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Seconds - Chapter 6

Title: Seconds
Authors: GraceRyan & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: This didn't actually happen. U2 was not born until the 1960s.


Paul plopped his metal tray on the table between Adam and Larry in the mess hall. David didn't bother to look up from his brown dinner.

"It's great to have you back, mate," Paul clapped Adam on the back.

"Thanks. It was nice to escape your snoring, but it's nice to be up and around."

"Are you still in pain?" Larry leaned forward.

Adam nodded. "A little bit. It's manageable."

He did notice that he was favoring his uninjured leg when he walked; he hoped the limp wasn't so noticeable that it prevented him from flying.

"How's the plane coming, Larry?"

"Just your area was damaged and it was mostly cosmetic. We should have it ready in a day or two," Larry said.

Mostly cosmetic - like his leg, Adam mused.

"You know what you need?" Paul asked.

"I'm afraid to ask," Adam said. The tone in Paul’s voice was conspiratorial.

"We need a nice night out," Paul's arm landed around his shoulder. "Some drink, some entertainment, some pretty girls. Take your mind off yer leg."

Paul had been itching to get back the White Hart since the night he met Ava. He'd never met anyone like her before. Sure, he'd met some strong women on his time as a bartender, but none of them had to looks to back it up. Ava was the total package, especially with that smooth drawl.

Larry nudged Paul. "He just wants to see my girlfriend."

Paul laughed so hard that he choked on a piece of Spam. "Your girlfriend? Poor deluded Lawrence."

Adam raised both eyebrows. "What are you two on about?"

"The promised land, Adam. There were wall to wall beauties. Yer nurse, Lyneth suggested we go. I think she fancies me a bit," he puffed his chest out.

David looked up for the first time since his friends joined him. Although he'd been blotto, he knew that Lyneth had shown Paul nothing but civility.

"Paul, yer full of shite," he grumbled. He noted the twinkle in Adam's eye at the mention of fair Lyneth.

Paul glared at David. "How would you know, Dave? You were beyond polluted. You had no idea how you got home."

David buried his stare into his food. He didn’t need to be reminded, again, of how he’d disgusted Lyneth by trying to kiss her. He hadn’t spoken to her since those few words were exchanged the next day at the hospital, and then he’d gone and chucked up in the hallway right in front of her. She left him that day with a smile, but he knew it was forced - how could she be anything but completely appalled by his behavior?

"I think going to the White Hart is a fine idea. We can see Larry's new girl," Adam smiled. Adam knew Paul was full of himself; he had heard Lyneth's thoughts about him the following day.

"See? My girl," Larry jabbed Paul.

"Tossers, all of you. I have boxing. Now I can picture something to hit," he grinned at Larry.

"That's mighty large coming from a.." Larry looked over at Adam, "What did Lyneth call him - a wee one?"

Paul stood. "Laugh it up. Ya won't be laughing when yer girl is screaming me name."

Paul left in a huff. The topic of his height was always touchy subject; Ireland didn't have many tall men and there he was average. Over here among the Americans and English, he felt short and he'd been teased many a time for it. His success with the ladies made up for the jabs, however.

Since the night he met Ava, he felt unsettled and a little self conscious. He didn't like the way things left off with her. He certainly didn't have control over the situation - a first. He was glad to be able to pound things for an hour or so to calm his nerves. Tonight, he needed to be in top form to make his second impression on Ava.

* * * * *

Three sets of eyes searched for Lyneth as they pushed through the crowd. Paul led them to her table and tonight, she was not alone. A young blonde in a tight purple dress sat across from her. Wow, three women to choose from, he mused. It was still over a month from Christmas, he chuckled to himself. The blonde was plain compared to Lyneth and Ava, but he might have use for her with David or Larry.

"Lyneth love, how're ya keepin?" he asked.

Her eyes didn't see him, they instead were focused on Adam's smile over his shoulder.

"Adam," she smiled. "I guess you've recovered well."

