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Everything You Know Is Wrong - Chapter 3

Title: Everything You Know Is Wrong
Author: withoutspeaking
Rating: PG for now
Disclaimer: None of these fine Irishmen are mine, and this is complete and utter fiction.
A/N: My very first U2 fanfic. A bit AU with no Ali in the scene but trying to stay true to fact where possible. Set mainly during ZooTV/AB era during the breakup of Edge's marriage.


I was kissing her.

After keeping my feelings for her at bay for nearly a decade, I truly had no idea why I chose tonight to do so. It wasn’t the Guinness, I’d only had the one, and I’d definitely been inebriated around her more often than I’d care to admit. Why tonight?

If pressed, I would suggest it was the way she looked at me when I played for her. That must have been it. I’d never played for her alone. In a group, yes, but just the two of us? Never like this. She wouldn’t even come near the studio when we were recording, she had always joked that she “didn’t want to be Yoko”. Tonight, however, there was just something in her eyes that forced me to take the risk.

Would she push me away or would she kiss me back? Smash my immaculate yet unpaid Gibson ES-295 right over my head?

And if she did kiss me back, would it be warmly? Willingly? Wantonly?

When she whispered, kiss me, all bets were off.

And oh, it was lovely; she was so lovely …

And so … here I was … kissing Bono’s girl in the back room of a dusty old guitar shop in Midtown Manhattan while he was laid up on painkillers at a posh hotel not a mile away. The mere thought was dreadful. Yet here she was, kissing me back and stroking my hair as she did; her mouth was soft under mine and her misty eyes hinting she may possibly have feelings for me as well.

Bono, I’m so sorry. Aislinn, I’m so terribly sorry …

* * *

“Edge …” I choked out, as our lips finally parted.

I’d kissed him back. I’d really kissed him back.

I couldn’t overlook how it felt just right, like something that had been missing between us for so many years. I knew we both felt it. Yet, I had to quell such thoughts from my head. He was most certainly not an option, no matter how caught up in the moment I felt right then.

“You know we can’t do this … we can’t …”

My voice trailed off and it was all I could do to stifle the tears welling up inside me.

I hugged him to me and buried my face in his hair, kissing his ear softly, my heart thudding away in my chest. I couldn’t look him in the eye right now or I felt as though I would never be able to look away again.

“Oh Ciara, don’t cry … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have – I don’t know what I was thinking … I don’t know what came over me … I don’t know why I just did that … I’m so sorry,” Edge sputtered and stroked my cheek tenderly, wiping away one rogue tear that had escaped my resolve.

I pulled away and forced myself to look at him; his eyes softened when they met mine. He gazed at me woefully as he embraced me again and kissed me delicately on the cheek, lingering longer than he should have, his mouth moving against it as he spoke.

“Ciara, you mean too much to me to ruin what you have with Bono. We can forget this ever happened. I don’t want to ever lose you as a friend. You will always be my best friend …”

He held me to him for a long while as I struggled to keep myself together.

Oh God, Edge, why do I feel like this? I don’t love you the same way I love Bono ... I don’t ...

He placed another soft kiss on my cheek before taking my hand and standing up from the stool, stooping to pick up the new guitar that didn’t seem to matter much to him anymore. How could I watch him play it ever again?

I didn’t know what to say. What was there to say?

I never wanted to admit to myself what I felt for him that night as I watched him straighten his hair and put his hat back on, dejected.

We rode back to the hotel in silence with the guitar across our laps. Edge held my hand the whole way there.

I never saw him use that guitar again.

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(Poor Bono Let's not tell him about Edge and Ciara )

I've been waiting for this chapter for sooo long!!
Please, keep them coming!!

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i like it.
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I would totally cheat on Bono with Edge too.

Hell, I'd cheat on my actual boyfriend with Edge. And he knows it.
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