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Love Comes Tumbling chapter 5

We have enabled it chapter 5 either I'm posting these for nothing or nobody likes them. Oh well. Anyways nothin' else to say I guess. Just the same as all the rest. This is fake. (like my pun aren't I punny?....... okay I got nothing)

"Hello Cinniúint" Dam it Adam. I told the guys my middle name not my real name.
"Hello Adam. What have I told you about calling me by my Irish name or English name." Ugh do I hate my name in English it means Destiny/Fate. Everyone always goes Destiny it is your Destiny and crap.
"So your name isn't Marie?"
"No Bono. Bono I just hate my name."
"Cinn (Kin) we need to talk." Ugh Adam. Why? Why can't you just go I thought you didnt love me any more.I thought you got together with Susie. That's why you left me after after dating for since Zoo Tv tour. Hmm what is there left to say!"
"I'm sorry and I realised that she wasn't right for me okay! I LOVE you! But you just don't get it do you? You've been there more than Susie you were Willing to keep the relationship between us. She wasn't you were there when I gave up drugs and achoal. you've been there for me and I was there when you had your darkest hour. I stayed up to you until the witching hour. I've been there when you had a miscarriage of our child. OURS! Have you forgot that hmm?" Everyone looked confused and dazed I just got on poppet and rode full speed. I know it's unsafe to ride full speed with out gear but I had to. I had to get away. The races started at 3 o'clock anyways it was only 11 there was four hours till I had to go back.

"Well now you know the truth." I had explained what happened to everyone. We had met at a coffee shop in Dublin I was going through a ruff patch when we started dating I had just broken up with Naomi Campbell. We had met in 1991 right before zoo and in between love town. She was/is a photographer. She did some work for Zooropa mainly took some personal pictures for me. Not much she also made sure everything was okay back in Dublin. She was there to discourage my bad achahol habits and to yell at me when I tried to cheat. Unlike Naomi who encouraged it. It has been two hours since she has left I get more worried and my anxiety worsens. Pop is one of the fastest runners we have. I decide to get Elvis and our dog Cinna who is trained to be a search and rescue dog. Bono Edge and Larry help look to. About a half and hour later over by the lake. I see her.
She is covered in it. I have to get her to the hospital Immediately.

Taking a bit of a break. Might have the next chapter later tonite.
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