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Lost Highway - Chapter 20

Title: Lost Highway
Authors:1screamingangel & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Alas, we are not Sam and Mel, and this is not true...


Paul had taken the night off to spend with Mel and put Hester in charge at the bar, tonight he would just be a patron and not the bartender. They weren’t expecting any guests at the motel tonight but Hester would see to that if she needed to.

Paul, Sam and Mel all sat at the table next to the jukebox with Paul playing everything from Elvis to Hank Williams and in between – it was a well thought out collection of classics and more often than not Mel and Sam found themselves singing under their breath to the songs. Mel wanted to badly to ask Paul to sing to them but thought it was best to keep that thought to herself.

Sam sat sipping her beer quietly – something Mel wasn’t used to at all. She hated seeing Sam like this but she knew that prodding her about it would only make her upset so she just let her be. There was nothing more that she could say to cheer her up, and Dave’s absence that night said everything that needed to be said. Sam kept looking up at the old dusty clock on the wall, she had convinced herself time actually ran slower on this one as the minutes and hours passed with no Dave in sight. Paul looked over at her a few times, just about to say something to her when he raised his beer to his lips to stop himself.

Sam noticed.

“If you have something to say, Paul, just tell me now ...”

Paul looked over at Mel and she nodded her head. He put his hand on her shoulder and spoke softly to her. “Ah… Dave won’t want me to tell you this, but he’s really torn up about the argument you had, Sam. He wouldn’t tell me what it was about, but that’s typical of him – keeping things to himself. That’s just the way he is ...”

“Tell me about it,” Sam rolled her eyes. “That’s pretty much what it was about, Paul. I just feel so left out – I was hoping to get to know him a bit better before we left.”

“He wanted me to tell you he was sorry and he won’t bother you again.”

Sam took another pull on her beer and glanced over at the pool table, remembering the heat of his body against hers while he attempted to teach her that trick shot. Was he really not going to come back and see her? Is this what she wanted? To part like this, and never see him again? It might be easier this way, she convinced herself – easier this way than to admit she was starting to fall for him. Sam had never really been in love with anyone – she refused to give a man that part of herself unless she was sure, and some of the thoughts she was having about Dave were beginning to scare her. She barely knew him; she knew even less about him than she wanted to acknowledge. So why was she feeling this way? Sure, the sex was incredible, but it was much more than that. When he’d played for her and she felt comfortable enough to tell him about her father, that was the moment when she started thinking about him in a way she wasn’t familiar with at all. That was why she felt so hurt right now – all she wanted was to know more about him and he’d shut her out.

Hester brought over another round for them, no payment required – it was good to know the owner of this establishment.

“So, hate to be blunt, girls, but I noticed your beds weren’t slept in this morning when I went to clean your rooms ... you still want a room for tonight?” she said, raising her eyebrows as she pushed the bottles across the table.

“Yes. We do,” Sam responded curtly, the thought that she may never see Dave again finally sinking in. “Just this one last damn night, and then we’ll be out of this place forever. We’ve got more promising things ahead of us.”

“Sorry dear,” Hester said, looking away quickly, “that’s none of my business either ...”

She returned to her post and began furiously scrubbing the top of the bar, mumbling as she did.

Mel was more than a little frustrated at this turn of events. She thought that if Dave cared at all for her friend he would come back to her, but he was clearly just out for a quick fling – and if Sam actually had feelings for him she would have told her by now. Mel had ignored a lot of things in the last couple of days. And here was Paul distracting her again with his hand running the length of her thigh inside her skirt under the table. She was too deep into this now and Sam was going to have to give her this time with Paul. If Dave would stay away like he told Paul he would, then maybe she could spend another two or three days here with him. She needed that as much as he needed her to stay. Mel was starting to have feelings for Paul that, while they were familiar to her, were catching her by surprise. Seems like they both needed something from each other, it wasn’t all about the sex, Mel enjoyed talking with him. That was the thing missing from her life. She had not had many experiences with men who wanted to have deep, intense conversations with her. Paul did and it was very refreshing.

Paul had tried for some time this afternoon to figure out what the hell was going on. The girls had left the brick house and walked back into town. Sam hadn’t said a word as she left and Mel told him she needed to talk with Sam and that she would see him later that evening. Dave never said too much, but he did say he was mad at himself because he had messed things up with her and she was perfect and he wasn’t. Sometimes, Dave was too into perfectionism and although he could be that way also, he could let most things in life slide a little bit but his friend had trouble with that. That was all he had gotten from Dave and he was sure he would want to apologize to Sam. Women were easy when you could apologize. Paul was good at stretching the truth a bit here and there so Sam would never know whether Dave actually said that or not.

By the time Paul pulled his car back into town earlier the sun was setting. He made arrangements with Hester and creeped upstairs quietly, wanting to know if Sam and Mel were talking, sleeping, or what was going on. He didn’t hear them and was glad to see their car still out front. He was afraid he would come back into town to find them gone. That would not do for him at all. Dave may have problems with women, but he didn’t. Mel had to stay; he wanted her again, soon.

Paul brought his thoughts back to running his hand along Mel’s leg, hoping to convince her to spend some extra time here in Bridgeport. Hester came over to ask him a question and Sam and Mel leaned towards each other to finish the conversation they had started in their room earlier.

