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Love Rescue Me: Chapter 16

Hello! The fic is back! Thank you for patience and support with this. I really do want to finish it. It's so nice that people still want to read it. I hope this chapter is okay. Sorry again for the huge delay and thank you for reading!

As usual, U2 are not mine, so just take it for what it is... fiction for fun.

This chapter has some sexual suggestion but nothing that needed to be cut.

Chapter 16

The blue room was cold, but Edge didn’t care. He closed the door and let his eyes adjust to the unusual light. Goosebumps rose on his arms as he looked around and saw her, lying asleep on a small, wooden-framed bed. Her hair was unkempt and her clothes were ragged, and still she took his breath away. He moved closer, slowly, not wishing to wake her, revelling in the way she looked sleeping, her breathing deep and even, her skin bathed in strange, cool light. He knelt down and reached out a hand to stroke her face…

Suddenly she woke and sat up, and Edge was shocked to see it was Aislinn in front of him. A wave of utter disappointment washed over him, followed by one of guilt.

“Happy I’m here?” she asked, her voice low and dangerous.

Edge nodded automatically. “Yes, course I am,” he replied, but she seemed to sense he was lying, and started to look rather more unpleasant.

“You’d better be,” she hissed, “because you’re going to be with me forever and ever and ever…”

Her eyes darkened, her mouth widened, and before Edge could scream she’d wrapped herself around him, tightening, making it impossible for him to escape. Far off, he thought he could hear Jen shouting his name, but then everything went black…

Edge woke to find Adam standing over him, brow furrowed in concern.

“You okay?”

Edge struggled to come back to reality for a few seconds - the dream had been so horribly vivid. Trapped by Aislinn, no way out. Of course, Aislinn wasn’t really evil, but it had been such a horrible thing to dream about.

“Yeah, think so.” He sat up on the sofa and rubbed his eyes, before focusing properly on Adam. The man looked as if he hadn’t slept in about a week, which was probably true. “Are you okay?”

“Absolutely fine.” Adam smiled and offered Edge the mug in his hand. “I’m just off out, so you might as well have my coffee. See you later for the dinner.”

Oh yeah. The dinner. Somehow, the thought of that didn’t make Edge feel any better. He sipped the sweet, strong drink and wondered how to get out of the mess he was in. The obvious way was to tell Aislinn he was in love with Jen, but that was going to be difficult. He didn’t want to hurt his wife, and after all, he still loved and cared for her. He just needed a sign to tell him what was best to do.

That sign came in the form of Jen, wandering into the room and stopping in her tracks when she caught sight of Edge sitting there, drinking his coffee.


“Hello.” He offered a smile, which she returned.

“I was looking for Larry,” Jen said, after a few moments of mutual staring.

“Oh. He’s not here. Why? Did you find him something new to wear? ‘Cause I agree, that t-shirt is getting old.”

Jen shifted to her other foot and shoved her hands in her pockets. Edge longed to kiss her. “Um, yeah, kind of, well I did find him something but also we’re going to the dinner together, y’know later on. Well, I didn’t want to be going on my own, with like everyone in couples and stuff.” She looked away from him and Edge felt his face grow hot. He knew it was unfair, but he didn’t want her hanging out with Larry, laughing with him and having fun. The jealousy that came at the idea of that stabbed away at his heart.

“You wouldn’t be on your own. Everyone’s going to be there.” Edge clutched at the mug and drank some more coffee, feeling the caffeine buzz through him. Jen was watching him again, her arms folded.

“Yeah, that’s just the problem, isn’t it?” she said, a little too casually. “Anyway, Larry’s invited too, right? So what’s wrong with us keeping each other company? I’ll need someone to talk to while Bono and Beth grope each other and you and your wife have a conversation.”

Edge hated the bitterness in her voice; equally he hated the bitterness on his tongue. “Larry is perfectly capable of going by himself.”

