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Seconds - Chapter 3

Title: Seconds
Authors: GraceRyan & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: This didn't actually happen. U2 was not born until the 1960s.


Paul brushed his hair out his eyes as he looked up at the sign for the ‘Coach and Horses’ public house. He had heard one of the fellows talking about this place in the mess hall the other day. It was on the way to the White Hart - and if things didn’t work out here, it’s where they would find the fair Lyneth later tonight. It looked welcoming enough, like a nice warm cottage filled with drink and ladies.

“Are you ready boys?” Paul flashed them a grin.

David raised an eyebrow. Rarely did a night ever turn out the way Paul had promised. He turned to Larry who shook his head with a shrug.

“Let’s just go, Paul,” Larry grumbled as he pulled the door open.

The heat from the pub hit Paul in the face. “After you, ladies.”

Larry shot him a glare as he pushed by. He didn’t wait for Paul to head in the direction of the bar; a drink is what he needed immediately. He hated these outings to bars. The night usually ended with Larry and David drunk at the bar while Paul and Adam were tucked away snogging some lass - the poor girl would be forgotten on the way back to the base.

Tonight, they were missing one of their own and that sat heavy on his chest. He glanced back at his brother - it could have been Paul in that hospital bed tonight. As a rear gunner, he was very exposed to the enemy. Larry pondered the wisdom of coming to war. He had a job back home. In fact, Paul did as well. Technically, there was no good reason to come to this God forsaken place.

Larry waded through the throng of airmen to reach the bar with David close behind him, looking equally lost. David was the reason Paul insisted they come to war - he felt they should look after their shy and meek friend. Larry couldn’t remember how Paul managed to convince him, but now he was here.

“What are you drinking, mate?” Larry asked David.

David wanted to numb the awkwardness of being social immediately. “Whiskey. As large as you can muster.”

With a nod, Larry called to the barkeep. “Oi! Three strong whiskeys!” Where the feck was Paul?

A few feet away, Paul leaned in to a brunette. “Hello love....”

The brunette smiled. Paul winced at her green teeth. Even he had some standards. With a weak smile, he nodded. “May I pass you?”

“You can stay, luv,” her coarse cockney voice reeked of death.

He cleared his throat as he prayed for fresh air. “My mates are waiting. But thank you.”

The next hour would follow as such. Paul sighed heavily as more men piled into the tiny pub and the women that squeezed in were either no prettier than a cow or with an English officer. Larry had already rescued Paul from one fight after he pressed up against the girlfriend of another officer.

“I say we call it a night,” Larry looked about the tiny pub. He was ready for sleep after the restless night before. How Paul was still standing was beyond him.

Paul had a brilliant idea. “I say we make our way to the White Hart.”

“What the feck is that?” Larry grumbled.

“It’s that place the nurse mentioned,” Paul thought of the lovely brunette caring for Adam and he wondered if she dressed up well. A nice fitted dress on that body, Paul smiled to himself. She had said she would be there to watch a friend sing.

David picked his head up. “I’m for that. What are we waiting for?” His face was warm with drink. The mention of seeing Lyneth put a spring in this step and a glow in his stomach. He’d never seen her outside of the hospital. If she was that beautiful in her nurses’ uniform, he was weak at the thought of her in a dress with her chocolate hair down - soft to the touch.

Larry’s eyes shot over to him. David was usually his ally in calling it a night; he was never for a late night or a pub crawl. “Are you mad?”

David’s face was lit from within with rosy cheeks. “The night is young. I say let’s go.”

Paul beamed at his usually shy friend. He slung an arm around David. “Lawrence, you cannot let Dave down. How often is he ready to tear up the night? Let us away to the White Hart for the fair Gwyneth!”

“Lyneth,” David corrected him.

Paul smiled. “Sure, her too!”

Larry knew that one of them needed to have a level head tonight. Paul was drunk with lust and David was just on his way to drunk. “Fine, then let’s go.”

“Brilliant. These tossers can kiss our pale Irish arses!” Paul called on his way to the door. His eyes were on the prize, the gorgeous brunette caring for their good mate. Perhaps the White Hart would have more to offer than Coach and Horses. The name alone held promise.

