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Big Grin Dancing With The Devil ch.6

Things finally get going... sort of... I really hope you like this one. Or at least keep the dislikes to yourself.

Though most people get up and leave immediately, Lina and I stay together, fingers locked, eyes staring unblinkingly into each other’s. One of us has seen this before. The other has not. One of us has danced with the Devil tonight. The other has not. I have a feeling that this alienation might put a wedge between us, one we can never remove. Lina will never know the experience.
Finally she blinks and says, “We can discuss it in the car.” I don’t know what this “it” is that we have to “discuss,” and I don’t want to wait for the car to find out. I am about to open my mouth and demand we discuss whatever it is here, but the sudden force of people leaving their seats is too much. There’s a pile up of people trying to get out of our row, and it’s caused by my legs blocking the path. With a sigh, Lina stands and says, “Come on.” I rise up exhaustedly and follow her out.
Only… we’re not getting out. There are so many people leaving the stadium that I kind of get lost in the rush. And before I know it, the girl standing beside me isn’t Lina.
I crane my neck around. “LINA!” I shout, hoping she’ll hear me. But the chitchat of the people is too loud and drowns out my cry to a degree. I turn my head at every sign of blond hair… but it’s never her. We’ve become separated, and I don’t know which way is out.
Some women I thrust past give me glares dripping with jealousy. Don’t they know, I didn’t ask to be taken up on stage? I figure it’s best to surround myself with people from the back row who wouldn’t have seen me clearly and plunge into the crowd.
After getting turned around countless times, I find myself near the edge of the stage. Somehow it doesn’t look as impressive without all those screens lit up. The stadium is clearing out and I still haven’t found Lina. Where is she?! Desperately, I scream. Someone’s got to hear me…
And a man comes at me, face to face. “Hey now, what’s up?” He speaks in English, and I can clearly hear his concern. His green eyes peer worriedly into mine.
“I can’t find Lina!” I gasp in Dutch. He looks confused. That’s when I notice the rumpled outfit he has on is that of the Zoo TV tour crew. And his voice becomes familiar at last through my ears.
“Eric?” I blurt.
Recognition flashes across his face. “Marieke?”
Suddenly my search for Lina has headed down an entirely different path- and I do believe this is a good thing.
He breaks into a smile. “Hey, good to see you! How’d you like the show?”
Despite myself, I grin back. “It was good. I like Zoo TV.”
“Glad to hear that!” His smile becomes broader. “Hey, how’d you like to come backstage with me? The band’s getting ready to head out, but I bet we could catch up with one of them.”
First I figure out his words. Then I decide that plans to find Lina will have to be postponed for a moment. I hope she’ll understand…
Eric turns and we walk off together. He casually slings an arm around my shoulders. I move slowly, trying to take in all sights.
“Where are you from?” I ask Eric as we travel behind the stage.
“Me? I’m from America. Are you from around here?”
“Yes,” I answer, my eyes widening. They’re dismantling the stage setup already. It makes me sad to see the spectacle I’ve just witnessed disappearing in only a matter of hours.
Catching my gaze, Eric says, “Don’t worry. This stage will be back… in Lisbon. That’s the next show.” He chuckles.
Reaching backstage, I am overwhelmed by the crew. Eric approaches one man and asks, “Do you know where the band’s gone off to?”
“Oh, yeah. Last time I saw them, they were still in the dressing rooms.” The man catches sight of me and his eyes pop. I watch them roam over my body, his gaze settling firmly on my waist and flickering back up to my boobs. I sigh. When will all men get over my looks?
“Okay, thanks.” As we walk on Eric says to me, “That means we’ll have to wait for them to come out. You can wait, can’t you?”
“Oh, yes,” I respond. I never asked for this… and now I am unsure of what to do. What will happen when the band comes out? What will they say? What can I do that will impress them for as long as our meeting lasts?
We stand outside the rooms and wait. And then, without warning, a door bursts open. I am face to face with The Edge.
My shock is great. Even in the front row, I wasn’t this close to the famed guitarist! He nods and says, “Hey, Eric.” Then his eyes zero in on me. “Hello, who are you?”
Someone’s poured cement on my tongue. I can’t get it to move. Eric places his hands on my shoulders, somehow sensing I haven’t the power to speak, and introduces me. “This is Marieke. It wouldn’t be a problem if we could see the rest of the band? I told her she could meet you guys.”
The Edge eyes me with warmth. I take pleasure in the fact that he doesn’t appear interested in my body. “That wouldn’t be a problem at all,” he tells us. He walks down the little hall, motioning for me to follow. Eric comes along without any prompting.
As we walk, I keep my eyes on Edge’s body, marveling at how close he is. He seems relaxed, pleased after the show. There’s nothing to suggest that he was just onstage moments before.
The Edge opens a door and, without looking at the door or anything around it, I enter. Eric is right behind me, probably ready to restrain me if I go crazy or something.
Someone’s sitting in this room, his back to us. A familiar Irish accent pours into the air, responding to something I haven’t seen- “Jeez, Edge, you scared me sneaking in here like that!” He turns around, and I see dazzling blue eyes, white face makeup that’s in the process of being scrubbed off, and black hair hanging limp in tufts around this man’s face. MacPhisto is disappearing, Bono is setting in.
“Can’t help it if you don’t hear me,” Edge says. “We’ve a visitor.” He steps back and lets Bono see me.
Bono’s eyes snap open and closed. “And who might you be?” he asks, gesturing to me.
I decide to do the introduction myself this time. “I’m Marieke Lang. You danced with me tonight.”
“Oh!” Those expressive blue eyes widen, and Bono breaks into a relaxed smile. “I thought that was you. You must have a talent for being at the right place, at the right time!”
This is definitely true. Did he understand about the phone call?
“I love that!” I tell him. Still smiling, he adds, “Glad to hear it! How did you enjoy the rest of the show?”
I struggle with my limited English. “You were good. I liked the songs. Zoo TV is… good.” If only I knew how to say amazing, mind-blowing, insane in English!
“Just good?” His eyes sparkle. “Here, have a seat, will you?” He gestures to the chair in front of him.
I move to sit down, and Eric takes his place behind the seat. I wish he’d leave me alone. I think I can control myself. Edge moves to take another chair. Bono turns back to the mirror.
