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Please - Chapter 10

Phew. This feels like a long one. There is so much going on that I'm not sure I can come up with a song that embodies it. Oh, wait...maybe I did.

Strict Machine followed the members of U2 through the maze of celebrities back stage at the Free Tibet concert. Faith’s eyes widened as they passed Foo Fighters and Noel Gallagher. Brad Pitt stopped to talk with Bono and Edge.

She leaned over to Alex. “I feel like we are crashing an exclusive party. I bet security is going to come haul us out.”

Bono twisted around. “Hey, don’t ever feel like you don’t belong. You’re better than a lot of bands here. Don’t think that you don’t deserve everything that’s happening for you right now.” He spoke with passionate. Faith was thrown off guard at his conviction. She could only nod.

Bono hated the mumblings that surrounded Strict Machine. One article wrote that they had been plucked out of obscurity by U2 and hinted at some lascivious reasons behind the pairing. Yes, he was very attracted to Faith. And yes, his interest went deeper than the physical. Strict Machine won their spot on the tour because they were a great band. Nothing more.

Faith stayed close to Bono as he guided her around meeting actors, record company types and the other musicians. She watched him as he hugged and kissed old friends. It didn’t matter if they were sound technician, fan or A list celebrity. He did not break eye contact as he listened to them intently. He remembered key facts about their life. It was like he was a politician. He made sure he included Faith, getting her involved in conversations. He wanted her to meet the next person that could help Strict Machine.

Faith paced the backstage area as members of U2’s road crew set up Larry’s drum kit for Ryan. Just when she thought she was getting used to the butterflies before every show, this one was different. Opening for Fun Lovin Criminals, they played for a few thousand people milling about the stadium. Most of their audience was U2 fans crammed around the stage for best spot.
This stadium was crammed with 25,000 fans. This was the biggest audience they may ever play in their careers. The weight of that rested on her chest as she heard their microphones being checked. She looked up at the rafters. About 30 people hung out watching from the wings.

“You’ll be fine,” Adam patted her back reassuringly.

She breathed in deeply. “I am scared shitless.” She looked over at Ryan who seemed so calm. He had a drum kit to hide behind.

Paul appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “Okay, you’re ready to go.”

Faith searched for Bono. For whatever reason, she needed him right now. Edge appeared at her side and gave her had a small squeeze. She swallowed hard. “Okay, let’s go.” She passed Paul. “Were you able to get the thing I needed?”

“I was,” he nodded.

“Thank you,” she climbed the stairs to hear the roar of the crowd.

Alex bit her lip and grabbed Sam’s hand. The sound caused a wave of nausea to ripple through her. She had heard a crowd this large before. But she was part of the crowd shouting along. Not ready to take the stage in an attempt to rock them. The air escaped from Faith’s lungs are her eyes scanned stage and beyond. A vast sea of faces stretched before her. Suddenly, Bono appeared at her side.

“Are you okay?” he asked with his hands on her shoulders. She nodded wordlessly. “Remember, you deserve this. Go make them love you like I do.” Her stunned eyes switched to his face. “You know what I mean. The music.”

At that moment, Faith didn’t care what he meant by that statement. She knew it was all pep talk, but somehow helped. If someone like Bono Vox believed they deserved to own this moment, then she did. She wouldn’t let U2 or her band down by folding. She nodded and moved towards the stage. The wind shifted her skirt as it whipped across the field. In the distance, she saw black clouds building in the hot air.

Strict Machine hit the stage with Kiss With A Fist. Faith was encouraged by bobbing heads and people bouncing in the first few rows. She ran from one end of the stage to the next. No one would say they didn’t put n a kickass show, she decided. From there, they went to Times LIke These, a song that was suggested as a next single. They didn’t have the full orchestration, but Paul did manage to get her keyboard to use. Alex refused to look up. When she felt her stomach tighten, she looked to Sam standing beside her. It had been a long time since she felt that connection with him. He smiled at her keeping her steady.

Bono and Larry stood shoulder to shoulder watching from the wings. Bono nodded along with the music with a pleased smile on his lips. There was no evidence of her nerves now. She looked into the crowd with purpose - daring them to listen to her words.

Faith thanked the organizers and pleaded with kids in the audience to educate themselves on the situation not only in Tibet but many countries under suppression. Alex, Sam and Ryan exited the stage.

“This is for the children caught in the crossfire of war and injustice,” Faith sat at the keyboard.

“They wait to plead their case, unknown cast aside.
I love to see their face, can we spare the light?
Are we afraid to see the prisoners of history?
These beautiful minds, trapped inside.
Bring them back to life.

Let 'em shine.
Let 'em shine on.

So dark, but I see sparks, if we don't snuff them out.
We gotta light them flame, let them speak their name.
Let them reach up to the clouds.
Can't eat if we don't feed them.
Can't read if we don't teach them.
There's no line if we just hide them.
Don't just let 'em die.

Let 'em shine.
Let 'em shine on”

Looking over at Bono, Ryan was certain he saw him wipe a tear away with the back of his hand. Bono’s face was an indescribable mix of adoration and wonder. He wrapped his arms around himself as he listened to the pain in her voice. The biggest show of their career, and Faith broke out a new song that no one had heard. And she did it solo. He looked to the audience. Most listened. Some actually cried. Others were waiting for the next big band. Didn’t matter. She reached some out there.

“Oh stars flicker in the distance, lonely out in space.
They sing out when we're not listening, because we don't see their face.
We can let them die, we can make them high.
Hold the little miracles that live inside.
Let 'em shine.

Let 'em shine.
Come on, let them love.
Yeah (let them love)

Hold them close, let them know they'll get through the night
Ordinary people could be a hero, don't blow out the light.
Let 'em shine.
Let 'em shine on”

Larry was the first to holler from the side stage. It was clear to Bono that Larry’s interest had not waned like he had hoped. Ann was the only thing that kept Faith and Larry apart. Bono was certain of that. Faith and Bono’s relationship had made great strides from the start of the tour.

Ryan, Alex and Sam rejoined Faith on stage for a final bow. Sam stepped to the microphone and thanked Adam Yauch. He thanked U2 for the opportunity. The one member f Strict Machine that hated all the attention and perks of their new position was gushing and reveling in it now. It warmed Alex’s heart to see him embrace it finally. She wrapped her arm around him. From the side stage, Edge felt a stab of envy. When Alex opened herself to beam, her face was brighter than the sun. He felt himself sinking inside of her lately. Maybe he was just lonely. If Morleigh could just commit to their future, these feelings would go away.