Jen glared at him. “You’re seriously trying to tell me not to spend time with my friend? Just to make you feel better? While you’re making me wait and see if you really want to be with me?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Edge said loudly, standing up. “Look, can we talk about this?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I’m sick of talking. Take some action instead, okay? And I’ll be going to dinner with Larry whether you like it or not.” She turned on her heel, stormed out with a slam of the door, and Edge was left staring after her, his eyes welling with tears of anger and frustration.


Beth poured out a glass of water for Bono and then one for herself before offering the jug to Adam, who declined politely before lighting a cigarette and glancing at the door.

“I wonder where everyone else is,” Beth mused, following Adam’s gaze. “You’d think Aislinn might have been here already, since this whole thing was her amazing idea.” She rolled her eyes and Bono nudged her.

“Don’t,” he said gently. “Let’s give it a chance and hope nothing goes wrong.”

“Yeah, well, it’s my best friend getting screwed over here,” Beth pointed out, picking up her glass. “It’s not even as if Aislinn is nice. She’s mean. I don’t like her.”

“She isn’t that bad,” Adam said fairly, finally taking his attention away from the door. Beth had a feeling she knew who he was waiting for. “I’ve always had time for her. I think she’s suffering from being in a marriage where one person is away all the time. It’s not easy to do that.”

Bono nodded. “It’s okay for us ‘cause you work on the tour too. But imagine if you didn’t?”

“I’d rather not,” Beth replied, smiling when Bono kissed her cheek. “Okay, I know what you mean. I’ll try to be nicer to her. But Jen is my priority.”

Whatever Bono was going to say next was interrupted by the arrival of Aislinn, who looked annoyed, Edge, who looked upset, and Cara, who looked amazing. Beth stared at her as she walked over to the table, all shiny hair, long legs and short skirt - and she wasn’t the only one staring. Adam had practically leapt out of his chair and was pulling out the one next to him for Cara, who sat down elegantly and smiled at Beth. The six of them sat somewhat awkwardly until the waitress came over and handed out menus, and then it seemed all of a sudden conversation was flowing, at least a little naturally. It helped that Edge and Bono were discussing the gigs, with occasional input across the table from Adam, and then it seemed natural for Beth and Cara to fall into talking. Aislinn lit a cigarette and eyed them, warily.

“Where’s Jen, do you think?”

Beth shook her head. “No idea. I haven’t spoken to her for a few days.”

“Hmm. Would that have anything to do with a certain Irishman, not a million miles away from here…?” Cara sounded aloof, but her eyes were smiling, and Beth couldn’t help laughing.

“”Maybe. I suppose I haven’t been the greatest friend recently. But y’know what it’s like. New boyfriend.” Beth didn’t really think this was a good enough excuse, but to her relief Cara nodded, taking a sip of the wine that had just arrived.

“Of course. It’s totally normal. I’m sure Jen is just fine.”

Beth hoped that was true, but she wasn’t sure it was. After all, Edge was here with Aislinn, and Jen wasn’t here at all. That couldn’t be a good sign.

Just then, there was a burst of laughter, and in walked Jen and Larry, arm-in-arm and looking extremely merry. Beth stared at them, but her surprise was nothing compared to Edge’s, for when she glanced his way, Beth could see his face frozen in something resembling sadness, or perhaps anger. Maybe both. Well, you’ve waited too long, Beth thought, watching the way Jen looked at Larry, giggling at whatever he was saying. They seemed completely at ease together, and probably that was Edge’s main problem. He wanted to be the one touching Jen and making her smile.

Bono grasped Beth’s hand then, and smiled at her. She smiled back, and realised, not for the first time, how lucky she was.


Jen sat down in the chair Larry had pulled out for her and tried not to look at Edge, who was seated diagonally across the table. She knew his eyes were on her; she could feel that keen, hungry gaze on her very skin. Next to her, Cara smiled and poured her some water. Opposite, Beth nudged her foot, making her look up.

“You okay?” Beth mouthed, and Jen nodded. Now wasn’t the time to bring up the fact Beth hadn’t bothered asking her that for days. It was taking all of her energy not to run from the room.

“Did you get lost?” Aislinn asked, sounding only mildly amused.

