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Love Comes Tumbling chapter 3


The horses did what they were told. Edge thought it would be best if the girls saw the miracle of life. So they did. The newest mare was blonde with a white stripe by the time it was born it was time for dinner and since today was also viewing day for the race horses the consesetion stands were open. So I gave everyone a card to get food for free. We all met back in ten minutes. Well at least me and the girls did. I met the youngest Hollie first then the two older girls. Apparently they say the guys being ambushed by fans. Surprise surprise I thought.
"So how are you liking the ranch."
"Good, I have a question though?" Said Angel.
"Ask away." I made the mistake of saying that.
"Do you like Bono?"
"Yeah he's pretty cool."
"No as in do you like like him. I know B and I think he likes you."
"Maybe." That's all I had to say about that matter. Me and a rock star is not happening. I don't know how anyone could love me.

"Edge, That Marie girl is amazing. I didn't know a horse could be so well trained. I wish the new years day horses were that we'll trained."
"I agree with that. Bono I have to ask you something. I know your going to think I'm a school girl when I ask this but do you have a crush on her? I'm mainly asking because I like her and love you. I don't want either of you getting hurt."
"Edge I think I do I feel like I can be myself. I don't have to worry anymore the only thing that matters is me and her."
" you got it bad then B. I remember when I felt like that with the girls mum. Let's just hope this has a more positive out come."
"I hope so to." We were almost to the table the girls were whispering.
"What are you girls talking about?"
" making bets on horses. After seeing Poppet I think he'll win. But they vote for Edge." Said Arran.
"Ah,well there's only one way to settle this."
"Ah I think I'm catching on. We can race them. But we got to finish eating. I also think I know how's right. I'll get them saddled. Be back in a bit." Marie said in her sexy American accent. We waited till she left. To start talking I sent the girls on a mission.
"So what did she say?"
"She said maybe but we know it means yes. Also her favorite U² love song is love comes tumbling. Her favorite band is u2 always has and will always be. Did you talk to BONO?" Angel said she always took charge just like me.
"What did you guys do??" Asked bono
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