“Hmm…” Bono sighs as he removes the makeup. “What was your favorite part of the show, Marieke? Besides the obvious, I mean…”
I whisper to Eric, “What did he say?”
“Just… what was your favorite part of the concert, besides the dance?”
I think I get it now and answer, “Where The Streets Have No Name.”
Bono smiles. He’s now gotten all the makeup off and turns to face us again. “I saw you jumping up and down out there! Looked like you had fun. I love that one too.”
“My favorite song to play live,” Edge chimes in.
Eric figures now is the time for him to speak. “Sorry to interrupt, but do either of you know where Larry and Adam are? I should round them up…”
“No!” I exclaim. “Stay.” I’m not sure what I’ll do without Eric, one normal person among the celebrities. I might not be able to speak without him in the room.
“All right, then…” He looks curiously at me.
“I don’t know where they’ve run off to anyway,” Edge says. “Probably they’re already at the party, waiting for us.”
“I’m sorry, am I keeping you?” I blurt. It doesn’t seem fair to deny Bono and Edge pleasure by giving me some.
“No, you’re not keeping us at all!” Bono says. “I’m enjoying myself as much as you are. Is there anything else you’d like to let us know?”
I think. What’s something I’ve always wanted to tell or ask the band? Finally it comes to me. “I love Achtung Baby. It’s my second favorite. And I like the tour.”
“Thank you,” Bono says.
I rack my brain wildly for something that will make an impression. “I love Mr. MacPhisto! Please keep doing that.”
“Oh right!” Bono exclaims, surprising me. “You got the call last night, didn’t you? At KLM Airlines.”
KLM Airlines? That is the place I work. And calling… I realize what he’s talking about and say, “Yes, that was me.”
“Well, you do seem to have a talent,” Bono muses. For a second he pauses, and then tacks to the end, “Oh, did you know that was my birthday?”
Suddenly I feel ashamed. How could I have forgotten? Every U2 fan must have known Bono was born on the tenth of May. “Oh! Happy birthday!”
He smiles. “Thank you. I assume the crew sent you the tickets, as well?”
“Yes,” I say, and Eric adds, “I did that myself.”
“Thanks, Eric. You must feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” Bono suddenly turns and plucks a jacket off the floor. It’s the same gold jacket that he wore tonight at the show. Turning back to us, he holds the jacket out to me. “Here, try this on. I noticed you’ve taken a liking to it…”
I blush, remembering my attempts of getting my hands underneath it. I pull my arms through the sleeves and brush it off, standing and striking a pose. Bono claps for me, and Edge and Eric copy him.
“Do I look good?” I ask.
“Absolutely. You look better in it than I do!” Bono beams and holds his hands out to me. I return the jacket.
Edge glances around. “Does anyone have the time?”
Eric checks his watch. “Here you go…”
The Edge takes one look at it. “They must be at the party by now. Come on Bono, let’s go catch up.”
“Wait!” I say as he gets up. “I want to say something.”
“What is it?” Bono asks.
I’m suddenly shy. “Can I get a picture?”
His face softens. “Of course. Camera, camera, does anyone have a camera here?”
“I’ll get one,” Eric offers, making for the door.
“No, don’t bother,” Edge says. “I know where I can find one. Just wait here.” He exits the room.
Bono settles back into his chair. I try to think of something else to say- and finally find it. “I came with my friend, Lina. She wants to ask something.”
“Yes, what is it?” Bono focuses on me.
I repeat Lina’s request, one that she made a long time ago. “Can you play Bad more, for her? She loves it.” What I mean is keep it in the setlist, but words fail me again.
His eyes flutter. “We’ll try.”
Just then The Edge returns with a Polaroid camera. He smiles at me. “We’ll get your picture now. Who do you want in it?”
“You first…” I think. “Then Bono, and then both of you.”
“Okay, I’ll take you and Edge,” Bono says, standing up. Edge hands the camera over to him and we get together. Edge wraps his arm around my shoulders.
“Smile,” Bono murmurs, and the camera flashes. The photo is spit out all at once. I take it and examine it. “For Lina.” She’ll appreciate that I got a photo of her favorite band member.
“Now it’s my turn…” Bono gives the camera back to Edge. We cluster together and once again, Bono puts his arm over my shoulders. I shiver as I feel that. He’s not that much taller than me.
Edge snaps the shutter. I flinch at the light. Bono draws his hand over his eyes as I relax and Edge hands the photo to me. The two of us examine it. I dislike how we look together. Bono looks beautiful, perfectly relaxed. I look tense, my smile barely flickering over my mouth.
“Okay, now can someone else take the picture?” Edge holds the camera in the air. “Eric?”
“Sure thing!” Eric’s face lights up and he reaches out for the camera. We group up, The Edge and Bono on either side of me. I wonder if they’re both going to put their arms around my shoulders.
Moments before Eric pushes his finger down… “Wait.” Bono moves away from us and leans over the dressing table. He fishes around for something, and closes his hand over it. “Here we are…” Bono murmurs, raising his hands to his face. When he turns back to us, those beautiful blue eyes are completely covered up by black shades.
“The Fly?” I ask him as he returns to my side. He cracks a very Fly-like smile. “Do you like it? ” I giggle, and noticing my smile, Edge calls out, “Ready!”
Eric takes the picture. We all relax. Eric gives it to me again, and I skim my eyes over it and burst out laughing.
“Stair-step!” I gasp in Dutch. From right to left, we all look like a descending flight of stairs. Edge is the tallest, followed by me, then Bono. It’s perfect and humorous.
“I don’t see what’s so funny about that,” Bono huffs. “It’s not easy being the little guy.”
“And now, Bono, we really have to get going,” Edge says in a reprimanding tone. He looks at me and adds, “It was nice meeting you, Marieke.” I smile and say the same. He holds his hand out to me, and I shake it. My body goes limp at his touch, and I realize we hadn’t really connected by just talking.
Bono butts in and offers me his own hand. I shake this one too. He’s got such a gentle touch. I want to thread my fingers through his.
“Hey, nice handshake,” Bono says. “You’ve got a firm grip.” I smile while inwardly hoping I hadn’t squeezed too hard.
I reach for Eric, mumble out “Bye- nice meeting you,” and then we’re out. Eric leads me back down the hall. For a moment it hasn’t truly hit me yet. But as soon as we’re back in the stadium and making our way for the exit, I say, “I met U2!” and collapse into laughter.
Eric gives me a pointed stare. He probably thinks I’m insane. Still laughing hysterically, I say, “Thank you for that- it was good,” and hug him around the neck.
“Okay, bye,” Eric says, obviously very much confused.
I smile, wave, and exit the stadium wondering if a few photos of half the band will help Lina forgive me for leaving her.

