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Drifting (Prologue to Adrift) Chapter Two

A/N: Hello dedicated readers! Sorry it's taken me so long to update this fic. I got so much going on in my life right now that has been causing the largest, most frustrating creative block ever. Hopefully this chapter isn't too dull. And please forgive any grammar mistakes. Hope all is well with everyone and thank you so much for the kind reviews in Chapter One. If not for them, I wouldn't have found the motivation to keep on movin'. Leave me some love, please!

Title: Drifting (Prologue to Adrift) Chapter Two

Author: LoveAndLogic

Rating: PG-13 for some language. I have such a dirty mouth. And so do our Dublin Boys.

“Oh, dear,” Lynn giggled, Alan now helping me this time around to pick the lifeless girl off the ground and set her back onto the couch. “I’m so terribly sorry. Hopefully she doesn’t keep fainting like this or else she’s going to have a migraine for the next six years.”

We laughed and Edge spoke again, “Honestly, it’s quite alright. She’s just in shock. As you said, she’s a big fan of ours. I’m sure it’s a wee overwhelming for her.”

“Yes, yes,” Lynn put a hand to her heart and went into the living room, grabbing a blanket and placing it over her daughter who was limp on the couch. “I suppose she should just leave her here for the night. No sense in having one of you men carrying her up the stairs when she’s a body of stone. Follow me, boys, and I’ll show you your rooms.”

We collected our things and followed Lynn down the hall. She first took us to the den where Adam and Larry would be staying. It really was quite a large room, elegantly decorated with sage walls and hardwood floors as well as a cream settee with a matching love seat. A large tele displayed between two windows in which were covered by gold, draping curtains. The couch was already all pulled out and made into a nice sized, twin bed with two fluffy pillows and a down comforter. On the floor next to that was another bed, made in the same, off white sheets, double pillows and comforter.

“What a handsome room,” Adam beamed, obviously more than thrilled to be bunking with our drummer. Then again, I’m sure we were all relieved to be sleeping in made beds and not a freezing tour bus. Even a cheap hotel would have been a sanctuary compared to the likings of a house on wheels.

Lynn thanked Adam for the compliment, a smile flashing on her face from ear to ear. “Make yourselves at home. There are a lot of movies under the entertainment center, a Playstation with some games. Feel free to use whatever you wish. Just try and clean up after yourselves is all I ask. Also the bathroom is just three steps to the left from the kitchen, the laundry room another step from the bathroom. Help yourselves to any food, drinks and the washer and dryer. The bathroom down here does not have a shower but there is another bathroom upstairs, you can’t miss it. I’m sure you’ll all want to shower and get out of those wet clothes. Actually, just leave your wet clothes in the laundry room and I’ll take care of them. Anything else? Any questions?”

I exchanged glances between my mates, each of their eyes open wide and mouth agape. What more could we possibly ask for? She was literally offering her whole house to us with no hesitation. Asking for anything more would have been downright rude. However, on the other hand…there was one thing.

“Well, actually,” I began—Larry, Adam and Edge all turning to look at me with that what are you doing expression. “All that we really ask of you is to keep our whereabouts discreet. For your safety of course. I don’t want anyone invading your town or your home on our behalf. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that were to happen.” I finished, my palm at my heart.

Lynn was mocking my movements. “Of course, Bono, I had already thought of that. Nobody will know you’re here and I’ll be sure to let Jessie know as well. And I’m sure she won’t have any problem keeping the four of you a personal secret.” She winked, the room filling, once again, with laughter. “I’ll let you boys talk for a bit in private and then Alan will show Edge his room and I’ll take you to yours, Bono. Just let us know when you’re ready.”

Adam and Larry said their thanks to Lynn and Alan, exchanging handshakes and hugs, before they left us in privacy, shutting the door behind them. Once we were all in the room, alone and away from earshot, we huddled together, not a member disgruntled, not even our very own Sullen Mullen.

“What a nice family,” Edge first said. “Really down to earth.”

“Yes,” Larry nodded with a gigantic smile. “I just really hope their daughter is alright. Also, you’re right Bono, we can’t let anyone find out where we are. That would be disastrous.”