Adam, wasting no time, took her hand in his. Gently he pressed his lips to the back of her hand. "I had excellent care."

The wind was sucked from Paul's sails for a moment. "Lyneth, who is your gorgeous friend?"

Lyneth chuckled to herself. He really was a shameless flirt. "This is Linda."

Upon closer inspection, Linda was not even close to Lyneth and Ava.

"May we join you?" Paul asked.

Lyneth still looked at Adam. "Certainly."

Just beyond Adam stood a sullen David, who looked like he'd rather be on the front lines. She guessed that first night was a fluke. After his icy reception at the hospital the day following, she searched back in her memory to figure out how she had offended him and came up with nothing. The whole night had been amiable as far as she saw it. She meant to pick Ava's brain about it, but never got the opportunity.

Paul looked around for another chair. When he returned, the only space was between Adam and Linda - very close to Linda. He sighed. So far, this evening wasn’t going as planned.

Adam turned his entire body to Lyneth, blocking Paul from even hearing their conversation. Paul had no choice but to talk to Linda while David sulked. What was with him the last few days? Did he get orders already?

From behind, Linda was pretty enough. Looking at her now, Paul noted that her eyes were set too far apart and she had large gums but he'd kissed worse with the help of many pints. She seemed very receptive to his attention and he hoped she wouldn't scare Ava away.

Leaning back, he saw that Lyneth's eyes didn't leave Adam. So that was that, Paul shrugged. It was Ava that he really wanted even if she gave him a chilly goodnight. He laughed to himself. She wouldn't be able to resist him. Pleasantly, he chatted with Linda to pass the minutes until Ava hit the stage.

"Are you a nurse too?" he asked. "Hey Dave, can you fetch us some drinks?"

David shot a quick glance at Adam and Lyneth. "Fine." He left the table without Lyneth's gaze switching.

Using his shoulder, he pushed through the throng of men. This was the busiest pub they'd been to by far. Maybe it was its proximity to a few bases, or maybe it was Ava. She'd been the best entertainment they'd seen. He ordered three drinks; Adam and Lyneth could get their own if they ever looked up from one another’s eyes. He felt like his insides were being clawed from the inside out. He had hoped he just misunderstood their conversation at the hospital, but now he was going to have to watch it all unfold in front of him.

"Dave?" A gentle voice said behind him. He turned to see Ava.

"Hi," he said tiredly. His hair was in all directions as usual - always clean, yet fly away and unmanageable. His eyes were downcast and he rocked on his feet as he stood in front of her.

She looked at him with concern. "Do you still feel under the weather from the other night, sugar?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes," he nodded. He pointed to Lyneth's table. "We're all over there."

Ava's eyes followed David.

Paul was chatting very intimately with a blonde friend of Lyneth’s, and she seemed enthralled. From back here, she noticed how his hands could not stop moving when he spoke.

She looked back at Dave, who was peering at her from under unruly bangs. “What are you doing over here?”

“I was sent for drinks. Would you like one?” he asked.

“Well, I never turn down a gift from a handsome man,” she smiled sweetly.

He turned pink and handed Ava the drink meant for Paul. “Here you are then.” He cleared his throat. “Are you singing tonight?”

She nodded and took a sip. “I sure about five minutes. Is there something you want to hear?”

David thought for a moment. “Ehm, anything you sing is lovely.”

“There might be something you’d like to hear in particular?” she smiled.

“Um, I guess, do you know any traditional Irish songs?”

She thought back to the songs her mother used to sing. Her mother, an O’Brien, had come directly from Ireland as a young girl. Often, she would sing her only daughter lullabies from her homeland.

“I’ll see what the boys have and what I can remember. Do you have a favorite?” she asked.

“I’d be happy to hear anything, truly,” David admitted meekly, a small hint of a smile appearing.

“Thank you, darlin,” she patted his arm. She was always happy to do something for a young serviceman - if only to see the smile on his face.

* * * * *

Where the hell was Dave, Paul thought, looking towards the bar. His heart stopped as he saw David talking with Ava. He’d forgotten how breathtaking she was; his dreams had done her little justice compared to seeing her in the flesh.

