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Seconds - Chapter 19

Title : Seconds
Authors : GraceRyan & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer : This didn't actually happen. U2 was not born until the 1960s.


Ava could barely find her hands in the oversized wool coat the officer lent to her. While she knew not to bring her fur with her, her wool coat just wasn’t warm enough. She sat bundled in a tent she shared with two other girls wearing both that and a heavy wool coat fitted for a large man. She was sure she looked ridiculous, but at least she was warm.

She had already finished her letter to Lyneth, which was silly since she'd be back home before Lyneth received it. However, she promised that she would write. Now what? She looked around her tent. The other girls were playing cards, but Ava, used to having her own space and time, opted to stay behind. Now that she was alone with her thoughts, she felt that maybe that was not a good idea.

She stared at blank paper. Closing her eyes, she envisioned the pen forming the words.

Dear Paul,

I'm sorry for hurting you. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you. How I mourn what can never be. I know deep down the other night was a reaction to our talk...

She opened her eyes to the blank paper. How could she ever explain the predicament she found herself in? Was it really hopeless?

She began to write.

Dearest Mama,

I'm writing from a cold muddy tent where boys die or become men. My life here is worlds different than sipping jubilees on the porch. My heart feels one hundred years old compared to the little girl you fearfully kissed goodbye many months ago. Mama, I need your advice. I am not sure where to turn. I'm not sure I can go through with the wedding. England and the war have changed me. Richard is nice, but I've met someone. He is funny, sweet, and passionate. Maybe I'm being a fool to even consider upending my life. Mama, I cannot stop thinking and worrying after him. How can I enter a marriage in that state? What kind of wife can I be to Richard? Mama, I'm confused. I don't want to disappoint you and Daddy, but I think I'm falling in love.

"Miss Carmichael?" A young soldier's head poked in.

Ava covered her letter with a blank sheet of paper. "Yes?"

"There is someone here to see you," he said. "A Private Carmichael. "

Ava jumped to her feet as her brother Brian ducked inside the tent.

"Ava, ain't you a sight for sore eyes. Come here, sis." He gathered her in his arms.

He smelled of sweat, dirt and ammunition. Ava fought off tears. In this godforsaken place where she had seen boys brought back on stretchers or in body bags, she was never happier to see family.

"You're gonna squeeze the life out of me," he chuckled.

"I'm sorry. I just missed you," she reluctantly let go.

"What in the world are you doing here? This ain't no place for you," he said and straightened his back.

Despite the dirt on his face, Brian’s green eyes peered out from impossibly long dark lashes. His light brown hair was speckled with dust that clouded around his head like a halo when he moved.

"I'm here entertaining for a few weeks. They said more boys are coming and could use a morale lifter."

"I'm sure y'all do that," he took a step back to take her in. "You've changed. You are definitely different. "

She blushed. "Nonsense. I'm still lil' Ava."

Would Richard see her transformation too? Would he know with one look that she longed for someone else?

"You look all grown up. How's Richard?" He asked.

"Fine, last I heard. I got a letter between Christmas and New Years. As you will discover, news moves slow over here," Ava gestured to an empty chair.

"It's slower back home. Nobody there knows what goes on."

"When did you get to England?"

He removed his hat and sat down. "Well, we'd been training at home since right after you left. I got here the second week of December - right after Pearl Harbor. Dan should be somewhere over here by now. He was leaving after Christmas. "

"Poor Mama," Ava sighed.

"You should go home," Brian said. "They are worried sick about you being here. And now that Richard's not with you, seems silly to stay."

"Bri, I can't go back now. Richard will come back to England. Plus there's not
hing for me to do there. Hang out with Maribell and her ilk? No thank you, sir," Ava shook her head.

"You got the wedding to plan," Brian suggested.

Her stomach flopped. "You know Mama is happy to take care of everything. I just have to show up."

The way Ava had been feeling lately, that was a pretty tall order.

"It is keeping her and Daddy going. It's all they talk about," he said. "Heck the whole town is waiting for you and Richard to come home. Looks like it will be after the war now. Boy, what a throw down that will be. Might last the whole darn month!"