I chuckled. “You guys looked at me as though I were going to say something completely absurd.”

“That’s because you usually do,” Adam retorted.

“That’s so nice, mates.”

“Alright, enough,” Edge hushed us with a serious expression. “This is serious. You know how fans are sometimes. If she is that awestruck on seeing us here that she would faint-not once-but twice, what does that show? She could easily call up one of her friends tomorrow and let them know that we’re here. That person tells another and that one another and next thing you know we’re screwed.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions,” Larry countered, talking with his hands. “All we have to do is have Bono sweet talk her and she will keep her mouth shut. I guarantee it.”

“Why does this always have to involve me? What if she’s an Edge-Girl, or, God forbid, a Larry-Girl?”

“Because she fainted when she got to you,” Adam pointed out smugly. “Besides, it doesn’t matter what kind of girl she is, what matters is that she keeps this in the house. But Larry is right, Bono, maybe you should be the one to talk to her. You’re best at these things.”

“Yeah, yeah…” I sighed, shaking my head and snickering. “Alright mates, I don’t know about any of you but I’m exhausted. Would anyone like to do a group prayer before we part ways for the night?”

“That’s a great idea, Bono. Maybe we should ask Alan and Lynn if they’d like to join?” Edge advised and we all agreed, opening the door to find Alan and Lynn having their own conversation. Surly this must be just as strange for them as it is for us, if not a tad more so. We met people every day, it was part of the job description. It’s not every day you have four Irish rock stars living in your house.

“All set, guys?” Lynn asked once she spotted us staring their direction.

“Actually,” Edge announced. “We were wondering if you two would like to join us in a group prayer. It’s tradition.”

“Oh,” Shocked, Lynn stood motionless for a second before nodding. “Absolutely. How very thoughtful.”

They joined us in the middle of the den, the six of us in a circle, hand in hand. Once we had our eyes closed, Edge began the prayer. Normally I would want to do it but it was Edge’s idea I decided to let him go ahead. Also, they hated it when I prayed. Apparently my prayers were too long and I said too many psalms and stories…which is true.

“Heavenly Father, we thank you for our safety on the long drive from Canada to Ohio. Especially with Bono as the driver.” Everyone chuckled, including myself. “Bless this house You have lead us to and the kind people, Lynn and Alan, who have taken us in with open arms and Your grace. Bless their family, their health and their daughter, Jessica. We ask that You bless her to awake tomorrow morning without a goose egg or a migraine.” More laughter. “Bless our own families, our fans and the disappointment they will feel in the next couple of days. Bless the snow storm and that it may not cause too much sorrow. May You hold us and keep us. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

“Amen,” Five other voices chimed in. Lynn had tears in her eyes and she dried them away quickly and wrapped Edge in for an embrace.

“That was beautiful. Thank you so much. You have a good night.”

“You as well, Lynn. Sweet dreams.”

“You, too, Edge. Bono, follow me.”

Saying goodnight to my mates, I followed Lynn up the stairs with my suitcase in one hand and my coat in the other. I hadn’t noticed just how tired I was until reaching the top of the stairs; my eyes struggling to remain open and muscles tense. It really had been such a long day. We really did have a lot to thank God for.

Pausing in the middle of the hallway, Lynn pointed her to right, “Alan and I’s room,” and to the left, “Jessie’s room. And the bathroom right there,” She pointed right before us. “Towels are in the closet between the guest suite and Jessie’s room. Right in here, Bono,” Lynn lead the way to the room on the right, opened the door and switched on the light to expose a cozy, light cream room complete with a bed, book shelf, stereo and a recliner in the south corner. Waiting for me, tauntingly, was a nicely made bed with sea foam colored sheets, pillows and comforter. Unlike the downstairs, this room was carpet, as was the hall and stairs. I could hardly wait to crawl into that bed…

“I hope this is alright,” Lynn asked worryingly. “I know it’s not what you guys are used to bu-”

“Lynn, stop right there. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s quite relieving to be out of the hotels, to be honest. It gets overbearing at times. This is…perfect. You’re a wonderful woman. Thank you so much for this. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“Nonsense, no need to pay me back for anything. You were in need of help. Just always remember that there are good people left in the world.”