* * * * *

Ava sat at her dressing table in her small flat reading the latest letter from Richard. In her head, she could hear his voice. She hadn’t seen him since August when he was transferred from England to North Africa as part of the Neutrality Patrol - the United States effort in the war thus far. Richard wanted her to return to Georgia as soon as he left for Africa. The men in Ava’s life knew that she rarely did want they wanted.

Colonel Carmichael had some definite thoughts when his only daughter informed him that she would be going over to England with him.

“What can you do, darlin’?” He looked at her as if she’d gone mad.

“I’m going to sing with the USO, daddy,” she peered up at him with big blue eyes.

He knew by the conviction in her voice that he wasn’t about to talk her out of it. He offered everything his money could buy - houses, horses, more schooling. Ava was determined to leave with or without the Colonel’s blessing. His only recourse was to make sure Ava was looked after. A distant relative from the old country found a place near the base - a family owned pub where they promised to look after his precious daughter.

Ava folded the letter and slipped it back into the envelope. Two months felt like forever. If she had not found Lyneth, she might have considered going back home. But what was back there? Debutante balls and ladies who lunch? Ava never cared for the Southern Belle culture in which she was raised. She was more likely to sit in the kitchen with the help than fan herself while sipping afternoon tea with the stuffy daughters of the Confederate. Much to Lyneth’s relief, Ava planned to stay in England. She was doing her part for the war effort by raising the spirits of men who risked their lives daily for the greater good.

She combed her hair, fluffing the blonde curls. It was a Friday night, which meant it would be wall to wall in the pub - most of it filled with hungry men, some with grabbing hands. After six months playing for the troops, she became a professional in dealing with the drunken advances of the common man. Yet in the end, most of them were lovely and showered her with adoration. She made them forget about the bombs and death for a few hours. With the bat of her eyelashes and a slight caress, a lowly soldier felt like a king for a few moments as she serenaded him.

She moved to the window and flicked on her record player. Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra was just the thing she needed as she prepared for a long night ahead. Looking around her little flat, it was so different from the sprawling plantation she left. However, this was all hers. She made the burgundy curtains in her small parlour, and every night she cooked dinner in her tiny kitchen. Over the last few months, she had become a fairly decent cook. Lyneth was more than happy to join Ava for dinner instead of eating the nurses’ hall as she had never eaten southern home cooking before. Fried fish, yes; but fried chicken was divine.

As Ava stared out the window to the patio below, she missed her father and mother. Richard made no mention of when he would be coming back in his letter. Without him, the days dragged on until she was able to do what she loved - to sing. A knock on her door startled her from her thoughts of loneliness.

Lyneth’s warm smile immediately brightened her mood. “Good afternoon.”

“Lyn! You’re here early,” Ava stepped back to let her pass.

“I have a tear in this bloody stocking! Do you have something I can borrow?” Lyneth glared at the small threads pulling apart around her knee.

“Of course. My mama sent me a new package of stockings,” she bustled into her bedroom.

“Why can’t I keep these from tearing?” Lyneth sighed as she sat on a kitchen chair.

“One day, a woman will invent something more durable. We’re working women now,” Ava placed her make-up case on the table. “Are you wearing any?”

Lyneth glanced up from unbuckling her shoe. “I did splash some on. Not good enough?”

“It’s not that. Just let me just accent those amazing cheekbones of yours. And those brown eyes. It will be busy tonight. I have a feeling that your Mr. Right will finally be there,” Ava gushed.

Lyneth’s cheeks pinked slightly. “It’s quite possible that my Mr. Right will not be there as he is in the hospital tonight.”

Her eyes lit up. “Lyn! Tell me everything.” She dabbed a brush in some blush and went to work on Lyneth.

“There’s not much to tell. He came in this morning with a pretty decent flesh wound. He’s more refined than the other blokes that I usually care for,” she smiled thinking of his silky voice. “A gentleman.”

“Good looking?” Ava brushed Lyneth’s eyelids with gold.

“Very. Blue eyes, strong features,” she sighed. “He must be married.”

