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Diaries. Part 4.

Short one today. Not much time.

© Works by YDW.

As usual, please don't copy or paste this anywhere without my consent.

Susan. Part 4.

Saturday 7th. Continued.

Where, exactly, does a person begin when that person is so geared up with excitement that she has to pinch

herself to believe that a thing really happened? I’m gobsmacked. I’ve been stood in my room for ages since

I got home, just looking out of the window and thinking, gazing way across the fields, to the hedgerows and

beyond but you know I hadn’t see any of that.

Now, as I sit here writing, I know that all of it may as well have turned to dust cos right then all I saw was his

face coming towards me. All I could feel were those hands, the warmth of them, the pressure of them

travelling through my clothing to heat up my skin. And more, oh yes, so much more.

I can’t help but close my eyes at the memory of it. That moment when he’d taken my face in his hands; the

shock that had sprung up in me when he did that; the moment when he’d closed his eyes and pressed his lips

to mine. Oh God; the feel of those lips, the pressure of his kiss and oh but it had been so perfect. It’d been

firm yet gentle; firm enough to excite me and yet gentle enough not to render me afraid.

And I’d been filled with an odd kinda sweetness. Do you know anything about that? Have you felt it? Well, I

hadn’t; never even knew it even existed but I guess you have. And I’m sorry if I’m boring you with it but, you

know, I need to write it down; tell it as it is cos it’s so very important to me, so please, play along on this one.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes; this sweetness; this feeling that I’d never experienced before; it’d kinda

radiated right through my entire body, you know; ended up, well, I guess you could say it totally enveloped

me but I suppose some parts of me reacted to it more than others. And I hadn’t expected it. It’d been both

surprising and exciting and, though I hate to admit it, it had given rise to so many questions about adulthood

and what I could expect.

And I can feel it now. Even though he’s gone from me, even though he’s not here I can still feel it; still sense

the memory of it. Why, I’m heating up just at the mere thought of him, (and wouldn’t The Shit Head explode

if he knew what thoughts were going through his daughter’s head right now. It makes me smile, that; the

thought of getting one over on the Shit Head by thinking these brazen thoughts). And, och, I don’t know why

I’m writing all this down cos I don’t really want to. I’d much rather spend my time daydreaming about him,

thinking about how he kissed, about how he smelled, how he felt. But then, if I don’t write it down I’ll forget

stuff, won’t I? Or, will I? Och, never mind. I’m gonna continue writing anyways. At least that way I’ll be able

to remember every single detail.


Thinking about it now, cos I do like to dissect everything, I don’t know what I’d expected cos well, you already

know that I’ve never been kissed before. I think I told you it was my first kiss; my first and only kiss. And oh,

I wish I could go back in time and experience it all again. Of course, since I got back I’ve wanted to shout

out about it. I’ve wanted to climb up onto the rooftop of our house. I’ve wanted to yell across the whole

bloody village; “I just got snogged by one of the travellers! All you old farts can go shite!”, But well, I guess I

wouldn’t have gotten away with that. The Shit Head would have spotted me and grilled me before I even got

up there. I’d have been punished before I’d even got the chance to say anything. Besides, do I really want

that bag of shit to know what I’ve done?

Course, when I crossed mother’s path earlier I wanted to tell her. I wanted to say, “Oh, by the way, Rowan

kissed me today, you know, Rowan; that filthy bloody traveller, well he kissed me and what’s more, I liked it”.

But I didn’t. And I’m so giddy with excitement. I need to tell someone but there is no one I can tell; no one I

can trust with my news. It’s so not fair. And, I’ve had to keep my smile in check too. If The Shit Head

catches me smiling he’ll guess I’d been up to no good. He’d beat the truth out of me and ruin everything, so

I’m keeping my face long as usual; been sullen and moody just like normal whilst inside I’m bursting with my

secret; imploding with happiness and a whole lot of glee.



He’s ruined it hasn’t he? Oh yes, ruined it. The Bastard Shit Head has just been in my room. I was so deep

inside my head that he shocked me when he burst in. My fantasies popped. At the sound of his booming

voice I’d shrivelled inside and waited to see what he wanted. And, as usual his words were accusatory;

“Where the bloody ‘ell d’ yer think yer’ve bin?!” And I’d panicked. He always has this effect on me; always.

Even when I’ve done nothing wrong he makes me panic. Well, this time I had actually done something wrong

so I panicked even more. I felt sure that my face would be displaying my guilty secret and I was sure I

wouldn’t be able to cover it up.

But, I’d answered him as best I could. In my usual pathetic apologising voice I spoke. “I went….I went for

your paper”.

Of course, this was a stupid thing to say because I’d forgotten all about his shitty paper hadn’t I? I must have

left it on the wall when Rowan showed up.

The Shit Head got in quick: “So where is it then, fat girl?”

“I think…I think I lost it somewhere”.

He answered my words by mimicking my voice, making me feel even more stupid and pathetic. “I think I lost

it somewhere”. I wouldn’t look at him so he spoke again, spitting out two words. “Stand up!”

At his command I closed my eyes momentarily and pulled in a deep breath. I knew what was coming. I

always do. Without looking at him I heard him begin to breathe slow and controlled. Despite my lofty

intentions not to cry, my eyes heated up with tears. And that usual voice inside my head began its lament;

Go away. Go away. Leave me alone. Please don’t hit me. I could feel him glaring down at me so I did

as I was told and slid my legs over the side of the bed. As I pressed my feet into the dirty, threadbare carpet

that was rucked up on the floor I held my breath for as long as I could.

And then I waited.

Ok, that's all I've time for today....laters taters...

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I love this so much. Hope to read the next chapter.

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AHHH Good, Gonna read it ASAP!!
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