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Lost Highway - Chapter 19

Title: Lost Highway
Authors:1screamingangel & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Ain't my Irishmen! Ain't true at all! OK Edge, play the blues!


It had been way too hot to walk back to the hotel but Sam was insistent they not ask either man for a ride back to town. By the time they reached the Broken Horseshoe, Mel’s skin was tingling with the dry heat and the sweat was mixing with the dirt from the road kicked up by the cars that sped by them. She was not happy at all.

Last night had been a dream for Mel, she was really falling for Paul and did not want to be away from him. She certainly did not like the way this day was turning out. She was not about to give up this feeling of bliss she was experiencing and the more she thought about it the more she felt a little ticked off at Sam for fighting with a man she had only known for two days for God’s sakes! Why did Sam always have to be so dramatic about every situation in life?

Most of the time, Sam’s passion for life was something Mel enjoyed being a part of on any given day. This day, however, this minute, she was not enjoying at all. As a matter of fact, as she looked at the back of Sam’s head while they walked down Main Street, she wanted to smack her. It always had to be about her. Why couldn’t it for just this once be about me, Mel wondered. Mel didn’t mind not being the main attraction, and if she wasn’t so mad about being taken away from her new lover, she would honestly say she preferred being in the background. It was more comfortable for her.

Mel had talked about Paul and the wonderful evening they spent together almost the whole way back. She wasn’t that convinced that Sam was listening to her, but she just needed to talk about him. Sam gave her little response and finally Mel slowed down her excited talk about Paul. The closer they got to the hotel, the silence became deeper and Mel became more upset.

The girls were relieved to get to the motel and shut the heat out. “We really should have asked Paul to give us a ride back into town,” Mel said nastily.

“Christ Mel, if you wanted to stay with him then you should have just stayed there with him. He wasn’t paying any attention to you anyway,” Sam’s replied bitterly.

When they reached their room Mel slammed the door shut, which made Hester get out of her chair and move toward the green plush couch so that perhaps she could hear what that was all about. Even though the walls were thin, Sam and Mel were used to arguing quietly and could be just as stinging in whispers as two friends who yelled at the top of their lungs. The commune didn’t offer that much privacy so they had learned as little girls to fight quietly.

“Sam, I understand you are hurt. Dave said some pretty nasty things to you and that isn’t right. But like I said to you earlier, what the hell is this about? You never let a man push you around, you have never taken shit from far better men than this creepy guy with long stringy hair who comes into you room in the middle of the night and screws you against the wall while whispering about how he doesn’t have a name!”

Mel stared at Sam, her friends’ eyes staring at the floor and refusing to meet her gaze. “Oh my God Sam, are you honestly going to tell me you have feelings for him? Are you kidding me? Have you even had a decent conversation with him? Do you know anything about him? Has he even told you his name?”

Mel stopped herself. She was on the verge of telling Sam all that Paul had told her and she wasn’t sure what was stopping her from doing so right now. She walked over to look out the window at the street below. Sam remained silent and Mel knew she was gearing up to respond. Mel braced herself.

“Mel,” Sam said in an almost whisper which let Mel know she was really about to hear an earful, “you really have no idea about Dave and I, do you?” and with that she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Not what she had expected at all. Mel was surprised at Sam’s low-key response. That wasn’t like Sam. See, she threw her hands up into the air to prove the point to herself, here she was thinking about Sam’s response. What about how she was feeling? Mel was purposely now trying to hurt Sam but only because more than anything she wanted to be with Paul right now, in his room, in his bed. But no, she was standing here trying to make Sam feel better, which of course she wasn’t doing at all.

Sam knew Mel was right. What was Dave doing to her and why was she so upset with what he had said to her. She didn’t take any shit from a man, never had. Yet the thought of him was forcing her to remember their night together – and not the first night ... last night. Sam didn’t have a chance to tell Mel about last night with Dave. She never told her about how she’d slept in his arms all night, how he made love to her in the morning or how she’d called out his name when he brought her with him to ecstasy for the very first time. Nor did she tell Mel how he’d held her when she told him about her father, or sung to her, or made her breakfast. She didn’t have the chance to tell Mel about any of it – she was far too wrapped up in Paul to care. There was just something about Dave that she could not so easily dismiss. How could she explain that to Mel when she didn’t have the words to explain it to herself.

Mel had already had more conversations with Paul than she had with her three previous boyfriends combined. They were all total duds compared to this guy. Being with Paul made her feel so happy and so content, even that first night in Bodie when they were just together, talking and laughing. He made her laugh so much and he seemed to really want to be with her, not to mention the amazing physical connection they shared. She was sure that Sam and Dave had barely spoken to each other, besides the argument they had. Sam never remotely fell in love with a man, even ones Mel thought she should have fallen in love with. It was always just sex with Sam. Mel could not envision any other option for her.

As much as she wanted to tell Sam about their band, Mel wasn’t sure it was all true to begin with and didn’t want to give Sam more ammunition to mock her. Sam would never believe that they were sleeping with a couple of rockstars; if Mel dared to tell her she would surely laugh in her face. Then there was the promise she’d made to Paul that she would keep it to herself. Right then, she thought it more important to keep her word to him than to set Sam off any more.

Sam came out of the bathroom and slammed the door. “Anything else you want to say Mel?” she said scathingly.

“Yeah, Sam, I tell you I had an amazing night with Paul and you respond by saying ‘I was afraid of that’. Why the hell did you say that to me? Couldn’t you have just, for once, been happy for me and let me be happy? Couldn’t we both just have been happy for me? But it’s always about you and what you are going through. It drives me fucking insane sometimes!” Mel raised her voice as Sam glared at her.

“Honestly Mel, I don’t know why I did that. I just spent that last ten minutes in the shower trying to figure out what was going on here. Why are we fighting? You want to be with Paul, I want to be with Dave. I like being with him – and don’t look at me like that – it isn’t just the sex. Just go shower and get out of here and see as much of Paul as you can. I don’t want to fight with you. Go, we will talk later.” Sam had calmed down and just wanted to be alone for a little bit.

They had fought enough over the years that they forgave each other for what was said at times like these, never to mention it again.

Sam walked over to Mel and gave her a hug.

“Mel, I am happy for you. I just don’t want to see your heart break when we have to leave. I guess it’s just foreign to me to see you fall for someone so fast. I’ve always been the impulsive one ... I’m just not used to it ...”

Mel hugged her friend back.

“I know, Sam. I just ... Paul is ... I’ve never met anyone like him before. He’s incredible ...”

“Just don’t let him break your heart, Mel,” Sam said. She thought it best to not mention her own inner turmoil about her feelings for Dave right now.

“I’ll try,” she laughed, knowing it was almost inevitable that exactly that would happen. “I’m going to shower. I don’t want to leave you alone so if you’d come with me to the bar, I’d like that. But if I leave with Paul ...”

“I know. I understand, Mel. I’ve been your friend long enough to know when to let you do your own thing. I’m just hoping you’ll let me do mine if Dave shows up ...”

“Aww Sam ... he’s just so different for you. Are you sure about him?” she asked, putting her hands on her friend’s shoulders and holding her at arm’s length. “Are you really sure about him?”

“I don’t know, Mel ... but I’m willing to find out if he comes back for me.”

Dave was definitely different, but maybe he was just what Sam needed for a change.

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Chapter 20
Lost Highway - Chapter 20
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