“Did you ask?” Ava asked.

“Ava! You don’t just come out and ask that sort of thing!” Lyneth gasped. The casualty of having a spoken for friend is that she had no clue about dating.

“Why not? Don’t you ask about them while you take care of them? Isn’t that what y’all do while changing bandages?” she shrugged. “I bet you can find out. How long is he there for?”

“I don’t know. He might be gone when I get there tomorrow,” she said wistfully. Maybe Ava was right - she should have asked.

“Do you think you’ll see him again?” Ava searched her case for the perfect lipstick.

“I certainly hope so. I’ve met many men in my time here but he was the most promising.” Her eyes lit up. “I did mention the White Hart to his friends.”

“Friends? You can tell a lot about a person from their friends,” Ava nodded.

Lyneth smirked. “Well, I’m not so certain of that. One of them actually works at Hillingdon with me, but we haven’t really spoken at all - he’s terribly shy. He did have a cute one for you though,” she winked.

Playfully, Ava slapped her arm. “Stop....I’m allowed to flirt and nothing more.”

“Then there was Paul,” Lyneth shook her head.

Ava raised an eyebrow. “Ooh, you remembered his name.”

“Only because he was a bit overwhelming. He never stopped talking. And he’s rather impressed with himself - not sure why.” Truthfully, it was nice to have someone flirt so unabashedly with her. Yet of the four men that stood before her, he was not the one she wanted.

She wrinkled her nose. “Was he homely?”

“No, but he certainly wasn’t my type. He was just annoying, like a gnat buzzing in your ear. However, I would not be surprised to see him prowling in here some night,” Lyneth saw those wild eyes light up when she mentioned where she was headed tonight.

“Then let’s hope he brings those friends of his. Especially your refined future husband,” Ava joked while she applied some lipstick on Lyneth.

She rolled her eyes and laughed. “I can only hope. Why else do I have you paint me pretty?”

“Darlin’, you are beautiful. I’m just helping out the obvious. Did you want to borrow a dress?” Ava asked removing the blue dress from a hanger.

“Is this not good?” Lyneth looked down at her pale pink dress. Yes it was plain, but it was her favorite.

“It’s lovely. But I have a va-va-voom dress for when your patient gets out,” Ava ducked into her bathroom to slip into her dress.

“What are you wearing tonight?” Lyneth crossed to the mirror and examined herself. The dress was quite plain compared the stage outfits Ava poured herself into.

“I think the blue dress tonight. I’ll save the red for tomorrow night,” Ava’s voice echoed from her tiny bathroom.

Lyneth envied Ava’s little flat, so cozy and private. She shared a room with giggler and snorer - two things she didn’t care for. Sally was nice enough, but she didn’t click with the younger girl who joined the war effort for one purpose - men. At least she had Ava’s to escape to. Some nights, she slept on the couch instead of taking the walk back to the Nurse’s home.

“Any word from Richard?” Lyneth asked as she admired Ava’s handy work.

“I got a letter yesterday. Same ole same ole. He made no mention of returning yet still wants me to go home,” she relayed, annoyance creeping into her voice. “Now what in God’s name am I going to do there?”

Lyneth shrugged. “I have no idea what rich Americans do.”

Ava ducked her head out. “Nothing, that’s what. And it bores me to tears.”

Lyneth was shocked when she found out from some of the other girls that Ava was from a very wealthy family. Some of the nurses called her the ‘Southern Belle’. Lyneth suspected they were jealous because she looked like a movie star and most of the soldiers fancied her. Yet, Lyneth found her to nothing but pleasant, generous, and good fun. How many Southern Belles could knock back three whiskeys?

Ava emerged in a blue dress a size too small hugging all the right parts. “I can barely breathe in this thing. I swear someone sneaks in and takes them in a size or two while I’m sleeping.”

“But the men appreciate it,” Lyneth grinned.

“I hope they do,” Ava adjusted her curls around her face. She turned to her friend. “Are we ready for a memorable night, darlin’?”

Lyneth nodded with a sigh. “I could use one.”

