Dublin?
-Umm...well just temporaly.
-But I'll visit you all from time to time.
-Well, I'm wishing you all luck, Sandra, I hope you will be happy. - he stood up to leave not able to look at her cause he was afraid that she would see in his eyes how'd he felt in this moment. She stopped him, but he say coldy:- Do us a favour, Stewart, and leave! I don't need you!- She threw her head down, and started crying, he then spoked: - Because of you I'm not moody like I was used to be, because of you I started going to school everyday because YOU was there. I remember that Paul asked me why I'm going to school when we formed a band I used to say that there's one girl whom I like so much and I wanted to ask her to date me. -
Paul look at him not knowing what to say, he just pat him on shoulder, then Larry continues:-Take this as what ever you want, but I love you and that is my only crime, Sandra.- She look at him with shock and she now cried even harder and put hands on her ears.
-You will be the only girl of my life. I love you, Sandra!- he then rush to door and shut them harshly and left to outside of house. She stood up harshly and ran after him, she was behind his back and she screamed:-I'm not leaving, Dublin. I'll stay in Dublin, I can go on some Dublin university.
he looked at her with sad eyes and asked: - Why are you staying? You don't love me like I love you.
-That is so untrue! I love you!
-No, you love me like a friend.
-NO!! Listen to me Lawrence Joseph Mullen Jr, I love you with all my heart from the first time I saw you in school yard playing a publick fool of self, while everyone finding you like a moron I find you like crazy, beautiful boy who stol my heart. But your problem was that you was always finding a way to be in fight with me, and sometimes I was hating you, and myself!
-Sorry about the fight...I...
-Shut up! I love you, you silly boy!- She wanted to leave but he grab her by collar and kissed her lingerly on lips and she was soon relaxed. He pulled away gently looking at her and he smiles at her.
-Why now?- he asked her while they both were crying.
-I was afraid that you would laugh at me.
-Never, I said I love you! I love you always. - she smiles at him shyly, then he look ed up at the sky and noticed that soon will be raining and he put his jacket around her., Ali was crying from happiness and the others were cheering, Larry just rolled with his eyes then they all entered in the house.


Sandra and Larry was watching some old movie untill she saw Larry's dad trying to cock something for dinner, she stood up immediatly:- Mr. Mullen, let me help you with the dinner.
-No, sweet child you just keep watching movie with Lawrence, I can handle this.
-Oh, alright, but if you need help I'm here.
-Sure, dear- he poked sandra's cheek and she smiles.-And you must be Sandra, right?
-Yes, that's me.
Larry shouts from dinning room:-My girlfriend, dad. I said that I'm bringing her to meet my family.
-Oh, yes you did, son, I forgot. Now go join to my son while I'm thinking what to prepare for dinner.
-Okay, mr. Mullen!
Larry hugged her when she snuggle up against him and thought what would his mom said if she would be still alive. His thoughts were gone and forgotted untill he soon fall asleep.

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buuuuuuuuut i need to know where this is going!

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hehehe, This second chapter needs another changes its not full though dont worrie dear.
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