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Lost Highway - Chapter 3

Title: Lost Highway
Authors: 1screamingangel & wo_speaking
Rating: R just in case
Disclaimer: None of these fine Irishmen are mine, and this is complete and utter fiction.


As they walked into the motel, Paul flipped on the lights in the main lobby, which looked a lot like a living room.

The girls moved towards the steps and when Mel glanced over her shoulder she saw Paul take the bottle out of his leather jacket and place it on the table next to the chair as he sat down on a comfortable looking green plush sofa.

The girls continued to their room. Mel knew she would be back down in that lobby but for a second wondered if she should or not. Ever practical, even at times when a very good looking man she definitely wanted to get to know more intimately was just waiting for her to return. She considered just going to sleep as two full days of driving were exhausting her. Sam watched her friend debate this in her head.

“Just go and get it over with for God’s sake. What are you waiting for? Hell, you two have been flirting foreplay all night, just go,” Sam told her friend. “Too bad the guy who bought me drinks left without talking to me. I would have liked a go at him. Could have been pretty wild,” she laughed to herself.

“Sam, how many times have I told you to be careful what you wish for?” Mel laughed as she shut the door and told Sam she would make sure to return before dawn.

Mel walked slowly down the hallway towards the stairs and heard thunder in the distance. She hadn’t expected to hear a thunderstorm in the desert. As she reached the top of the stairs she could see that Paul was still sitting on the couch and had turned on one small lamp in the corner. She had to wait a second for her eyes to adjust.

Softly, without turning around, Paul said, “I thought you might be back down, well, I was hoping you’d be back anyway.”

“How do you know it’s me and not Sam?” Mel teased.

“She’s not interested in sharing some fine whiskey with me, but I was thinkin’ you might be.” His accent was much more pronounced sitting here in this quiet, empty room than it had been at the bar.

Mel was glad she had decided to come down the steps and went over to sit next to him. She curled her legs underneath her skirt as she sat down and stared at his profile. She fought the urge to kiss his perfect lips right at that moment.

A bright flash of lightning lit up the desert and the old saloon hall.

“Wow, that is really scary. I wasn’t sure it would rain much out here.” Mel said, trying to calm her nerves by talking. “A girl growing up in San Francisco doesn’t get a lot of thunderstorm experience ... earthquakes yes, lightning no.”

Paul reached out and put his hand on Mel’s face and told her soothingly that the storm would pass after awhile and she should just relax. He pulled her into a kiss that started out slowly and stayed that way for quite some time as another flash of lightning lit up the sky.

Mel jumped back from the crack of the thunder. “How about a little drink of that fine whiskey your friend made you open? He’s a creepy one, isn’t he?” Thunderstorms always unnerved her.

Paul laughed, “Aye he is a bit now, isn’t he? But I don’t think he means any harm.” He was looking around for something.

“Shot glasses?” Mel asked. Paul nodded.

“Which of those doors is the kitchen?” Mel looked around for the right door and noticed that none of the windows had curtains. She just figured that out here, there was no one around anyway, so who needed privacy?

Mel found the correct door and wandered in to find something to put the whiskey in. All was quiet except the rumble of thunder outside; she heard Paul tiptoe into the kitchen behind her. Lightning flashed and he used this as an excuse to move closer to Mel. Not that he really needed an excuse ...

She had two shot glasses in her one hand and turned around to see what she had hoped to see. Paul was standing right behind her. With her free hand she reached out and put her arm around his neck and played with his hair. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her collarbone as she dropped the shot glasses on the floor.

He looked at her with that devilish grin and pulled her into a passionate kiss that left her feeling like she was floating. His intensity was obvious and Mel could not wait to find out what else he did so intensely.

But first, she wanted to savor his kisses and open his shirt and check out the rosary he was wearing. Hands on her back, he pulled her to him, and she knew that this was going to be absolutely delicious.

Paul could not believe his luck with this one. She was beautiful and standing here in this one horse town in the kitchen with her hands all over him. It had been way too long since he had been with a woman; well, long for him anyway.

As he traced her neck to her earlobe with his tongue, she startled.

“What is it darlin’?” he stepped back to look at her face.

“Oh my God! I just saw … I swear someone was looking in the window at us!” she exclaimed.

Paul turned around as another flash of lightning lit up the sky. There was no one there. Was she playing around with him? No, who knows what she might have seen. He could only imagine who was lurking about in the night. Paul knew he wasn’t the only guy in town to be starved for a beautiful woman. He figured he better take Mel up to his room and lock the door so they could get on with this. How much longer was a man to hold out for?