“You were amazing,” Bono beamed as they walked off stage.

“That was fucking awesome!” Faith cried. Her face was Christmas morning - joy and wonderment.

Larry melted into the background. He was afraid he would get caught up in her emotion and act on his fantasies. He had longed to gather her up and kiss her. That was something he could not do. It was a small crush, nothing more. He watched Bono gather her up his arms and swing her off her feet while she laughed. After high fives and hugs, U2 readied themselves to storm the stage.

They opened with Gone. Bono marveled at Faith’s ability to connect with any part of the audience. It was large and rowdy. He had forgotten how hard it was to play to someone else’s fans. It had been a long tine since they had played in the middle of the day. No lights. No special effects. The way it used to be.

At the end of the set, Bono felt exhausted. Most of the crowd could care less. He knew it wasn’t their best performance. His voice sounded tired from the New York shows. Paul ushered them towards MTV for a quick interview about the event and the PopMart tour.

“Now, is it true that you sacrificed part of your set for your opening band Strict Machine?” the interviewer asked.

Bono’s mouth was a straight line. “Where did you hear that rumor?”

“So, it’s not true?” he asked.

“I’m not saying it’s not true. We believe in new and exciting music. As artists in our position, we feel a responsibility to push new bands into the spotlight,” he said.

“What about the rumors of you and the lead singer, Faith?” the interviewer asked.

Bono laughed. “There are rumors? About what?”

“That are you are dating,” he said thrusting the microphone in Bono’s face.

He shook his head still chuckling. “I wish, but no, we are not dating or anything else.” He knew that if those rumors trickled back to Faith that she would be irate. He really hoped they wouldn’t. Right now, they had a very amiable relationship going. They were friends with possibilities - at least to him.

U2 rejoined Strict Machine in the hospitality tents as they mingled with the biggest bands in the business. There was buzz surrounding their last song. Bono found her on a couch with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. He sat on the other side.

“Great show,” he said.

“Thanks. I saw some of yours,” she said.

He winced. “Eh, we’ve done better. That song you did at the end. Is that new?”

She nodded. “I have been working on it for awhile. I rushed to finish it for today which is why it ended up just being me.”

“It’s very good,” he said quietly. “You really have a talent.”

“Thanks,” she smiled proudly.

“I like what you did with ‘Feeling Good’ with the whole band. I think you need to consider recording that,” he suggested.

“You think it has an commercial validity?” she asked.

“Honestly? In America, no. However in Europe, I think it could be huge. I really do,” he said.

“I’ll have to run it by Sheila and the band. See what they think,” she rubbed her chin.

He patted her knee. “Good job today.” With a wink, he went off to kiss babies and shake hands.

Winnipeg. All the towns began to look the same after awhile. They had about 2 more weeks before they would have 2 weeks off. He’d see his girls again. Talking to them every other night just made him want to tuck them in at night and read them stories. He counted on his fingers. They still had about 12 shows. The plane had been delayed because of severe weather in the midwest. Everyone was stretched out on seat trying to catch some sleep. Like zombies, they trudged into the hotel aching for a nice soft bed.

Edge opened the door to his suite, nearly collapsing against the door. He wheeled his carry on in behind him blinking into the dark room. He just wanted the bed. Flicking on the light, he squinted into the room.

“Hello,” a voice said from the bed.

His heart jumped. Shit. A crazy fan managed to get in the room. He whirled around ready to bellow at the girl.

She laughed. “Look exhausted.”

“Morleigh?” he asked. His eyes focused on a wonderful sight for his tired eyes. Morleigh wearing nothing but a smile on top of his bed. The exhaustion drained away to be replaced by a burning desire. “What are you doing here?”

“I had a few days off so I thought I’d surprise you. Come here. I missed you,” her arms stretched out to him.

“Oh babe,” he jumped on the bed. He kissed her hard. For the moment, all their troubles dissolved away. Her skin was pressed against his. He could forget the dreams that visited him lately. The ones that starred Alex and her shy smile. He loved Morleigh and she was in his arms - touching him.

As Bono had suggested, Strict Machine considered recording Feeling Good for release in Europe. They would record it while in LA. Times Like These would be the B side. In America, it would be the opposite. Sheila arranged for Spike Jonz to direct a highly stylized video with Stephane Sednaoui directing Times LIke These. Strict Machine would be very busy on their 2 week break between tours.

The bar was pretty quiet which suited the weary entertainers fine. They ordered drinks and food. The conversation was light. Bono didn't know the girl that had attached herself to his side. He wasn't interested in being the charmer tonight. After a late supper, his bed called to him. In the middle of everyone eating, the karaoke machine on stage started up. A young man called to the sparse audience for volunteers. Two young girls giggled as they butchered a Madonna song.

"You can do better, " Larry teased Edge.

"Hell, you can do better, Lardence," Edge replied.

A couple went up next to try their hand at a duet. Bono winced. "It's pretty bad." If one song wasn't enough, they decided to do two.

Morleigh looked over. "Have you considered doing a duet?"

Faith looked up to find her eyes on her. "Who? Me?"

She nodded. "Yeah with Bono."

Faith swallowed slowly. "No."

"It's not a terrible idea," Bono stroked his chin.

“Uh ......"Faith looked around the table. Everyone with the exception of Larry seemed keen on the idea.

"Would you join her or the other way around?" Edge asked.

"We could switch off. Where would put it on our set?" Bono asked.

Edge scratched his head. "More importantly. What song? Obviously it'd have to be someone else’s song."

The table took turns throwing out ideas. 'Endless Love' was shot down the moment it left Ryan's lips. There was discussion on whether the band would back he song or would it be like karaoke. For it to fit and not seem too cheesy, the band should provide music. Bono liked the idea of a Marvin Gaye /Tammy Terrell hit like 'Your All I Need'. Faith felt powerless against this crazy idea. With Ryan and Sam of all people behind it, she felt out numbered. Where was Alex when she needed her? Faith suspected that Morleigh s presence had put a damper on her mood. The only other person not jumping on the bandwagon was Larry. He was subdued as suggestions flew around. An older couple took the stage to butcher I Had The Time of My Life. Morleighs eyes lit up.