* * * * *

The White Hart was larger than Coach and Horses, but just as lively. The white building stood out amongst the red brick buildings which surrounded it. Pumpkins decorated the patio area leading to the front door. A few officers sat on benches outside smoking cigarettes. Paul smiled - this was the place. Laughter and music spilled onto the street as the door opened; even David brimmed with hope as they pushed their way inside. His head whipped around looking for Lyneth’s unmistakeable brown hair. All he could see were men and women he didn’t care about.

“Do you see her?” Paul asked.

David shook his head. “This place is busier than the last.”

“While you eejits look for the girl, I’ll be at the bar getting a drink,” Larry rolled his eyes. Paul’s pursuit of women was tiring to watch. Many a night, they’d lose him while he got off with a poor, unsuspecting lass.

Paul shrugged and followed him to the long bar along the wall. At the end of the room was a small stage with a piano and microphone. At least this place had entertainment. There would be plenty of time for the ladies after drinks were procured.

David searched the crowd fervently for Lyneth. “Lar, I’ll have a double.” His liquid courage was starting to slip away.

Larry shot a glance at Paul who was too busy eyeing a dark haired girl to his left.

“Hello,” Paul purred.

“Hello,” she glanced over her shoulder.

“I’m Paul, and you are?” he leaned closer.

“Diane,” she smiled fingering her dark curls.

Larry winced. Paul had done better when it came to girls. By her accent, he could tell she was American and Paul had a weakness for them. Larry couldn’t sort out why as he found both the men and women a bit crass. He handed a large glass of whiskey to David who in turn drank it like water. What had gotten into him tonight? He’d been off most of the day like he was lost in his own head - more than usual.

“Oi, Paul...yer drink,” Larry nudged him.

“Can I have another for Diane here?” he winked at the girl beside him.

Sighing, Larry turned back to the bar. David wandered closer to the stage. He was sure he’d seen Lyneth talk to a USO singer who would come to visit the casualty ward. Perhaps she was closer to the stage. Most of the tables were packed around and overflowing. Where was she, his heart pounded. From the first moment he set eyes on her, he had hoped for an opportunity to see her outside the hospital. Many a day, he waited for her shift to end so he could walk home with her. Even though he waited for her, he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her. Yet when she was done her work day, he instead shoved his hands deep in his pockets and shuffled in the opposite direction.

As he was about give up all hope, he spotted her at a small table in front of the stage. His heart jumped into his throat. Suddenly, his mind went blank. He took another large gulp of his whiskey.

“Looks like you found a table,” Larry said following his gaze. He turned to Paul. “Dave found your nurse.”

David glared at him. His nurse. How could he compete with Paul and Adam? They both had the charm and the looks to sweep any woman off their feet. Why did it have to be her?

Paul’s head snapped up. “You did?” His eyes were shining. Just beyond David, he saw Lyneth chatting with a soldier hovering over her table. “So you did.” He turned back to Diane. “If you’ll excuse me, love, we have a friend to rescue. Perhaps I’ll see you later?”

Diane giggled. “That’d be swell.”

Paul sent her a wink before turning his back on her. Diane was okay, but Lyneth was the goal.

Larry shook his head. “That’d be super swell, Paul,” he affected his best American accent.

Paul laughed heartily. “It was a better offering than the last pub, that’s for sure. But, this is the prize.” His eyes settled on Lyneth. With full bravado, he strode up to Lyneth’s table. “Good evening, ma’am. I was wondering if I could provide you with a drink and some company tonight.”

Lyneth knew that voice without having to look up. She was delighted to see that he wasn’t alone; the handsome one and David were directly behind him. Sweetly, she smiled up into Paul’s confident smirk.

“I would love another pint. Would you mind?” she asked.

“For you love, anything,” he turned to the others. “Keep my seat warm.” He disappeared into the crowd.

Her eyes turned to the other two. “Would you like to sit?”

David nodded and grabbed the seat closest to her. “Thank you.” He wished he offered her a drink first, but at least he was next to her. She looked beautiful tonight, with her dark hair flowing across her shoulders. She was wearing a pale pink dress that made her skin look even more alabaster than usual. He longed to touch her - just once - to find out for himself if that skin was as soft under his fingertips as he’d imagined...