“No,” Larry replied shortly. “We didn’t.” His tone broached no discussion, and Aislinn had to be content with making a noise of disapproval. Jen was beyond grateful to have him by her side, encouraging without words.

“Would you like a drink, guys?” Beth handed Jen a wine menu which she shared with Larry; the names danced before her eyes but they meant nothing. One quick glance at Larry told her he felt the same, if the wrinkle of his nose was anything to go by.

“I would,” Jen said, laying the menu on the table, “but a margarita.”

“A beer,” Larry added. They looked at each other and smiled.

“A margarita and a beer. No problem.” Edge’s voice cut through, right through to Jen’s heart, and she couldn’t resist finally meeting his eyes. He looked unhappy like she had never seen, and in that moment she realised he was probably trapped. He had made himself go back to Aislinn because he had ideas and sensibilities and morals, and now he didn’t know how to escape. At least, that’s how Jen interpreted the heavy, exhausted expression on his face.

He wanted to be the one sitting next to her, holding her hand. But he wasn’t. He was the one getting up to fetch drinks from the bar.

She felt Larry’s hand encircling her wrist, touching gently, reminding her he was there. It brought her back to reality, where the topic of conversation seemed to be Bono’s shoulder.

“I only wanted to take it off for half an hour,” Bono was saying, “but she wouldn’t let me.” His pout was so deliberate, Jen couldn’t help giggling. He winked at her.

“It’s for your own good!” Beth retorted. “And by the way, playing guitar on stage isn’t the way to go about letting it heal.”

“I can guess why you want him to be better so fast,” Aislinn piped up from behind her glass of wine, a humour-free comment which made Jen do a double-take. Apparently, though, Beth wasn’t very surprised, because she rolled her eyes and said nothing. Jen decided to open her mouth and respond, but it was Adam who spoke, the first time he’d said anything since Jen got there.

“Aislinn.” Just one word, just her name. A calm, rational response, and Aislinn turned away, conceding what she seemed to perceive as defeat.

It was fortunate Edge waited until then to return, although the atmosphere at the table was even worse than when he’d left. He gave Jen and Larry their drinks before sitting.

“I’ve told them we’ll be ready to order soon, because I am desperate to eat, so you’d better all choose what you want.” He flipped open his menu; Jen did the same. All the listed dishes sounded wonderfully enticing, but she found she wasn’t very hungry, not with her stomach doing woozy acrobatics and her head buzzing. Nevertheless, she figured starving herself wasn’t going to help, so when the waiter came over she ordered the lamb with potatoes, and then drank about a third of her cocktail. To her right, she saw Larry downing quite a lot of his pint. This seems to be the way to get through this evening; obliterate it from memory.

“So, Jen,” Cara began, on her left. “How are you enjoying working on the tour?”

“It’s great,” she replied straight away. “I mean, I love clothes and shopping and I love the band’s music, so it’s fun, and everyone’s been really sweet and helpful and I feel at home, I mean it’s hard work too, it doesn’t sound like it but it is, I never know if they’re going to like what I buy or throw it away!” Even for Jen, who was aware how much she talked, she’d spoken extremely quickly. Cara, to her credit, didn’t mention that, but nodded and smiled.

“I know how fickle they can be. Don’t worry about it. You’re in charge; just put your foot down and they have to do what you say.”

Jen laughed, slightly nervously. “Yeah, I’ll try that. Um, what about you? Are you at university, or do you have a career in mind?” She heard Larry splutter into his drink, and ignored him.

“Oh, well, not a career, no,” Cara said airily, “but I have plans. That’s the thing, Jen. Have plans. I was working in a clothes shop back in Boston and I decided that’s what I’d like to do, except I want to own a shop! Or a business. Like a big chain. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Privately, Jen thought it would be. Able to run things her own way, do what she wanted, organise other people… She hadn’t given her working future much consideration recently, but it didn’t hurt to start wondering, surely. And if she was going to be unemployed soon, as she had implied to Larry, then it was more important than ever.

“And Beth’s a writer, that’s such a fantastic job!” Cara enthused. “I remember when we met at the arena and you were doing your report for the paper, and now you’re writing a book.”

