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Black Widow

Title: Black Widow
Authors: wo_speaking
Rating: PG
A/N: Set in June 2011... inspired by Tony Awards pictures... and a Golden Globes red carpet interview from 2010... (warning - cheaty bad evil stuff, what else is new ).


I couldn’t wait until all this Spiderman bullshit was through. As Principal Management’s events coordinator for NYC, it had made me exponentially busy. I hadn’t been under the gun this much since their 5 night stand at MSG during the Vertigo Tour – and that was saying something.

“I’m not sure of dinner reservations, Edge – I don’t know if there will be time as the press call for red carpet is at 5:30. How about a late lunch at Per Se? I can arrange a table for you if you let me know soon…”

I’d been up since 5am arranging everything from transport to brunches and politely declining after-party invites from everyone who was anyone on Broadway. I much preferred dealing with the music industry – those people I’d at least developed relationships over the years, but this Broadway shit was a whole new world; thank goodness our diplomatic Bono and charming Edge had fostered good will amongst New York’s theatre elite.

After all the controversies, delays, bad reviews and scandals, everything had finally come to fruition – Bono and Edge had been invited to the Tony Awards tonight and the show was at long last opening on Tuesday. Its opening night had come far too late to be eligible for an actual award this year, but they’d graciously agreed to appear on the award show regardless – a smart move to show they felt no ill will toward the experience in public, even though it had put them through the wringer behind the scenes.

When the lunch I’d jumped through a million hoops to arrange was through, there was just enough time to get the boys off to their stylist before their quick trip to the Beacon Theatre. It couldn’t have been more perfect for Broadway to choose a theatre on the Upper West Side for the awards – it made the logistics a lot easier. People might think that rock and roll was easy, but getting the boys from U2 where they were supposed to be at the right place and right time was the toughest job in showbiz, bar none – and to do it on the island of Manhattan took a true talent and countless sleepless nights. I had to maintain connections in not only musical circles but political, charity and now theatre as well.

Sometimes I questioned why I needed all this madness in my life but I stopped short and knew it all was worth it when I sighed under my breath as he walked into the room.

My heart stopped when I saw him. He wasn’t supposed to do this to me – I
worked for him for goodness sake. I couldn’t allow myself to have these thoughts – it was very very wrong of me. Yet the way he looked tonight caused my heart to thud right out of my chest; casual from the waist down in a comfy looking pair of black jeans and quirky studded sneakers, and from the waist up he tempted me with a sleek button-down black shirt under a stylish tuxedo jacket. I counted quickly before he caught my eye – 1-2-3-four buttons undone, revealing a thick silver chain resting alluringly against the hair on his chest.

“Hannah?” he said in that soft Irish lilt of his that I’d never tired of hearing after all these years. “How do I look?” he snickered, holding his arms out at his sides and jokingly waiting for my approval.

How badly did I want to tell him what I really thought…

“You look… you look great,” I stuttered, trying not to reveal my true opinion as he graced me with a smile.

And just like that he was out the door of the green room, joking with Bono in the hallway about something and leaving me alone with my forbidden thoughts.

* * * * *
I’d watched the awards from a hospitality room with a smattering of other PR people and personal assistants – there wasn’t room for the likes of us in the theatre itself, but it didn’t bother me. I couldn’t imagine myself sitting out there between Bono and Edge’s wife – surely not after the thoughts I’d just had running through my head.

What was I thinking? Edge was married. I was engaged to a wonderful man with a house in the Hamptons. And I’d surely lose my job if I’d tried something on with my employer…

I’d always had a bit of a crush on him, yet I’d never entertained the thought of anything between us – until tonight. Tonight when he walked in smelling like a million dollars, his hazel eyes lighting up the room and his smile making me melt. I’d noticed on the monitor that he’d done up another shirt button in the theatre before the telecast – did he think it was too much? I did. It was just too damn much – and I needed to get my head on straight – and soon.

After the ceremony I’d planned a small private gathering at the Mondrian Soho for Bono, Edge and a few of the people they’d worked closely with on the music side of the production – the big party for the whole cast would come on Tuesday after opening night. Tonight, however, the cast and major players in the musical would be out schmoozing with the Broadway crowd, and Bono and Edge just wanted to relax. They were right in the middle of the last leg of their 360 Tour, and they wanted something low-key tonight, as the week would only get crazier as it went on.