His thoughts were interrupted as Larry took a seat on the other side of Lyneth. “Nice place. Can’t believe we’ve never been here.”

“Our local is Coach and Horses, but this is much better,” David said, clearing his throat after another deep gulp of whiskey. His entire body felt warm and fluid, like his mind and lips. “This has entertainment.”

“You’ve never seen Ava sing?” Lyneth asked. Had he been living under a rock?

Hitler could be singing tonight and he wouldn’t care as long as he could be this close to Lyneth. “Is that your friend who visits the hospital?

She smiled. “Yes....I didn’t think you took notice of things like that.”

He blushed fiercely. He needed a quick recovery. “She sings to the men? That’s noticeable.”

Ah, another Ava admirer, Lyneth regarded. He would one in a long line. She took him for one of those studious types who never looked up to a long set of legs, head always in a book or deep in his own thoughts. He never spoke much and when he did, it was a struggle to hear him. The drink seemed to be loosening his lips a bit tonight - she might just get to know a bit more about him after all.

Paul returned with two more drinks and no chair. “You eejits couldn’t save me a seat?”

Larry looked up and took a glass from him. “Thanks brother.”

Paul was about to unleash a slew of obscenities his way, but Lyneth was watching. “I am the one that was in harm’s way, you know. You were weepy for my concern earlier. Where has the love gone, Lardence?”

“Are they always like this?” Lyneth asked.

“Oh this is fairly tame,” David answered. Where was this voice coming from? His head was starting to swim as the night took on a hazy quality.

Paul grabbed a vacant chair at a nearby table. A few of the American airmen protested. Larry twisted in his seat to see if he would need to intervene. David also sat on the edge of his seat - there was no way they were being tossed from here tonight - he would do anything to keep the night flowing as it had. Like most things in his life, what started as confrontation ended with laughter and back slaps as Paul brought a chair over to Lyneth’s table. With his foot, he pushed Larry and his chair to the side to squeeze in next to her.

“What was that about?” Larry nodded over to the other table.

Paul flashed a smile and shrugged. “Nothing a little Irish charm can’t diffuse. They might give us a lift later.”

Larry shook his head chuckling. Paul could talk the Pope into a brothel with his smooth tongue.

“So Lyneth, do you live around here?” Paul draped his arm on the back of her chair.

“Just up the road aways. Walking distance,” she inched away. This was Adam’s friend. While the attention was flattering, she wasn’t interested in this bold boy. Adam was a touch smoother in every way.

He dropped his eyes and voice. “Perhaps you will allow me to walk you home then.”

“Paul is it?” she asked. “Let’s see how the night plays out, shall we?”

David fumed underneath. He knew Paul had no clue about his feelings for Lyneth. Thanks to the help of some drink, he was finally able to talk to her without breaking out into a full body sweat, and he wasn’t too keen on having to share her attention with him.

“I’ll take those odds,” Paul was doing much better than earlier this afternoon. He managed a bit of a nap and shower. Perhaps she was seeing the better side of him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is me fine pleasure to introduce the lovely and amazing Ava Carmichael!” an older pianist said as he sat on the stage.

The cheering and roars were deafening as Ava strolled onto the stage. She flashed a dazzling smile at the packed pub.

“Holy shit,” Larry uttered as he straightened in his chair.

“Good evening. How y’all doing tonight?” Ava purred into the microphone.

Paul’s head whipped around at the sound of her very American drawl. He’d heard Larry’s comment, but it did not do her justice. He’d seen many women while in England, but none like this. It was as if she walked off the screen of a movie with her blonde curls and huge sapphire eyes. He shifted his chair towards the stage for a better view. That blue dress was made for her curvy body he thought, as his eyes poured luxuriously over it.

The small band assembled behind her consisting of a horn player, bass and piano. The pub was unbearably hot tonight. Ava looked among the sea of mostly men and surmised it was even more packed than last weekend.

