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Please - Chapter 24

We are almost at the end of this. It will be sad to say goodbye to these characters. They are fictional and belong to me, but as I share them with you, they belong to all of us.

I've nothing much to offer
There's nothing much to take
I'm an absolute beginner
And I'm absolutely sane
As long as we're together
The rest can go to hell
I absolutely love you
But we're absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
But nervous all the same

If our love song
Could fly over mountains
Could laugh at the ocean
Just like the films
There's no reason
To feel all the hard times
To lay down the hard lines
It's absolutely true

Nothing much could happen
Nothing we can't shake
Oh we're absolute beginners
With nothing much at stake
As long as you're still smiling
There's nothing more I need
I absolutely love you
But we're absolute beginners
But if my love is your love
We're certain to succeed

If our love song
Could fly over mountains
Sail over heartaches
Just like the films
There's no reason
To feel all the hard times
To lay down the hard lines
It's absolutely true

Bono’s head buzzed as he pushed through the doors. The nurse waved him down the hall. What a fucking 24 hours. He woke in one woman’s arms to sleep in anothers’. He and Faith were really free to be together. And now Faith's mother? He walked int the hospital room. Faith was sleeping. He was worried that her conversation with Larry would upset her. Apparently not. He wasn't about to wake her for the news that Patty arrived. As he sat beside her, her eyes flicked open.

"I didn't mean to wake you," he said.

"I was just dozing. I figured I better sleep now. I have a feeling I won't be getting much when I'm sprung from here," she winked.

He blushed. "I promise to take it easy on you."

"Don't do that," she said. "But no hickeys."

"Hey, they did their job. They made you stark raving jealous, didn't they?" He smiled. "How did it go?"

"With Larry? He let me off the hook easily. Said he was to blame as well," she said.

"How's that?" Bono frowned.

"When we were in Boston, he and I walked home together. We kissed. It was just a few minutes. He pulled away and said that he couldn't and he ran away," she said.

"Wow, it took him that long to break up with Ann. No wonder you fell for me. I have thank him when he's talking to me again." Bono smirked.

"How did it go out there?" She asked.

Bono shrugged. "Told me if I fuck up he's going to take you away from me. Too bad for him, that's not going to happen, " he sat on the bed. "How do you feel?" He kissed the palm of her hand.

"I feel really good. Better than i have in weeks," she said.

"Has anyone anyone come in?" He asked.

"The nurse said a Dr. Diaz was coming to see how I was. They did my blood pressure. That was normal. My temp was a little high, but not alarming. And they did another blood draw," she said.

"Wow, they were busy," he mused. "I didn't think I was gone that long."

"I was starting to wonder where you went. But then I remembered Edge mention coffee. I thought maybe you got some air," she said.

"I'm not leaving until I can leave with you," he said.

"Then I hope that's soon because you'll start to smell," she joked.

"I think I already have," he said.

She pulled him closer. "That's okay. I like your smell." She kissed him so hard his feet tingled. He hoped tonight they would be in his bed. He couldn't wait to properly worship her body.

"We have to be careful with those kisses. I'm having a very hard time keeping my hands to myself," he shivered. He took her hands in his. “Faith....”

“Good morning, Faith,” Dr. Diaz walked into the room. “How are you this morning?”

She nodded. “I feel better.”

“Are you still feeling tired?” he asked.

“A little. Not like before,” she said.

“Good. Well, I have the pleasure of bringing good news. Your biopsy and scans were negative. There was nothing out of the ordinary but we want you follow up in 3 months with your doctor, okay?”

Bono squeezed her hand and thanked God for answering his late night prayer.

“Your white blood count was probably high because of a virus, which is why we put you on antibiotics. You do still have a fever, so we will keep you one more night to try to get that down,” he said.

“Why did I pass out?” she asked.

“Dehydration. You were very dried out. Will you be in Florida long?” he asked.
“Just a few days,” Faith said.

“You need to keep drinking water and gatorade once you leave to stay hydrated, okay?” the doctor stressed.

“She will doctor,” Bono said.

“And make you sure you get a multivitamin into your diet. We’ll still be drawing blood to make the sure the white blood cells even off,” Dr. Diaz said. “What questions do you have?”

“So, no cancer?” Faith asked.

“No cancer,” Dr. Diaz smiled.

“I’m in the middle of a tour. I can still keep going, right?” she asked. Sure, now that she and Bono were together, she’d have to leave the tour.

Dr. Diaz nodded. “Yes, you just have to take better care of yourself. Eat better, drink plenty of water, and make sure you rest. No late night parties.”

“She’ll be good,” Bono promised.

“Any other questions?” the doctor asked.

“Not right now,” Faith said.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two alone. We’ll be checking vitals and keeping up with antibiotics and fluids. We’ll release you most likely tomorrow morning,” Dr. Diaz said.

Bono ran over to shake his hand. “Thank you all so much.”

“You’re welcome,” he said before leaving.

Bono gathered Faith in his arms. Suddenly, the future couldn’t be brighter. “That’s such a relief, love. I’m so happy. I feel so lucky right now.”