"That the one. Its fun. I can choreograph something for you."

Faith frowned. "Isn't this a bit cheesy?"

"If done right, it can be a lot of fun," Morleigh said.

Bono nodded. "I think I like it. It's silly and not serious like most duets. You’re having the time of your life on the tour, right? "

"Yeah. Enough to break into song about it? I don't know," she shrugged. Larry burst out laughing.

"Are you afraid of looking silly?" Edge asked.

"Uh....hell yeah." She turned to Sam. "Come on Mr. Musical Integrity, I can't believe you think this is a good idea."

"You said to have fun with it. Besides, it's not me on stage," he chuckled.

"Don't look to me. I suggested Endless Love," Ryan said.

"You don't even know if you sound good together," Larry scoffed. Faith was glad he was on her side.

Bono stood. "There's only one way to find out." He held out his hand to Faith. "Would you care to join me in a song?"

Faith knew she'd regret this. She wanted to glare at Morleigh for coming up with this notion. Begrudgingly, she took his hand. He led her to karaoke man. He requested the same song they heard 10 minutes before. Dramatically, he faced Faith as he sang. Faith looked at the monitor even though secretly she knew every word.

Larry hated to admit it but they did sound good together. Their voices blended without getting lost. Bono hammed up drawing laughter out of the entire bar. Faith played along a little. Her gaze found Larry’s steel colored eyes and locked for longer than they should have. He swallowed the dry lump in his throat. In a few weeks he would joined by Ann. He reminded himself of that fact daily. Not an easy task when Faith turned up at the pool in a bikini and chose the lounge chair beside his. Or when every hair shot up as she brushed by him.

Edge leaned close to Morleigh. "It's nice to see Bono have fun again."

She nodded. "She's good for him."

"Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual, " he sighed.

"Maybe down the line," Morleigh stated with authority.

Edge couldn't tell her that it was more than a little obvious where her affections were. He could see Larry and Faith fighting the growing feelings. No matter how they tried, they gravitated together - like he and Alex.
The bar erupted in applause as Bono grabbed Faith’s hand before an exaggerated bow. "See? That was really good."

"It didn't suck," she admitted as she reclaimed her seat.

"So?" He looked expectantly at the table.

Adam nodded. "It could work depending where you put it. It’s not a complicated song to learn."

"Maybe we can make it cool," Edge said.

B turned to Morleigh. "You mentioned choreography. You don't mean like dirty dancing?"

Faith groaned. "Definite no in that case."

"No. I mean something closer to what we did for Mysterious Ways. Just how you interact as you sing. I picture you circling each other before you touch in the second verse," she explained.

Bono grinned at Faith. "Ooh touch."

She rolled her eyes. "Maybe you can show us tomorrow?"

"You are considering it?" Larry asked incredulously.

She shrugged. "We'll see. I want Alex and sober band mates to weigh in after they see it."

"It'll be great fun," Bono rubbed his hands together.

“What?” Alex whipped her head around. “Y’all weren’t drinking, were you?”

“Sadly, no,” Faith sat at the piano on the Edmonton stage.

“Whose idea was this? It’s so bizarre, it must have been Bono,” Alex put her guitar on her lap.

“It was Morleigh’s,” Faith searched Alex’s eyes.

There was a definite eye roll. “Well....” Alex’s voice trailed off.

“I thought it sounded good,” Sam offered.

“What?” Alex’s eyes widened.

Faith nodded. “I know. I figured he’d be dead against it.”

“Partner!” Bono called from the opposite end of the stage. He was followed by Morleigh and Edge.

Faith glanced over at Alex. “I think I’m going to regret agreeing to this.”

“You just agreed to try it, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Faith nodded.

Alex’s eyes clouded over when she saw Edge and Morleigh’s joined hands. She grabbed Sam’s hand.

“Are you ready to boogie?” Bono smiled as he joined Faith’s side.

“Boogie? Don’t you do that during Discotheque?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“We need to figure out how to play the song first,” Edge grabbed his guitar.

“Yeah, because why should we play our own songs during a U2 concert?” Larry grumbled as he climbed up to his drums.

“Don’t listen to him. He got up on the wrong side of his bed,” Bono waved him away like an annoying gnat. “Which is usual for him.”

Larry saluted him with his middle finger.

Morleigh handed Bono and Faith sheets with lyrics. “While they figure out the music, let’s walk through the lyrics on the stage.” She led them to the second stage. “Have you thought about when you want to put the song in?”

“If you want us to dance, then we should do it when I have the headset on. That happens for Miami and Bullet the Blue Sky. Maybe in between those two?” Bono suggested. “I’m usually at the second stage at the end of Miami.”

“We can get Faith a headset too,” Morleigh said. “Now how should she enter the stage?”

“What if she was in the crowd and I started singing to her and she starts singing back? Then I pull her up on stage?” he suggested.

“Interesting. Definitely different than her just walking out on stage. Let’s try it both ways,” Morleigh nodded.

Faith was quiet, following Morleigh and Bono around the stage. It’s exposure, she told herself. Maybe in front of a live audience, it would be fun. The other three plugged away at learning the song. Each round, it sounded more and more the actual song, but with a nice edge to it. It didn’t sound as hokey as the original.

It was decided to try the duet the second night in Edmonton. They rehearsed it one more day to work out rough spots. Larry still hated the idea. Besides the fact that it was a stupid song and it wasn't even theirs, he had heard the rumors and mumblings. Even though he knew there was nothing romantic between Faith and Bono, this would toss gasoline on the fire. He saw that Faith wasn't 100% convinced it was a good idea. She agreed to give it a few nights before making any decisions. Bono, meanwhile, was happier than he'd been in awhile. He loved those five minutes on stage singing and dancing with her. It was just fun he didn't have to rationalize. He didn't think of his ex or anything else.

"It's time," Rocko said to Faith half way through Miami.

She nodded and adjusted her headset. The crowd wouldn't bother her too much. She'd been in front of a large crowd weeks before. She knew that the female fans might kick her senseless if they had the chance. But at least they'd know her name. Flanked by security, Faith navigated through the crowd towards the second stage. Bono had just deposited a female fan back the audience as he finished out the rest of the song. Some fans recognized her and noticed the headset. The music ended. Bono looked wistfully into the night as he sang, "I've had the time of my life."