Aislinn’s tinkling laugh was like shattered glass falling over the table. Everyone looked at her except Edge, who had become fascinated by the pattern on his placemat.

“What is your problem?” Beth asked, exasperation obvious in her voice. “Is writing a book not a decent option in your opinion? Should I be sitting around doing fuck all instead, like you?”

Cara gasped. Bono’s hand tightened on Beth’s shoulder. Larry snorted into his beer. Jen smirked.

“I am not doing ‘fuck all’, actually,” Aislinn said archly. “I am spending time with my husband.” All of a sudden, she looked quite upset. Jen glanced at Beth, whose expression was one of suspicion. “I don’t think that’s so wrong, do you?”

“Of course it’s not.” Cara reached across the table and took Aislinn’s hand. “Nobody said it was.”

“Well, good, because I can’t deal with people being jealous and trying to ruin it for me. For us.” She was staring determinedly at the tablecloth; Jen exchanged a look with Beth, wondering what exactly she’d meant by ‘people being jealous’.

“No one is trying to ruin anything,” Bono said, his voice calm and measured. “All we want is to enjoy this meal and have a conversation. I haven’t talked to some of you properly for a while, including you, Aislinn, so why don’t we just… ah, here’s the food!”

A huge sigh of relief seemed to be breathed by the entire table as plates arrived, piled high with whatever people had ordered, and soon everybody was too busy eating to say very much. Jen washed every second mouthful down with her drink and soon she was ordering another. It was nice, the way the alcohol made things a little blurry around the edges, so she couldn’t find any sharp thoughts to hurt herself with.

Once the delicious lamb and potatoes had been finished - Jen had discovered she was hungrier than she’d thought - it was easy to sit back with a glass of cocktail and laugh at whatever it was Bono was saying. It was easy to ignore Aislinn’s constant pawing at Edge and Adam’s sidelong glances at Cara, who seemed to be listening intently to Bono’s story. It was almost easy to forget Edge was there, forget the deep ache that stayed in her when she looked at him.

“If I can have one of these every day, I’ll stay on the tour,” Jen whispered to Larry, who grinned and clinked his glass against hers.

“I’ll drink to that.”

“Are you having dessert?”

Larry shrugged. “Probably not. Men don’t eat dessert.”

Jen stared at him in disbelief, ready to take him to task, when she noticed the corners of his mouth twitching, and then they were both laughing. “What’s so funny?” Bono frowned, his monologue interrupted, which only made the two of them laugh more. Soon Jen had tears rolling down her cheeks, and she could barely remember what it was she’d found so funny. One glance at Larry’s flushed face and she knew he needed this as much as she did.

“It’s not that funny,” Edge said, his voice quiet but firm, and Jen glanced at him. He seemed to be staring at her very intently, his fingers gripping the glass he was holding. For a few delicious seconds, their eyes met and their desire was obvious. Jen swallowed hard, knowing she had to stop this before someone noticed, but it was impossible. He wanted her, she wanted him, and the only thing stopping them was…

“Excuse me.” Aislinn cut through the random chatter around the table. Cara glared at her; evidently she’d actually been getting along well with Adam, judging by how much closer he was to her. “What do you think you are doing?”

Jen blinked. “Nothing. I’m sitting here, having a drink.” As if to prove her point, she drank from her glass, sad to note it was now nearly empty.

“Oh, please,” Aislinn snapped, her eyes very bright and shining with what Jen recognised, with horror, as tears. “You might as well undress him right here.”

The silence that descended upon the table was icy cold and pin sharp. Jen could feel Beth’s worried gaze on her, and Larry tensing up in the next seat. She had no idea what to say. She wanted to deny it, but the words wouldn’t come.

It was Edge who spoke, eventually.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, trying to take Aislinn’s hand, but she snatched it away. Jen found that she was relieved. “Aislinn. Come on.”

“Come on? Come on? You think I don’t know you’ve been seeing someone else? You think I am that stupid? Why else do you think I came here? I knew there was something wrong, the way you’ve been on the phone, and I had to see for myself. Thought I was being paranoid. Wish I was.” Her lips trembled when she pressed them together, and for the first time, Jen felt truly sorry for her, and sorry that she was the one causing this pain. She couldn’t even imagine how the woman must feel.