Her eyes never left David as they talked. He saw David blush, that wasn’t unusual - even a grandmother could make that boy’s cheeks pink. Paul watched for any real flash in her eyes as she spoke, but it was hard to tell - she was too far away. Suddenly, her head turned and her eyes caught his. He forgot how to be casual and cool, raising his hand to give her a wave. With a wink and laugh, she disappeared into the crowd. You are a fecking eejit, he cursed himself. That was not the way to woo someone like her.

When David returned to the table, Lyneth barely glanced in his direction. He slid a glass to Larry and Linda while he reclaimed his seat. He hoped Ava would go on soon so that he could focus on anything else but Lyneth’s laugh as Adam talked in her ear.

“Where’s mine?” Paul frowned.

“Oh,” he answered distractedly. “I gave it to Larry’s girl.”

Paul rolled his eyes. “She’s not Larry’s girl.”

Larry settled back with his drink. “Not yet. Just a matter of time.”

He fixed Larry with a glare, “Guess I’ll be getting a drink on me own.”

As Paul plowed through the crowd, they began to cheer. He craned his neck around to see Ava take the stage with a brilliant smile as she waved to the crowd. He pushed to the bar to order two whiskeys - one for him and the other for her. Linda was all but forgotten. Looking at Ava now, she was even prettier than he remembered.

Let Adam have Lyneth, he thought. Protecting their drinks, he wound his way back to the table. When Ava’s eyes met his, he raised a glass to her with a grin. Yours, he mouthed. She winked and continued on with her song. Never had a girl - no, woman - turned his insides to jelly like Ava had. He may have reclaimed his seat beside Linda, but she no longer existed.

As chilly as it was outside, the White Hart never failed to be a sweatbox, and Ava’s tight red dress offered no relief. She was thankful for choosing the strapless one tonight. Her eyes wandered down to Lyneth’s rather full table, and she looked at the gentleman with glasses beside Lyneth leaning close to her.

This must be the Englishman, Ava thought.

She finally remembered the name of Lyneth’s blonde friend - Linda. Ava had met her only once before, and tonight she claimed a seat between Larry and Paul. Her eyes were glued to Paul; she swore that she saw Linda shift her chair closer to him until her thigh pressed against his. His arm rested casually across the back of Linda’s chair, but his body leaned towards David as he commented in his ear. Whatever he said, David nodded in agreement.

“Another hot night in here,” she fanned herself. “Boys....y’all remind me of those hot Savannah nights...” Calls and shouts rang out across the room. “This room is melting pot of people. I know y’all know I’m from the South, Georgia to be exact. We have Americans in the house tonight?” A few yahoos and hollers. “We have plenty distinguished Englishmen here....” The loudest applause came from this. Her eyes fixed on David. “And I see some Irish eyes smiling out there.” Paul glanced over to him as he smiled shyly.

“This is for my new Irish friends.”

She wandered back to her small band. After some whispering, she returned to the microphone. “It seems the band does not know this song. I will have to go it alone.” She smiled at David. “My mother, who came from Ireland, used to sing this to me when I was a little girl. I hope I can remember it and do it proper justice.”

She cleared her throat, a little nervous to be without musical accompaniment.

Over in Killarney
Many years ago,
My Mother sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low.
Just a simple little ditty,
In her good old Irish way,
And I'd give the world if she could sing
That song to me this day

In the silence, a voice rang out. “Oi, who cares? Screw the Irish!”

Paul straightened his back and his head whipped around the direction of the insult. It was met by some laughter and commiseration. Larry held his hand up to Paul in hopes that he wouldn’t get involved; they were outnumbered and it wasn’t worth being tossed from the White Hart. Even David’s hands balled in fists. How dare they interrupt a lady who was kind enough to sing a song for little insignificant him? Lyneth watched his pale face go crimson. Adam leaned forward - ready to try to disarm his friends if need be.

