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Love Comes Tumbling Chapter 4

Fiction sadly and the stories about to get more interesting. If it isn't already. I also decided to post the chapter before this with this chapter. Try and see if it is a good review of things.
Chapter one! --- Love comes tumbling
Chapter two!--- Love Comes Tumbling
Also please post all commentary and suggestions in the comments! Please!
Love Comes Tumbling chapter 3

The horses did what they were told. Edge thought it would be best if the girls saw the miracle of life. So they did. The newest mare was blonde with a white stripe by the time it was born it was time for dinner and since today was also viewing day for the race horses the consesetion stands were open. So I gave everyone a card to get food for free. We all met back in ten minutes. Well at least me and the girls did. I met the youngest Hollie first then the two older girls. Apparently they say the guys being ambushed by fans. Surprise surprise I thought.
"So how are you liking the ranch."
"Good, I have a question though?" Said Angel.
"Ask away." I made the mistake of saying that.
"Do you like Bono?"
"Yeah he's pretty cool."
"No as in do you like like him. I know B and I think he likes you."
"Maybe." That's all I had to say about that matter. Me and a rock star is not happening. I don't know how anyone could love me.

"Edge, That Marie girl is amazing. I didn't know a horse could be so well trained. I wish the new years day horses were that we'll trained."
"I agree with that. Bono I have to ask you something. I know your going to think I'm a school girl when I ask this but do you have a crush on her? I'm mainly asking because I like her and love you. I don't want either of you getting hurt."
"Edge I think I do I feel like I can be myself. I don't have to worry anymore the only thing that matters is me and her."
" you got it bad then B. I remember when I felt like that with the girls mum. Let's just hope this has a more positive out come."
"I hope so to." We were almost to the table the girls were whispering.
"What are you girls talking about?"
" making bets on horses. After seeing Poppet I think he'll win. But they vote for Edge." Said Arran.
"Ah,well there's only one way to settle this."
"Ah I think I'm catching on. We can race them. But we got to finish eating. I also think I know how's right. I'll get them saddled. Be back in a bit." Marie said in her sexy American accent. We waited till she left. To start talking I sent the girls on a mission.
"So what did she say?"
"She said maybe but we know it means yes. Also her favorite U² love song is love comes tumbling. Her favorite band is u2 always has and will always be. Did you talk to BONO?" Angel said she always took charge just like me.
"What did you guys do??" Asked bono
After an eventful day like this it calls for smores and sleep. Sleep something that I am no longer accustomed to. More like endless night mares they came back since he left he is to blame for them coming back. The worst part is i don't ever remember what happened. Even though I know the subject like the back of my hand. It takes a while for sleep to come.
more blood everywhere never ending.
Drowning in blood.
Glass everywhere.
Cuts,blood and guts.
"Marie…Marie wake up!" It was BONO. I was crying my eyes out. He held me I felt safe. I felt as if the world didn't exist there was no night mare he was my knight in shining armour. The last person I felt this way with it didn't last. I guess I had fallen asleep on bono because he was there when I woke up and I had a mini panick attack.
"It's okay love. Did you sleep well?"
"Yes thanks you. Sorry for waking you it's ju-"
"No problem love I wasn't even asleep yet and if I'm completely honest I haven't slept this well since… since I don't remember when."
"Thank you BONO. We might want to hurry off. It is race day and I have to bring the guitars and stuff down to the stage and help prep horses. Just mainly the guitar thing but first I might want to put on clothing other then my PJ' s."
"Can I pick out what you wear?"
"Sure I guess just means less stress on me. I'm going to get Lars edge and the girls up. Also I get to pick what you wear."
"Sound like a plan. Just nothing to girly. Preferably not something that will make the press or those fan site girls go bonkers. There still talking about MacPhisto and thinking I'm a druggie. Which I'm not."
"Hey! I like MacPhisto if that counts for anything. He's kinda like a Elvis impersonator with a loose bolt. Or the Devil gone AWOL."
"Oh trust me it counts baby girl. you under estimate your self a bit to much. You best be going now. WOW you own more black then me and Larry… Combined."
"Bye B I'll be back to see what you've picked." I go back down stairs to see the girls dressed in plaid shirts boots and dark blue jeans. Larry in a black button down black jeans and boots. The then there edge who is dressed for the Pop mart tour part two! () With his cowboy get up mixed with his S&M charter from discoque.
"Edge, are you going back in time to the pop mart tour? If so can I come. I want to try and get tickets before they sell out. This time"
"Haha very funny Mars. By the way where's B?"
"He is taking the liberty of finding me an out fit. I have to find him one."
"I wish you the best of luck." Said Larry
"Be down in ten. Breakfast will be done then."
"Okay" I headed to Bono's room to raid his closet. I found leather pants creepier and a button down all black and thought that everyone would approve in which they later on did. (He looked like this Fuck Yeah Bono Vox, “Never trust a man who tells you it’s from the... ) bono found me my cowgirl out fit which was ALOT like his without the creepers but with my favorite pair of boots.,( I own these boots and they are my favorite. Also I am not advertising them some times well reading I like to have a visual of thing's. Ariat Women's Heritage Western R Toe Boot - Black Deertan )
Couple minutes later I hear the door opening and a female scream. 'The band must be here' I thought. That means Larry has met his look alike. The female Bono and Adam are here also. There reactions were humorous. I forgot my '76 explorer and female Bono was trying to get Larry and Edge to sign it.
"Put down the Explorer and slowly step away. It is worth 24,000 dollars. Thats more than you guys make on your musician paychecks and definitely ALOT less then The real u2."
"Still haven't changed my God woman it's just a guitar." Said the person who is dressed like Larry Mullen and has exact replicas of his drum kits I thought to myself.
"Woah Woah Woah. This was my first real electric I got it for 500. It is also exactly like edges. Though I'm not sure what kind of neck he prefers on his. I prefer the thick neck myself."
"Same" edge interjected.
"Are we going to the horse races or not??"
"Yes Larry. I just have to grab a couple guitars, a couple basses and back up drum sticks."
" I'll help you."
" How about all of you meet us at the stable and edge your help is very well appreciated." They packed In to a car and headed down. I needed my les paul stingray or butterfly guitar as I call it. My basses extra drumsticks and within the next ten minutes locked up and left.

