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Lost Highway - Chapter 26

Remember 22 through 25 are PM only, but here's 26

Lost Highway - Chapter 26
: 1screamingangel & wo_speaking
: PG13


It was time. Either leave now or stay until they left in a couple of weeks. Weighing the options, Mel knew it was time to go today. She didn’t make a move to get up right then, though, because she could feel Paul holding on tightly to her in his sleep and she was not about to disturb him. She wanted to turn around and look at him but laid there quietly trying to mentally separate herself from him at the same time remembering how he felt against her back.

Had she gotten her fill of him, enough to last her entire life? How could that be possible, she wanted him again right now? And she would want him as they were driving down the highway towards Las Vegas. She couldn’t remember why they were going there and was now sure she just wanted to go home. But onward she and Sam would go, off to new adventure and to find their own truths. Mel was positive the only truth she knew right now was that she was falling in love and would want Paul for a very long time.

Paul had told her they were contractually obligated to another record, otherwise they might not be in such a hurry to leave their anonymity behind. He had to sign transfer papers at the bank this week to rid himself of the bar. He said that had been fun but that he preferred to sing for his money and working a real job was just not for him. Mel laughed as she remembered him saying that, still not totally convinced he could make a living as a musician.

She lay there, unmoving, and in the stillness of the dawn thought about all the things she knew about Paul and Dave and the craziness that was the last couple days of her life. Finally, she wondered how she was going to leave. Paul had asked her several questions that lead her to believe he wanted to know if she would be around if he called her, or if she would come to Ireland, or meet him places when they were touring. She didn’t know the answer to those questions, but the thought that he didn’t want to be parted from her made her feel as special to him as he was to her.

What was it that Paul said he wanted to look for today before she left? He wanted to prove to her that they really did have a record or two out. He must have seen the doubt in her eyes and wanted to show her. He said he usually didn’t carry any of their work with him, but knew he had the last one here somewhere. He swore that she had to have heard at least one of their songs. Mel begged him to sing something for her, but he refused saying he couldn’t stand the sound of his voice when he sang.

Paul hated singing without music behind him and thought that if he did that she would never believe he was in a successful band.

Paul turned in his sleep. She rolled over to look at him sleeping one last time. How would she ever wake up again and not want to see him there? She ran her finger lightly, so as not to wake him, over his chin which had the most alluring dimple in it. And she traced the soft lines from his nose to his mouth then around to his ear. She could not help herself and reached over and lightly kissed his ear below his earring. Paul smiled, pulled her into him and Mel was afraid he was awake. But after a few minutes she felt him relax back into sleep and she lay there with her hand moving ever so slowly over his chest.

Mel sighed deeply and got up to return to her room to shower and start packing. Sam would not be there and she knew she was going to have to pack Sam’s stuff as well. Mel knew that she was going to have to pull all of this together, stop by the brick house and probably drag Sam out of there. Who was going to drag her away from Paul?


“Damn it!” Paul cursed as he woke up to an empty bed and the sun coming in the window. He hadn’t meant to sleep so late, but then he hadn’t planned on being awake most of the night either. That was fun. Waking up and finding the woman you wanted right then, gone, was no fun. He knew she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, and he had one more goodbye in mind before she left. Not to mention he had to get his ass out of bed and find that tape to prove to her what he said was true. Why that had become so important to him, he wasn’t sure. If he was being honest with himself he would admit to the depth of his feelings for Mel.

He wished she would stay until they left for Dublin, but it wasn’t in his nature to beg a woman for anything. Paul thought he would do what he always did, cover all the possibilities. In a round about way he asked her if he could contact her and if she would be willing to see him no matter where in the world that was. Mel had not given him a clear answer; he was not used to a woman who didn’t give him straight answers.

He was prepared to watch her leave too, but knew it was not going to be easy. With the intensity of his personality, he wanted to make sure she would be there when he called, because he planned to see her again. He found himself needing her greatly and thought he might try to get an answer out of her before she left today.

As Paul was debating what he was going to say to Mel, he found the tape buried beneath a bunch of books in his bag. On further digging he found the third one too. Good, now he could prove to her all the things he told her were true. He knocked on her door with the tape player and she opened the door, standing there looking so beautiful. This was not going to be an easy goodbye at all.

