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Lost Highway - Chapter 10

Title: Lost Highway
Authors:1screamingangel & wo_speaking
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Ain't my Irishmen! Ain't true at all! It's fiction, y'all!


Sam had decided to go over to him. After what had happened between them last night, why be so coy. She wanted to play, but not play hard to get or any such shit like that.

Why didn’t he come over and talk to her? This has to be some kind of game to him, Sam thought.

She stepped over to the pool table and put her hands on the side.

“Hey mister, can you teach me that shot?” she asked him, giving him a rather bashful look considering the things that transpired between them last night.

He didn’t say a word and just handed her the cue. Her hand lingered on his as she took it from his grasp. She caught a slight smirk on his lips at her touch and she smiled back.

He placed the 4-ball, the 8-ball and the cue ball exactly the same way she’d seen him do it before so many times before. He stepped behind her, running his hand down her forearm and lifting her free hand to the small end of the cue as he moved her close to the table. He pressed himself up behind her and put his chin over her shoulder, his breath soft in her ear.

“Just like this, love,” he whispered, moving his hips closer to her. She bit her lip and tried to focus on the shot – but he felt so good pressed up against her like this, she didn’t want the closeness to end.

“Mmm, how do you expect me to concentrate with you so close to me?” she whispered.

“Oh, you’ll concentrate if you think about what you want your prize to be if you make the shot,” he said softly, as he bent her down further over the table.

Oh yes. This was a game all right, and she wanted to play.

He whispered the instructions to her, spouting out laws of physics and talking about conflicting forces and transfer of energy. He certainly wasn’t just a dumb cowboy, it seemed. He nipped at her ear as he spoke, his hot breath on the skin of her neck driving her to distraction. This just wasn’t fair, was it?

He stepped back from her and looked at her with expectation. She tried to remember what he’d told her to do and lowered the cue to the table as he folded his arms and gazed at her from under his hat.

She shot the cue ball far too hard, skipping it over the end of the table and hearing the loud thunk it made as it hit the wood floor.

He looked at her with disdain as she rushed over to pick it up. He stepped up to her quickly and was right in front of her as she stood.

“A shame, darling, you don’t listen very well, do you?” he said as he took the cue from her hands. He set it on the pool table and stepped toward her, his lips just inches from hers as he whispered, “and I don’t know what I’m going to do about that...”

She reached up and lightly ran her fingers along the nape of his neck under his hair, drawing him close until her lips were on his. She kissed him with a similar fire he had lit in her last night and she didn’t care who saw it. He moaned into her mouth as he reached down and pulled her hips to his, thoughts of last night coming back so quickly he had to quell them right away lest he embarrass himself.

“Let’s try it again, and I’ll try not to distract you this time,” he promised, kissing her softly on the ear before placing the cue back in her hands.

Damn you, she thought, this night isn’t over yet.

* * * * *

Paul looked up when the 8 ball hit the floor. It was not a usual sound in the bar at all. Dave never missed a shot. Mel started to turn her head but Paul caught her eyes and held them long enough for her to forget to look over at the pool table.

He watched the end of that scene play out over Mel’s shoulder. She didn’t need to see what was going on. Paul knew what Dave was after at this point and, mildly concerned though he was, he was just going to have to step back and watch – so to speak. After all, he knew what they were both after and it was the same thing. That definitely wasn’t a first kiss they were sharing right now, and that was a certainty. He was a little worried that if Mel became too concerned about Sam, he might not be able to enjoy the evening with her. He distracted her by holding her gaze and touching her a lot. For him, that always seemed to work with women.

It worked. “Paul, what are the chances we can get out of here pretty soon?” Mel asked, she was tired of waiting and wanted to be alone with him.

Paul looked over at the couple finishing up their beer at a table and shrugged. “As soon as they are done I suppose Mel. They usually don’t stay for another round anyway. Where would you like to go, darlin’?” He gave Mel his most charming grin.

“Surprise me. Any abandoned buildings?” she laughed. “Seriously, I don’t care; it would just be nice to be alone.” Mel looked over at Sam and her Dave. He was handing her a pool cue and talking animatedly about putting english on the cue ball. She was a bit relieved; he actually seemed, well, normal for once. She might just have to stop calling him creepy guy now.

Sam seemed to be in control of things and it was time for the girls to each do what they wanted. Mel wasn’t going to be able to stop Sam and Sam had promised to be careful. It was right now that the thought of Paul and Dave being friends actually made Mel feel less worried. At least if she was with Paul, then he would help if Sam needed help, right?

That was how Mel chose to think about it right then. Paul kept touching her hand, her shoulder, her face – she couldn’t recall why it mattered there were a lot of untruths going on here right now.

Paul went over to the couple who were finishing their beers and had a conversation with them. Mel watched him stand there. He was so absolutely adorable, he appeared very comfortable standing there shooting the breeze with these people in his fake American accent. The townies didn’t even seem to notice. Yes, this was a perfect place to hide. Paul looked up and saw Mel watching him, raised his eyebrows and gave her a little smirk.

“Paul, why do you try to sound American when you talk to people? Who around here would even know what kind of accent you have?” Mel asked, when he returned to the bar, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

He reached in the cash register to get his patrons their change, stopped to contemplate Mel’s question, then answered, “It just makes it easier love. Too many people ask too many questions, and we can’t have that now can we?” He bore his eyes into her to see if she got the message.

Mel flinched. She got the message all right. Did he just threaten her? Does he know that she knows? Mel figured, no going back now. She debated whether or not to continue questioning him as he took the change over to the table.

Mel was thinking about the questions, if they mattered and if they would keep her from knowing what Paul would feel like on top of her when he came up behind her and took her shoulders in his hands. He whispered in her ear, “Let’s go now and see what we can make of the rest of the night love, what do you say?”

“That sounds good”, she growled out of her throat as he licked her neck and bit gently on her ear. All questions forgotten.

“Let me close things down. Be back in a second or two..” was his answer.

Mel took a deep breath and tried to clear her head. How was this going to be slow and sweet? She wanted to attack him. Well, the first time anyway, she smiled to herself.

Then Mel glanced over her shoulder at Sam and creepy guy – Dave – playing pool. What exactly were they doing over there? Was he giving her lessons?

“Sam, give me a minute,” Mel requested as she walked over to them. Mel was giving Dave a once over from head to toe. No, he didn’t look anything like his passport photo. That knowledge gave her an idea.

“I’m Mel, we haven’t met.” She tried to hold Dave’s eye but he wouldn’t look at her.

“I know your name,” was all he said, not once making eye contact.

"Hmm, well, seems we still don’t know yours, do we now?” Mel asked. He wasn’t the one that made the veiled threat to her, Paul was.

And now Paul was walking over to them. Feeling the uncomfortable moment he quickly spoke up, “we are heading out mate, lock the place up for me, will ya?” Paul asked as he threw the door key at his friend.

“Aye,” was the only response.

“Don’t forget to lock the door.” Dave looked up at Paul as if he was supposed to know what that meant.

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Ok, I'm caught up now. This is creepy and mysterious, and I like it!! Definitely a different portrayal


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Chapter 11
Lost Highway - Chapter 11
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Yay, Chapter 11 link

Edge is hilarious...suddenly obsessing about pool...oh my.
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