“Ya’ll look so handsome tonight,” she said as the band launched into “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Ava spotted Lyneth at the table she reserved for her in front of the stage. She didn’t recognize the three gentlemen sitting with Lyneth, but guessed it might be the Irish boys she talked about earlier. The blonde was definitely the handsome one. He was still as he watched her with wide eyes. Two dark haired men flanked Lyneth on either side. She guessed the one with his arm resting on the back of her chair was Paul - the talker. He looked as if he had a current of electricity running through him as his blue eyes hummed with life.

Paul watched Ava’s every move with unique interest - a small grin playing at the corners of his mouth. As her eyes landed on his, he ran a hand through a bushy mop of reddish brown hair self consciously.

She knew the other dark haired man could not be Lyneth's patient as he was still laid up in the infirmary. Could this dark haired man leaning close and chatting animatedly be the shy one? It seemed that the large glass of whiskey which sat on the table before him was where he found his voice.

Paul’s eyes did not leave the stage. Lyneth was very pretty, but Ava was extraordinary. Every time her eyes made contact with his, he felt a flutter. He had to play it cool though, keeping his arm around Lyneth. One of these fine women had to fall to his charms. He was certain that Ava could be singing to him as the words to “Isn’t It Romantic” wrapped around him.

David saw the look in Paul’s eyes as he watched Ava stand above him. Perhaps his Lyneth infatuation wouldn’t last with the blonde singer around. He’d just need to worry about Adam in that case. David sighed as Adam was still a worthy opponent. For right now, he and Lyneth were as close as they’d ever been. She seemed to be interested in what he had to say too, not that he could remember the last thing out of his mouth. Even the music sounded muffled against the whiskey.

Ava patted the back of her neck with a towel. “It sure is hot in here tonight!” More calls and cheers.

“I love you!” shouted a drunken airman from the back of the pub.

“Darlin’, I love you too,” she fanned her face. “You boys are just wearing me out. The band and I are going to take a break for some refreshments. We’ll see y’all a bit later.” She disappeared backstage.

Larry finally woke from his daze. Indeed, she had been amazing. He turned to Lyneth. “Was that yer friend?”

Lyneth smiled. “Yes, that was.” It was normal for men to ask about her good friend. Truthfully, she enjoyed the look of disappointment when Ava politely declined their advances.

Paul raised an eyebrow. “Why, Lawrence, do you fancy her?”

Larry shrugged. “I was just asking.” He should have known better saying anything in front of Paul.

She turned to David. “You’ve seen her at the hospital?”

He nodded. “Not many times, but a few times. She has a pretty voice.” His cheeks were warm and numb.

Paul looked over at him. “You okay, Dave?”

He nodded slowly. “I am very good.”

‘He’s well oiled’ Paul mouthed to Larry who nodded in agreement.

“Lyneth, you have quite the fan club tonight,” Ava said as she approached the table.

Both Paul and Larry leapt from their chairs to offer her a seat.

Paul pulled his chair out. “Please, have a seat Ms. Carmichael.”

“Why thank you, young man,” she smiled up at him as she took his warm chair.

Quickly, Larry reclaimed his seat before Paul took it.

“If you’ll excuse me while I look for another chair,” he nodded.

“There are a few right behind the stage,” she winked.

He took her hand and pressed his lips against it. “Thank you very much. I’m Paul.”

She smiled warmly. “Please call me Ava.”

“Ava,” he smiled and ran off to find another chair.

Lyneth grinned. In a matter of 30 seconds, Ava managed to transfer Paul’s interest away from her.

“Lyneth, who are the rest of your gentleman callers?” her eyes fixed on Larry.

“This is Larry,” Lyneth said. “And David.”

Larry scrambled to shake her hand. “Your voice is amazing.”

“Why thank you, Larry,” she gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

“This is David,” Lyneth gestured to her right.

Clumsily, David grasped Ava’s hand. “You have a beautiful gift.”

“Thank you very much,” she smiled.

Larry sent David a knowing look. He needed to stop drinking full stop. He’d been so busy watching Ava that he didn’t notice the glazed look in David’s eyes. It was odd since David never drank much; he was always the one playing chaperone to the rest of them.