She buried her face in his neck. “I know. I can go back on tour.”

“Remember that conversation we had in the pub before Adam’s wedding? You said that you were bad at relationships and you were afraid of us failing. Do you still feel that way?” He asked.

“Well, yeah, I guess. I just have a really good feeling about this,” she said.
“I’m not Bradley. I won’t be him. You know that, right?” he starred into her face.

She nodded. “I know. Can I ask a favor?”

“Anything,” he said.

“Can you get some other food to eat? The food here is awful,” she said.

He laughed. “Anything you want.”Bono sat on the bed again. "Faith love, there is something you need to know."

She rolled her eyes. "God, now what?"

"I don’t think it's bad," he took her hands in his. He knew he was the person to deliver the news.

He took a deep breath. "Your mother is in the waiting room just now."

She blinked a few times. A cold chill spread across her body. "What?"

"She said she was watching the news and heard about the accident. I think she's been here a while. She was sitting out there when I first went out there. I thought she was here for someone else." He said.

"How did?" She couldn't find the right words.

"She heard us talking about you. She asked if we knew about you," he said.

"Did she ask to see me?" Faith felt a burning in her gut.

"Well, Larry flew off the handle a bit," he rubbed the back of his neck. She smiled. Good ol' protective Larry. "I asked if she wanted to see you. I told her I couldn't promise anything."

Faith chewed on her lower lip. Did she want to see her mother? It had been 15 years since she left a long handwritten note for her father. At first, he didn't tell Faith and John. She had gone away for a few days. Eventually he had to tell the kids and be honest with them. He showed them the letter and assured them everything would be okay.

"You do not have to do this. I didn't want to send her away without giving you the choice. I know you've been through a lot the last couple of days. If you are not up to it, I will send her away," he said.

She rubbed her forehead. "No. I'm stronger than that. Send her in. Will you stay?"

"Of course I will. Are you sure?" He asked.

"No, but yes. God, I wish I could have a drink before," she muttered.

"Do you want me to ask the doctor for a shot of something?" He smirked.

"I wish. But no," she shook her head. "Let's just do this. Tomorrow I get out of here and get back to my life."

"Okay," he stood. "I'll get her now."

Faith looked down at her sweats and t-shirt. Why should she care what she looked like? She ran her fingers through her hair. Taking a deep breath, she readied herself to meet her mother again.

Bono pushed through the doors again. He was glad Faith wanted to see her. Patty was chatting with Alex and Sam while Edge kept Larry at bay on the other side. Her eyes turned expectantly in Bono’s direction.

"Do you want to come with me?" He asked.

A huge smile broke across the woman's face. She nodded.

"Okay. Just a minute," he looked the rest. "We just spoke to the doctor. "

"Well, isn't he taking his new role so seriously, " Larry grumbled.

Bono ignored that. He knew Larry would be sore for quite some time. "Looks like she will be released tomorrow morning. They want more time for tests, fluids and such. She got the okay to return to the tour," that was directed at Paul. "And no cancer."

Even Larry's face broke into a smile. Edge watched as Alex collapsed into Sam's arms in relief.

Paul stepped forward. "Okay. Well, let's leave these good people alone. We don't all need to be here."

Reluctantly, Larry agreed to leave with Adam, Sam and Ryan. Edge and Alex stayed behind to convince Bono to at least return to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes.

Bono looked at Patty. "Are you ready?"

She took a deep breath. "No but yes."

She followed Bono through the doors. "Are you sure that other guy is her boyfriend?" While she waited him to return, she couldn't figure out why the angry one was outside the room. Who were these people to her daughter?

"Well, he was about 24 hours ago," Bono looked at his watch.

Patty looked confused. "And now?"

He flashed her his smile. "Now I am. It's been a very strange 24 hours."

"I guess so," Patty said.

She followed him into her room. Faith looked like she did in the magazines. Now she remembered where she'd seen these people around. Paul had been on a cover with her. And she had seen her holding the angry mans hand on. People magazine. Faith's eyes remained dark and still as she watched a much older version of her mother stand in front of her. Quietly, Bono moved to the other side of room by the window.

Patty started to cry. "Oh god Faith. My beautiful daughter."

Faith's skin crawled at the sight of her mother blubbering. She regretted agreeing to this. She had been feeling so good about Bono and returning to touring, that she forgot how difficult this was going to be. Patty started to move closer to encircle her arms around Faith.

She held up her hand. "Don't. I'm not ready for that."

Patty stopped and nodded. "I heard you are doing better."

"I am, thanks. What made you come?" She asked. Bono was taken back by the coldness in her voice.

"I saw on the news what happened. I've been following your career." She offered a small smile that did not melt Faith.

"I need to call John," Faith thought of her brother. If it had been on the national news, he'd been worried.

"I called him this morning," Bono said.

Patty saw the look of complete love for the man by the window. He returned that look with a smile.

"I'll call him tonight," Faith looked back at Patty.

She fidgeted with her purse. "I'm sure you have many questions."

Faith did, but she felt angry more than curious. She didn't have the strength to start yelling at this woman for leaving her motherless. So many times she needed a mother to hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay.

