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Craving for love - chapter 11

DISCLAIMER: All is pure imagination, nothing's real, written just for fun, not making money,,, don't sue me!

Hope you enjoy reading!

Craving for Love - Chapter 11

“I’d better go home to see the children. My husband will probably… well, hopefully… come back here, and will you please tell him not to be too late please?” Ali sighed hugging Edge and kissing him goodbye.

“Of course I will… you know him, he probably had forgotten something to do… we were working before and maybe he left something unattended.” Edge answered kissing her back.

“Love, I’ll go with Ali. We would like to take the children out for a pizza. You both might want to get there with us when Bono comes around…” Morleigh said to her husband.

“Ok, I’ll give you a call when he arrives, but you just start going… you know how late he CAN be…”

Adam came around with a coffee in his hands and a cigarette in his mouth.
“He did not show up did he?” he asked.

“No… Larry is coming down, too. I think we’ll have a look around.”

“Edge…” Adam grabbed him by his arm. “I’m very sorry.”

“I know. It’s OK.”

“No, it’s not. I know it’s not. I should have been more careful. I feel really bad for what happened. Just when I had found a person to share my life with… I knew that drinking like that would not do any good to me…” he shook his head, like he did not approve his own behaviour. “And above all, I put you all through my own shit again.”

“I’m sure she will understand. Give her time. As for us… I can tell you how I feel about this. You know I love you and I won’t let you down whatever stupid thing you might do. And although this time you have done some particularly stupid things, I still wouldn’t let you drown your sorrows in a bottle… and for a while I think I will have an eye on you, just to be sure.”

“You know… when I cheated on Melissa…”

“You… what?”

“Bono had taken me out… I was angry with Melissa… I brought a girl back to the hotel with me. When I woke up, I discovered that Melissa was just having some troubles and could not call… From that moment on… I just drank and… well I kind of lost control.”

“I knew about you going out, but not about the girl...”
Edge was quite happy that his friend had regained his self-control. He did not like to see him mad.

“Amusing scene. Lucky you that Bono was not here or he might have suggested that we write a plot for our own soap opera…” Larry was standing behind them, leaning on the wall with one shoulder and his arms crossed. He looked annoyed, but a little smile formed on his face at the look both of his friends gave him. “But I don’t have time for long stories now… So, have you found our singer? Or should we take the opportunity and look for another?”

“Ehm… did I interrupt anything when I called you?” Edge asked, detecting with no hard effort his clearly miffed attitude.

“Well, actually I was going out for a dinner with Ann, so I hope this is not any joke of Bono or I swear this time…”

“Ok, Ok, I don’t think it is.” Edge interrupted him. “let’s go and have a look around. It is quite strange he hasn’t called yet. He was worried about Melissa and he would not forget…”

“He would forget his own address if he found something interesting to do, and you know that... By the way, Adam, I understand that Mel is better…” Larry said

“Yes she is. I hope she will be better with me too…”

Larry patted him on his back and caught a glimpse of his watch. “Let’s go, Edge. If we find him quickly, I can still try and move my reservation a little later.”

“We’ll call you when we find him.” Edge said to Adam, squeezing his arm. “And you do your best here, ok?”

“Ok. I’ll try. Tell him I’m sorry.”

Edge was driving towards the studio, and Larry kept muttering.
“Just let me have my hands on him. He’ll think twice next time before disappearing without notice…he IS unreliable, he will see how I’ll make him understand…”

“Yes… absolutely… you’re right…” Edge answered some nonsense here and there not really paying much attention to what he said. Suddenly he stopped.“Wait, Lar shut up a second… isn’t that his own car?”

“’Course it is. So here’s our man…” Larry was already giggling at the idea of saving his dinner with Ann, but when they parked right next to Bono’s car, they found nobody was inside. “Why would someone want to park his car here in the snow and… what? Go for a walk on a dark and deserted street?” Larry was extremely puzzled. “I know we’re talking about Bono, not about any normal human being, but…”

“I don’t really have a clue…” Edge said. “But I don’t think even Bono would do something that inconsiderate.” He was quite thoughtful for a moment, and then he turned to Larry. “Oh right! Here we are. He surely had some troubles with the car. He hasn’t got his phone, he should have had to look for one. This makes sense… But Adam said Bono left before he did… so, the only explanation is that he must have waited some time after speaking to Adam and then came back to the studio to check on him again but Adam had already left. Therefore, if his car stopped and he needed a phone, he wouldn’t have walked up there again, as he doesn’t have his keys with him. We should look for him downtown…”

“I don’t see any trace on the snow Edge.” Larry pointed out, looking around. Edge’s theory was perfect, but he felt a strange feeling that something was not right.

