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Mysterious Ways - Chapter 14b - the PG version

Okay, here is the PG version. The questionable scene is omitted, but you can get the other parts so you won't be completely lost. Not true. I own 2 dogs, but not these people.

Gloria woke up to one clear blue eye watching her accompanied by a half smile. The rest of Bono’s face was buried in the pillow beside her. She blinked a few times and the night came back to her like a war flashback. The dancing and grinding in a hot club. Falling on the bed in fury of kisses. She stepped back into Bono’s arms like no time had passed. The lines on his face were a reminder that indeed almost 2 decades kept them apart. She sat up in a panic. The breaking day cast a surreal hue in her hotel room. Like the scene needed to be more surreal.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“It’s a little after 6,” he rolled over on his back.

She looked down. She was wearing his black shirt and nothing else.

He wrapped his arms around her waist. “It looks better on you.”

“What time did we go to sleep?” she rubbed her eyes.

“You fell asleep around 3:30,” Gently, he tugged on her arm. “C’mon, lie down with me.”

She looked down at him. His hair shot straight up all over his head. He was so cute she bent to kiss him tenderly.

“We don’t have to get up now. Everyone most likely got in an hour ago or are still getting in,” his beard scratched her neck as he snuggled in.

“You should go before you get caught in here,” she couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t concerned.

“Shhhh, I just want to hold you for a little longer before we have to go out there,” he said.

She was quiet a few minutes. “You know...we can’t do this again.”

“I know we shouldn’t,” he said evenly. “I know there are so many reasons why this is wrong.” He touched her face. “But, we found our way back for a reason.” He kissed her. “I’m not going to be able to turn this off.”

She nodded. “I know it will be difficult.”

“I will try to control myself,” he grinned. “But I make no promises.”

His lopsided smile melted her resolve. She pulled him to her and kissed him with the little energy she had left. He rolled over on top of her with that look in his eye.

“I don’t think I have another condom,” she giggled.

He winked. “That’s okay. I’m sure I can improvise.” He slid down her body and under the covers.

After a hot shower, Gloria swore she could still smell him on her skin. It was over hour since he snuck out of her hotel room, and she missed him. And now she had to face lunch with everyone. The lunch room was a war zone. Apparently no one missed them in the wee hours of the morning. Only Adam looked moderately refreshed. Her night left her ravenous. She piled a plate with a pasta and vegetable dish and sat between Adam and Edge.

“Hangover munchies?” Edge side-glanced her plate.

“Oh yeah,” she nodded.

“What happened to you?” he asked. “I thought Bono and Larry were going to some underground jazz club, but I couldn’t find it.”

“I don’t remember what time I left,” she lied. “I don’t actually remember leaving. I think I fell asleep in the corner at one point.”

“Where were you last night?” Adam asked.

Gloria’s stomach clenched. She expected to look up into Bono’s face, but it was Larry’s. She felt like she cheated on him, but that was ridiculous. His eyes rested on her for a few seconds then shifted away as they always did these days.

“I was around,” he shrugged.

“Who was that girl you were chatting up?” Edge asked in between forkfuls of salad.

Larry’s cheeks reddened slightly. “No one. We just talked. Nothing scandalous.” He sat across from Gloria. She watched him squirm under the questions. Did he? she wondered.

Bono’s hands landed squarely on Larry’s shoulders. “Larry? Scandalous? That would never happen.” There was a slight edge in his voice.

Gloria shot him a glare. She told him that in confidence and out of respect. Unfortunately, she didn’t consider how it might affect the dynamic of the band. Bono didn’t like the prickle of jealousy that crept up on him when he spied Larry sitting across from Gloria. The only seat available was at the end of the table no where near Gloria. Secretly, she was glad. At the same time, she wanted to close to him with his arm around her in way that told the world they were in the throes of a blooming romance - and wanted to disappear under the table in the same breath.

“Yeah, who was that girl?” Adam asked. He had Larry’s best interest at heart. He knew how much he loved Gloria. And when Larry thought no one was looking, his eyes would rest on her with a look of complete peace. Adam saw it and recognized it. Lately, Larry seemed to be wrestling with himself lately. He had no idea what exactly the struggle was, but Adam was certain he still had very deep emotions for Gloria.

Bono leaned forward. “Were you with a girl last night?”

Larry rolled his eyes. “She came over as I was sitting at the bar and we just talked. That’s it. We did go outside for a smoke,” he looked at Gloria, “Yes, I know. I’ve mostly quit, but I have my moments.”

Gloria was a little stunned by that comment. “It’s your lungs.”

“But nothing happened. Get yer heads out of the gutter,” he sighed. He was still in a funk after being home with Ann. He wasn’t ready to make any decisions about what to do next, but he didn’t Gloria thinking he was screwing around with random women.

Gloria’s appetite disappeared. The air was so heavy with guilt, tension that she had to get some air. She knew Bono was watching her and any interaction she had with Larry. Maybe he was trying to picture them together. Perhaps he was looking for any little spark left. And she was right. When she looked up at him, he stared at their end of the table in deep concentration as if he were figuring out a complicated math problem. With everyone else brooding in their lunch plates, she gave Bono a small wink to disarm any building suspicion or jealousy. Instantly, he was at ease. The jokes started to flow from him and the fog over the table lifted. Behind the mask of the long suffering press agent, Gloria beamed at her lover. Her brain said those words again - lover. It can’t happen again, she scowled to herself. As much as she plotted how they could sneak away after the show, she knew that it was wrong. She felt so intricately entwined with this band that she had no idea how to unravel herself. Bono sent her a smile as he told another one of his tall tales. She sighed. Or if she wanted to free herself.

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I'm just now reading this story and loving it. Could you PM me the unedited version of this chapter?
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