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PLEASE-chapter 3

So this is the third chapter, a bit longer than the second. I'm trying to move things along, but it'd harder than I thought. There are probably some spelling/grammatical errors, but try and look past that Anyway I hope you guys enjoy, and any kind of feedback is appreciated


She kept looking at me during the car ride, and I couldn't blame her. She probably didn't wake up thinking "hey, I'm gonna drive to work today, find Bono sitting on the curb, and bring him home with me." But I hope she knew I didn't expect this either. I'd gone home with girls before, but I had a different feeling with Alex. I was comforted by her sense of self and her unwillingness to just give herself up to me. She made me feel safe and a little less important than everybody else made me to be. I liked that.

"So here we are, it's probably nothing compared to the pent house you probably live in, but its home for me." She said this in an unsure sort of way, but she still smiled.

I smiled back at her and she blushed. "Alex, its looks like a beautiful home, it's actually only down the road from where I live."

"Oh yea? Where are you on Central Park West?"

"The San Remo on 74th."

"Wow, I always see it on my way to work. I never thought I'd know anybody who lives there."

"Well you do now, but it's a little to much for me. Way to big a place for only one person."

A confused look was on her her face, but thankfully she didn't decide to question why my family wasn't with me. I couldn't talk about it especially not when I was pissed out of my mind.

"So do you want coffee or something, it'll help with the hangover trust me."

I'd made myself comfortable on her sofa in the living room. Her place wasn't oversized as mine was, but it wasn't cramped either. It had seemed well lived in, and there were some pictures of kids that I really hoped weren't hers.

"Are these your kids?" I asked.

"Who Sam and Alicia? No they're my sister Nicole's."

"Oh, I just noticed you have lots of pictures of them, they're beautiful kids really."

She grinned with that smile I was starting to love, "I know, they're great kids too. I love em to death. I wish I'd be able to see them more often, but they moved to Florida about two months ago. I haven't seen em since."

"I'm sorry to hear that love. "

"It's alright I guess. I was thinking about going down to visit them next month."

"Thats great. I love Miami. It's a wonderful place to enjoy yourself."

"Yea I've heard. Well here's your coffee, I didn't put any sugar cause you didn't ask, but if you want.."

"That's perfect love, just the way I like it."

She joined me on the couch and we continued the conversation.

"So what brought you to New York, why aren't you in Dublin?"

"The thing is that people don't really care about me here. Back home, we (myself, Edge, Larry and Adam) are heroes. We we're rich, and we have international fame and success like no other Irish group has ever achieved, but all of this comes at a price. Every time I'd leave a club, and maybe had a few too many drinks, I'd see it in the next day's paper with headlines reading "Righteous Bono, Righteously Pissed" or some shit like that. I couldn't handle it. I didn't join a band to become someone else's hero, I joined a band to make some noise, to feel something, to say something. I didn't want to be looked up to, so I moved out here."

"I guess I understand why you left, but why New York? Why not LA, where all the stars have their mansions?"

"Well it's New York. If John and Yoko chose New York, I figured I'd give it a go."

She seemed a little less than satisfied by my answer so I thought about it and elaborated.

"I guess I'm here because everybody is equally as unimportant as the next guy. I mean nobody here will stop and bombard me with picture taking, and all of that shit. The most that happens is a simple 'hello' or something like that. Nobody cares who I walk out of a bar with, or what state I'm in. I quite enjoy that anonymity."

She seemed happy with this answer, and it seemed like she was getting ready to ask another question, but before she got a chance I asked her one first.

"So Alex, do you always pick hungover rock stars up off the streets?"

She blushed. "Not usually. Actually I'd say this is a first. Do you always go home with strangers you've just met?"

Laughing and almost spitting out my coffee, I knew I had to come up with a good answer or else I'd kill any chance to be with her.

"I'm impressed, good comeback. And yea I go home with some strangers, but that's usually after they've had just as much to drink. You on the other hand are perfectly sober, so you're a completely different story. You are a unique occurrence."

"Well if that was you're attempt at a compliment, I accept."

"Thanks love, I try."


And so we continued to talk about everything and nothing. She had told me about her childhood, which including a story about her puppy Tommy who had died tragically after falling out of her bedroom window. I had told her about the Lypton Village and what it meant to be a part of the group, but she seemed more interested in the stories about the band in the early days. She talked about her father dying when she was only sixteen, and for the first time in a while I talked about my own mother's death. I don't know how long we had talked, but I woke up in the late afternoon with a blanket over me. She was right, the coffee did help with the hangover and what had been major throbbing was reduced to a minor ache. I got up and she must have heard me, because I heard her call my name.


"Alex? Where are you?"

She emerged from a doorway which I guess belonged to her bedroom.

"I was just reading. How'd you sleep?"

"Very good actually, but I don't even remember falling asleep to be honest. Are ya sure you didn't slip anything into me coffee?"

She smiled mischievously. "Well, if you slept nicely it doesn't really matter right?" She laughed a bit and continued, "But I am glad that, my couch was good enough for your highness."

"The couch was delightful, but I am just famished. It's been a while since me last meal."

"Yea, I'd say it's about dinner time."

There's was that awkward pause, and I was thinking about what I wanted to say. For the first time in a while, the chance of rejection was a likelihood and I wasn't sure if I wanted to take that chance.

"Alex...would you have dinner with me?"

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I like that this is longer.....hehe

This is an interesting POV to write from....I've always hesitated to try to write from the band's's kinda hard for me. You pull it off pretty good.
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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Witty and charming.. keep going PLEASE!!!!
When's the next chapter???
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Just catching up!
The POV makes it very must be challenging!
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hey guys thanks for all the comments. It takes me a long time cause I try and get into character and make it as genuine as possible; but I am making an effort at speeding it up a bit. I'll try and get the next chapter in tomorrow night.
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Very good! I like the dialogue between the two characters. It sounds natural, as if you are in the room with them.

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