“It’s been snowing all of the time… he must have walked away some time ago. Well, let’s go back to town”

“Damn Bono. It’s freezing out here.” Larry said holding his hands near his mouth and warming them with his breath. Edge looked at him with a concerned face, but he did not talk. However, Larry realized he had probably said the wrong thing at the wrong time. “Well, we’re better find him before he catches a cold, aren’t we?” he said. “How I wish he could be a bit more…”

“Come on now, he was just trying to help Adam out.” Edge interrupted him, hoping to prevent a flow of insults directed towards the singer.

“In fact, I was just going to say I wish he could be more selfish. I would have left Adam solve his own women troubles by himself, and stay at home with my family instead of being God-only-knows-where in a bloody cold weather.”

“You wouldn’t have at all. The only difference is that you would have started worrying only now while he already did.” Edge smiled slightly at the thought of what happened years before, and how Larry had taken care of Adam after he was so messed up that he could not play at the Sydney gig.
Larry stopped looking at his watch and got a very sombre expression, and Edge knew he was getting worried.
They drove back to town and still they did not find any trace of Bono.

“What if we can’t find him?” Larry said, with a sigh.

“You can go to your dinner if you want. I’ll take you home.” Edge answered. He started to think he might have taken the wrong direction.

“Don’t joke, Edge. Even if he needed a phone, he should have gotten somewhere by now. Where the bloody hell might he have gone?”

Meanwhile, Adam was sitting next to Melissa’s bed and looked at her face while she slept in the weak light of a small table lamp. He loved her so much… he felt like he could spend all the night just looking at her.
Now I see. He thought. If this is what love is, then it might be well worth the waiting for a call…I prefer risking to be hurt by her than hurt her. How could I be so blind?
A flow of thoughts took over him, and he felt like his mind was clearing.
He had to find a way to explain to her that he experienced such deep feelings for the first time in his life, and that probably this was the reason why he had felt so much betrayed when she did not call him. He had to tell her he was scared she would get tired of living in the spotlight, and that he resumed drinking only to try to forget her, but that he did not actually get to forget her for a single moment, not even when he was drunk to the point to being unable to remember his own name. He had to tell her he was trying to protect himself from something that he did not know very well, and that scared him, because after meeting her he had not been able to live as he did before, just getting some girl home and enjoying the time being not thinking to the future. Now he knew what really had affected him so much. He had the full control of his life before… he was responsible for himself and no one else. Now it all had changed, and it was the baby who had made him understand that he actually wanted to be responsible for someone else too. He now longed for planning his future with someone else.
He decided he’d ordered his thoughts and write everything down in a letter, to be sure nothing would be left out of a speech that would have been too difficult to keep for him. He was no more afraid of anything that could be related to loving Melissa. He was sure of what he wanted, and had probably never been more decided about anything in his private life.
He wrote for long, with a sweet smile forming while he tried to put in words his feelings for her.
Melissa woke up and turned towards him in the shadows, relieved to find him still by her side. He looked tired, but he had regained the quiet, almost regal features and manners for which Bono sometimes called him lord Clayton, and which alcohol had tried to hide away. He had such a tenderness pictured on his face, that for the second time in a few hours she felt like she could forgive him everything, but she did not talk, pretending to be asleep. She felt she needed some more time.
After reading his own letter twice, he put it down on the bedside table, took his coat and left, after caressing the girl very fondly on her head, and placing a kiss on her cheek. “You must be out of here soon. And I’ll have a surprise for you. See you tomorrow, love.” he whispered in her ear.

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That is beautiful... Adam and Melissa are going to make it after all!!

I hope Bono is ok

Keep up the Great work susan

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Is this story ever going to be finished?

I like what you've done, but where's the ending?
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