"Do you have other kids?" Faith asked. For years, she wondered if Patty had gone off to get remarried and have more kids. Kids that didn't have cancer.

Patty shook her head. "No. Faith, I can never explain why I left. I was selfish and scared. I was depressed and was a drag on your father. I was a distraction from you. I know now that I should have been stronger for you."

Faith nodded. "You should have. I needed both parents."

"I did stay in touch with Aunt Mary to see how you kids were."

That made Faith even angrier. "That's not the same."

Patty nodded. "I know. I don't deserve to be in your life now."

"Is what you want?" She asked.

"I think so. I'd like to get to know you and John." Patty’s voice was small.

Faith settled back on the pillows. "You think so?"

"I know I do. I was afraid to contact you. But when i saw the footage of you on stage, I was so scared. I thought the cancer came back," Patty's voice shook.

Then I'm surprised you turned up, Faith thought. She wanted to say it - to hurt Patty like she'd been hurt as a young woman. Faith knew those words wouldn't make it better. Plus, looking at Bono she knew he would have killed to have his mother back. It would be disrespectful to him to treat her harshly.

"So you knew about dad?" She asked.

Patty nodded. "I almost came up for the funeral but I knew that might be too overwhelming for you and John."

"It was much better for us to think we were orphans," she grumbled.

Bono wished he never suggested this meeting. It was hurtful to everyone. Faith's anger was justified. He was amazed at her restraint so far.

"I deserve your anger, Faith," Patty said. "Out of everyone, you the most. I am a terrible person for what I did 15 years ago and the fact that I stayed missing. But I'm here now to face the music. I'm here for you."

Faith laughed. A sound that alarmed both Bono and Patty. Running her fingers through her hair, she said, "Mom, it's been a weird 24 hours. I just can't make any decisions about having a relationship with a woman who ran away years ago. I'm not saying yes, but I'm not sating no. I need time and some sleep."

"I understand. Will you tell John when you talk to him?" Patty rang her hands together nervously.

"Of course," Faith said.

Bono, not wanting to interfere, took a step forward. "Maybe you can give us your number."

"Oh, sure," Patty dug around in her pocketbook for a pen and paper. "I'd like to try to be in your life any way you want. You just tell me what to do."

Faith nodded. "Okay."

"I'm so glad you are doing better. And that you are in such good hands," she looked to Bono.

Faith smiled at him. She did feel incredibly lucky to have him by her side. Bono took the number from her. Faith's face relaxed a little.

"Thank you for coming," Faith said quietly.

"Can I hug you?" Patty asked.

Faith shook her head. "Not yet. That's too soon."

Patty nodded. "Okay. Well, I hope to talk to you soon." She looked to Bono. "You take care of her."

He smiled. "I will. Let me walk you out." He turned to Faith. "I'll be right back."

Patty released a huge sigh as she left the room. "It could have gone much worse."

"Right. She needs time. She's a stubborn one," he mused.

Patty smiled. "Like her father. I know you think I'm a terrible mother running off. And I was horrible for doing that. My head was messed up then. Therapy has helped me get myself right."

"I'm not about to judge you," Bono paused. "Just don't give up on her. You will have to keep on her."

Patty side-glanced him. "You're very much in love with her."

He nodded with a goofy grin. "Yes ma'am, I am."

"Well whatever strangeness that made you her boyfriend instead of the other gentleman, I'm glad it happened. "

Bono chuckled. "Larry's not a bad guy. He sees things right and wrong. And he loves your daughter too. He was being protective. "

"Judging by the amount of people in the room, people really care about her," she said.

"They do. She's a special woman," he said tenderly.

The waiting room was very quiet as they walked through the doors. Only Edge and Alex remained.

"Thank you, Paul," Patty hugged him.

Alex glanced over at Ed. She had never heard anyone call him ‘Paul’.

“Take care of yourself,” Bono searched for the proper name to call her.

“Patty, you can call me Patty,” she smiled. “It was nice meeting you. Thank you for taking care of her.”

Patty nodded to Alex and Ed. An older man sitting on the couch in the far corner scrambled to his feet to walk out with Patty.

“How did it go?” Alex asked.

“Better than I thought. It was still painful to watch. I wonder if I did the right thing by telling her,” Bono scratched his head.

“She’d be pissed if you didn’t let her make that decision,” Alex said.

He nodded slowly. “You’re right. I’m not ready to get on her bad side just yet.”

“We didn’t hear screaming,” Edge said.

“No, Faith was very calm. Almost too calm. It was probably too much for her. This time yesterday, everything was different,” his eyes gazed off as he relived the last 24 hours in fast forward in his head. “It’s amazing how it can change so quickly.”

“Can I see her?” Alex asked.

“Of course. I see Larry left,” Bono glanced around.

“Yeah, it took some urging. He’s a bit of a hot head right now,” Ed said.
“I’ll stay away from him for awhile. Do you think he’ll get over this?” Bono asked.