Ava smiled weakly. It seemed that things were moving forward without Ava needing to lift a finger. This wedding was not just a wedding. It would be a celebration for the entire town. It would be more than Ava Carmichael and Richard Devereaux getting married, it would be a signal that life was back to normal and the war had ended.

She glanced at the letter buried on the desk. She could not send that letter to her mother, it would break her heart. There was no way Ava could return with a scrappy Irish boy; while her mother might be charmed, her father would run him off the property with his largest shotgun.

"I'm coming to the show tonight," Brian said. "I miss hearing you sing."

"It will be nice to have family there. I wish Dan could be there too."

Brian wrapped his arms around her. "We'll be together soon enough. Hopefully by next Christmas."

Ava thought how different life was from her last Christmas at home to her first Christmas in England. Would that her one and only? How different would things be next year?

After Brian left, Ava stared at the letter to her mother. What did it matter? Paul was in London doing Lord knows what and who. Even if Diane had been a reaction to their argument, he would have surely moved on by now. Meanwhile, as the ground occasionally rumbled under her feet, it was her life that was in danger. Connie, her tent mate, cried every night - she was new to the war. Ava sat at her bedside and held her hand in comfort.

When Ava closed her eyes each night, she was reminded of her first sight upon reaching the makeshift barracks. A nurse, much like Lyneth, who had been torn in two by a friendly shell explosion, crying and moaning on a passing stretcher. Danger did not come from just the enemy. Every night, she stared into the faces of young boys - some filled with bravado and others fear. How could she return to Georgia now like her brother suggested? The war had already changed her.

* * * * *

“Oh, Dave,” Leigh cooed. “I haven’t been to the pictures in ages.”

It was kind of a last minute thought, he admitted - but granted, there wasn’t much to do around West London right now with most of the young men away on the front lines. He could have taken her dancing, but he thought he’d start with something a little more cerebral.

He felt awful remembering New Year’s Eve when he held her in his arms and imagined that she was someone else - she deserved better than that from him, and he wanted to try his best, even if he had no idea what he was doing.

“Philadelphia Story - I can’t wait to see this film, David! I just love Cary Grant...””

Leigh looked up at David as he pushed some coins toward the cashier in the ticket booth. He gave Leigh a quick, tight smile as the cashier handed him the tickets.

This was his first real date, but he didn’t want to let Leigh in on that secret - the way she carried on around him he may as well have been Cary Grant himself. She looked at him expectantly, her hand hovering near his. David knew what she wanted but didn’t take her hand.

He wanted to take things slowly with her - he wasn’t like Paul - he just wanted to see where tonight would take them, but he knew that it certainly wouldn’t end up wrapped in sweaty sheets. Instead, he placed his hand gently on her lower back, guiding her into the theatre.

They took their seats about halfway up even though she suggested they sit further back; David knew that the couples that dwelled at the rear of the theatre were more about cuddling and canoodling than watching the film. Maybe, if he liked her, he’d consider it later, but right now their relationship was for all to see - nothing to be ashamed of in public.

“Thank you for taking me to the pictures. As I said, it’s been ages,” Leigh swooned as she took her seat, gazing up at him with her deep blue eyes.

David looked at her - really looked at her - for what seemed like the first time. She was quite a good looking lass when he thought about it - he pushed comparisons between her and Lyneth out of his mind and focused briefly on her smile. He averted his eyes quickly, not wanting her to know what he was thinking.

The lights went down before David found himself feeling uncomfortable in her presence and he cleared his throat before the newsreel began. The announcer was heralding the arrival of the American troops over rapid fire to shots of warships and men in trenches. They cut to a closeup of a combat medic wrapping the arm of an injured soldier.

“Oh, Dave, that’s going to be you soon...” Leigh whispered solemnly in his ear, her hand squeezing his shoulder. “Are you scared?”

“No...” David lied. “Well...yeah. A bit, I guess.”

David had never really opened up to anyone about how he felt, he just went to work diligently each day and tried his hardest to pretend that he was doing all of this to be a doctor. He kept telling himself the war would be over by the time he completed his training - there simply wasn’t a way that he’d see combat. He knew deep down that he was lying to himself, but if he didn’t lie, he didn’t know whether he’d go mad and just decide to run for the hills...