Fans went crazy once they recognized the words. They didn't expect another voice to join his. No one could see her on stage. The large screens showed her position in the crowd. She slowly walked up to the barricade singing directly to him. The smile on his face was genuine. He leaned into the crowd to help her the stage. Luckily, it went better than earlier when he lost his grip and she nearly smashed her head on the rail. Once on stage, they walked round each other in a mating dance like Morleigh had taught them. He stepped towards her. She stepped back. She moved two steps forward - he went back two. All the while, their eyes remained locked. Finally, he reached for her hand. Slowly, she gave it to him. The crowd went while as he pulled her against him - his hips and thighs locked against her. He pushed her mike away. Being only inches from each other, they both sang into his. He could feel her breath on his face and it took all his power not to be aroused. He wished they had done this after he changed into his bubble pants. These pants would not be forgiving. It was difficult. Her eyes on him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her fingers touching his hair. If he leaned just a little closer their lips would touch. For a moment, he wasn't acting or hamming it up. He was lost in the song and how their voices entwined. Being around her did make him happy.

Larry couldn't hide his frown. To anyone else, it looked as though he was concentrating on the song. Bono was getting too carried away. Larry shook his head. He had no right. Bono had danced closely with girls for years. This tour especially. Why did he have to grind up against Faith? Why did he have to watch?

"Faith Sullivan everyone," Bono said at the end of the song. He bowed and kissed her hand. She bowed to him in return. She gave the crowd a wave before turning to head off stage. As she passed, she gave Larry a smile and a wink. His anger dissipated with a blush.

The reviews of the performance were glowing. Sheila thought it genius. The following day, their picture was plastered all over every newspaper. Faith’s brow furrowed as she read about her white hot romance with Bono.

"I guess I knew that was going to happen," she sighed the following day.

"Doesn’t it bother you?" Larry asked as they sat on the plane.

She shrugged. "It's not true. I know it. He knows it. Does it bother you?"

His face grew hot. "Um. If it's not real....then no."

She hid her smile. "But it would if it were real?"

He knew how he wanted to answer. He couldn't be that forthcoming with his feelings. "I think it would." That was enough.

She nodded. "I'm glad you said that." She leaned back with a smile on her lips. Let the world think what it wanted about her and Bono.

Chicago. Slowly the members arrive for sound check. Edge is the first followed by Adam and Bono. Larry, with Ann, was last. He gave her a tour of the stage and introduced her to some of the newer members of the crew. His stomach dropped as he led her to the lunch table. Faith stopped chewing as her eyes caught sight of Larry's face then at their joined hands.

Edge hopped up to hug her. "Ann!"

Bono glanced to his immediate left at Faith who plastered a fairly convincing smile on her face. He rised to meet Ann.

"Ann, it's good to see you," he kissed her cheek. Bono was pleased to see her. Perhaps this visit would root their relationship and make it stronger.

"Good to see you too. How are you?" She asked in that tone.

He looked back at Faith who was concentrating on her salad. "I'm better," he smiled. Ann took that to mean this girl had something to do with that.

"Ann, this is our opening band, Strict Machine, " he swallowed hard as he went around the table introducing Alex, Ryan and Sam. "This the singer, Faith."

Ann noted a different inflection in his voice when he said her name. Faith stood and offered hand with a large smile.

"Nice to meet you," she considered adding that Larry talked about her all the time. That might suggest the amount of time they spent together.

Ann looked the singer up and down as she shook her hand. "Likewise."

Bono nudged Faith. "We should probably rehearse those dance moves."

Faith was happy to escape Ann's scrutinizing gaze. "Right." Happily she followed behind Bono - away from Larry and Ann.

"Come on," Larry tugged on Ann's hand. "Paul wants to say hi."

"You okay?" Bono asked once on stage.

"Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?" She frowned.

"You seemed tired," he lied. Apparently she was not going to admit anything to him.

"Maybe a little tired. Nothing a swim later can't cure," she stretched.

Bono felt bad for her. But if she would just give him a chance, he thought. If only he captured her interest in that way. Ann wandered to the backstage area watching Bono and Faith as they danced to a taped version of the song from the show before. Maybe she was paranoid for nothing. They were only inches apart dancing in a very seductive manner. Bono attempted to dip Faith and stumbled a bit. They both burst into a fit of laughter as he steadier her against him. Larry hid a scowl as he joined Ann.

"Is this the new girlfriend? " she asked.

"No," he replied a little too hastily.

She looked back. "It seems like something is brewing."

"No. Morleigh thought this duet was a good idea. Since then the rumors have been rampant." Disgust laced through his words.

"It's cute," Ann smiled. "They look cute."

Larry kept his eyes forward. "It's a stupid song. Have rumors made it back home?"

"A little bit. No girl specific," Ann said.

"Has Ali heard?" He asked.

"If she has, she hasn't mentioned it to me," Ann shrugged.

"I wonder if it would change things if she thought he moved on," he wondered aloud.

"What does it matter if he's happy now?" She wondered why it made a difference.

"He still loves Ali. He misses her. Faith is just rebound," Larry stated hoping it was a fact.

"Well, he's a big boy. Let him find his way," Ann kissed him.

Faith was thrilled that she got to catch a glimpse of that. Alex and Edge pushed past them on to the stage. Larry saw the flicker of strain on Faith's face before she turned away.

"Faith,"Alex called. "Listen to this."

Faith broke from Bono’s embrace to meet them on the main stage. She had noticed that Alex was in much better spirits since Morleigh left the tour. Edge was too for that matter. She wanted to warn her friend about getting too close to him, but she wasn't sure it would matter. She glanced at Sam who showed no concern over the close friendship developing between the two guitarists. Alex and Edge stood proudly on the stage.

"Listen to what we did," she beamed.

They cued Dallas who played their version of Feeling Good with the full band. Instead of just Faith singing, they added keyboards from Terry. Faith nodded along with song. She always felt very critical of her voice when she heard it played back for her. She looked to Bono questioningly who nodded with approval.

Edge looked up expectantly. "What did you think?"

"I like it. When do you guys throw this stuff together?" Faith asked.

"We get here before anyone else. Crack of dawn," he winked at Alex.

