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Please-chapter 2

Hey guys I know its been a long time, but I haven't really had much free time. I really appreciate the feedback and I'll really try to shorten the time gap between chapters. This ones a bit short, so this might really be Chapter 1 - Part I, but I'm not really sure yet. Things will get more interesting as the story progresses, for those that maybe wondering

I have to say, I rather enjoyed watching that puzzled look take over her face. In an attempt to fluster her even more, I continued with the torture.

"That means no?" I asked. "Just as well, I guess I should find someone else to..", and it was there she finally stopped me.

"Wait I didn't say anything yet!" she shouted, almost surprised by her own tone of voice. "It's just I don't understand, I mean you're Bono and I, I'm just me" her face giving away a look of both confusion and bewilderment.

"Alex, it's just I figured since you were a fan that maybe you'd.."

"Well I'll have you know that as much of a fan I am, I'm not some groupie that you can just sleep with! I happen to be.."

I interrupted her back, now frustrated by her impatience.

"Fuck, Alex let me just finish what I want to say! I just want to use your telephone, thats it. I have to phone Edge and tell him I can't make it to the studio today. I dunno if you've noticed, but I have a hangover that doesn't seem to be letting go, especially with your shouting!"

After finally getting that out, I had immediately regretted the tone I had used. I had purposely sounded suggestive, but it was jokingly and I honestly didn't think she would have rejected the idea as forcefully as she had. No other fan had done that before.

"Well, I'm sorry ok! And don't you have your own phone to use? I'm sure a rock star like you would have something like a telephone at your own disposal."

She was right. I could have easily stumbled those six blocks over to my own apartment, but I just couldn't go back there. The silence was too much and I couldn't stand being alone, not even while drunk. I had to come up with something, and something fast.

"My driver was supposed to pick me up an hour ago and he still hasn't shown up. I know we haven't met before, but can you please do me this favor?" She was thinking but still no answer. "The fate of U2 lies in your hands." Maybe I was pushing it by saying that, and it was probably out of pity that she then agree to take me.

"Ok then. We just have to go walk around the corner to my car. It'll take about 10 minutes, since I'm on the upper west side, is that ok?"

"That's perfect Alex, thank you so much." I then took her hands in mine and kissed them, and almost immediately her cheeks turned a fiery red, and I could have sworn I felt her pulse quicken.

On the car ride to her place, we passed by my apartment. I had bought it a while ago, while still with Ali. It was just after Eve was born, and I figured that since we would always go to New York, it would be better to have an actual home there, instead of checking into hotels week after week. The idea was brilliant; New York would act as my home base for the entire American leg of the tour, and I'd be able to see Ali and the girls every couple days in between cities. I wouldn't miss any minute of my girls growing up, and I'd even be able to have time to spend alone with Ali.

This didn't happen. After ZooTV had its first kick off at Hershey, the magnitude and scale of the whole thing made it clear that the tour would make seeing my family on a regular basis, an impossible task. Ali had preferred Dublin anyway, and she had no interest in staying in New York for more than a few weeks vacation. Looking back at it now, this is what I see as the beginning of the end for us. After the tour and after the zoo, after leaving my wife and kids, the only thing I had left was this apartment.

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The only complaint I have is that your chapters are too short..hehe.

I'm really like the POV in this.

Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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LOL I tried making Chapter 3 longer so tell me whatchya think
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[COLOR="Black"]i like it.[/COLOR]
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Im liking!!
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