“I’ll pray for you every night...” Leigh whispered close to his ear, her hand moving covertly to cover his knee, as she gave it a small squeeze and afforded him a shy smile.

Her eyes sparkled in the flicker of the screen as she brought her hand to his hair, brushing an errant strand down at the back of his neck. He sucked in a silent breath as she touched him, feeling a bit self-conscious about the mop of hair he could never seem to tame. However, she didn't seem to mind it all. Most girls never looked past his companions to see him, but Leigh had not seen them at all - her eyes were just for him.

“You’ll be amazing, David, I know you will...”

David felt his cheeks grow warm, not because he thought he was going to be first in line for the Victoria Cross, but because her fingers were still playing with that strand of hair.

The newsreel was over before either of them noticed, the film’s opening credits beginning to roll down the screen. So this was what Paul felt in a woman’s touch, that he was virile and immortal. What was he afraid of? He had a good looking girl on his arm, and nothing to trouble him tonight - if anything he should be feeling proud.

He glanced over to a group of young tommys sitting together in a row, probably out on a weekend pass to enjoy some civility before going back to the front lines. David was sure they had their own girls to think about while in the trenches, and he imagined that this was why Paul buried himself in so many women. To dream that a woman’s touch would be there to greet him when he arrived home - to get away from the possibility that stared him in the face every day; the next day could be the day he died.

David lifted his arm slowly and tucked it over Leigh’s shoulders, eliciting a small sigh from her lips as she nestled her head on his shoulder.

This felt nice, he thought. He hoped he wasn’t holding her too tight, or being too forward, but the way her hand caressed his knee told him that he was doing just fine. David looked straight forward at the screen, a lump developing in his throat and trousers as her hand moved teasingly up his leg.

“Leigh,” he whispered as he closed his hand around hers, taking it in his to stop its progression up his thigh. “The film’s starting...”

“I’m sorry... I just...” Leigh blushed and squeezed his hand, turning her attention back toward the screen.

* * * * *

Against his better judgment, Paul led Diane through the doors of the White Hart - it was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night. While all the tables were full, there was plenty space to stand at the bar. He thought that was odd, as there was never a time that he didn't need to push his way through the pub. The stage was empty. Ava must be between sets, he figured. He scanned the crowd expecting to see the blonde American lad that followed her around a few nights ago. Paul didn't see him, but did spy Larry and Molly at a table.

"They let any eejit in here," Paul pulled out a chair for Diane.

"Thought I rid myself of you," Larry looked up.

"Quiet tonight," Paul's eyes scanned for Ava.

"No Ava," Larry shrugged.

"What? Why?"

"They said she was away," Larry said. "The band still playing, but I guess Ava was the real draw."

"She's a very good singer," Diane piped in.

"Away? Where?"

Agitation edged his voice. Larry nudged Paul under the table as Diane shot him a quizzical glance.

"It’s just talk. Band said she was on holiday for a few weeks."

Paul ignored the tightening in his chest. "Good for her then."

Where would she go for a holiday during a war?

"I'm thirsty," Diane announced as Paul was lost in his own thoughts.

"Of course," he kissed her cheek. "I'll be right back. Ehm, whiskey okay?"

"Of course, sweetie," she batted her eyelashes.

With a weak smile, Paul left for the bar - his head spinning. Would she be back? Would he see her again? He wished David were here so that he could be pumped for information. Perhaps she had confided in him. Granted, if David knew and didn't tell him, Paul would certainly thump him.

"Ok Paul?" the bartender nodded. "Whiskey tonight?"

"Two," he dug into his pants for some money.

Diane was drinking right through his purse. It was nice to have a girl who enjoyed and could hold her drink, but she was getting expensive.

"Where's the entertainment?" Paul asked. Maybe he’d get some information from the bartender.

"The band are on break. They don't play fer as long as normal without Ava."

"Is she sick or something?" he asked innocently.

"Nah, she's away," the bartender put two glasses on the bar.

"For good? Did she go home?" Paul's heart raced.

"Nah, she'll be back in a month or two," he eyed Paul.

"Did she go on holiday?"

"Dunno," he shrugged.