“There’s no one there, Mel - come with me and we will go up to my room,” he whispered breathlessly into her ear as he took her hand in his and led them to the stairs.

At the bottom of the steps Paul had a most amusing thought that directly contrasted the heat given off in the kitchen moments earlier. He liked Mel and knew that she liked him. If he took her to his room, no matter how wonderful he made her feel, she would get up and leave first thing in the morning.

But if he could get her to stay for at least a couple of days ...

No matter how much he wanted her right that second, hell, he would take her right there on the steps and he didn’t think she would mind too much, he was going to prolong this night as long as possible.

Paul looked at Mel for a long second. She seemed afraid of thunderstorms but did seem up for an adventure.

“Hey, darlin’ I have an idea. Want to ride over to Bodie and I will show you how scary a ghost town can be in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm?” Paul asked Mel.

God! Mel thought, what was this about? She really just wanted to go to his room and check out his intensity…

But Mel was used to being led around by Sam and Sam would come up with some pretty wild ideas. Mel didn’t think she could pass this up, it was just too good. Besides, he would be there with her and she was enjoying the way he seemed to hypnotize her with his melodic voice.

“Sure, why not?” Mel replied. Paul took her hand, some candles from the cabinet by the door, and asked Mel to grab the bottle of whiskey.

“We can just make due without the glasses, right love?” He laughed.

“Sure, why not?” Mel answered, noticing that she was repeating herself. He was holding her hand so tenderly as he led her out to his car. She felt like she was under his spell.

Mel was more than surprised to see a perfect looking yellow Porsche 914 under the carport behind the hotel. She looked at Paul a little bit differently because she knew more about cars than a lot of girls. Her father and brother loved to put old cars back together. Her dad was the resident mechanic in the commune. She was indoctrinated by the men in her life at an early age to appreciate a fine car.

“What is this a 1970 or ‘71 914?” Mel questioned Paul.

He looked at her shocked that she would know a thing about cars. Quite impressed he said, “Aye, good one Mel, it’s a 70. Bought right before I started my own adventure that brought me to this place.”

Mel knew instantly that this guy was no slacker. He had money from somewhere as she was sure that car, in that condition, was at least $15,000. He had not answered her question about why he was in a small town in the desert of California. Then she remembered that he had bought the bar. What would make a person who can afford a car like this drive around in the desert, buy a bar, and get themselves stuck in a place like this?

The thunderstorm was subsiding as they drove out of town on a dark rain soaked highway towards Bodie. It was the middle of the night and Mel was with a man she did not know, and they were driving towards a ghost town. How about that for adventure? It was only now she wished she would have left a note or told Sam where they were going.

It was nice to be a passenger in a car for a change. She did most of the driving on their trip as Sam wasn’t a very good driver at all. There was too much concentration needed and Sam just didn’t have that ability. So Mel preferred to be behind the wheel.

Paul talked about how much he liked the desert and how different it was from where he grew up. He was careful not to give Mel too much information about where or when that was, of course. But as he held her hand and rubbed his thumb softly over the back of her hand, Mel’s natural curiosity seemed to fade and she missed several chances to ask him more specific questions. Not that he would have answered them anyway.

“Have you ever been out here to the real desert Mel?” Paul spoke up over the Porsche’s engine. The wind was blowing his hair all around and she reached over and tucked it gently behind his ear. She had the most urgent need to touch him, not necessarily in a sexual way, but just touch him. He had an aura about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Mel ran her hand over his face and her thumb across his chin.

“Nope, never been out here, Paul. I do love to go digging around though and have always wanted to see a real ghost town. Will you be able to find it in the middle of the night?”

“I’ve been out here a couple of times. I love it. It’s really God’s country; open skies, quiet – the only airplanes are so high up you can barely hear them, and if we are lucky, we will be the only people there.” He gave her that grin and grabbed her hand.

As Paul pulled the Porsche off the road he turned the lights out and cut the engine. The desert smelled of wet sand from the recent storm and they could hear the distant rumbling of another storm headed towards them.

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This was...hot, all I can say

I lovelovelovelovelovelove the setting. Did I mention I love the setting??

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Originally Posted by secretly alone View Post
This was...hot, all I can say

I lovelovelovelovelovelove the setting. Did I mention I love the setting??

It is a very fun setting, that's for sure. It was really great to take them out of the whole 'rock star' lifestyle and put them somewhere interesting like that! Not to mention to turn them into the "Irish Cowboys" they wanted to be back then as well
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Sooo beautiful. I love Bono's the bartender's description of the desert...

Oh my.
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