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The Fly
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Love comes tumbling

Pure fiction based about three years after ATYCLB came out. All men are single and have NO kids!!

New house, New start I thought. On my way to my new house in Kiniley Ireland. I have to get away from the bad start a new life. Since my life has turned to crap. Mine as well start over. I pull my mustang into the beach house car park. a two story with three bedrooms simple just how I like it. But I'm converting the second guest room into a studio. Where I can record. Another good part about this place is that it isn't to far from my Ranch which is just on the outskirts. It makes it easier to visit Grace,Bono, Edge and Elvis. I know what you're thinking but U2 is the BEST! Bono's my favorite. I may be a guitarist but I am also a humanitarian and what Bono does is amazing. I go in the house and head towards the boxes the moving company left me. At least they put the furniture in the right spots I thought. Then I put All that you can't leave behind in the CD player and beautiful day start a blasting I'm half way tempted to get my explorer. But decide to unpack the millions of boxes.

"I wonder when your neighbors are going to get here. I want to see there face. even better if it's a female. Especially if its a fan."
" Oh shut it Lardince… I think I saw a black mustang pull into the drive Though. I'll let them do there unpacking and see them later." When your not around.
"am I going insane or is B'day playing. Sounds like there's a fan in our presence." Said the edge ah edge he's been with me since Ali left back when Joshua tree came out. We were back in the studio the only problem was that Adam had gone a Bit awol on us And had to go to England with his girlfriend.
"Want to have a BBQ??" Asked Larry.
"Sure me and edge will get the beer you get the food."
"Got it." Lars replied I think he just wants to stalk the neighbors again so he can make fun of me.

Finally I was done unpacking. Thank God. I went outside with my favorite acoustic. I was more just messing around with chords. Then decided to play a u2 song. My neighbor has seem to have left. I was a bit happy about that. Mainly because they'd think I was a nut. It's 80° out and I'm in a sweat shirt. Becuase of the past and the things that haunt me. I started to think. Back to the memories.but then something. No someone stopped me. They scared me half to death. Though we'll in the processes. At least they have a SUPER sexy Irish accent. Then I turned around. To see... to see Larry Mullen Jr no! It couldn't be. How? Didn't he live in Howth? Or back in New York? I was so deep in thought I the only words I heard were.
" Do you want to come??" I just said sure like the COMPLETE idiot I am.
"Be there in 5 minutes and you might want to wear something sexy.
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