“Hey!” Ava’s angry voice rang out silencing everyone. Even Paul’s head shot back to her with wide eyes. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me, gentlemen....but I have come a long way to stuff into tight dresses and sing for you night after night. All I ask is for a little respect in return. And if you can't, my friend Samuel will be happy to escort you out."

There was stunned silence.For a moment, she was reminded of her time teaching children in Georgia. She smiled sweetly and smoothed down her dress. "Well, thank you gentlemen....where was I?"

A slow smile spread across Paul’s face - in amazement and adoration. Looking at him, she raised her eyebrows and nodded.

Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby."

Oft in dreams I wander
To that cot again,
I feel her arms a-huggin' me
As when she held me then.
And I hear her voice a-hummin'
To me as in days of yore,
When she used to rock me fast asleep
Outside the cabin door.

Hush, now don't you cry!

That's an Irish lullaby

Paul felt a catch in his throat as he remembered his mother singing him this very lullaby when he was sick with a high fever. Ava’s voice was so clear and strong, yet tender. His head was swimming, and he hadn’t even finished his first drink. As the last note of her voice rang across the pub, a loud raucous applause erupted. She had won them over. Paul scrambled to his feet to offer the whiskey he bought for her.

“Thank you, Paul,” she purred as she accepted his drink.

She remembered my name, he thought.

"Your friend the singer is something else," Adam said in Lyneth’s ear.

Lyneth nodded."All the men love her."

Adam smiled. "Not all the men."

Lyneth blushed. "Your friends are smitten for sure."

"Larry and Paul fight over the last stale roll. You know how brothers are. Granted, Ava is more attractive than crusty bread."

"Too bad neither has a shot," Lyneth mused.

"She doesn't date Irish?" Adam asked as he watched both Larry and Paul step over each other in conversation.

"She doesn't date at all. She's engaged to an American officer."

Adam's eyes widened. “So, she's not available at all...."

"She's been with Richard for years, I think."

"Where is he?" Adam frowned. Why would a man leave a woman like that on her own in a throng of hungry officers? He must be mad.

"He's stationed in North Africa. Has been for the last few months. They came over together."

Adam shook his head. "What man would allow his future wife come over here and risk her life?"

Lyneth smiled. "I don't think Ava gave him an option."

He watched Ava's gaze switch from Paul to Larry. "So she's just a great flirt. Is she always this way?"

"Friendly?" Lyneth asked. "More or less." She watched Ava steal glances at Paul.
"In this case, maybe a bit more.”

Ava claimed her seat between David and Larry. With a handkerchief, she patted her brow. David pushed a glass of water in her direction. “Thank you, David.”

“Thank you,” he said softly. “You did a wonderful job on my song.”

Lyneth was confused. She was sure that David had fancied her the other night, but after his cool attitude toward her since, she didn’t know quite what to think. Was she just a way to get to Ava? She studied David closely, yet couldn’t see a hidden agenda of lust behind his thoughtful green eyes. They instead appeared kind and grateful for the small gesture Ava made.

“Ava,” Lyneth said. “This is Adam.”

Ava smiled. “So, you’re the hero?”

Adam chuckled lightly. “Maybe. Actually, Paul was the hero that day. Saved all our lives by shooting that plane down.”

Ava’s gazed switched to Paul’s blue eyes as Linda tucked herself handily against him. He squirmed a bit – noncommittal about her attention.

“Then I guess we should be thankful for your precision…”

He laid his hands palm up on the table before her. “Magical hands and quick eyes.”

“That they are,” her smile warmed him from his feet up.

“You're a gunner?” Linda pressed into Paul.

He cleared his throat and looked back at Linda’s crazy eyes. “I am. Adam over there is the pilot.”

Paul regretted ever flashing a smile at Linda. He didn’t realize she’d be a clinger. He figured that he could have some fun while Ava was on stage. Now Ava was on the other side of the table chatting gaily with Larry and David. He felt Linda's eyes burning into him - why did he call her gorgeous?