“I…” Edge looked miserable, too. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m sure you are,” Aislinn replied, tears starting to fall onto the tablecloth. “I’m just sure you are. But not as sorry as I am.” She folded her arms and sat there, making everyone else hugely uncomfortable. Cara looked stricken; she reached out for Aislinn, but her sympathy was rejected. Bono’s eyes were trained on Edge, while Adam was, curiously, watching Jen closely. She wished he wouldn’t.

“I’m sorry too.” She attempted to drink the rest of her margarita, hoping to increase her drunkenness and thus have a better chance of forgetting this ever happened. “I have to use the bathroom. Excuse me.” She got up, swaying just a little, and left the dining room. She ended up in the foyer, looking for the ladies’, or just a place to sit and calm down and decide what to do next. Everything in her mind was cloudy. A cold wind was blowing in through an open door at the front, outside of which a group of people was standing around, talking, some of them smoking. Jen shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, walking towards the exit. Her hazy mind told her to just go back to the hotel and forget about everyone back at the table, and her body was listening.

“Jen! Wait!”

She turned to see Larry walking towards her. A large part of her was painfully hurt to see him and not Edge coming to check on her.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea.” She rubbed her arms, trying to get warm. “I’m not sure I want to go back in there.”

Larry nodded. “Okay, well, you don’t have to. But you can’t go out there without a coat on, you’ll freeze. Here.” He took off his jacket and slipped it over her shoulders. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” He put his arm around her and led her out of the door, much more steady on his feet than she was. Then again, she mused, he was Irish and must be used to drinking so much.

In the car, Jen put her head on Larry’s shoulder and, for a few moments, imagined he was Edge. Edge, who was kind and gentle and wonderful and made her heart skip. But Edge hadn’t come to see if she was okay, had he? Edge had stayed with his wife, his annoying, bitchy wife, and left Jen out in the cold, in more ways than one. Maybe, her mind slurred at her, maybe he was using you to keep warm until she got here. He’s hardly spoken to you since she did. And now they'll make up and be happy together.

“We’re here,” Larry announced, taking Jen’s hand and pulling her out of the car, up the steps and into the hotel elevator. “What room are you in, again?”

“Room? Oh, Larry, don’t be boring, I want dessert.”

Larry shook his head, tightening his grip on her hand. “I don’t think we can get anything right now. It’s getting late. Look, we’ll put you in your room and then tomorrow we can eat, how about that?”

Jen tugged him so he was closer; she ran her free hand up his arm. His biceps were firm from all the drumming he did. “Are you drunk?”

“Not as much as you are,” he replied. “I am, a wee bit, but I can handle it. I think you need to sleep, sweetie.”

“I’m hungry. I want to eat.”

The lift doors opened and they got out, heading along the corridor towards what Jen knew was her room. She also knew that Larry was going to do what he’d said, put her in the room so she could sleep, and she didn’t want that. Her brain wasn’t letting her process complete thoughts, but she wanted something to keep her occupied. She wasn’t ready for sleeping. Larry was right there. He was very pretty.

“Larry…” She waited until they were outside her door, and then leaned back against it, pulling him towards her again. “Thank you for helping me. You’re nice.”

Larry smiled, a soft, awkward kind of smile, one she didn’t think she’d seen before on him. “You’re nice, too. I’m glad you’re home safe.”

“I’m not home,” Jen pouted, her mood swinging from giddy to miserable in one swoop. “I don’t have a home, I live here with people who don’t want me, and--”

“Stop that,” Larry scolded, both of his hands in hers now. “Stop saying that. People do want you.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Now, really, I think you should…”

Jen didn’t let him finish. Some crazy idea at the back of her mind pushed her forward, and she kissed Larry, once, on the lips. “Do you want me?” she asked, running a hand through his hair. He stared at her, his grey-blue eyes wide, and suddenly he looked incredibly young, and she felt incredibly small, and then he was kissing her, properly, breathlessly, as if he was drowning and she was his oxygen.