Even Bono paused a moment in their ease with one another. He had not noticed until now how Edge’s smile was a little brighter around Alex. Boy, that could messy, he thought to himself.

“I was thinking of keeping the keyboards in when we record it for the single,” Alex suggested.

“I think you are right,” Faith agreed.

Paul walked over to Faith. “Your car is ready.”

“oh, okay. Thanks. Did you want to try this tonight? Or we could try it at soundcheck tomorrow?” Faith asked as she gathered her things.

Bono was amazed that no one asked where she was going.

“We’ll work on it tomorrow,” Alex said casually.

“Okay see you later,” she waved to the crowd.

Bono opened his mouth to ask where she was headed, but he didn’t want to in front of everyone on the stage. Faith was happy to away from Larry and Ann - at least for a few hours that afternoon.

"Let's go watch the band," Ann suggested.

Larry frowned. "You want to watch the opening band?"

"Yeah, since there is such a buzz about them. You did pluck them from nowhere, right?" She started walking to the stairs.

"Um, I guess so," he mumbled.

She tugged his arm. "Come on. I heard Bono and Edge are already up there."

Larry and Ann joined Strict Machine as they waited to storm the stage. Feeling a presence, Faith turned around.

Larry forced a grin. "We wanted watch the show."

Alex winced internally.

Faith flashed her best political smile. "Great. Enjoy the show." Her voice was almost a dare.

Bono and Edge saw from the other side of the stage. Bono thought it was a brave move to have Ann there. He could see the struggle on Larry's face. He hoped Ann was the victor, but the fact that Larry was conflicted at all was not a very good sign.

Faith took a deep breath in. You like to watch, she thought. I'll give you something to look at.
From the opening notes of Feeling Good, Faith was on fire. She sidled, sauntered, swaggered. She flirted with audience. She slid across Sam. After Kiss with a Fist, she motioned Alex and Sam to the drum stand.

"Remember a few weeks ago when we considered covering Gary Glitter?" She toweled off her neck.

Alex knew where this was going. "Yeah..."

"Let's do it," Faith smiled mischievously.

"We haven't had it in the set for months," Alex said.

"But it did sound really good the other day," Sam chimed in. He loved it when they switched up the set.

Alex fixed Faith with a 'you are playing with fire' look. Faith laughed. It was bad enough that Larry was glued to her for weeks leading her to believe he had feelings for her. She had been convinced that he'd end it with Ann. Things he said or did. And she felt like an ass for letting those thoughts permeate her thick skin. Let him watch this.

Ryan started the drums. Alex switched guitars and started in over Ryan.

"Is this Gary Glitter? " Edge asked.

Bono cocked his head. "I believe it is." He watched the glint in Faith's eyes. She grabbed the mike and strode across the stage like it was a catwalk. She was so into it that the rest of the band got into it. Alex and Sam danced around one another, but all eyes were on Faith. She shouted into the audience.

“Do you wanna touch? Do you wanna touch? Do you wanna touch me, there? Where?”

"You naughty girl," Bono muttered with a smile.

She jumped back to the main stage. She glanced in Larry’s direction to see if he was indeed watching. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. He stood completely still almost afraid to breathe. He knew he deserved this. He had no right spending as much time as he did with Faith. His emotions were in jumble. As Ann looked over her shoulder at him, he tried to look bored. He shifted his gaze to Ryan. The moment she looked away, his eyes were glued to Faith.

“Every girl an' boy
Needs a little joy
All you do is sit an' stare
Beggin' on my knees
Baby, won't you please
Run your fingers through my hair”

Faith’s eyes turned to Bono leaning against a speaker. Knowing it would drive Larry crazy, she sang and danced in front of Bono. Being a major flirt himself, he flirted right back.

“My, my, my
Whiskey and rye
Don't it make you feel so fine
Right or wrong
Don't I turn you on
Can't you see we're wastin' time, yeah!”

Bono laughed and enjoyed the attention he was receiving. Having Ann around was working out wonderfully for him.

Ann turned to Larry. "Okay, I’ve seen enough." She leaves the stage area. Larry scurried behind her.

Edge said,"She looked pretty peeved."

Bono nodded. "She did. But does she know why?"

Larry didn’t see Faith again until she was being plucked from the audience by Bono for their duet. Their dance was always a little seductive and suggestive. Faith decided to lose herself in the moment. The stadium was filled with thousands upon thousands of fans longing to be in her place. Over Bono’s shoulder, she saw Larry pounding on his drums harder than usual with a deep scowl on his face. What she didn’t realize is that she was driving Bono crazy. Her breath in his ear. Her body pressed against his. Her hands in his hair and on his neck. He took advantage of her zeal and slipped his fingers under her shirt to graze the skin on the small of her back. Before she exited the stage, she kissed his cheek and bowed to the audience. Usually, she would give Larry a smile and wink as she left the stage. Knowing Ann lurked nearby, she didn’t even meet his gaze.

Larry and Ann swayed slowly. Faith, arms crossed in front of her chest, leaned against the wall and watched as Ann snuggled in closer. It was never suppose to go deeper than infatuation. She wondered if she had made a fool of herself on stage earlier. The green ugly monster took over for her usual cool collected self. Bono stood beside her. He looked from her to the couple on the dance floor.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked leaning in her ear.

"Sure, why not," she said.

He pulled her close but alarmingly so. She knew he was trying to take advantage of the situation.

"They're a good looking couple," she mused.

Bono looked over. "They are. Not as handsome as us," he said with authority.

She looked up. "Oh you think we make a good looking couple."

He smiled. "Absolutely." He moved closer. "And unlike Larry, I am single."

Out of the corner of Larry’s eye, he saw Faith and B sway. He didn't waste one second, he thought bitterly. He knew he had no right whatsoever to feel any jealousy. At that moment, he wanted to switch partners. He thought of Faith curled into his body.

"I’d never leave you on the sideline," Bono cooed.

"Unlike the girl you were just talking to. Or the one you kissed a few nights ago," she tossed at him.

He cocked his head. "You took notice? "

"It's hard not to when you make a spectacle of yourself." she raised an eyebrow.

"I'm just biding my time," he said sweetly.
"Until?" She knew she'd regret asking. But Larry watched them and that made her feel a little better.

"You come around and see we belong together," he said.

She laughed. "Sweetie. That won't happen."

"I still have faith," he winked. "Or one day, I will. And when it happens I won't let go."