That was was much information Paul was going to get. At least she would be back, he sighed. What did it matter? She didn't want anything to do with him anyway. Once again, Ava was occupying too much of his mind. What was the hold she had over him?

As Paul returned with the drinks, Adam and Lyneth emerged from the back door - leading from Ava's flat. It's a good thing David was out with Leigh so he didn’t have to witness them in their obvious post- coital glow.

"Evening all," Adam chirped. He held up a pink slip. "Guess what I have boys?"

"Is that a weekend pass?" Larry asked.

"Why yes it is," he beamed.

"What are you going to do?" Paul asked.

"I will be spending it upstairs, of course," he answered with a wicked smile.

"Won't Ava mind?" Paul raised his eyebrows.

"She offered her place to me," Lyneth announced coolly.

"How nice for you," he replied snidely.

"Let's get a drink," Adam glared at Paul as he took her hand.

"You're a real charmer tonight," Larry muttered.

Paul tried desperately to just enjoy the company of Diane. Secretly, he was jealous of Adam and Larry who were both with women they truly fancied. It took Larry some time to warm up to Molly, but he looked perfectly content with his arm around her. They talked and giggled - oblivious of anyone else. Meanwhile, Adam flitted about the pub imposing his charm on anyone that could further his career. From time to time, he returned to Lyneth's side to plant a kiss or a snuggle. Paul didn't understand their relationship, really. He didn't get a sense of passion, moreso, companionship. Was that how it worked? A couple winds up as good mates?

He thought back to his parents. He remembered a lot of kissing and laughter between them until his mother fell ill. It was as if his father was afraid he would break her if he touched her. He never touched anyone in love after she passed. The only physical contact he understood was anger.

Relationships were annoyingly hard to navigate, which was why Paul purposely avoided them. Ava had been different. He never wanted to be around another person all the time before. Even now, he felt like a piece of him was missing, and Diane didn't hold that piece.

"Oi," Larry found Paul leaning against the bar for another round. "I've news on yer girl."

"Diane?" He frowned.

"No, Ava," Larry said. "This is totally unconfirmed, but the talk is that she is in Africa."

"Africa? What is she doing there?"

"It's where her man is. She's visiting him," Larry said.

"How precious," Paul's eyes narrowed.

"You knew she was engaged. This is what I was afraid of," Larry said.

"Leave it," Paul hissed. The last thing he needed was a lecture from his younger brother. "I've got to get these to the table."

He felt in a blind rage as he moved towards Diane. He hated that he cared so much, that he let that little Yank slip inside him. With her fiancé? Had she run off to him with a renewed sense of commitment and love, or was it out of guilt? No matter, he had a willing partner right here. Tonight he was determined to find out how willing.

Paul's stomach turned when he saw Lyneth chatting amiably with Diane and Molly. Was she out to turn every girl against him?

"Am I interrupting something?" he slipped beside Diane.

"Just talking about a dancehall Lyneth heard of. We should try it some night. New York has a ton of great places to dance," Diane said.

"Sure, love. I guess we can't spend all our time here. Especially when there's not proper entertainment," he glanced to the stage. "Where is the songbird tonight? Rumor has it she's in Africa with her man."

Lyneth chuckled at his inability to sound casual. She saw the rage just behind his eyes - clearly bothered by the notion of Ava being with Richard. Meanwhile, Diane gazed up at him with nothing but pure adoration. The poor girl, Lyneth thought. It would be a service to her to show Paul's true colors. However, he'd show them soon enough. Lyneth's allegiance was to Ava.

"We'll, it had been months since she had seen him. You know, a girl misses her fiancé," Lyneth shrugged casually. She rather enjoyed watching Paul’s eyes cloud over.

"That's great for her," he said tightly as he pictured the man in the photo kissing every inch of Ava's body.

Lyneth relished Paul's subdued mood for the remainder of the evening. She didn't have to endure him for long once she began to gush about the glamorous wedding plans Ava shared with her. She left out Ava’s lukewarm attitude when they were relayed to her. However, Lyneth was certain that Paul had been successfully thwarted. One day Ava would thank her, certainly.