Edge nodded. “I think so. I think the fact that you both put her first was a good sign. It’s going to take some time. The good news is that we’re still on tour and you have to work together. The bad news is that we’re still on tour and he has to see you and Faith together.”

Bono shrugged unimpressed. “I had to see them together.”

“It’s somehow different,” Edge said.

Bono wasn’t convinced there was much difference except he was finally on the other side. “I’ll take his feelings into account.”

Alex peered around the door. Faith started blankly at the Oprah show. “Hey, how are you?” Alex asked.

“I am so bored,” Faith sighed. “I know that is a good thing. Considering yesterday was such a mess. I just want to get out of here and back on tour.”
“How was it with your mother?” Alex sat beside the bed.

Faith rubbed her eyes. “This whole day has been surreal. I can’t make heads or tails of it. I woke up in Bono’s arms this morning and had to pinch myself. I thought maybe last night had been a big heat induced hallucination.” She sighed. “I think I’m numb. I was talking to this woman who said she was my mom. I remember the voice, the mannerisms. Now that I’m thinking back, she was never really available. It was my dad that always was there by my side. My mom was this woman in the background ringing her hands.”

“How did thing leave off with her?” Alex asked.

“I have her number. I need to talk to John,” Faith sighed.

“Bono called him to let him know what was happening,” Alex said.

Faith smiled. “I know.” She reached for Alex’s hand. “Thank you for butting in. Maybe we would have come to this conclusion anyway. Maybe things would have gone on as usual. I really think that you telling him made the difference.”

“It’s good to see you happy. The last time I remember you being this happy was right before you and Larry got together. You and Bono were spending a lot of time together before that. He makes you happy,” she shrugged.

“And we were just friends,” Faith dropped her eyes. “For the most part.”

Just as Alex was going to ask her to elaborate, Bono and Edge entered the room. Like a magnet, Bono sat beside Faith on the bed and wrapped an arm around her.

“She’s gone?” she asked.

He nodded. “Everyone is. We’re all that’s left.”

“Why don’t you head out and change and get some air?” she suggested.

“I don’t want to leave you,” Bono said.

She rolled her eyes. “I’m fine and you are starting to smell. Besides, I want you to bring me back a big ass burger. I’m starving.”

His face broke into a huge grin. “Ah, there’s my girl. She’s back and craving meat.”

Faith cheeks pinked slightly. Why did she have to be in this hospital bed tonight?

Edge and Alex shifted under the weight of the sexual electricity between Faith and Bono.

"Do you want me to stay while he goes?" Alex asked interrupting their hungry gaze.

"No, I'm fine. I could use a nap while everyone is gone. Can you bring me some real clothes for when I leave?" She asked. "Or give them to Bono?"

"Sure. I guess I could use a real meal too," Alex said.

"I'm sure we'll all be happy when things return to normal - as normal as it can for a tour," Edge said.

Bono kissed Faith softly. It was strange seeing them being affectionate.

"I'll be back soon," he winked. He leaned close in her ear. "I love you."

"You too," she smiled.

Bono followed Edge and Alex out. Their body language was a dead give away to the feelings smoldering. He watched them talk and walk close. Every so often, their hands brushed and lingered. It was Bono’s turn to be guardian angel once he got Faith settled. In the car back to the hotel, he noticed their legs pressed together. They were both quiet. It was evident that they shared something recently. Was it emotional or physical? Once at the hotel, they shared a gaze and went in opposite directions. When Edge met Bono’s eyes, they spoke volumes to the turmoil within.

Faith woke with a start. It took her a moment to remember where she was and what she’d been through. For the first time since she fainted, she was alone. Shaking her head, she attempted to shake off another dream about Bradley. It’s different this time, she said. Unlike Bradley, things didn’t start like a fairytale. She and Bono had to fight to get to this place. Things would have to get easier now. Why was she still dreaming of Bradley? She took another shower to wash off the doubt from her skin. Tonight, she’s sleep in her uncomfortable hospital bed with tubes running in to arm. Tomorrow night, she’d be sleeping beside Bono. She grabbed a pair of shorts and t-shirt. One of the nurses gave her some styling product for her hair. For the first time in weeks, she was feeling human and not like the shell of herself she was.

A huge smile broke onto Bono’s face when he saw Faith sitting cross-legged on the bed reading the newspaper. In a bag, he held the secret to her salvation - a huge bacon cheeseburger.

“Oh you and that burger is a sight for sore eyes,” she said. “If I weren’t tethered to this damn thing, I’d run over there.”

He offered a hearty laugh. “You look well. Almost healed.”

“Well, I had the best medicine,” she said. “Now please give me the food.”

He sat beside her on the bed and pulled the table over. “Calm down woman.”
She leaned into a kiss. He was having a hard time not pushing her against the bed. “Thank you,” she whispered into his lips. As their kiss deepened, a low moan escaped from his throat. So many nights he thought of this. He missed the feel of her lips. A part of him was worried that her effect on him would lessen now that it was no longer forbidden. He wanted her now as much as ever. Waking beside her would be heaven.

"Ow," she winced.

He jumped away. "What? What did I do?"

"I nearly pulled my IV out," she groaned.

