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The Fly
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Running to stand still

Another day in a place that I have a love hate relation ship with. A job I love but a house that haunts me. Okay I can't say I hate Dublin but when your STEP father drags you out here here at the age of 5 and you have an American accent your doomed. I'm 25 now the scars and reminders of the past still haunt me. Of course they do. They a hate me now. My ex friends from mount temple and my now worthless Life. I decide to turn on the radio. Like I always do everyday but today is different. It was a voice that is very familiar to me. A voice that once helped the pain but now doesn't. Paul Hewson A.K.A my my almost high school sweet heart and childhood friend. It all started when my mum and his mum became friends. Iris was a wonderful woman espically when my mum and step dad had passed away. They were all there for me. I was about 10 when it happened. I realised I was in love with him at that point. When I had turned tweelve it was decided I would go to mount temple. I'm a year younger then Bono. I found it rather weird he kept questioning me about my best friend Ali. Who found him to be an 'eejit' along with 'stalker'. Until his mother iris had passed away then then she took over a Bonos girlfriend and keeper as many people know. but what they don't know was that B turned out to have a crush on me. I helped out with the band and lyrics I showed up at the first band practice. I was there first groupie and there favorite. Adam helped me with bass and the Edge had helped with my guitar skills in trade of him using my guitar. I was so in deep of a thought I almost missed what Bono said which was part of the thing that got me out of thought.
"Yes the rumors are true. me And Alison are no longer. I think she may be staying with with her family. I was thinking of staying woth a childhood friend of mine Who is know a photographer. I think still lives near our child hood home. Very sweet girl she at one point was the love of my life but I realised that she was to good for me. ya never know though I may have been wrong. How about I give 'er a ring?"
"That sounds like a plan." Just then my phone started to ring.
"Ah Detters it's Paul. Remember child hood friends? You were were there when when I joined a band… well you're the reason I joined the band in the first place."
"Yes Paul I do remember you. I heard what happened between you and Ali is there anything you need? Ya know my door is always open. You know I live in killeney now though and I'm planning on visiting Papa Hewson."
"So that means I'll be sewing you soon anyways I've got to go.
"Okay see you then."
"Its so good to be back in my natural surroundings again you know? I've been so stressed out I almost forgot what it feels like to be home." I said to papa Hewson who had been my papa for as long as I can remember.
"Well Destiny Marie you're always welcome in the hewson household." Just then Edge, Larry and Adam came in a couple minutes later he was here.
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