“I will. Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome. Now get some sleep. I’m sure you need it.”

Wasn’t that the truth. I don’t think I’ve ever been more tired in my life. Lynn and I hugged and she left me with the room, closing the door behind her. Looking about the spacious room, wanting to explore the many, numerous photographs and paintings, a yawn leaking from my throat convinced me otherwise. Instead I rummaged through my suitcase and slipped into my night gear and turned the light off. Pulling the covers back, I fell into the bed and sighed happily, bringing the covers up to my chin.

Thinking back on my day, I found it amazingly odd how the events were turning out. What kind of band would take over the responsibility of their tour driver, get stuck in a snow storm and end up in some strangers bed? Only us…only U2, that’s who. My mind ran over the family we had met: Lynn and her dazzling, warm smile: Alan and his muscular built yet soft spoken voice: and Jessie-the girl who kept fainting.

Even though I hadn’t talked to the latter, she still kept me intrigued. There was just something about her eyes and how they looked over me. Have I seen that type of look before? Surly I must’ve on a hundred of other girls. Still…this wasn’t one of “those” looks. Not a “Oh my God, you’re Bono from U2.” No…there was something more to it. Something that I couldn’t quite place a finger on.

Tomorrow. There was always tomorrow to get to know her. And as I drifted off into a much needed slumber, my last thoughts…were of her.

The following morning, a bright sun beamed in through the split of the curtains on the double windows. Fluttering open my eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden change of brightness, I sunk back into the fluff of the pillows, groaning and reviewing what had happened over the span of one night. We weren’t in a hotel, that was for damn sure. The room was too homely, too comforting to be a hotel. And the smell of coffee and bacon lingered underneath the crack of the closed door. Suddenly, Lynn’s friendly face flashed like a tick of a clock in my mind, as did her husband, Alan and their daughter, Jessie.

Still groggy and well over exhausted, I forced myself out of bed, knowing that if I fell back into a slumber that I would never awake until three a.m. Finding my suitcase next to a recliner, I shoved it onto it’s back and scrimmaged for a clean pair of shorts, jeans and a black t-shirt. Yawning still, I half-blindly found my way to the bathroom, a strong scent of coconut and vanilla slapping my senses awake. It was a delightful combination, though I wondered where it came from. Undressing fully, folding my night clothes on the green, marble top counter, I relieved my aching bladder and stepped into a black tub.

Ah, coconut shampoo and vanilla body wash. That’s where that magnifying aroma migrated from. Turning on the water to a steaming temperature, I stood beneath the drizzle for only God knows how long, allowing the heat to relax my tensed muscles. I had brought my own shampoo and wash and set to work with cleansing away all the stress, fatigue and troubles of a postponed tour. Just how many fans would be angry at us for disappearing like this? We were surly in for it, especially when Paul calls…That was one confirmation I was not looking forward to.

Deciding that a half hour long shower was long enough, I dried myself off and dressed into my clean clothes, feeling alive, awake and ready for a day of getting to know the family that was downstairs. Brushing out my damp hair, it occurred to just how much I enjoyed the new, neck length strands. During the Joshua Tree tour I could hardly stand having such long, thick hair.

I brushed my teeth, returned my pajama’s into the suitcase and made the bed. Before taking off down the stairs, I roamed about the room, gazing upon the photo’s and paintings that I had been too drowsy to care for last night. On one wall was a magnificent painting of an ocean, all in grey scale, the sun blasting, the waves gentle and finely detailed. In the middle of the ocean was a young girl, her figure shadowed and silhouetted. From first glance you would’ve been certain that it was a photograph. Hung on the other four walls were family portraits: Lynn, Alan and Jessie around a poinsettia Christmas tree, Jessie on the top of a snowy mountain, hand in hand with her mother. There were babies pictures, vacation photo’s and even a poster of the Joshua Tree album.

On the opposite side of the room, next to the bed, was a large book shelf holding many writings of Edgar Allen Poe, John Keats, Walt Whitman and Lord Byron. Next to them was Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Einstein, bibles from almost every religion. Next to those were fictional stories by Anne Rice, V.C. Andrews, Bram Stoker. There were books on music, art, philosophy, science, religion and everything in between. Never have I been able to recall such a library in a private home.