"Okay, I'll behave," he relented. "Hmmm, I want you."

She nodded with her heart racing. "I know."

"We better eat dinner. I have a feeling we'll need strength for when you get out," he smiled wickedly at her.

She blushed slightly. "Did you see Larry?"

He shook his head as he took the food out of the bag. "No. I just went to my room and showered. I think tomorrow is our last night in Miami."

Alex, Ryan, Sam and Sheila walked in. Alex carried a small bag of Faith's things with her.

"You look so much better," Ryan rushed over to hug her. "Gave us a scare."

"I just wanted PR," Faith joked.

A nurse poked her head. "Faith, you have flowers."

Her eyes lit up. "Aw, you guys."

Sam shook his head. "It wasn't us. We weren't clever enough to think of that."

"There are a lot of flowers. My guess from fans," the nurse said.

"How much is a lot?" Faith asked.

"Right now, 15 arrangements. We have them in the back room right now," she said. "And more keep coming in."

"Wow," Ryan whistled.

"Can you deliver them to the children's floor first? If there are extras, the oncology patients?" Faith asked.

"You don’t want any of them?" The nurse was surprised.

Faith smiled. "No. I'd rather they brighten someone else’s day."

She never failed to amaze Bono.

"Sheila, I'm ready," Faith said.

Sheila was confused. "Ready?"

"I'm ready to go public about the leukemia. It was silly for me to go this long. I didn't want it to take away from the band, but it became its own monster," she sighed. "We haven't been kicked off the tour, have we?"

Sheila laughed. "No. If you are still up for hitting the stage, then we want you there."

"Are you kidding? Once Paul got over postponing the show, he loved the publicity," Bono said.

"You're ready for the questions and digging around your past?" Alex asked.

The past meant everyone finding out about her mother. How much of her past would be interesting?

Faith nodded. "I'm tired of hiding it. It's possible they would find out anyway if they dug around enough."

"Okay," Sheila said. "I'll let Paul know."

Faith looked to her band. "Are you guys okay with that?"

Sam laughed. "We thought it was silly to hide it."

"I wanted to make sure you we okay with it," Faith said. She would have to prepare herself and them for the onslaught of questions in interviews.

Ryan mussed her hair. "Look at her grabbing media headlines. Like being the singer isn’t attention enough."

She smirked. "You know how us meglo-maniacs are."

Alex looked at Bono with a wink. "Yep, we do."

"How are you going to handle 2 of you together?"Ryan joked.

“She’s the rock-star,” Bono said.

“And he’s the rock-god,” she shot back.

Against her urging, Bono won’t go back to his hotel room. He would spend a second night in her hospital bed. It took all his strength to not stroke her body like he wanted. She was so warm curled up beside him. His body craved her, but he could wait. Tomorrow, they would still be together.

Faith was released at noon. She and Bono spent the morning in the children’s ward singing and reading stories to the kids. A part of her was sad to leave the small bubble she and Bono existed inside. There were no fans. No Larry glaring at them. It was quiet. They spent the evening talking and kissing. Her stomach churned as the nurse removed her IVs. How would Larry be towards them?

Faith didn't expect the crush of photographers and local news crews outside the hospital. She offered a small wave with her free hand as Bono guided her into the back of the car.

"They'll start to ask questions," he said watching faces press against the windows.

"Questions?" She gazed out the window. "About us? Haven't they been playing the are they dating game since I joined the tour?"

He nodded. "True."

"How do you want me to reply?" She asked.

He took her hand. "Like me. If anyone asks, we are very much together."

"We should probably be discrete around Larry. I would hate to hurt him more and toss this in his face."

Bono hid his frown. He knew she was right. He had swept in and stolen Larry's girlfriend. He should think of his mate's feelings in the matter. He didn't like that she considered it. Even though everything in her touch and eyes said she was his completely, he had small seeds of doubt. Would she regret this decision?

Once back at the hotel, Faith did not get the rest her doctors ordered. The fans caught wind of the bands extended stay in Miami. The scene outside the hospital prepared her for the circus outside the hotel. Fans called to her offering well wishes.

When they got out of the car, Bono tugged her hand inside.

"I want to thank the fans," she said.

"Are you sure? " he asked. "You should take it easy."

She laughed. "I'm going to sign some things and talk with them, not go mountain climbing. "

Bono looked to John his bodyguard."Keep an eye on her."

If she was going to greet fans, he would too. He moved the other side of the barricade to squealing fans there.

Faith had hoped to take a quick nap before dinner. While she felt much stronger than a few days ago, the excitement and emotional turmoil still left her a little tired. It was after 3 by the time she and Bono were done greeting the fans. From there, she was to meet with Paul, Sheila and the band about the press release. Bono wanted to go with her, but he recognized that he might be hovering. Reluctantly, he big her farewell until dinner.

Against Bono’s wishes, a big dinner was arranged to celebrate Faith’s release from the hospital. Secretly, he was certain that this was part of Larry’s plan to prevent Faith and Bono being alone. He had promised Faith that he would be considerate of Larry’s feelings.