The seriousness in his voice disarmed her for a moment as he stared into her face. Was he crazy?

"So what was that earlier?" He asked.

"I got carried away in the moment? " It was then she realized she had used him. As she was now. "I'm sorry. If I led you on or confused you."

He held up his hand. "Please. I know flirting when it’s happening. You are looking at the master. No harm. No foul. Whatever it takes for you to press yourself against me. ” He winked.

She blushed slightly. “I’m sorry.”

He pulled her closer. “I’m not. I got some undivided attention. I hope it’s not the last time.” He said in her ear before breaking away. “I owe someone a dance. Maybe you’ll save another for me for later.” He pressed his lips to the back of her hand before he walked away.

Suddenly, Faith was exhausted. She wandered over the bar as Bono pulled the blonde he was chatting with to the dance floor. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his shoulder. Yet his eyes stayed on Faith as she took a large sip of a fresh drink.

Edge sat beside Alex at a booth in the back. He couldn't help his mind from wandering. Now that Morleigh was gone, there was nothing to ground him. The night before she left he had discovered she was going on her own tour with a dance troupe - to Asia. He'd been upset that she failed to mention it before then. Now, Alex sat close by his side. Earlier, they had crowded into the underground for hours working on music together. Shoulders bumped. Gazes held a little longer than they should. He watched the party rage around them. He had no idea where Sam had disappeared to. Alex didn't seem to be bothered. He spied Bono and Faith dancing close but in deep conversation.

"What do you think that's about?" He leaned closer to Alex.

She followed his gaze. "I don't know." She saw Larry and Ann swaying a few feet away. "Maybe that."

"Bit of a mess, isn't it?" He clucked.

"Not yet. As long as Faith keeps her head on straight," Alex muttered. "It's not like her though."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Faith is many things. Funny, smart, talented and very kind. Romantic is not a word that comes to mind," Alex said plainly. For all the years she knew Faith, she had one serious boyfriend. She was always more focused on work and music.

Edge looked over at Faith and Bono. "See, I think she is a huge romantic. She's a big heart. And I think if she just opened up to the right person, you'd see that side."

Alex frowned. "You don’t mean Bono, do you?"

Edge shrugged. "Why not? He's a great guy."

"I don't doubt it. But he's kind of," she searched for delicate words. "A bit of man whore. "

Edge laughed heartily. "Oh he's a flirt for certain. The biggest around. His ego took a major dive when Ali left. He had everything invested in their relationship. I think he's just filling a void. I also know that for what it looks like in the bar, he's usually knocking on my door at 4 am to work on music or talk."

"I'm sorry," Alex felt bad she talked ill of his best friend.

"I know how he comes across. I think he needs to let the guard down and show Faith his more vulnerable side. It might change her opinion. "

Alex shook her head. "I'm not sure that would make a difference. " Faith had it bad for Larry.

"People change," he said thoughtfully. His thigh brushed hers. She clenched her fists so she would grab his face. She imagined how his scratchy mustache would feel against her skin. She could still smell the soap from his shower. Adam and Jocelyn joined them thankfully.

Faith stopped by the table. “I’m heading back to the hotel. I’m exhausted.”

Alex looked at her friend. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah, just a long day.”

“I’ll go with you,” Alex said. She turned to Edge. “Goodnight. See ya tomorrow.”

“Okay,” he nodded. He considered joining them, but knew that would be an incredibly bad idea. He decided to stay to make sure Bono didn’t get into too much trouble.

Ann departed the tour 2 days later. She wished that she felt better about her relationship and future with Larry, but she didn’t. He was distracted. He seemed overly preoccupied with Faith and Bono. His eyes followed them. Who was this girl, Ann wondered. Faith stayed as far from them as possible. She didn’t enjoy watching Ann lay claim to him. It seemed as if she really clung to him when Faith was around. Naturally, she gravitated towards Bono. But she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea either. She liked him as a friend. She enjoyed being around him when he wasn’t being too flirtatious. When they talked music, it all fell into place. He spoke from the heart. It was when Faith felt she saw the real Bono.

"Where is your fearless leader?" Bono shifted his weight. It was strange for her to not show for soundcheck. Even if it was raining.

Alex didn't look up. "She had some place she needed be."

Bono crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Seems like she always has some place to be."

Alex glared at him. "Do you have a problem with any of her performances?"

Bono shook his head. "No. It's just strange that she just didn't show. I know she's been taking off in afternoons. I just want to make sure things are well with our investment."

Alex shook her head in disbelief. "I knew this was about you. Have you asked her?"

"She says she's shopping."

Alex shrugged. "Then that's what she's doing."

"I find that hard to believe,” he said.

Alex’s chest heaved in anger. Edge was all wrong about his good friend. Good guy, my ass, she thought.

Ryan stepped forward. "She's at the hospital."

Bono face turned to alarm. "Why? What's wrong?"

"Ryan!" Alex hits him. "Why did you tell him?"

Ryan ignored her. "Nothing is wrong. Faith had leukemia when she was a teenager. She has been visiting cancer wards while on tour to talk and sing with kids battling cancer."

Bono face fell. "She's okay though, right?"

"Worried about your investment? " Alex growled.

He glared at her. His heart had plunged to the floor of his stomach.

Ryan nodded. "She’s fine. She still gets blood drawn every few months. But she goes for the kids because she knows what it's like. It's cool now that we're more famous. The kids get a charge out of it."

"Where is she now?" Bono asked intently.

"Children’s Hospital, "Ryan winced as Alex shoved him again.

Bono nodded to Ryan. "Thanks. " He took off like a shot to find someone that could bring him to Boston.

"She's going to kill you," Alex said. "If she wanted people to know she would've said something."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. She shouldn't hide it. I think she should tell the world." Ryan wheeled around.

"She doesn't want pity," Alex said.

"No one would pity her. She's a great example of what research can do," Ryan countered.

"You know he's headed there. She'll be pissed you told him." She crossed her arms.

"Did you see his face? Whether you like it or not, he really cares about her. I'll bet he doesn't even know that yet," Ryan said.

Faith slipped her glasses on as she pushed through the hospital doors. The clouds were breaking up from the morning rain. It was sticky and hot now. Her eyes scanned for the car. Instead they caught on a familiar pair of blue eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. She knew by the look in his eyes that he knew.