Paul put the little rectangle red tape case in front of her. “There, that is our last record” he said to her triumphantly and he plopped it into her hand. . “And here is one before that.” He held it up for her to inspect.

Mel just looked at him, he was telling her the truth. She had heard this band’s name and just looked at him. “Why didn’t you tell me your band’s name long before this?” she asked. She pointed to the first name under the title on the tape and said, “that’s what I heard Dave call you the other day isn’t it?”

“Aye, you did, huh?” He wanted to know from her.

“I have heard this one song, who hasn’t?” Mel looked at him with more than a little shock. He was telling her the truth. A picture here would prove all, but now that she thought about it, she had seen a picture of this band before. And then it hit her. When she first saw Paul she thought he looked familiar and she dismissed it. Now she realized why. She had seen this album on a poster in the record store window on the corner of her block. And although she rarely went in, the poster had been displayed for a couple of months. That was a couple of years ago. Paul had one of those artsy looking hats on in the picture, but on him it was adorable and she looked at that picture everyday as she passed the store. She should have trusted herself when she walked into the bar, Paul was captivating, and she now remembered looking at him back then on the poster and thinking the same thing.

“Should I admit to you that I only half believed you Paul? Does that make you think any less of me?” Mel asked him. She didn’t care about what he did or who he was, she just wanted to stay with him for a long time.

“No, darlin’, not at all. Who would ever believe me without proof…but I wouldn’t lie to you about that. I just wanted you to know.” Paul pulled Mel into an embrace that left her breathless.

“I am going to miss you so very much. Mel,” and he tilted her chin so he could look straight into her eyes, into her soul, “I need to see you again, sometime. Please tell me I will see you again. I’ll leave it up to you, but I…” and he kissed her, parting her lips to deepen his kiss which only deepened his hunger for her.

He wanted her again before she left. Mel wanted him too but with the stress of having to leave and the tension mounting, she wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Last night had been perfect and she wanted to leave with that perfection seared into her memory. After they came upstairs, they talked and she fell asleep wrapped in his warmth- exactly in the same position she had awaken this morning.

Mel untangled herself from his arms. “Paul, I have to leave now.” Mel could barely look at him. She thought her heart was going to break and knew she just had to go.

“Mel, I want you darlin’… please, Sam doesn’t even know you are coming out to pick her up.” Paul tried to cajole Mel by lightly brushing his hands up and down her back.

“Paul, do you understand?” she searched his eyes; “I…feel…I can’t say it…you…I…” and she buried her face in his chest to squash the words and the frustration from holding back. She and Paul had an honest rapport between them, but she couldn’t be sure if she wanted to tell him that she had fallen head over heels for him and didn’t want to leave him ever.

He grabbed her and held her tightly as he kissed her forehead, her eyes, her lips, her throat.

“Please, just let me go. It’s difficult enough without you trying to lure me back into bed…” her voice trailed off.

The car was packed, their bill paid. Now she just had to pull herself out of Paul’s arms and go down the steps and not turn around.

“I’ll walk you out Mel.” He offered quietly, this was difficult for him too.

“No Paul, just kiss me again and let me leave. I can’t have you standing down there on the street as I pull away, I just can’t do that.” She pleaded.

He then gave Mel the sweetest kiss yet. She ran her hands through his hair, over his face and down to the hollow of his throat, savoring the feel of him.

“Mel, I wish you would stay for a little while longer, why the rush to leave?” unable to let go of her, he half-heartedly pleaded; he knew it was already a lost cause and failing was not something he was used to.

“This will be even more difficult in a week and maybe nearly impossible in two weeks. Then how would you explain returning home with me?” she laughed to try and ease the emotion of the moment.

Paul knew what she said was true and knew that he would not be able to explain that one, so he laughed too, appreciating seeing her beautiful smile one last time. He pulled her close, kissed her again and whispered in her ear, “You’re a special woman Mel, I won’t forget you that easily. I will always think of you how beautiful you are right now.” he whispered.

“I think I miss you already, how could I forget?” She separated herself from him, turned and walked out of his room, still feeling his embrace and his lips on her ear.


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27 is another PM only....

Chapter 28
Lost Highway - Chapter 28
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