Lucy had heard the rumors filter in over the past few days. First, there was Christy’s sudden exit from the tour. Lucy had been overjoyed with the news she was gone. It didn’t occur to her what made Christy leave. Then came the news that Bono had stayed the night with Faith. An uneasy feeling settled in Lucy’s stomach. She felt betrayed by Faith. She had confessed and asked for Faith’s help. Now she knew that Faith never said anything to Bono. Faith had wanted him for herself. Her eyes shifted towards poor Larry who was holding his breath for Faith’s arrival at the restaurant. Fuck Faith, she cursed. Why does she get everything that she wants?

“So, I heard about Bono and Faith,” Lucy’s mouth was turned up a knot.
Sam nodded. He hoped this would the ridiculous crush she had on him. “Yes, they seem very happy.”

“Hmph,” Lucy flounced away.

With cheers, Faith and Bono entered the dining room holding hands. Faith felt overwhelmed and very embarrassed by the fuss. As she blushed, Bono wrapped his arm around her with a smile. Lucy’s stomach dropped to the floor. She’d heard the rumors, but seeing it in the flesh was worse. She felt stupid for not seeing it sooner.

Faith’s eyes scanned the room for Larry. His face said it all. He was happy that Faith was well, but crushed by the events over the last day. She saw Adam lean in and ask if he was okay. He returned a terse nod. At some point, she would need to talk to him again. She wasn’t sure if that would it worse. Maybe let him come to her? She wasn’t sure what the right thing to do was? Go back in time and undo all her lies? She smiled up at Bono as he pulled out the chair for and slipped beside her.

Dinner was strange. Faith walked a fine line of being goofy in love and mindful of Larry’s emotions. Bono’s arm dropped casually on the back of her chair as they shared a table with Edge, Alex, Sam, Sheila and Ryan. The Miami concert was rescheduled for the very end of the tour. There was a general groan as the original last stop was thousands of miles away. December 12th was to be the last day. Now, it would be December 16th. Faith felt responsible even though everyone attempted to reassure her that there was nothing she could have done. A virus is a virus.

Larry glowered from the other side of the room. Nothing could prepare him for the sight of Bono and Faith walking through the door. Or the look of absolute love in their eyes. Whenever Bono’s eyes fell on her face, a small smile played on his lips. Larry hadn’t seen Bono this happy since before Zoo TV. Ali had visited Zoo but it always seemed to make him tense. Larry knew they argued once they left the party. And as the tour trudged on, the tension and rift grew. Bono said that once he was home, it would be better. That never happened. Thinking back to the divorce and the state it left Bono in, Larry acknowledged that he deserved some happiness. Larry just wished that it wasn’t as his expense. As he watched them interact, he wondered how he didn’t see it all along. He saw it Bono’s eyes from the first night. How did he miss it in Faith’s? This connection had existed for while. It was true, Bono and Faith somehow fit. Even now, they laughed and teased one another. Their table rolled with laughter as they each told stories. As bad as Larry felt, he knew that under the circumstances he should feel worse. He was angry at Bono – though he wasn’t sure why anymore. In a sense, he had taken his girlfriend. But as far as he knew Bono didn’t do anything sneaky. He just fell in love her and she him. Larry was still trying to sort out what would happen after the tour. He considered moving to New York for awhile to be closer to her. But he could honestly say, he didn’t consider wedding bells or kids. Looking at his face, he knew Bono was ready to sign up for the whole lot.

Faith stood at the bar waiting for a glass of water and glass of wine – against doctor’s orders. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Larry approach. His face was stone. She prepared herself for whatever he was about to throw at her. She only hoped that Bono wouldn’t see and a fight would ensue.
“Hi,” he said quietly.

“How are you?” she asked.

He nodded. “I’m okay. How did it go with your mother?”

She rolled her eyes. “It was strange. Part of me wanted to go off on her. But I wanted to be an adult about it.” Faith was relieved for the moment. “She knows I’m pissed. I might not have given her both barrels, but a hospital is not the forum for that.”

“You showed more restraint that I did,” Larry said.

She smiled, “I heard.”

He shrugged it off. “I got my point across. Bono was ready to invite her for bleeding tea.”

Her smile softened as her eyes instinctively searched for him at the mention of his name. “Well, that’s Bono for you. Always looking to give someone the benefit.”

“You really love him,” Larry mused at the look on her face.

She nodded. “I’m sorry.”

He shook it off. “You two are more suited for each other. I see that now.”

She looked into his face closely. Did he honestly believe that? “When we joined this tour, none of this was supposed to happen.”

Larry nodded. “I know. After yesterday, I wondered that. What if we picked another band? I honestly don’t think I’d be happier. What happened between Ann and I was meant to happen. You just gave me a reason to follow through. I think down the line we would have seen that we might not want the same things.”

She never considered how long term she would be with Larry. She never pictured marriage or children. She hadn’t thought much beyond December when the tour ended.

“Are you talking about Ann or me?” she asked.