“So, are you a nurse?” he asked, completely disinterested.

She shook her head. “No....I’m just a volunteer at the hospital. I want to be a nurse. Lynnie has such an amazing job,” she blushed. “She gets to take care of handsome pilots and gunners.”

Paul laughed uneasily, she was going to be difficult to shake. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ava touch Larry’s arm as she threw her head back to let out a throaty laugh. Her long slender neck looked delicious; he knew the skin would be like silk against his lips. He felt a hand on his knee. This was his penance for being a bit of a cad.

A week ago, he’d pound a few drinks until Linda’s eyes were in the right spot on her face. He might take her out behind the bar and kiss her face off. Or, he might have let her hands - or whatever else - take care of him. Tonight, he wanted her as far from him as possible.

Straining to listen to Ava and Larry talk, he looked for any way to inject himself into their conversation and Ava’s gaze. She leaned forward as Larry spoke, looking into his eyes with full attention. Linda had started talking again and he had no idea about what. He wanted to go back in time before he ever flashed a grin at Linda.

Finally, Ava’s eyes switched to Paul. “And thank you for my drink, Paul.”

“Anytime, love,” his lips curled into a warm smile.

“That drink has bought you a song. What would you like to hear?”

Over the Rainbow,” he requested, without a second thought.

She nodded as she stood. “You got it, sugar. My break’s over.” She dropped her hand on Paul’s shoulder as she passed and gave a little squeeze. He shivered as he turned his eyes up to meet her smile.

Boy, she was something else.

* * * * *

David stood at the bar, waiting patiently for his turn with the barkeep. He was taking care of this round for the table, but he left himself out as he was happy drinking only two pints tonight; hold the whiskey. He wasn’t intending on having another night like he did the first time he visited this establishment, that was a certainty.

What good did it do him? Lyneth was batting those lashes at Adam. For a moment, he felt guilty for not ordering five drinks. He looked over his shoulder as Lyneth threw her head back in laughter at something Adam said. Let Adam get their drinks.

“I do hope one of those is for you,” he heard a soft female voice whisper in his ear after he placed his order.

He turned to see a petite lass about his age, her dark brown hair just about the colour of Lyneth’s. She smiled up at him, David noticing fleetingly that she had perfect teeth...

“Well, erm, no, it’s not, actually.”

He looked down at the bar, fiddling with the half-crown he had burning a hole in his pocket all night.

“Why not? You can’t tell me you’re just delivering drinks all night and not having one yourself,” she winked, a blush spreading across his cheeks in an instant.

Who was this girl and why was she taking an interest in his drinking habits? The bartender plunked down three whiskeys in front of him as he slid his money across the bar.

“I... I’m just not for drinking tonight.”

He picked up the drinks and began to step away from the bar, the barkeep walking toward him with his shilling change.

“Keep it,” he mouthed.

All the better for a quick escape...

“Do you need a hand with those?”

“No, thank you. Pardon me,” he motioned for her to move out of the way before she could say any more.

“Why Dave, who is your friend?” Adam came out of nowhere.

“Uh....” David stared blankly.

The brunette extended her hand. “ name is Leigh.”

“Leigh,” Adam closed his hand around hers, “this is Dave.”

“I know,” she blushed.

David wondered how she knew his name.

“Well, Leigh, why don’t you join us?” Adam suggested, raising his eyebrows as he looked to David for approval.

“May I?” she asked, her perfect teeth revealed in a shy smile as she motioned toward the empty seat between himself and David.

Adam stepped over and pulled out the chair for her as David watched inquisitively. He hoped that maybe Adam would take a shine to this Leigh - and leave Lyneth alone.

Paul hopped from his chair to extend his hand across the table. "I'm Paul...."

Leigh barely lifted her gaze from David. "Nice to meet you." She left Paul's hand suspended as she turned her body to face David.

Now this was something new, Paul thought.

Paul leaned over to Larry. "I’ll be damned. It looks as though our Dave has an admirer."