Amazed and somewhat intimidated, I left the room with an odd tangle in the pit of my stomach. Being in that room and seeing all the art and over abundance of reading material, it only made me question Jessie even more. What kind of girl was she? Had she read all those books or had she only begun? Did some of them belong to Alan and Lynn? Who created those paintings? Took those photos? Were we dealing with a typical eighteen year old or someone that could relate to us as artists? There was only way to find out and from the top landing of the staircase, I could hear laughter and a mixture of voices. Difficult to pinpoint each tune, there was one that stuck out more than the rest-a voice I knew all too well. Edge.

Skipping down the stairs and creeping into the kitchen, sure enough the guitarist had made himself comfortable at the dining table, sipping on a mug of coffee and eating a hearty breakfast. Next to him, giggling and fully conscience, was Jessie. Hiding behind the corner wall, out of a bad habit I’ve collected over the years, I studied her closely from afar. Behind her, sunlight pushed in past the sliding glass door that lead to a deck, sprinkling over her long, straight dark, brown hair that was enhanced with rose highlights. Her skin was ivory, creamy, her lips a natural pink. She must’ve made herself up because she wore a dab of makeup: black eyeliner in a cat-eye effect I’d seen only on models, her eyelashes long and curly.

Since she was sitting down, it was hard to make out her clothing style. All I could see was a pair of blue jeans from beneath the table, bare feet and a black, fitted sweater with one shoulder teasing its way out from the cloth. When she laughed at one of Edge’s jokes, her whole face lit up brighter than the sun. Edge noticed me first, his brow creased, obviously taken back by my hiding.

“Good morning, sunshine! One down, two to go!”

My face grew hot when Lynn and Jess turned my direction. Sucking in a deep breath and holding my head up high in order to display my typical “Front Man” confidence, I smiled into the kitchen, taking the only empty seat left next to the young girl. The room was quiet for what seemed like days, an odd sense of uncomfortable tension coating the air thickly. She kept her eyes to the table, fiddling with her coffee mug with her fingers and grinning madly.

“So…er…how’re you feelin’?” I asked, uncertain as to why I was so fecking nervous. She’s just a teenage girl, Bono! You meet them every single day and she is no exception.

For the first time, drifting through her long lashes, her brown eyes met my blue. Suddenly, my heart thundered madly against my breast bone. The corner of her mouth drew upward into a nervous smile and she spoke quietly, “Much better, thank you. Got a little bump and a pulsing headache but other than that…” She smiled fully now. “And I would still think that this was all a hallucination if Edge wouldn’t have been drinking coffee at the counter this morning and told me the story about the bus.”

“Well, at least you didn’t faint again,” Edge cracked a grin.

Jess went scarlet and pushed Edge playfully on the arm, the two of them eye locking and giggling. “Hush up, rock star! You’re on my turf now!”

“Jessie!” Lynn snapped from behind the counter, flipping what appeared to be pancakes on a worn skillet.

“It’s quite alright,” Edge assured before the young girl had a chance to even open her mouth. “She is right. We are on her turf, and yours, no reason why she can’t be demanding.” He winked at the two ladies and Lynn shook her head, amused by the musician while Jessie flashed a proud expression, standing up from the table and grabbing Edge’s mug.

“More coffee, Mr. The Edge?” She asked, ruffling his wool cap and he cocked his neck up to stare at her.

“Yes, thank you, love.”

…were they flirting?

No. Edge wouldn’t flirt with a teenager.

Would he? He was hot and back on the market. And as of lately he’s been getting along with the ladies a little more than he did on our latest tours…if you catch my drift. So why wouldn’t he flirt with this one? She was very good looking and obviously intelligent. And witty.

Did I mention pretty?

Stop it, Bono! Right now!

…however, honestly, the chemistry brewing between my best mate and our young fan sparked a sense of…envy throughout my body. My only question was: why? Edge was just being polite and, as usual, he had a charisma about him that could bring out the best in people, a quality in which I could never accomplish. Usually fans were very intimated by me because of the stardom that had befallen upon my life. Celebrity had its perks, no doubt. Alas, it also took with it a handful of downfalls. This scenario was a prime example of just that. No wonder why she and Edge had warmed to one another quickly: they possessed the same brand of charm. She held a sense of independence and posture, resembling the same maturity and warmth as her mother.