“Both,” He ran his hand over his hair. “Faith, you are amazing. I thought that from the first time I saw you on stage. But I have no idea what I want right now. I thought you were the answer, but I still feel this wanderlust which is very odd for me. I’m usually very content to be at home. Right now, I sort of want to break out, y’know?”

Faith smiled. Over his shoulder, she noticed Bono’s eyes watching with sharp interest in their conversation. There was some concern crinkling around his eyes. She wanted to say, Darling you have nothing to fear.

“Have you told your brother?” Larry switched the subject. He was starting to feel restless and conflicted.

“Yes. I told him when I called last night. He feels like me. He’s shocked and pissed. I have her number. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet,” she said.
“I think she doesn’t deserve a call,” he scoffed. “But you need to do what’s best for you.”

“Thanks. I have time to think. Let her stew in her juices,” Faith said.

Dying of curiosity, Bono sprung from his chair. Edge watched him carefully to make sure fists weren’t thrown. He walked in close to Faith. “Everything okay?”

She smiled back at him. “Yeah, we were talking about my mom.”

Larry nodded. “Yeah, everything is fine. No worries.” He gave Bono a quick nod. While he understood their being together, he wasn’t ready to be around it. He patted Bono on the back and walked away.

“Are you okay?” he searched her face for any sign of second thoughts.
“Yeah. It was fine really,” she looked back at Larry. “I think he’s going to be okay.”

He hugged her. “All right. Are you ready to go? I know I’m knackered.”
It was later than she realized. Tomorrow morning, they would board the plane to New Orleans. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

He laced his fingers through hers as they said their goodnights. Edge and Alex knew they couldn’t wait to be alone in a room other than hospital room. Both felt jealous at their ability to be with one another. Lucy glared as they left the restaurant together. Bono wrapped his arm around her as they left the restaurant. Quietly, she wondered would it be as good as before. Was it so good because it was forbidden? Would her body respond the same now that they were in a real relationship?

“Your room or mine?” she smiled up at him.

“How about our room?” he suggested.

“Our room?” she tilted her head.

“I hope you aren’t upset, but I asked for a new suite for us. I didn’t want us to be in either of the rooms we had before,” he said.

It made sense. New beginning, new room. He helped her into the car and slid in close beside her. “Faith, I’ve waited for months for this to happen. And I honestly was starting to think it wouldn’t. I don’t want to spend a night without you beside me. Say the word, and I will request one room for us the rest of the tour. I understand if you still want your own space. Or if you think it’s too soon to be sharing living quarters. I just wanted you to know that I don’t want to sleep without you anymore. I want you to be the last thing I see at night and the first every morning.”

She chuckled softly. “Trying to cut cost on the tour?”

He shrugged casually. “You know, sacrifices need to be made for sake of the lemon. That bastard is expensive.”

“I don’t need my own space. I like the idea of having a space that is ours. It was different before. I never even thought of sharing a room with Larry, but with you, it seems natural. Of course we’d be in one room,” she said.

He sighed in relief. “I’m so glad you said that. I was afraid I was being too presumptuous.”

He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Any doubt that his touch would set fire to her body quickly went out the window. As they left the party, she felt tired and consider curling up beside him for a good night’s sleep. Now, her hands started to wander even though they were in the back of a car. As she responded to him, his pants grew tight and uncomfortable. Why was this car ride taking forever, he wondered. He needed her skin on his.

“Oh babe, I want you so much,” he teased her mouth. “Why is this car taking fucking forever?”

She giggled into his neck. Her hand slipped inside his shirt. “I know. Is he driving backwards?”

“I just want to be inside you,” his voice rumbled low in her ear. His kissed her ear running his tongue down her neck. “And make you scream.”

By the time they reached their hotel, Bono’s shirt had one remaining button keeping it closed. Faith’s shirt was completely disheveled and untucked. They tumbled out of the car holding on to one another. They staggered through the lobby under the shifty gazes of hotel guests and fans who reckoned they were drunk. They collapsed against the wall of the elevator. He pressed her against the wall to recapture her mouth. Her hands traveled down his back to his backside pushing him against her.

“God Faith, you’re driving me crazy,” as his hips grind against her.

“There’s a camera in here,” she pointed.

“I don’t care. Let’s give them something to watch,” he growled.

“What floor?” she purred in his ear.

He blinked blankly for a moment. “Floor. Oh, 10.” He punched the button before kissing her again. His hands searched the front pockets of this pants. They slid to the back pockets.

“Are you touching yourself?” she asked.

“No, I’m looking for fucking room key. Shit, did I get it from Paul?” he panicked.

