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PLEASE-chapter 5

Hey guys, its been a really long time and I'm sorry I've just been slammed with work both from college and work. But I have this chapter done and I hope you guys like it. It's starts back up from Bono's POV, but the last part is from Alex's. Hope you enjoy it, and what I think I can say about the next chapter after this, is that it'll be more interesting
Enjoy! And as usual comments are greatly appreciated

Confused, she looked at me with an eyebrow raised and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Anything wrong babe?"

"Bono, why are we stopping here? This is a pizzeria."

"Yeh, I know Alex. But this is not just any pizzeria, this is Grimaldi's."

"Oh yea, you could have really convinced me."

I guess I could understand her confusion. Grimaldi's had the look of a corner deli boasting it's tacky green marquee and discolored bricks.

"You don't understand babe. This is quite possibly the best pizza on the planet, even better than the real thing back in Italy. You know what love? I'd even say this pizza is orgasmic."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, defnitely orgasmic. I'll show you when we get inside."

I winked at her, and she smiled so brightly and beautifully I couldn't help but smile back.

"So why did you tell me to dress up? I almost went crazy figuring out what to wear tonight, only to find out that we'd end up in Brooklyn at a pizza joint."

"Well baby, the way I see it is sexy is always good."


With just the two of us, we had managed to finish an entire margarita pizza. I was also right; she loved it.

"B, this pizza it was just..I don't have the words."

"Say it love, this pizza was orgasmic. "

She giggled and admitted defeat. "B this has to be the best pizza I've ever had, it was orgasmic."

I chuckled, "That's what I knew you'd say babe."

"Are you always this cocky?"

"Only with people I like."

She blushed, and her face turned that familiar rosey color that I loved.

"So what's say you and I go and take a stroll by the river, there's a great Ice cream shop that I want you to try."

"I don't know about the ice-cream B, I gotta watch my figure."

"Babe I've been watching your figure and its absolutely amazing."

"Ha, I see flattery is another one of your talents." She laughed while running her fingers through her hair.

"Yes it is, but I'm not lying to you Alex, and I don't think I've ever been more honest."

"Well then, now that you've kissed me ass, I guess I'll take that ice-cream and stroll by the riverside."

"Great, I know you're gonna love it too."


Alex's POV:

I didn't know any meal could be this good. The pizza was so fresh and fabulous, it was the most delicious thing I'd ever had. What made it even more amazing was having Bono there to share the meal with. He was so charming and funny, my cheeks were actually hurting because of how much he'd made me laugh. We had some wine and he told me about touring and the strains that it put on him and his family. It was sad really, Bono didn't realize at the time, but his family was falling apart while the touring continued, and it was only after that he realized how much he'd changed as a person. He barely saw his two girls, and from the sound of it, Ali wasn't comfortable with that sort of an on and off relationship. He decided to base himself in New York, which further separated himself from his family and friends. Out of sensitivity, the band agreed to recording in the city which made things a lot easier.
I appreciated the fact that he was able to open up to me. Before dinner, it was like he had put up some front, maybe to distance himself from me. During dinner however, he seemed to put more of himself out there. The night had started out with jokes, and him telling me about working with the greats like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, and while this fascinated me, I wanted to know more about him as a person. It probably wasn't a coincidence that it was after the bottle of wine, he became more open to serious conversation. Maybe I'd learn more during our walk.

"So B, you said that you've been spending sometime in the studio?"

"It's been mostly myself, Edge, and Brian."

"Brian?" I asked sort of confused. Was there an addition to the band that I hadn't heard about.

"Brian Eno, our producer."

"Ah that makes sense, I thought you'd replaced Larry or something."

"Are you kidding?" He laughed that deep throaty laugh. "Lars would probably have us on our arses before we'd be able to replace him."

"Well it would serve you right then. But where are Larry and Adam? Shouldn't they be here?"

"To be honest love, I haven't the slightest idea where Adam is, he's always around somewhere." He laughed to himself again, and continued. "Larry is still in Dublin, he just wanted a few more weeks at home before coming to the city."

"So have you struck gold with anything yet?"

"If only it was that easy Alex; right now we're more into what we feel like doing. We're trying to experiment with different sounds and ideas, and we're sort of interested in possibly composing soundtracks for films."

"So no song you're particularly excited about yet?"

"Well, I actually do have a favorite thats been going pretty smoothly."

"Go on then, spill the beans!" The curiosity was killing me, in these two years, I had forgotten how much I loved U2's music. The fact that Bono was actually telling me about there recording sessions, was mind blowing.

"It's sort of still in the works. It was inspired by those link ups we used to do during the ZooTV shows, with Sarajevo during the war. I actually think it'll be called 'Miss Sarajevo'. It has this brilliant operatic part that I want Luciano Pavarotti to do, but you know the Pavarotti and the busy man he always is."

"That sounds wonderful B, is it anything like you guys have done before?"

"If you want, I have a demo of the songs in the car that you can listen to."

I couldn't believe it, I was actually gonna get to listen to a song they were working one. I must have been the chosen one in a past life.

"Oh can I please."

"Of course babe, anything for you. I'll just call Henry and tell him to bring the limo around." He had winked, and I swear to God his charm made me weak in the knees.


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im so glad your still continuing with this - i love it, sounds like it is about to get very interesting!

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ooo nice chapter, yes this could get interesting
and ach, college work Lol.
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Please continue
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love it!
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i love it.
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I like it better from Alex's point of view. Keep writing.
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Makes me want to listen to those demos too
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So, any word on this one?

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