David looked like he wore a suit of scratchy wool as he fidgeted and loosened his tie and the collar on his shirt. These military-issued jumpers were itchy, but David’s squirming made it look like he’d just emerged from a field full of nettles.

Larry tore his eyes from the stage to glance back at the brunette that had joined their table. "Wow, she's a looker."

Leigh was a petite beauty, her hair a rich dark shade with deep blue eyes framed by long lashes. She was in the same league as Lyneth to be sure, yet not quite Ava.

Paul wondered how he drew the short straw tonight. His flirting had secured him Linda. Rarely did these things backfire on him like this. He tried sliding his chair closer to Larry and put meaningful distance between him and Linda - he didn’t want Ava to get the wrong idea.

Ava chuckled to herself. Lyneth's table never saw so much action. It wasn't unusual for her to be joined by a friend and potential male suitor, but tonight, Lyneth was hosting her own party with more people joining as the night wore on.

She noticed that poor David looked like a possum in headlights beside this pretty new addition. His shyness was painful, and he could barely glance in this girl's direction. Yet it was quite apparent to Ava that she was interested in him as she leaned in and whispered in his ear, her hand on his shoulder as she spoke.

“I’ve seen you at my hospital,” she asked at last, breaking the uncomfortable silence that befell them before Ava began her next song.


He didn’t look at her when he answered, her hand lingering on his shoulder regardless. Paul raised his eyebrow at him.

Keep it together, man - she’s gorgeous, Paul thought, wishing that there was some way he could will David into finding the confidence to go for her. He needed some female company, and for someone who never seemed to be looking, his ship had just come in with a vengeance.

“No, over at King Edward Memorial. I’ve seen you over there,” Leigh said low in his ear.

“Oh,” David’s voice was tight.

“You’re with the Medical Corps, right?” she prodded. “I was the assistant nurse when you were learning how to perform a transfusion in the field.”

He nodded his head.

“Do you speak?” she giggled, “I won’t bite, I promise.”

She looked at him and smiled, her eyes lighting up as she tried to persuade him to talk to her.

“Do you like your training? I mean, as well as you could like such a thing...”

David took a deep breath - she wasn’t about to give up.

“It’s...okay. It’s a little interesting. A little...unnerving.”

“Will you have to go to the front lines?”

“I’m not sure. I have a ways to go for training,” he answered, not wanting to think about that at all.

His eyes swept over to Lyneth and Adam, her soft laugh filling the air during Ava’s breaks, Adam’s charm and wit on display.

It was like he didn’t even exist.

“That song was beautiful - the one she sang earlier for you,” Leigh persisted, her hand slipping to rest next to his on the table. He snatched his hand away, quickly folding it with the other over his lap.

Paul glanced over at the pair of them and quickly determined that Leigh trying to start a conversation with him was like extracting a tooth.

“Aye, it was a lovely song, wasn’t it,” Paul interjected, hoping to help David along. “Dave here is a musician, you know. He can play the piano something beautiful...”

“Paul, stop,” David hissed. That was his secret to share if he chose.

“Oh can you, now?” Leigh beamed, moving her chair even closer to David’s. She was nothing if not obvious.

“I haven’t played for a while. I’m going to get a pint if you’ll excuse me...”

He pushed his chair back and moved away from the table, only a few steps away before turning on his heel.

He looked at Leigh and sighed. “Would you like one?” he asked in a soft voice, his eyes downcast and not meeting hers.

“Why, thank you, David,” Leigh smiled up at him, “but I’m all right - I’m not really one for drink.”

He nodded gently and turned back around, leaving her at the table with his friends and the girl who would never be his.

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It's so cute that Leigh has a crush on David.

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So many women!
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Well, Paul has a bit of revolving door so remembering their names is not important.
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I can hardly keep track
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Well, Paul has a bit of revolving door so remembering their names is not important.
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Oh poor Dave. I bet he's wondering why these things happen to him. The girl he wants is gone, and yet there's one he doesn't want sticking to him like bees to honey.

Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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