He looked down from her steely stare. "I don’t know why I ran down here when I heard."

"Who told you?" She had a feeling though.

"Ryan. But to be fair, I asked where you've been running off to. And Alex was pretty pissed at him,” he said.

She leaned against the building. "Why would you care in the first place?"

He shrugged. He didn't have a lot of answers. "I'm not sure why it mattered. I guess I had a feeling it was something bigger than shopping."

"You look like you are chomping at the bit to ask me a slew of questions. Since you know, I guess we have no secrets." There was an edge of annoyance in her voice.

"I'm sorry I barged in your privacy," he mumbled. It was like him to act before thinking. Sometimes the results were not endearing.

She sighed heavily.“We know how you are with privacy. How are you with secrets? "

"You don’t want anyone to know?" He asked. She nodded. "Why not if I may ask."

"Paul and Sheila know. I don't want people to look at me differently, " she side glanced him. "Like now. You see me as someone weak and sick. I'm anything but that."

He frowned. "I don’t see you as an invalid."

She placed her hands on her hips. "Oh really? This is the first time you've spoken to me without once looking at my chest or undressed me with your eyes. I think I prefer you as a perv."

"A perv? " he raised his eyebrows. She smiled. "Come on. Let's get back to the hotel."

They climbed into the back of the town car waiting for them.

"So you want no one to know?" He asked.

"Exactly. Eventually it will come out. I know it's not a dark secret and at some point I can do something good virtue stigma. I'm just not ready right now," she stared out at her hometown whizzing by as she sat in a ridiculously plush car. She never imagined she would be in a car like this with the worlds largest pop star.

"What about Larry?" Bono’s voice chilled. "Does he know?"

"No. Why would he?" She asked.

He looked out the window. "You two are pretty close." He couldn't mask the jealousy.

"You are the only one that knows outside of the band, Paul and Sheila," she said.

He looked at her seriously. "I will not tell anyone," placing his hand over his heart. "I promise."

"Thank you," she smiled gratefully.

He tried to process what he just learned. He stole a glimpse of her in the sunlight. Her poor young body fighting off such a terrible disease. He pictured the fear in her eyes. The chemicals and poison that had to be pumped into her body.

“Do you mind talking about it?” he asked softly.

She shook her head. “No, it’s okay if you have questions.”

“How long ago was this?” he asked.

“I was diagnosed when I was 14. I responded well to the first round of treatments and we thought I’d beat it within the year. But the cancer came back and was a little more aggressive right after I turned 14. I was finally cleared right before I turned 20. So, I’ve been cancer free for 8 years,” she said.

He wanted to hug her. Instead, he reached over and took her hand. “I’m glad you beat it. Ryan mentioned you still get tested?”

She nodded. “To catch it in case it comes back. The odds are it never will. But, if they can catch a trace of it early, all the better.”

He couldn’t form words. He just stared at her.

“Stop. I’m fine,” she pulled her hand away. He looked at her like she was on her deathbed. She hated that look.

“Sorry,” he looked away. "And for record, I still believe if you gave it a chance we could rock each others world," there was that lascivious smirk.

She laughed. "And he's back.”

Larry fell in step beside Faith. They silently walked the desolate Boston streets. Back at the bar, the party showed no signs of slowing down. Being home and her run-in with Bono at the hospital left Faith tired beyond all reason.

"You grew up here, right?" He asked.

"I did." She said. Since Ann’s visit, she tried to keep her distance from him.

"Is it nice being back home? " he asked.

She thought to the trips to the hospital. She knew the exact route by heart. Boston had cured her, but she was happy to leave that chapter behind for New York. "It's bittersweet. Like most hometowns. "

Larry nodded. The skies above cleared as the walked through Boston Common towards the hotel. He wondered about the night she danced with Bono. It looked intense. There seemed to a new tension between when they performed their duet.

He bit his lip. " and Bono are getting on pretty well lately."

"I think we're becoming friends. He annoys me less each day," she smirked.

"Is there more to it?" He couldn't believe that slipped from his mouth.

She shook her head. "No. If it appeared that way, that was my fault. I have to be straight with you." She stopped walking.

He held his breath. "Okay."

"I acted like an ass when Ann was here. I did things I am not proud of," she sighed.

"Like?" He was afraid to hear.

"All that flirting with Bono. The duet. I was using him to get you jealous. And that's not like me to be so petty and deceitful.”

"You wanted me to be jealous?" His heart jumped. It was always inferred she had feelings for him. Her actions. Her teasing.

She looked up at him. "I did. I had no right to be like that. She's your girlfriend. I'm sorry."

He stared at her. "Are you jealous of her?"

"Very much so," she whispered.

He stepped close and pressed his lips to hers. He couldn't deny his emotions anymore. He had burned in envy when she was with Bono. His arms slipped around her waist. She had not expected him to kiss her. Her heart thundered against her chest. His lips parted to deepen the kiss. Gingerly, she slid her arms across his shoulders to him him closer to her. His kiss was gentle and rhythmic. He squeezed his eyes shut to silence the voice in the back of his head. Her lips were sweet. From the moment she took the stage that first night he stumbled into that club, he wanted this. Finally, it was confirmed. He did want her.

Suddenly, he stepped away blinking. “I-I-I’m sorry.”

She tried to move closer. “It’s okay.....”

He shook his head. “It’s not. I’m with Ann. I can’t do this.”

“But....I...” she clamped her mouth shut. She was confused. He wanted her. What was the problem?

“Faith, I’m really messed up right now. I can’t do this with you. I need to sort things out. I’m sorry if I confused you,” he ran a hand over his head before shoving it in to his pants pocket.

Faith felt foolish for allowing herself to get lost for a moment. Right now, she wanted to be away from him. Her heart felt like a shattered glass. It had been a very long time since she opened herself to someone. This reminded her why she guarded her emotions so carefully. In the distance, she heard a rumble as the wind rustled the leaves on the trees.

“We better get back,” Larry looked up at the sky at the advancing clouds. The stars that twinkled above disappeared.

“Yeah,” was all she could say. Her legs pumped hard as she walked away from him. He ran to catch up. She could see the Four Seasons and longed to get inside the solace of her hotel room.

