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Hey guys, whilst listening to Pop a couple days ago, I felt the inspiration to write a story that for me seems to fit the emotion of the album. The story goes by the name "Please", and is sort of a hypothetical look at Bono's life if it had spiraled down after ZooTV. This is my first attempt at writing something like this, where I'm actually using real people and trying to incorporate their actual personalities into the happenings of a story, so don't be too harsh . I guess I also have to go through the usual "THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS IS FICTIONAL AND COMPLETELY MADE UP" spiel, so here it goes: THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS IS FICTIONAL AND COMPLETELY MADE UP!


Things had been on the rocks with me and Ali since the beginning of the European leg of ZooTV, two years ago. When I had returned home, it was all too clear that things wouldn't be the way they were before. I changed, and they, my family had stayed the same. My two daughters didn't know me and to their defense I didn't really know them either. My wife, she didn't want the same things I wanted. I tried to make her understand that all I had done had been for entertainment purposes, nothing to be taken too seriously. Apparently she hadn't taken well to my slow dancing and kissing of numerous fan girls during the course of the tour, but honest to God it was for the show. It was all for the show. I would put myself out on the line each night if it mean a great show. The audience, the fans wanted me, all of me; and I put myself out for them. She still didn't get it.

I spent the first two weeks at home atop my dinner table, not used to not having an audience. I put all I had, into trying to enjoy my own kids company, but it just didn't happen. They were now bored with me; once an exciting new stranger, I had become nothing more than a loud man, full clad in leather, who, in their minds, was somehow related to them. The concept of Father seemed completely forgotten to them, and I was sort of ok with that.



I don't know how long I'd been here, but through the windows I could see the sun was just about rising, creeping up from the east. I didn't want to move. No other place gave me this feel of belonging, this feeling of home.

A few years back the others would have joined me, but they had moved on. They had all moved on with their lives and their lovers. How was I the only one? The only one to linger in the dark, in the fame. I had two children and an estranged wife, and I felt obligation to neither. I just wanted to stay here. I belonged here.

The sun had risen, but the day was still a bit dreary from last night's rain. I finally had to leave as Tom gave me the last warning that bar time was over. As usual, he had previously collected my keys from the moment I had stepped foot into his establishment. He unsurprisingly predicted that getting shit faced was part of my plan that night, and not shockingly, he was right.

Usually I'd end up in the apartment of some starlet that I had met while at the bar, which would then spare me from facing my own empty, and by now dusty, apartment. Unfortunately, I hadn't met that special someone tonight.

I lingered outside for a while, glad that for once it wasn't all sunshine. The stormy weather had kept the skies nice and dark, allowing my eyes to adjust to the outside with no problem. I looked into the breast pocket of my jacket, and there it was. A single remaining Black and Mild, and at that moment I felt the heavens were on my side. Sweet relief as I took a drag, it seemed to take away the throbbing slowly building at the temples letting me know that a hangover wasn't too far away.

I was leaning against the building somewhat in the shadows hoping no one would recognize me. And to be clear, this wasn't out of fear that my reputation would be somehow tarnished. It was a bit too late for that, and I couldn't care less. Was there anything shocking about a rock star leaving a club or bar on all fours? I had given up the whole earnestness back in the 80's anyway. I just couldn't be bothered with autographs or pictures, not today. Just the thought of a flashbulb going off pained me as the throbbing in my head seemed to intensify.

I had to sit down. I usually handled the mornings after well, but this was a bad one. Some invisible force must have been hammering away at my head cause the pain and throbbing was just unreal. "Now I've done it. A call to the Edge is in order I suppose." I said this to myself but apparently not as quietly as I thought, for a woman passing by turned around asking "Are you talkin' to me?".

"No I'm just.." and midway through my sentence I had looked up, and noticed her face. It was beautiful, but in subtlety that I had always loved. Her eyes were dark and just...just fascinating. Her hair, dark like her eyes, fell shoulder length, some of it covering her left eye.

Meanwhile, remembering I hadn't finished saying whatever it was that I had started, I tried my best to recover saying "I'm just thinking out loud."

And just as she was about to continue, she turned back around and looked at me. By that time, my shades were off because as usual they had gone missing at some point during the previous night whilst the drinking and flirting had ensued. My eyes were left exposed and she...she was looking right through me. I saw as her eyes widened, they seemed even more stunning than before.

"You, you, you're Bono" she stammered.

"Yes I am, and you may be?" I questioned, also somewhat amused by her revelation.

"I'm Alex. I have to tell you, I really loved ZooTV, I went to your show in DC. It was just incredible. The emotion, the way you made us feel I can't describe it." At this point she seemed at a loss for words, and my splitting headache seemed appreciative of that.

"Thank you Alex, that means a lot."

Standing there, she continued to look at me, which also gave me a valid reason to look at her too.

"So is there anything I can do for you?" She asked me this in cooler tone, probably wondering how a rock star had ended up sitting by the side of a road. And just as I was about to tell her I was fine, I thought maybe I would try something different for a change.

And so I asked her, "Mind taking me to your place?"

So yea that's the first chapter. If you guys like it and think I should continue just say so, and criticisms are appreciated too .


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I like it. Im interested to see where its gonna go. You should definately keep going.

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Yes, you should definitely keep going!

It's interesting to have a story from Bono's POV. I think you're capturing him very well. It must be hard to write from Bono's POV.
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Starts off very likey
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Nice to write from the boys view for a change, I like keep it on
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hey guys thanks for the input. I thought it'd be interesting if it was from Bono's point of view, try and change things up a bit.

So I guess I'd better get started on the next chapters.
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i like it
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Do continue. I agree, writing from Bono's point of view is a great idea.
Looking forward to more.
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eeek! Nice start! I would never say no to a drunk Bono regarding his last question!

p.s I sent you a message about not finding the first chapter (ignore it! LOL! )
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Originally Posted by dianepm View Post
Yes, you should definitely keep going!

It's interesting to have a story from Bono's POV. I think you're capturing him very well. It must be hard to write from Bono's POV.
I have a very nice "flow" to your writing and the reader feels as though, she is right there in the room, with your main character.
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Really good i want more!!!!!!!!!!!
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please do continue!!!
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Glad I took the time to stop and read this!! Going to find the rest!
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I am excited about a new story--full of Bono antics! Keep Going Please!

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