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The Fly
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Love Comes Tumbling

F= Fake I= intentionally C=Certainly T=un-True posted on the I= internet O=On purpose N= no seriously it's fake and posted only for fun! Chapter uno Love comes tumbling

" we're having a BBQ and since your new want to come??'' I said to Bonos New neighbor.
"Sure." That's it? She must not know who we are. Dam it I was hoping for an obsessed fan so I can make fun of Bono. But now I can't.
"Be there in 5 minutes and you might want to wear something sexy." Why was she wearing a sweater anyways it's 80 blasted degrees out.
"Oh yeah are you allergic to anything?"
"No just a Flexatarian."
"What? What in the bloody hell is that??"
"I'm a vegetarian that eats bacon on Sundays.(this in fact is a real thing I am a Flexatarian The Flexitarian Diet Review) Also certain other things. I haven't had a hamburger in 5 years."
"Oh I've heard of them. Don't worry I'm a vegetarian and I was in charge of bringing food. Also nice guitar. anyways I best be going don't want to leave edge and Bono for to long. See you in 5"

Oh my God. Larry Mullen Jr just asked me to come to a BBQ. Now time to find something to wear. I go up stairs leaving my guitar on the stand I left outside and found my shirt I got from volunteering in Africa to fight poverty and aids. Well having quit a bit of fun. Get my leather jacket and combats on and grab a sunflower seed salad out of my fridge. that I was going to give to my cousin who's coming down from the ranch to give me a update on the horses tomorrow. I go outside and about to open the gate when I hear to men complaining about what Larry got for dinner. I slip in somewhat undetected. Untill Larry says.
"Why hello.... Erm I don't think I ever got your name."
"Its Marie. But my drummer calls me Mars along with most family and the rest of the band."
"Nice to meet you love. I'm BONO. ALSO love the shirt. What made you work in Africa?"
"My aunt works/lives in Africa she helps get equal rights for wemon and children. Along with the fight against poverty and aids."
"Hello Marie. That is a wonderful story but I must ask. What instrument do you play?"
"Ha good question. The edge I play just about everything. I can play piano,drums bass, guitar,clarinet and the banjo."
"Please call me edge or Dave. Can you do us a big favor? We need a temp Bassist our went a bit awol if you couldn't tell."
"Sure. What do you need help with?"
"I have a couple of new songs that needs bass line and lyrics. I was wondering if you would be of use."
"Oh my God Yes!!!!!! Sorry got a bit exited. You guys are my hero's you know. Oh yeah and one condition." Sadly I couldn't be there on this Friday to Monday two weeks from now.
"What would that be?"
"I can't record anything this Friday or infill the Monday two weeks from now. I own a horse ranch/ raceway and I'm getting two new mares and a stallion plus one of my horses are going to give birth."
"That sounds like a plan. I have three girls myself. You wouldn't mind me asking if I could bring the down there sometime would you? Besides I have to cancel recoding those days to there coming to stay with me tomorrow to the day after you get back."
" actually I would love for you to come down there. this would be the best time did I mention opening day for races starts on Saturday? I could teach them about proper horse care. How to pick out a good horse and teach them to ride and give dad a couple pointers on how to pick losers from winner's."
" I'd love to come this weekend there only 13,12 and 9 so it's the perfect age for them to learn. It's been hard since the divorce. What Time would you like to have you meet us and I think it would be best to carpool. Since you know where it is and you might want to meet them first."
" can I come???" Larry and Bono said at once.
"Yes you can. How about we all go out to eat or something tommorow it's on me. Mainly cause I'm procrastinating putting together my drum kit and the rest if the studio."
****** The next day.******
Bono, Edge his three girls Blue Angel Evans, Hollie Evans and Arran Evens. Then there was Larry they were all at my house at 8 o'clock on the dot. I answered the door in my Larry Mullen Jr t-shirt and u2 robe. They all busted out laughing and Larry said 'see someone still agrees with me.' They decided we should all stay together for a day. I told them we'd have to wait a bit before we left somewhere so I could warn my cousin of the over abundance of rock stars. (If that's even possible) The girls asked if they could turn on the radio. I said sure but forgot I was listening to the Autching Baby then Mysterious ways came on the girls starts on singing I started dancing. Then screamed the 'on your knees boy' part. Edge started dancing with me good thing we are both terrible dancers.
"Wow! So you agree with me there should be a LMJB dance like edge own a horse farm what can't you do and from the left overs you brought from your old home a amazing cook."
"I can't sing"
(Changing to B' pov) oh my God she is perfect. She helped write a song. Some times you can't make it on your own. I think she is something special.
***at the ranch***
Ah after a two hour car ride and some complaining from the girls we are here. I talked to edge for the most of the trip. Larry and Bono where taking my two Harleys out using my truck. I assigned rooms good thing this house was huge. The girls asked questions when we got their especially because Bono got out of the pasture. He is always getting into trouble I thought. I had to take him back. Edge couldn't stop laughing especially because he found out there was a edge and Larry had to be put down. Because of old age but there was Larry Jr. A couple hours later everyone had gotten settled and we were at the track. Larry Bono and edge were racing.(the horses) and everyone made a bet who would win. I already knew who was going to win. The girls bet on Larry because he was a 'cute' black stallion. But I knew that B would win because he had stamina. Edge would some in second because he always got at stuck at the corner. I explained that they were trained on a different track. There was a beginner tracks intermediate and expert level tracks. But at least 5 different versions of them and I train my horses to push them selves but not to much. I also explained the sanctuary. How there where horses that where rescued or used to be old race horses where they could live out the rest of there lives in peace. All of those horses where at least 10 years old because it's a good time for them to stop racing. I also gave them there first lesson in being a jockey. Along with dad and 'uncles' Larry got it right away. The rest took a bit longer. We were going to have a race on beginner track 1 but then then I got a call. the call I've been waiting for. My mare was about to give birth. I was riding my horse Poppet who didn't race with the others because it was a U² horse members only. They also saw how much faster my horse was from there's. And how well trained the horses were when I told them follow in French. I also ended explaining that later.

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The Fly
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This is chapter 2 sorry.

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War Child
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keep going this sounds interesting!
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The Fly
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Thank you, I was hoping someone liked it. I was planning on continuing. New chapter may be out today. Around 5 or 6ish Seattle time. I have to pick up my pup from a trip to the humane society/vet visit. they wanted to keep her over night for observations.
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The Fly
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Love Comes Tumbling chapter 3
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The Fly
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Chapters 3 and four in a combined thread!! Love Comes Tumbling Chapter 4

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