When we got there 2 of the girls and bono and Larry were learning to saddle a horse. Then there was Arran who was hitting on the jockey who rides Poppet.
"Hello Cameron, how is Poppet doing this morning?" Just as I said that my handsome boy walked up and gave me a horse kiss. Which is basically a polar bear kiss.
"Hello handsome."
"Why hello Mars" replied BONO.
"Not you the horse."
"Erm hmph. Fine then"
" I have a different nickname for you."
"Okay then." Poppet is my only horse that understands Irish and only certain words at that. So I told him something I knew he knew already
"Is breá liom tú Poppet dul anois agus a bhuachan rás ceart go leor" ( I need to brush up on my Irish let me know if it says something incorrectly. it should say I love you Poppet now go and win a race okay.) Poppet responded by standing on his back legs.
"Wow, I think he's ready to race." Cam said.
"Should we do a practice lap?"
"Sure I recommend practice 1 beginner. Make them think he's a bad runner throw them off there game."
"Works for me."
"Marie there is someone who is here to see you." That was my cousin. I wonder who It could be? Then I see him Brown hair starting to silver. Blue eyes like the sea. My ex boyfriend and a very big bastard. the reason the nightmares came back was when he left. I thought we would never see each other again. I guess it's kinda hard when he is the bassist for your favorite band A.K.A U²'s… Adam Charles Clayton.

Like my twist? Told you chapter four makes things interesting. What does Adam want? Will the next chapter be PM only? Will Marie chose Adam or Bono? Stay tuned for the next couple of chapters. Oh yeah and I'm thinking of changing it to Adams P.O.V for a bit. would anyone mind?
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