Larry cursed himself for being so impulsive. He never meant to hurt her. Hearing her being so honest with him made him want to kiss her - so he did. But there was Ann. She had stood by his side for so many years. He couldn’t just throw that away. He needed to be sure about the decision.

The sky lit up over their heads followed by a large crash. As they darted across the street, the skies opened. They made it inside the hotel lobby as the rain pelted the windows.

“Looks like we just made it,” Larry panted.

She sighed as she looked at his wet skin. His shirt clung to his taut chest. “Goodnight, Larry.” She shot into the first elevator that opened and prayed he wouldn’t join her.

He nodded to her. He toyed with following her. It was the wrong thing to do to Ann and to Faith. He watched the doors closed before him.

Shine by John Legend

Nobody puts Bono in the corner!

Do You Wanna Touch? Joan Jett

Hope you enjoy. Up next, Europe!

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Oh stars flicker in the distance, lonely out in space.
They sing out when we're not listening, because we don't see their face.
We can let them die, we can make them high.
Hold the little miracles that live inside.
God, those are beautiful lyrics.

B turned to Morleigh. "You mentioned choreography. You don't mean like dirty dancing?"
Bono grinned at Faith. "Ooh touch."
Oh Bono

“Do you wanna touch? Do you wanna touch? Do you wanna touch me, there? Where?”

"You naughty girl," Bono muttered with a smile.
Perfect song to distress Larry by! Heheh.

I think he's just filling a void
Very apt, Edge. Poor Bon...

Nobody puts Bono in the corner!
I don't think that's even possible!

This chapter was amazing It was hella long, but that was part of why. There was so much going on. Everyone's emotions running wild, not to mention all the jealousy. Man...I can't imagine Faith with cancer...I feel like Larry would have been the better one to tell, but it'll be interesting to see if Bono treats her differently now that he knows, which is totally not what she wants.

That VERY unexpected kiss at the end with Larry...oh wow. I wasn't expecting his reaction to it, either...

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Yeah, it was long. Maybe I should have broken it up a bit. I guess I wanted to offer more bang for buck.

Notice how quick Ryan was offer up that info. He so wants Faith to end up with Bono. There's sort of reason why Bono is the one that knows. That kind of comes towards the end. And for whatever reason, Faith and Bono are closer than Faith and Larry. In the original thought, they were going to hate each other. I think I like the way they barb and joust, but also connect on a friendship level. She sees him as a great mentor.

I picture this is the way Larry would be if he found himself interested in someone else. He is loyal to a fault. He knows Ann has stood by him during the lean years and tours. He doesn't feel ready to toss that aside for what might just be a crush. Yet, when Faith was straight forward with him (a quality he likes) he couldn't help himself.

Alex and Edge are sort of watching from the sidelines, and trying to avoid the growing attraction they have for one another musically and physically. I can't decide if I want to end Alex's relationship with Sam or escalate it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The next few chapters get a bit dark. But exciting too. I'm really enjoying putting songs in Faith's mouth.
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Oh boy , Larry is one f*cked guy. Poor him .
Bono seems to be getting his stuff together, but he's still a mess,
and Edge , oh Edge..

You really are making a mess of my favourite band.
Needless to say I like it
Faith , Alex and Ryan are very likeable characters as well. Well done again.
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Sam is a little less jerky. But yeah, everyone is a little mucked up. Angst but everyone is still having fun.
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Angst but everyone is still having fun.
Angst party!
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Sam is a little less jerky. But yeah, everyone is a little mucked up. Angst but everyone is still having fun.
I'm hoping Sam fucks up again and Edge will make a move, since I don't like the Morleigh he's dating now.

No offense to "the real thing."
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Originally Posted by domo-kun View Post
I'm hoping Sam fucks up again and Edge will make a move, since I don't like the Morleigh he's dating now.

No offense to "the real thing."

I haven't decided how Sam evolves. But eventually those emotions have to come to a head.

I know this started slow, but it's picking up now. The European tour gets interesting and strife filled.
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The bubble has to burst , I liked how it started slow,
enough was happening, in a realistic way , things take time to escalate.
Alex especcially, she's the most realistic person for me in this story,
even tough Faith is the main character. Which doesn't mean Faith isn't!
They are all great, but I tend to go towards the silent persons, becuase I'm like that myself.
And she's into Edge , so yeah Can't blame her.
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Alex is like Edge - musical and cerebral. In my head, Bono would be attracted to someone a little more himself. Someone challenging. I'm trying to flesh Alex out a little more and give her more back story. I have to read back to make sure I don't contradict history.
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Great chapter, Grace! Of course I am rooting for Alex... I love the time you set this in, where he's still unsure about Morleigh, makes a very interesting dynamic here. And Larry angst - wow... now THAT is one interesting triangle - love it.

Feel free to come on over to BDL and post, you'll probably need to for some upcoming chapters... I hope!

Great job on this one, very very endearing - love your characters!
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The Larry/Ann/Faith triangle or Larry/Faith/Bono?

I feel bad for Adam. He is really wallpaper in this. I don't feel bad enough to toss him in the mix though. I thought Edge was sexy during Pop. That's why he is easy to write here. And well clearly I am all about Bono...oh, and Larry too.

I'm glad you like it. I should work on getting it up over at BDL.
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Well, that was long. And I just typed a whole reply that didn't go through...
With a wink, he went off to kiss babies and shake hands.

That was my favorite line in this! Well, maybe not... I also liked
Morleigh wearing nothing but a smile on top of his bed
Talk about a surprise...
...and wow, they kissed... I so want Larry to end up with Faith! Bono's very endearing but he's so obvious... and Ann is an interesting character but she's really only there to hold Larry back from the relationship, surely she can afford to lose him?
Alex I think should break up with Sam. They don't seem like a couple, more like good friends. (Hey- if she starts going with Edge he can date Morleigh! Probably not.)
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Originally Posted by BlueSilkenSky View Post
I so want Larry to end up with Faith!
I agree...ignore me in that, Grace XD I'm totally biased. Whichever one ends up making more sense.
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Like MW I haven't sorted who she ends up with. She wants Larry. But Bono might be a better option for her. As domo said, I've done messed up the band! Well, except Adam. He's like your dad, shaking his head saying, "These kids."
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Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
Well, except Adam. He's like your dad, shaking his head saying, "These kids."
That's a strange image...
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Best chapter yet!

Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
This seriously made me *loves that movie*

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