Paul returned quickly to place his newly procured chair between Larry and Ava. 
“So Ava, where are you from?” He found her accent intoxicating.

“I’m from Savannah, Georgia. Where are you from, sugar? I don’t hear many accents like that around here,” she asked.

Paul motioned to both David and Larry. “We are from Dublin.”

“I’m from Wales,” David slurred. “They’re brothers.”

Ava cocked her head to the side as she looked from Paul to Larry. “Really?”

She would have never guessed that from looks alone. Larry was looked like a movie star with flawless skin and blonde hair that flopped in his silvery eyes. Ava imagined that many girls chased after his darling smile. Paul, on the other hand, was stockier but there was a mischief about him. His lopsided grin promised trouble, the good kind. Across his nose and cheeks were a pattern of freckles that Ava could not help drawing constellations on. His eyes were bluer and wilder than his brothers. There was something about his thick brown hair that she wanted to touch. Oh yes, he was trouble, the fun kind. They both had an intensity that surrounded them. Larry was quiet and deep, while Paul was electric and penetrating.

Paul slung an arm around Larry. “Yes, this is my younger brother.”

“Get off,” Larry growled. “This is my annoying brother. I apologize in advance for anything he does.”

Ava smiled at both of them. “He hasn’t done anything.”

Larry smirked. “Give it time.”

“Oh leave him,” Paul took her hand. “I’m totally harmless.” He gazed at her from under his eyelashes. “Practically a kitten.”

She switched her eyes to a bemused Lyneth. “Has he been like this all night?”

Lyneth chuckled. “Not quite as thick, but yes.”

Charlie, the pianist, moved to the table. “Ava, are you ready?”

She nodded. “Sure thing.” She turned back to the table. “Duty calls.”

“Would you sing a song for me?” Paul asked.

“Of course, darlin’,” she looked to Larry. “How about you?”

Larry’s cheeks pinked as he grinned goofily. “Anything you sing is fine by me.”

“Sure thing, sugar.” With a nod, she retuned to the stage.

Lyneth leaned over. “She’s quite something, isn’t she?”

Paul sighed. “She sure is. I mean, you’re quite lovely too,” he faltered. He lost his footing for a moment as he watched the swish in Ava’s hips.

Lyneth laughed softly. “It’s quite fine, Paul.”

“The accent is something,” he turned his eyes to the stage again.

“So boys and men, are you ready for some more, or is it time to call it a night?” Ava asked the crowd.

“No!” the crowd rowdily called out.

“Oi! Call it a night wif me, luv,” someone croaked.

Ava pretended to be shocked. “Oh these lights, I cannot see you honey. And despite this blue dress,” she ran her hands over her hip eliciting cat calls and howls from the audience, “I am not that kind of girl.” Her eyes turned to Lyneth’s table and her new friends. “This one is for my new friends, “When You’re Smiling”, for Larry and Paul.”

Ava was like no other woman he’d ever met, Paul leaned back in his chair. That was it, she was a woman with wit and swagger.

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Oh, I really like Ava.

And, drunk David

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Just you wait. I'll need to finish chapter 4 so we can post.
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Gotta love how Lyneth is going for Adam and Ava for Lardence. Definitely enjoying the banter.
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Just you wait. I'll need to finish chapter 4 so we can post.

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I'm really liking this story so far (and randy Paul ). It'll be interesting to see where you girls head with this one.
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So I guess Adam may be getting some love his way. And Larry maybe. Hmm.
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I'm glad everyone is enjoying our maiden voyage. Hopefully, we get at least one more chapter up before Christmas. Without Speaking, when did we start writing this? Just this month?
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
I'm glad everyone is enjoying our maiden voyage. Hopefully, we get at least one more chapter up before Christmas. Without Speaking, when did we start writing this? Just this month?
Early November actually seems like a short time though that it really took off!
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Thank you all very much for your comments.... we REALLY enjoy them and it helps us to keep writing

I'd love to say a lot more but I don't want to give too much away, but we've got lots of major twists on the way!
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Daaaaang, you guys must really have the creativity flowing. 3 chapters in about one week!

That Lyneth took to Adam is a surprise, at least for me...

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