No reason to be jealous because she and Edge laughed at almost everything the other said. We would grow the same type of relationship sooner or later. Right? Right. I was sure of it. It would just take a bit longer, seeing as were both still in shock at the circumstances at given at hand. All that needs required is a private sit down between the two of us and she would be capable of joking with me as well.

“Bono?” Jess’s voice broke my thoughts away. How many times had she said my name without my noticing? Damn it! I’m such an eejit!


“Would you like something? Tea? Coffee? Eggs?”

“Oh, erm, yes please, coffee would be fantastic.”

She nodded, clearing her throat. Watching her as she dug into a cupboard for another mug, Edge kicked my shin under the table, forcing my attention towards him. He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked, rolling his eyes towards Jessie who was discussing the snow storm with her ma while she poured three cups of steaming coffee.
Weakly, I smiled back at Edge.

I’d been defeated.

Once again, why did I care?

Jessie came back and set the mugs on the table, placing one in front of Edge and handing me my own. Our fingers grazed momentarily and she withdrew her arm, almost making me spill my drink in the process. So…I wasn’t imagining the electricity after all. Instantly her face flushed and she roared sparingly, handing me a napkin.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” She mumbled, sitting back in her seat.

“About what, love? It was my fault, I assure you. The mug was hot.”

“Yes, yes. My apologies.”

“Would you like something to eat, Bono? Edge and Jess already ate but there’s plenty of leftovers. Hopefully everything will still be warm by the time the other two wake up.”

“Don’t count on it,” Edge laughed. “They could sleep for days on end.”

“They better not!” Jess raged kiddingly over the brim of her cup. “I would like to meet Sullen Mullen and Clayton before the snow storm comes to an end.”

As if on cue, the instant Jess remarked Larry’s nickname, Edge and I lost our wits completely, crackling with humor and banging our fists on the table. Tears streamed down my face and Jess and Lynn starred at us as though we were going mental.

“What?” Rather confused, Jess asked, snickering. “What did I say?”

“Sullen Mullen!” I bellowed. “Priceless! We call him that all the time and pisses him off so bad! Pardon my language, Lynn!”

She laughed all the way from the counter to the table and laid before me a hefty dish of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon. It shut me up right away, the sight and smell reminding me only now how extremely hungry I really was. Tucking in immediately, I complimented Lynn on her cooking skills and she made a joke about how she had years of practice. It was a wonder how Adam and Larry were still sleeping; the four of us in the kitchen were being obnoxiously loud. Oh well, their loss.

“So,” Edge turned to Jessie, sipping his coffee. “A U2 fan are ya?”

She nodded. “Yes. So…a guitarist in U2 are ya?”

Chuckling into my food, I shook my head and Edge followed suit. “Yes, I happen to be a guitarist for U2. I’m so glad you took notice because Mr. Stardom over here,” he threw a thumb my direction, “is U2 himself.”

“Oh, shut it,” I growled, throwing a piece of bacon at my band mate and Jessica giggled. “You’re just as important as me.”

“I totally agree!” Slamming her mug on the table, Jessica leaned in towards Edge, her eyes wide and jumpy. “I mean, there are some songs where Bono shines and makes the songs, but there are also songs where you have those sexy solos and it just blows my mind!”

Edge rested his elbow on the table and held his face up in his fist, leaking flattery so profusely that I could practically smell it over my breakfast. “Oh, yeah? Enlighten me.”

“Ok, like, during Streets. The opening of that song gives me shivers! The was the first song I ever heard by you guys and it was your guitar that drew me in. It’s one of those songs that you have to turn up as loud as you can because there’s so much power. You can’t listen to Streets in a low volume. It has to fill the streets. And it does fill up the streets. Don’t get me wrong, Bono’s vocals are absolutely gorgeous but there is just something about your guitar in that song that I can’t put into words.”

