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Opening Act part 2

discalmer: fiction

Opening night, why must everything always go wrong on opening night? People are pouring in and they are still having problems with the sound system, they were supposed to have this fixed hours ago. Troubled Offspring goes on stage in half an hour so they better have it fixed then or else the guys are going to look like idiots. I look in on the techies who are up to their necks in a mess of wires are seem to be no closer to fixing the problem.

Throwing my hands up in disgust I almost succeed in smacking Edge in the face.

“Whoa, look out there, you almost took my nose off.”

“Sorry,” I mumble feeling like a first class idiot.

“I’m guessing by the fact that you almost smacked me in the face that they haven’t found the problem yet.”

I shake my head. “They’re not even close. I thought this was supposed to be worked out ahead of time.”

“It was,” he says. “But there’s always technical problems at the worst possible moments.”

“Like opening night?”


I’m about to say something else when suddenly one of the techies yells “Eureka! Look Joe, I found it!”

“Great,” says Joe (I’m assuming). “Lets fix it and get them on stage.”

“There,” says Edge with a grin. “It fixed itself.”

I can’t help but give a relieved chuckle before I head off to find the guys.

“They’ve fixed the problem so you guys are on in 15,” I tell them sticking my head around the change room door.

Daryl looks up from where he’s strumming his guitar. “Sure.”

“Where’s Ryan?” I ask realising the drummer isn’t in the room.

“I think he went out to look at the crowd,” says Alex.

I walk back out and sure enough there is Ryan peeking around the edge of the stage. “You’re on in less then 15 minutes,” I tell him.

“Kay,” he says distractedly.

I walk off shaking my head and knowing that I’ll just have to tell him again in 15 minutes.

Surprisingly enough Ryan is actually ready at show start along with the others. Given how nervous they looked before stepping out onto stage I’m surprised at how well they perform. I shouldn’t be, but even after all this time some of their shows are surprisingly good. But of course U2 is better, it’s a given, and if they perform half as well for the rest of the tour I’m going to love watching them every night.

“So did you enjoy the show?”

I jump, startled by Edge’s sudden appearance behind me. “Don’t sneak up on me like that, you just about took ten years off my life.”

“Sorry,” he says with a sheepish grin.

“It was an excellent show, though. Makes me look forward to the rest of the tour.”

Edge smiles looking pleased with himself and I wonder if I should have fed his ego like that.

“Well we’ll make sure to work hard so that all the shows are that good,” he says with a wink.

I roll my eyes. “Self absorbed rock stars.”

I hadn’t realised I’d said that out loud until Edge bursts out laughing.

“Well at least you’re honest.”

I can feel my face hearting up. “That was a good example of excellent brain to mouth censorship,” I tell him as straight faced as possible.

He laughs again. “You know for someone who’s a scientist you’re pretty good at this whole rock and roll thing.”

“This coming from the guy who everyone calls the scientist,” I say with amusement.

“Well perhaps I’m not the best one to make that observation then. However you don’t rally strike me as the kind of person who would spend hours in a lab.”

“You’d be surprised,” I tell him. “I can spend hours talking about genetics but given that most people don’t understand it I don’t.”

“Try me,” says Edge leaning back against the wall. “I bet I could understand it.”

I shrug before launching into the basics of the human genome research I’d been involved in. Normally after a couple of minutes people start getting a glazed look but to my surprise Edge was able to follow what I was saying and actually understood enough to ask questions.

Daryl stuck his head around the door after I’d been talking for about ten minutes and said, “Ahh! Science talk!”

“More like an intelligent conversation that you wouldn’t understand.”

“Yes but I have good looks and the way I see it is you either have good looks or intelligence. And believe me you need all the intelligence that you can get.” He then dashes away as fast as possible to avoid me throwing something at him.

“Ass,” I mutter.

Edge chuckles. “Well as much as I’m sure that was friendly banter if he was being serious I think he needs his eyes checked.”

I stare at him in surprise once I’ve figured out exactly what it was he just said. Not that I’m complaining but what exactly is he doing saying things like that to me.

* * *
so what does everyone think?

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Oh I like it, the dialogue is witty and good and realistic.. keep going!!!!

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This is really very good edge's girl.
Looking forward to part 3.
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Good story!
I'm looking forward to the next part!!
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So I haven't even been on interference in months, and I came on here to specifically read this fic for like...the fourth time I think. Lol. It's such a good one.
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i like it. where is part 1?
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part 1 is back on page 59, I wrote this story a while ago.

labell - it's awesome you like it that much

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