Paul escorted Diane to her boarding house before curfew. She, of course, had a delightful time. He watched Diane's mouth move,yet be could not understand a single word. The Irish could talk fast, but Diane held the record. He gazed at her features - eyes set wide apart, widow's peak but ample breasts. As he explored her mouth with his tongue, he gave those breasts a squeeze, eliciting a squeal from her. She would be fun at least, he decided. Maybe enough to make him forget Ava and her bloody man.

* * * * *

The temperature had dropped while David and Leigh were in the theatre - a definite chill in the air greeting them as they stepped outside. Leigh tugged her scarf tighter around her neck and pressed herself into David’s side.

They giggled together as he walked her home - David admitting to himself that he really did enjoy her company.

After a few moments of silence with only the sound of the streets under their feet, Leigh sighed. "I just love going to the movies.”

"You don't get out with the girls?"

"Not very often. They are with their men. I usually read a lot in my room,” she said shyly. “Not very exciting, is it?”

“I love to read myself,” he said.

Leigh looped her arm through his. “Oh, really Dave? Who is your favorite author?”

“Well, I quite enjoy Steinbeck, and I’ve read ‘The Great Gatsby’ at least twice,” he answered excitedly, thinking of the small collection of books he had in his locker at the foot of his bed.

“I absolutely adored ‘The Great Gatsby’,” she breathed with a grin.

“Really?” he glanced down at her.

“Does that shock you?”

“I thought you’d like something more...”

“Girly?” she teased.


Leigh laughed.

“I just read Hemingway’s ‘Farewell to Arms’ for the third time,” she offered.

David stopped. “Are you messing?”

“What? No. What do you mean?” she asked innocently.

“That is my favourite book of all time! Over Yeats, Wilde, Joyce.....everything,” he gushed.

“It’s one of my favourites too,” she smiled, snuggling against him.

“I like the American writers. I like their edge,” he responded, suddenly feeling not entirely uncomfortable with her at his side.. “How did you come across these books?”

“There was a book store around the corner from the orphanage. The shop owner used to loan out the books that didn’t do well. I guess no one liked American novels. I loved them, so he let me keep them.”

“Orphange?” he stopped again.

“Yes,” she smiled sweetly. “That’s where I grew up.”

As they walked along, Leigh told him about the Depression and how her parents lost their jobs in the factory. It was a cold and hungry winter, and there was a lot of crying from her mother. One day, her mother packed a suitcase with all of Leigh’s things. Her father dropped her off at a large building with many girls of all ages and hugged her tightly. She never saw her parents again.

“Where did they go?” he asked, immediately feeling as if he were prying.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I think to look for work in America, but I heard it was just as bad as here or even worse. They could have died for all I know. But I don’t think of them much anymore. The mistresses that looked after us were lovely - and suddenly, I had sisters. It wasn’t all bad.”

David thought about the day he’d bid farewell to his mum and dad, waving goodbye to them from the deck of the morning ferry from Dublin. He missed them and thought about them every day - and he’d received a letter from his mother like clockwork, once every fortnight. To say goodbye to them and never see them again - that he couldn’t possibly imagine.

“Anyway, that was when I started to read anything I could get my hands on,” Leigh continued, her eyes sparkling as she spoke and reassuring him that she wasn’t uncomfortable talking about her past with him. “It was nice to escape to a different world and almost become someone else. Have you ever wanted that?”

David thought of the nights that he wished he had Paul’s confidence and Larry’s nonchalance. Or Adam’s girl. However tonight, he was happy to be himself - enjoying a stroll home with a lovely girl on his arm. One who wanted to be by his side.

“I had a lovely time tonight. I hope we can do it again soon...” she whispered as they reached her steps, her breath forming a circle of fog in front of her lips.

She reached down and took David’s hand, her fingers threading through his as she stepped under the awning with him, the light mist turning into a steadier drizzle.

“I did too,” David replied in a near whisper, swallowing hard as she moved toward him, her other hand reaching up to touch his cheek.

His free hand moved up to her face as he mirrored her touch, his thumb gently stroking along her soft skin. His gaze dropped to her lips as she parted them wordlessly, and he considered how soft and inviting they looked, wondering what they’d feel like against his.