Blinking across the table, I asked myself if that was mean to be a compliment or not. She and Edge were defiantly hitting it off and I felt like the odd man out; like I shouldn’t even be at the table right now. Never have I felt so misplaced. Acting as though I were fascinated with my half eaten plate, I caught on a feeling that someone was staring at me. Glimpsing through my lashes for only a second, I wasn’t imagining things. She was peaking from the corner of her eye, tracing my face silently. Caught in the act, I winked and she swung around so fiercely that I wouldn’t be surprised if she now had whiplash.
Seriously, why did women have to be like this around me? I’m a normal guy with normal characteristics outside of my many staged persona’s. Time and time again I had to prove that. And frankly it was wearing me down. After the show was over and the curtains were drawn, I was just Paul Hewson: a cigar smokin’, singin’ Irish son of a bitch. I wasn’t always clad in leather from head to toe, or Mirrorball Man or the Fly. I was just…well, like any other guy.

To put an end to the awkward moment, I grunted out, “I’m so full that I could burst,” I rubbing my stomach. “Lovely breakfast, Lynn. Thank you so much. You’re a doll.” I kissed her on the cheek, her face reddening.

“Thank you, Bono. That’s very sweet of you.”

“Leave the dishes, Mom. I’ll get them.”

“You don’t mind if I go shower do you, Lynn?” Edge asked our hostess.

“What a silly question, of course not! Right up the stairs will be the bathroom and to your left should be a closet where the towels are.”

“Thank you. For everything. Breakfast, a house to stay in. This means the world to us.”

“You flatter me, Edge. And you’re welcome. I couldn’t have let you freeze out there in the cold now could I? What kind of person would I be if I did that?”

Jess smiled admiringly at her ma and Edge as they hugged before Edge set off to bathe, leaving me alone in the kitchen next to a very attractive girl..

“Do you smoke?” She asked as if out of thin air that it took me a second to become aware that she was speaking to me. Smoke! Ah, yes, that’s what I needed!

I nodded, “That I do.”

“Mind joining me? We have to go outside because Alan hates the smell of cigarettes. Can’t say I blame him.”

“Sure, yeah. Sounds great.”

“Wonderful! We’re going to go smoke, Mom. And then I’ll do the dishes.”

“That’s fine, sweetie. Not like there’s much else for you to do.”

Laughing into the hall, Jess sleeved through a black, wool coat and slipped on a pair of black, knee high boots and a wool cap. At this point I’m kicking myself in the arse for not bringing more winter gear. All I had was my sheep skin imbedded winter coat. When she opened the front door, a threatening, shivering gust of wind blew us backward. Any other time I would have said feck this and marched right back inside to the fireplace. However, I was, at last, getting my primary one-on-one time with Jess. Not even a blizzard could hold me back from that.

What did Edge have that I didn’t?

She shivered and sat down on a cushioned porch swing seated for two. Before I joined her, the pair of us dusted away the mountain of snow and sat down, the seat cold and wet. Retrieving a pack of cigarillo’s from the front pocket of my coat along with a zippo lighter, I watched as Jess struggling with her own lighter, grunting whenever the wind blew the fire out. Chuckling, I lit her cigarette and then my own. She thanked me whole heartedly.

Legs crossed, Jess smoked her cigarette and stared towards the broken down tour bus, her brows crossed and eyes squinted as the blizzard went wild, surrounding the porch and freezing our hands, face and hair. She seemed to not mind, leaning back into the seat, kicking her foot to an inaudible melody and staring outward, her small nose red and cheeks flushed. Myself on the other hand? I was frozen to the bone though did my damndest to hide it.

Neither of us said a word for the longest time. Go figure. I get my chance to get to know her and all I can do is sit with her in silence, cupping my cigarette for non-existing heat. Still shaking her foot to and fro, as though she’d been a trance all this time, she then lured my direction.

“This is kind of weird,” She admitted, faintly smirking. “I’m not trying to make things…awkward but…you know, it’s just really weird waking up and seeing The Edge, The Edge,” Jess repeated with a twinkle in her eye, “at my kitchen table. This just doesn’t happen, ya know? You don’t just wake up one day to find your idol’s sleeping in your house. Mom had to convince me that this was real because I just wouldn’t accept the reality of it all. Oh, dear…I’m so sorry, I’m rambling.”

