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Shadows and Tall Trees - Chapter 1

Note: some events aren't showed in this chapter( like fight between Larry and Sandra) later in some oif chapters will be added. Thanks for reading, this story is completily fictional. Enjoy!

Chapter One

It was rainy, cold weather, somewhere about 5 a.m, it was only Sandra Stewart who slept peacefully, but her sister Suzannah couldn't sleep from noise from dinning room. She can't believe that she got into fight again with Mullen, she really try to stay away from him but it looks like he really try to find some reason to start the fight. She sighed and and turn on other side of bed untill when she heared how her mother screamed at dad for cheating. And suddenly something hit the flour and that was the moment when Sandra got up quickly and rushed to dinning room but she open a little a door and listened the conversation between her parents.
- No, John! We are over.
- Don't say that sweetheart, please. She doesn't mean anything to me.
- Stop it! Go away and never come back. Tomorrow my lawyer will give you papers to sign for divorce.
With that she rushed to door and closed them not looking at her daughter, but she turn to look at Sandra, but for quiet moment it looks like she wants to hug her, but then she turn and left to her room. Sandra fell on flour and cried, she lay on foour and cried silently guilting herself for what happend she sometimes wonders that she could escape from her skin, but she was pretty aware that she couldn't. In early in the morning she hear some voices and ran to see who that might be then she saw Alli kissing Bono then Sandra decide to desapeared. Sandra was looking at pictures of their parents and cried hard again even more then before not carying who gonna hear. Paul hear noise and saw Sandar sitting on flour crying silently, he hugged Ali and spoked nervously:- Ermm... Love, something is wrong with your sister?
Ali turned around and decide to check up on her sister Sandra when she entered in their parents's room she first noticed that the room was in quiet mess, bed was in mess the sheet's are on the ground, broken glass was everywhere on the flour and in the corner she noticed one shivering little body laying on the flour, she rushed to her small body and pulled her to hug. Sandra was now crying even harder when Ali ask her whats wrong.
- I know sweety, our nann told me. Are you alright?
She shocked her head and Ali continues:- Lets sit for a bit.
Then Sandra spokes quietly looking at window still shaking:- It..wont be anymore the same, now everyone will calling me bastard, cause my parents are divorcing. People are very rude in Mount Temple... I guess I used to that. I-I mean to treat me like shit.- with that she took abottle of vodka and threw it at the wall where Larry was standing but it didn't hit at his head on great fortune, she looked at him with a hint of fear, he looked at her like he'd saw her for the first time, because she was always strong when they two used to fight every time when he have chance to "trying" her nerves. Then Larry spoked quietly for the first time, he tried to stay calm:- Don't give them right to. Show them how strong you are, don't let them get to you, Sashka.- She turned around and looked at Larry's face with tears she said:- And who I have, Mullen? No one, No one knew what problems I have.
Larry felt a little guilty because he gave her hard time by torturing her on every step, and he didn't knew how much he was hurting her. He hugged her and she didn't pulled back. And then she fall alseep as soon as she put her head on his shoulder, Bono gazed them with chuckle say:- You doing this just because you changed your opinnion about her or because of something else?- Larry looked at him then he say quietly:- Maybe... - Bono looked at Larry and threws hands in air and just shakes head in answer. Sandra was now fully awake she looked at him with a small smile she say:-Let me pack my things.
-Okay, I will wait you here.- Then he turned at them and say:- Spare me your comments, right now I have to take care of her.
- I didn't say anything.
-Okay, good.
Then with that she gone with Larry to his home still sleeping tightly against him and he smiles a little at her thinking how would be so lovely to have her forever.


She woke up in unfamiliar bed her mind was racing, and everyhting was blank for her untill she remember what happend yesterday, she remembered that she saw her parents fighting and that they are divorcing. The last thing she remembered is that she falls asleep on Larry's shoulder and that he brought her to his home. She got out from bed and slowly she get dressed and soon she heading downstares to find something to eat. She noticed him watching the old Elvis Prisley movie, then the hint of suprised hit her "He is Elvis fan too. Wow, this is interesting", then she made for herself sandwhich and desids to join him as well. He soon noticed her and makes her some space beside him to sit, and she sit on comfortabile sofa and starts eating sandwhich while she watched the movie.
- Have you sleep well? - he asked while he put in her glass juice from strawberry, she thanked him and started drinking, she answered quietly: - Never better, thanks for asking me.
He looked at her, thinking what to say to her, she glanced at him and she quickly threw her head down and blushed. He smiles a little then he says seriously: - Sandra...Ummm... I am sorry ...for torturing you in school I really didn't wanted to. I guess I didn't knew what kind of problems you have and..well... I am really sorry.
- Larry..I...- she wanted to say its okay but he again cut her off speaking now even fastly and that makes her smile.
- No, let me finnished. You probabily think that I am jerk, asshole, and you have full right.
- Larry, please. You didn't knew, it's okay. You done a lot by briging me to your home and let me stay for a few days, thanks.
- Y-you welcome, Sandra - he blushed when she kissed him on cheek, she giggled at him for that then he asked her: - In how much you have to be in Mount Temple?
- About 2pm.
- Can I accompany you?
- Yeah, of course you can, Larry.
- Great, let me get dressed, okay?
- Yes sure, I will be waiting for you.

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I like it! A Larry fic! CONTINUE!

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Lol i'm writting second chapter, dont worrie.
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