David turned his head and took a deep breath, staring off down the street and watching the cobbles darken and begin to glisten in the light rain.

“Oh, Dave,” Leigh said softly, her fingers toying with the wool on the sleeve of his coat. “Won't you kiss me goodnight?”

He saw a fire in her eyes - the same fire he’d longed to see when a woman looked at him. He bit his lip self-consciously as he laid his palm on the back of her neck, stooping down slightly so his face was level with hers.

“I just needed an invitation, Leigh,” he answered, his voice coming out a bit more gruffly than he wanted it to.

He leaned forward and touched his lips tentatively to hers, feeling her relax under his touch, her skin warm and soft under his fingers. He moved his other hand to her shoulder, resting it there as she tilted her head to the side right at the same time as he did, his nose bumping hers.

“I’m sorry I...”

Leigh didn’t let him finish his sentence as she grasped his shoulders, her mouth falling onto his again and tugging gently at his bottom lip. He felt breathless as she deepened the kiss, her hands running down his back as she pressed herself against him. When he felt the wet press of her tongue against his lips, he felt a flutter in his stomach - this was too much too soon.

He stepped back just an inch, his lips leaving hers as he squeezed her shoulder gently, the hand at the back of her neck falling to her hip. He gave her a shy smile, and he could feel the colour rising in his cheeks.

“Maybe you could come up for some tea?” Leigh suggested, her hands fanning out along his back as she gazed up at him expectantly.

The boarding house frowned upon bringing men into the house, but the girls did it all the time, usually just for a quick snog or a drink of whiskey. They all looked out for each other, but if any of the girls dared to have an overnight guest, it would be the talk of the breakfast table the next morning.

“Um... I probably should get back to barracks.”

“You sure?” Leigh smiled as she ran her finger along his scarf before winding it around her wrist.

“Yeah... I’ve... I’ve an early morning...” David stuttered.

“I understand,” Leigh nodded. She felt a bit sheepish now as she didn’t want to take things too quickly - but she already missed the feeling of his lips on hers. “Will I see you at work tomorrow?”

“No, not this week. Possibly next though, I still have to learn about applying tourniquets in lieu of amputation.”

David cringed to himself. Why would he bring up such a terrible thing after he’d just shared a romantic moment with his date?

“I’m sorry, Leigh. Grim, isn’t it.”

“Well, not really, Dave. It’s what you do,” Leigh smiled, pulling away from him at last.

“It’s what we both do,” he peered down into her soft face. “Perhaps we can arrange for tea tomorrow?”

“I’d like that very much.”

"Wonderful. I'll call round after your shift. Thank you again for a lovely time."

"No, thank you Dave," she reached up to kiss his cheek before dashing through the front door.

As he walked home in the rain, he decided that he was looking forward to it.

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yay! this is great!

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okay now I'll be reading first.. gotta check 18 where you guys left it off..
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Aww look who finally got himself a girlfriend! Some distraction will be good for Dave.

Poor Paul isn't going to have any luck soon.
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Chapter 20 could come next week. It's 97% done. It's a bit shorter but, interesting.
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Finally...go Dave go! Poor Paul, I guess he's feeling miserable
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YES!!! THANK YOU!! This just made my day! i can't read it all right now but I'm going to finish it tonight <3333 : )
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David has a girlfriend.
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Gaaahh, I really waited a while to read this...

It was worth it. I love where this Leigh + David thing is going. I hope he ends up liking her for herself, and getting over Lyneth. She seems like a nice girl.
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Chapter 20 could come next week. It's 97% done. It's a bit shorter but, interesting.
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Yeah, I have no idea about 20. It needs polishing, but otherwise done.
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can't WAIT until 20 then!!!!!!
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I know I've said it before but I really do like the way you write. It's so easy to read and follow. Good plot too. Yup. We likes this we does.
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Originally Posted by youvedonewhat View Post
I know I've said it before but I really do like the way you write. It's so easy to read and follow. Good plot too. Yup. We likes this we does.
Thank you! You'll have to poke my partner on chapter 20. It just needs an edit but otherwise done.
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Omg! Grace! I had forgotten about this fic!! I love it! Do you think you will ever finish it?

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seconds, war

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