“Sam, what should our plans be for tomorrow?” Mel asked her gently.

“Whenever you are ready to go in the morning, let’s hit the road. The sooner the better…” Sam insisted.

Mel couldn’t look at Paul right then, she couldn’t imagine driving away, but she could feel the heat of his hand lightly brushing her leg. “Sam, let’s just see how we feel in the morning…”

Right at that moment, the door to the saloon opened and there stood Dave in the doorway. Paul whistled to himself and the girls went silent. He didn’t move, just stood there for the longest time, looking right at Sam and she at him.

He eventually stepped over the threshold and made a beeline right for Sam, letting the door slam shut behind him. Sam noted that he wasn’t wearing his usual black hat and his hair hung loose beneath it; he didn’t have it tied back like he always did. She noticed the stubble starting to return to his face and he looked troubled – the gentle look he had at breakfast was gone and he looked more like he had the first night she’d met him – dark, mysterious and looking for trouble.

Sam flinched slightly and Mel eyed her then turned to gaze at Dave. Mel braced herself to step between them if necessary and started to rise from her chair when Paul put his hand on her shoulder, firmly, and whispered, “Sit tight darlin’, relax, I got it.”

Although Mel stayed seated, she did not take her eyes from Dave. He looked angry to her and she was not about to let him upset Sam anymore than she already was. Mel was angry at Dave for saying what he did to Sam. How dare he say those rude things to her after what happened between them that first night in their hotel room. Now they were going to have to leave too soon and the mood had soured more than a little.

All Mel really wanted to do was get Paul alone again, and although she would be there for Sam, she had planned to walk her back to the hotel and then spend the night in Paul’s room. With Dave showing up again, though, her plans were unclear. Paul’s hand remained firmly on her shoulder.

“Dave, why don’t you go see if Hester can get another bottle of that fine whiskey you like and we can all have a drink together?” Paul suggested in a soft, almost melodic tone as Dave looked at him for the first time. Paul wasn’t sure he had heard him.

“The…Dave…man, did ya hear me?” Paul said softly and Dave blinked, then nodded and walked towards the bar.

Halfway to the bar he turned around and came back to the table and said to Sam as he took her hand gently in his, “Let’s go have a chat just out front now, come with me,” he pleaded as he looked at Sam and added a soft, “please” to the end of his request.

“This is over. I’m not interested,” Sam said defiantly as she pulled her hand away, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair.

“No, it’s not, Samantha. I won’t have you leave this way ... I won’t have it,” he said abruptly, lowering his head and staring at her from beneath his hat brim again.

“Sam, at least just go have a talk with him, we’ll be right here,” Paul encouraged, nodding toward the doorway. She looked over at Mel who gave her a quick nod as well.

“Please,” Dave repeated, taking her hand again.

Sam didn’t say anything, just downed the rest of her beer, slammed the empty on the table and followed Dave out the front door.

“Sam, come with me, love,” Dave pleaded after they walked outside of the bar together.

“Don’t call me ‘love’,” Sam snapped and began to walk a quick clip down the deserted main street toward the hotel.

He stepped toward her hurriedly, catching her arm and turning her to him, stopping her in her tracks. He took a deep breath and stared into her, his hands running through the back of her hair as he pulled her face to his and crushed her lips in a deeply passionate kiss. She didn’t fight it – not at all – she instead moved her mouth against his with a similar fervor, clutching his shirt in her fingers and pulling him even closer to her. When it was over they just looked at each other – their breath coming in fast puffs, chests heaving and eyes wild.

“I’m sorry,” Dave said, breaking the silence and drawing her back to him for another kiss, this one decidedly softer than the last.

Although his kiss made her melt in his arms, Sam wasn’t ready to accept his apology. She wanted to make sure it was sincere; Dave meant more to her than she cared to admit right now and she wasn’t about to let him off easy.

Sam stared into him, his hands roaming through her hair and his eyes soft as he searched her face looking for her response.

“Dave, am I just a girl who was passing through? Is that how you see me? It may have started out that way but I ...”

He stilled her lips with another kiss, pulling her tight to him and moving to whisper in her ear.

“If that’s what I thought of you, I’d never have come back tonight, love. I’d never have begged you to come out here and talk to me again or asked you to stay with me last night ...”

He moved to kiss her again, Sam sighing into his mouth, accepting his words and realizing how ridiculous the whole spat had been. She didn’t want to leave him like that; she couldn’t – she wanted to wake up next to him in the morning, stroking his chest and nuzzling his neck – not with bitter, vicious words on her lips. She regretted what she’d said and knew he did as well. It was inevitable that two passionate people would eventually argue like that, yet she hated that it happened during their short time together.

“I’m sorry too,” she responded against his lips, running her hands under the back of his shirt and along his back. “I said some terrible things to you. You are a very talented man, Dave – I hope someday you can share your gift.”

He looked at her then, wanting so badly to tell her that he had.

He cleared his throat and suggested softly, “I brought my truck tonight, let’s go somewhere and talk. Will you come with me?”

Of course she would. It was going to be harder to leave him now than she could have possibly imagined.

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Chapter 21
Lost Highway - Chapter 21

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It seems they have made up their differences. (I´m the only one who has commented in a long time )
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