“You’re not rambling, love. I assure you. I’m sure this is all quit strange for you, as it is for me. I don’t make a habit out of driving our tour bus cross-country, know what I mean? But…things happen for a reason and I have to admit that this isn’t the worst that could happen.”

She hummed, nodding slightly, taking a drag from her Camel. “Just so you know,” she cocked an eyebrow at me, “I’m not star stuck. And don’t mention the fainting like Edge did!” We laughed. “I’m serious. I’m not star struck. I’m…I’m…I don’t even know the word for it. I’m honored. I’m so honored to have such company in my presence. And I don’t want you to feel like you’re around a giddy, annoying fan who is going to ask you a bunch of personal questions and squeal whenever you walk by or…shit, I did it again…”

“Did what again?” I lit another cigar and handed her my zippo. “Don’t say that you rambled on because you’re fine. I have a feeling that we’re going to be spending loads of time together and I’d very much like to have someone to talk to other than the three annoying wankers I dare to call ‘band mates.’”

“Oh now,” She giggled. “They can’t be that bad. Edge is quite the charmer. Never would have picked that up about him. I’ve always imagined that he’d be sweet just never quite so…open. Already he’s told my Mom and I about his childhood and how the band formed and how practices were. He even told us about his separation from his wife—can’t think of her name right off the top of my head—but we were very taken by him.”

Again, Edge was dripping with charisma! When Jess spoke of him she grinned like a Mount Temple school girl. Still, this was interesting. Edge hardly ever talks about his personal life…to anyone. He’s just as private as Larry on some topics and Aislinn was defiantly one of them. Why would he gush so much about something that was tearing him up inside? Was it because Jess and Lynn were complete strangers and, as well know, sometimes strangers are the best listeners? Or was he simply trying to inquire something towards Jess in a secretive way? Shite, I know the eejit is single now but did that mean he could shag every girl we come into contact with?

Calm your knickers, Bono. Calm…

“Are you ok?” Jess asked, resting her fingers on my forearm. “You seem a bit…I don’t know, spacey. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Thank you. Was just thinking is all. A lot has happened in one night.”

“Tell me about it.” She grunted, removing her fingers from my arm like she was just scolded with a hot iron and she scooted further away to the other side of the bench, inhaling her cigarette deeply. “Damn, I’m freezing. Should we go back inside?”


Just as we both stood up, the door opened and Adam waltzed out, wrapping his leather coat around him tightly and dancing in place. “Holy fuck it’s cold! Oh, I’m sorry, Jessie, love. Pardon my filthy mouth.”

“Don’t apologize, Adam. I curse like a sailor, trust me. Mom hates it. Blames it on all the rock music I listen to.” She winked at us and we laughed, despite the winter chill. “Bono and I were just heading back inside but since you’re here I wouldn’t feel right letting you vend for yourself in this weather. Have a seat.”

“No, really, that’s not necessary. I’ll be alright. That’s very kind of you.”

“Really, Adam, I’ll stay.”

“Me too, mate.” I added, the three of us squeezing onto the swing, Jess in the middle. We were knee to knee, arm to arm, her body the only source of warmth. With Adam now in the picture, Jess seemed more relaxed around me, having shown no uneasiness of being this close to me whereas she was putting herself further away earlier. She and Adam hit it off at once and I wondered if there was something wrong with me. What was it that made her so uncomfortable when we were alone? Was I coming off as an arse? If so, that was the last thing I wanted to do.

“I have to ask,” Adam directed towards the girl. “No one knows about us being here right?”

Jess’s eyes could have popped right out of their sockets. “Er…you’re kidding right? Shit! You know, when Mom told me that you guys were here, I phoned up my best friend and gushed everything to her! She then told her parents and brothers who then called up their best friends and their best friends called their best friends. Trust me, the word will be out by the end of the night.”

Adam and I exchanged worried glances, unsure if Jess was yanking our chains or being serious. It was hard to tell. Suddenly, she busted out . “You two turned so pale! I’m just messing with you!” We exhaled dramatically, my heart going back to its average rhythm. “I would never do that to you. God has set an opportunity of a lifetime at my doorstep. It would be sinful of me to give away your hiding spot. And I don’t mean that as in ‘Oh wow, U2 is in my house.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to get to know you but I would feel the same way if you were four average guys on a road trip. Anyways, I would hate for my parents to be mobbed by the press, ya know?”