Hope it wasn't all too awkward sounding... I did revise.

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Sorry I was writing my essay instead of reading this when you posted...but I'm reading it now!

One of us has danced with the Devil tonight. The other has not.
I really really like your short awesome sentences now to make my sentences short and awesome (impossible...)

Bawww, Edgy, so cute

She obviously has to see Bono again. Has. To.

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Aw, well I'm not that needy for feedback, am I...?
Glad you like my sentences! :P It is not impossible.
Don't worry, this story woudln't be fanfic if this was where it ended with the band! She only met half of them anyway.
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OH GOOD she gets to meet the rest! Exciting...and yes, it is very very impossible for me; short sentences kill me. I feel great and terrible when I write them because I want to say more but I usually never use them...
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Yay, I'm caught up on this fic too. Mercy me, my eyes are fuzzy from all the reading tonight!

Gah! To dance with that man in that outfit! Growl!

And then TO MEET THE BAND AFTER!!!! What a teasing thought. :P

I'm totally loving this! Your Edge is a such a gentleman and your Bono is very suave (as he should be! )

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Wow! Thank you! I have already written another, better chapter with the band... but I haven't gotten to that yet...
And yeah I know, she is way too lucky...!

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backstage, bono, edge, eric, marieke, meeting the band, zoo tv

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