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Shadows and Tall Trees

Prologue to "With or Without you"

Well, my name is Sandra Stewart yeah sister of Bono's wife, I know. So many people are comparing me with her because I am doing the same thing that she do "charitys". But there's one difference I am going from place to place to see hows the situation going in poore lands such as Sudan, Etiopia. To be sinciere I don't like to be public figure like my brother in law because I dont like be in contact with press, they will asking so many questions about your personal life and not about what you doing at the moment. Anyway, I grew up in Dublin with my elder sister Suzanna, Ali my twin sister, but we are not twins like looking the same, we are just telepathic connected and my other sister Nicole. We was happy family untill one night when my parents got in huge fight because my father cheated on my mom, and she can't take it anymore so she filed for divorced. I was about 13 or 14 when he finnaly left the house, in that time I was going in Mount Temple school, there I met Dave, Adam and Paul ( Ali's future boyfriend) and later Larry Mullen Jr. It's pretty funny that me and Larry didnt realized that we love each other untill the time when we both grow up and realized how much we hurt each other and started to be little civil. It's not that I didn't liked him when he goes to school, it's just he was having pic on me because I was friend with his girlfriend in that time Anne. She told me once " He is very complexive person, Sandra, I don't think that some girl would be with him in relationship as long as me. But I can assure you that he can sometimes be sweet and nice, but it looks like you are ignoring him and that's what it eating him inside he loves to be in center of attention", and after that I just say that he is everything then nice and sweet she just laughed and say that she's planning to break up with him. And I almost didn't spill my drink on me, I was shocked, but I didnt want to asking her questions why, and so I say if you think it's the best do it then, and she thanked me and that is the last time I saw her, next morning she sent me quick note saying that she's living Mount Temple to go in some French school, I was shocked by this news, but I was happy for her. Aparently someone wasn't so happy...
Next morning he came over and we got in huge fight and that's when I left for UK to leave with my older sister Suzanna and my sister Nicole.
Well now you will here all story chapter by chapter...
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