“Thank you, Jessica.” Adam kissed the back of her hand in a very Posh-Adam style. She turned pinker, and not just from the winter chill. “That means the world to us. And we’re looking forward to getting to know you as well.”

“What’s to know? I’m such a boring person. Hell, look where I live! We’re on an Indian burial ground. Not much to learn, boys.”

“I beg to differ,” I said sincerely. “Everybody has a story.”

“It doesn’t always mean that the story will be interesting.”

“Well,” Adam added in, smiling at the young girl. “I’m sure you will have lots of interesting stories to tell now.”

She smiled. “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

When the smoking session came to an end, the three of us headed back indoors and hung up our coats and filed into the kitchen where we settled at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, tea and nibbling on leftover breakfast. Edge sat next to me, dressed casually in his torn up jeans and a button up shirt, fitting in with Jess and Lynn better than Adam and myself. Larry finally woke up sometime in mid-afternoon, refreshed and showered, his sculpted body fitted in a black Harley Davidson shirt and skin tight blue jeans. He was certainty, that one. Blond hair, blue eyes and a James Dean style. And though Jess didn’t seem to be faltered by his appearance, Lynn’s face did heat up whenever he spoke to her and Alan, who was out getting groceries from the store down the seat, seemed to either not catch on or simply didn’t care.

Jess was washing the dishes and Edge and I jumped at once to help her, secretly creating an attention battle but she wouldn’t have any of it, swatting us away with a towel, “Back off you Irish fiends. You’re guests. Sit back and relax. I’ve got everything under control.”

We shrugged and went back to our seats, our mugs never lacking hot coffee and our bellies overly full. Larry and Jess were now in conversation, something about his drum beats in The Fly and motorcycles. What the duce? I’m confused. How could she open up to everyone else but me? It’s because I’m the lead singer isn’t it? That has to be it.

However, it could be my mind playing tricks on me, but I could have sworn that whenever she talked to one of my mates, her focus was directed my way. Imagination or not, she was stunning. Already I was intrigued. Knowing me and how I am, to be intrigued was not always a benefit…

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You're such an A-MA-ZING writer! Another beautiful, cute, awesome chapter! I can't stop reading this, I'm so happy the story is back! Hope your writers block will be over soon, and I hope everythings allright!

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thank you so much, darling! that will keep me going.
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To you, L&L!
This prologue is fantastic
Amazing job!!
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Another beautiful chapter! It is great to see it from Bono's point of view!
definitely worth the wait my dear!
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Amazing!!! Hahaha, I love how they're totally not hitting it off... Dramatic irony FTW!!! And I can't wait till they DO hit it off...

Hope everything's ok with you, and that that nasty writers block stays away...it's evil

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thank you so much girls! I'm glad you're enjoying it! And thank you for being patient with me. And unfortunately it's not a writers block per se, it's a whole entire creative block. this hasn't happened in a long time. But writing that chapter, I think, opened some doors for me.

And I like how they're not hitting it off, too. it's very fun to write.
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The Fly
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This is FAN-TASTIC! I love how Bono is jealous of Edge! And this:

Shite, I know the eejit is single now but did that mean he could shag every girl we come into contact with?

Calm your knickers, Bono. Calm…

...made me a laugh
Hope everything's okay
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thank you so much, Rattle! I laughed while writing this chapter too.
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The Fly
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love, love LOOOOOOOVE this chapter! I really like how you told it from Bono's POV instead of Jessie's ... makes it better in my opinion Loving that you're bringing this story back
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Love it!
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thank you!
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I really really like this....when do we get the next installment?
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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hopefully soon! I plan on writing tonight after work if I have the energy. Thank you for being patient with me, ladies!
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Yayyy this is lovely.

Jealous Bono, Jessie's use of Sullen Mullen (that was amusing), and swearing Adam pretty much made my day. Not to mention Larry at the end. Mmm.
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Does anyone know if there is more to this prologue? I'm seriously into this whole beginning.

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