His hands had moved from holding hers to sliding up her back, into her hair, onto her neck, one on her face and the other somewhere, where, oh yes, fumbling for a key, she gave it to him, he pushed them into the room, they barely drew air as they fell inside, Jen moaning as he pressed her tight against the wall and kissed her neck, her collarbone, slipped down the straps of her dress and stroked her breasts, kissed them, rocked against her as she cupped his bottom and tried to get him closer.

“Please, please,” she heard herself begging as he unzipped her dress at the back. The material fell to the floor and she kicked off her shoes before grabbing at his shirt, undoing buttons and yanking at it, desperate for it to be off. When it was, she ran her hands over his chest, revelling in how soft and smooth it felt. Everywhere needed to be touched, and she tried to do it, but it was difficult to concentrate when she was in her underwear and he was kissing her, making her shiver, this time not because she was cold.

She did know it was the wrong thing to do; somewhere in her brain, in the tiny part that was still functioning properly, she became aware they should get dressed and stop being stupid. But a handsome man was making her feel good, and she didn’t want to wake up tomorrow and have everything normal - at least not yet.

Larry’s trousers were off quickly, and then he had her pinned against the wall; they stared into each other’s eyes, both breathing rapidly, and Jen wondered if he was thinking what she was. How did this happen? And why does it feel so amazing?

And then something she was pretty certain Larry wasn’t thinking: I wonder what it would be like if this was Edge.

The memory of Edge, and indeed of Aislinn at the dinner table, sobered her more effectively than she would have expected, and she shook her head at Larry.

“We can’t do this.”

To her surprise and relief, Larry nodded. “I know.” He kissed her gently on the cheek and then pulled her into a hug. “It’s the wrong thing to do. I think you’re great, but Edge wouldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me. I like you too much to risk ruining it.”

Jen buried her face in his neck. “Edge doesn’t seem to care.” But even as she said it, she knew it wasn’t true. His reaction to her spending time with Larry proved that, for one thing. She was just tired of waiting around, feeling second-best. Then again, she supposed that was how Aislinn had been feeling, too.

Larry sighed. “He’s in love with you, Jen. He’s just trying to make everything right.”

She pulled away and frowned at him. “Thought you didn’t believe in cheating? But you don‘t seem angry with him, I mean you haven‘t this whole time, I guess you guys are good friends but still…”

“He’s not cheating. Jen, he struggles with himself every day not to cheat now Aislinn is here. Okay, so he did do it before, but I’m finding it hard to judge him.” Larry shook his head a little. “It’s so unlike him, I suppose it’s proof he really does want you. You’ve seen how unhappy he is. Same as you. And he’s a good man, he wants to find the best way of dealing with this.”

“I’ve been really stupid, haven’t I?” It was Jen’s turn to sigh as she stepped away from Larry, picked up her dress and tugged it back over her head. Behind her she could hear him getting dressed, too, and then the two of them sat down on the bed. “I’ve been giving Edge such a hard time, even just in my head, and I shouldn’t be. I need to be more understanding, or something. Why is that so difficult for me?”

Larry shrugged. “Because you’re in love with him? Because this is a shitty situation? I dunno, take your pick.”

“Yeah. I just want everything to go back to how it was when I first met you guys. It was so fun and interesting and exciting and I wasn’t sad all the time.” She pulled the blanket over her legs and sat back against the headboard, feeling exhausted all of a sudden.

“Hey, it’ll work out, you’ll see. Just give it time.” Larry got up, leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead. “I’d better get back to the restaurant and let them know you’re okay. Get some sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” She nodded and watched him leave, before settling down and hoping things would be better after this. Now this has all happened, maybe Edge will get it together and realise I’m the one. And I don’t care how sappy that sounds. But if he doesn’t… I will leave.


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yay! great chapter
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Really nice chapter
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Fantastic it

Now get writing the next as you`ve wetted our appetites
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i like it.
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very good!
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yay!!!! Loves it!
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MORE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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