“Are we going to have to do it in a maid’s closet?” she raised an eyebrow.
A wicked smile crossed his face. “That does seem pretty hot, but I know I have it.” He dug his hand deeper into the front pocket. His pants had become so tight, he had a difficult time pulling the keycard out. “Here it is, but save that closet idea for another time.”

~~~~~ Edit~~~~

She smiled against his lips. "That was fucking unbelievable. "

"Oh, if you knew how many times I imagined this," he sighed. "Probably from the first night I met you. I knew you were the one."

"The one?" She asked covering his freckled shoulders with light kisses.

"The one to save me. I was so lost when I met you. I think it showed," he rocked them gently.

"You were so annoying, " she rolled her eyes.

He laughed. "And now?"

She smiled. "A little less now."

"You're in trouble, " he flipped them over so he was on top.

He kissed her body leading to a slower lovemaking session as they took each other in. After all this time, they still couldn't get enough of each other.

"Do you like our room?" He asked as they curled into each other.

“I've only seen the bed," she mused. "And we leave tomorrow. "

"This is how I want us every night," he murmured sleepily.

"Me too," she said. She felt safe and warm. Nothing could disrupt them.

"I just realized that we didn't use protection," his eyes opened.

"Do you have a disease? " she asked.

"No but that's not the only thing that could happen," he said.

"THAT wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to us," she yawned.

His heart skipped. He moved his hand to her stomach. "No, it wouldn't."

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Oops. I had the unedited version up. Note to self - do not drink and watch hurricane coverage AND post your new chapter. Ask for the details.

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Woooooo unedited pretty please?

acrobatangel at

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They really do love each other, don't they? Now Bono and Faith need to return the favour and sort out Edge & Alex, though I don't think Sam would be quite as mature about things as Larry.

Oh, and if you'd like to shoot the unedited version in my direction, it's

Hope you're not in the path of the hurricane - if so, stay stafe
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After all the angst everything is extremely perfect right now unedited version por favor!
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Smutty bits, please??
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Thanks everyone. I'm glad that people liked the outcome. As I said, there's not much more left. I will be sad to say goodbye to these characters. But then I can get back to Mysterious Ways.

And thank you very much for all the feedback and encouragement. It made writing this very enjoyable.
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“I’m not Bradley. I won’t be him. You know that, right?” he starred into her face.
This kind of made me all emotional...there's just something so...adorable about them. But not even that. Not really superficial like that. It's deep and difficult to describe...they need each other...

Plus, looking at Bono she knew he would have killed to have his mother back. It would be disrespectful to him to treat her harshly.
This whole situation with Faith and her mom is so sad and painful...I probably wouldn't have been that forgiving at all.

I don't get how Patty could have left Faith. Isn't there some huge mom instinct not to leave your kids? The only way it makes sense to me is if Patty was so scared Faith might die she couldn't face it because that would be too painful...but still...


"Thank you, Paul," Patty hugged him.

Bono wasn’t convinced there was much difference except he was finally on the other side. “I’ll take his feelings into account.”
You'd better, dude. I'll be watching.


Bono followed Edge and Alex out. Their body language was a dead give away to the feelings smoldering. He watched them talk and walk close. Every so often, their hands brushed and lingered. It was Bono’s turn to be guardian angel once he got Faith settled. In the car back to the hotel, he noticed their legs pressed together. They were both quiet. It was evident that they shared something recently. Was it emotional or physical? Once at the hotel, they shared a gaze and went in opposite directions. When Edge met Bono’s eyes, they spoke volumes to the turmoil within.

No Larry glaring at them.
Random Larry glare mention made my day.

Ok, got to the end. Bono and tight pants...unff. The very end made me feel all warm and fuzzy. ...They would have pretty, loud, demanding babies

Now on to the emailed bits!
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I know, they do just work. I didn't want it to be overly syrupy and sickening. So, I think I've managed to do that by the fact that they still tease and egg one another on.
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It works. I mean, that's both of their personalities. I'm still totally amused by how similar they keep sounding...

They're both fine, but Paul McG and his dialogue came out a bit stilted in this chapter...he tends to do that in fanfiction...heh.

Also, I'm wondering about Alex and Edge.

And also Larry.
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“You know, sacrifices need to be made for sake of the lemon. That bastard is expensive.”

For some reason this line made me smile. I've got some more photos inspiration for ya. I was looking at some old photos this afternoon and found these little gems from the St. Louis Popmart show.

These were taken with a disposable camera(remember those??) that I snuck into the concert. I was a couple of rows from the mini stage. There was a guy there dressed in a full Mac costume. Before the show he was walking around outside offering people a olives on toothpicks!! People had no clue what to make of this guy. Bono saw him and pulled him onstage during Miami. He did a great job playing along with B.
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That's hilarious!
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Originally Posted by AnCatKatie View Post
It works. I mean, that's both of their personalities. I'm still totally amused by how similar they keep sounding...

They're both fine, but Paul McG and his dialogue came out a bit stilted in this chapter...he tends to do that in fanfiction...heh.

Also, I'm wondering about Alex and Edge.

And also Larry.
Eh, Paul McG was there to be the bad guy. And I picture him being like that.

Money, money, money, money.
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Grr. Achtung Baby remasters...grrrrrrrrr.
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yes unedited please!

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Unedited chapter please

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Very good glad it's worked out for Bono and Faith. Would like the unedited version please...
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unedited would be ahmazing please,

awesome story xx
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Originally Posted by spanna View Post
unedited would be ahmazing please,

awesome story xx
Thank you very much. A new fan. Sent.
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Please PM the unedited version please. I love this story!!! (This story kept me entertained while the power was out last night... )

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