“Hannah, will you join us tonight for a few pints? I’ll keep telling jokes…” Bono quipped, taking my hand in his and kissing it dramatically. He was definitely a charmer and you could never say no to him – not unlike most of the Irishmen I’d had the pleasure of meeting over the years. The Mondrian had comped me a room for the night anyway, so I’d packed myself a bag and decided to stay the night. I knew that it would be a late one no matter where we ended up, and it made it a lot easier than trying to find a taxi to take me across the bridge to Williamsburg. A taxi will take you anywhere in the 5 boroughs? I’d believe
that when I saw it…

“Sure,” I nodded, “Mark is out of town anyway, and I’ve got nothing better to do than have Tony Award losers entertain me tonight…”

Edge gave me a playful grin, unknowingly straightening his shirt as I refused to let his wardrobe get the best of me again.

“Is it alright if I just call it a night, darling?” Morleigh cooed in his ear. She’d just flown in from France yesterday and the jet lag had caught up to her during the long evening they’d just had.

“You sure?” Edge asked her, seemingly a bit disappointed, as it had been a few weeks since he’d seen her last.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want to be ready for Tuesday – that’s the big night out, after all,” she justified to him as she kissed him softly on the cheek and he gave in trying to convince her otherwise.

I was on my cell a moment later, arranging a car to take her back to their loft as was my expected duty. It would be nice to just relax tonight and not worry about much else than getting myself home in a taxi when the night was through.

A few of their associates from the musical were already holding court in the bar when we got to the hotel, Bono held up chatting with some of the Hollywood types he’d charmed over the years and me looking at my watch as the limousine driver sighed in the mirror. The ride back was celebratory, Bono and Edge continuing to throw one-liners at each other like they were still on stage and throwing Paul and I into hysterics.

“Well, since mine didn’t find my company interesting enough, Hannah can be my date tonight,” Edge laughed, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “Goodness knows Bono doesn’t need one – he’s got every woman in the place already…”

This was nothing out of the ordinary for us, I’d been at their right hand for virtually everything they’d done in this city for the past 10 years, and it wasn’t unusual to have either one of them on my arm. They were like brothers to me; it certainly wasn’t anything that would get the paparazzi talking or anything of that sort so I just played along.

If there was one thing about New York City, one could get anything from anywhere at any time, if they only knew where to look. I’d arranged for the sommelier to bring in a few of Bono’s favourite wines, and I had Edge’s favourite tequila on hand as well. They were always quietly impressed with what I did and thanked me later, but their guests were always none the wiser. That was the reason I’d been employed with them so long – I could take care of the little things I knew that would make them comfortable yet not reveal my methods to those around them.

Edge pulled out a chair for me and waited until I sat down before he grabbed the one next to me, smiling at me again as he took his seat. He was awfully smiley tonight – it seemed that the weight of this nearly failed venture was finally lifting, the opening less than 48 hours away and the reviews of the most recent previews largely positive for a change. Even though it had been a long time in the making, I admired them for their perseverance and couldn’t have been happier for them that it was finally happening.

Against my better judgment, Edge convinced me to try what he promised me would be the best margarita I’d ever tasted. I’d had a few bad experiences with tequila in college, but he assured me that this was good quality tequila, and that made all the difference.

He handed me the glass, my hand briefly brushing his as I took it from his grasp.

“Go on, taste it,” he whispered lowly, like he’d just handed me some type of forbidden drug that he needed to convince me to try… just once…

I raised the glass slowly to my lips, his eyes meeting mine as I dared to look at him as took a slow sip. The tequila was much smoother than the swill I’d developed such a distaste for in my past life – his promise was correct.

“Well? What do you think?” he questioned, not once taking his eyes off mine as he spoke. “Does it leave you wanting more?”

“I never thought to give it a try, quite honestly, but it’s really quite nice…”

We sipped the rest of our drinks in relative silence; the occasional glance and smile our only interruption. The rest of the table had degenerated into raucous laughter quite some time ago, Bono holding court across the table and as usual, the life of the party. Edge was always a bit quieter, but he was just as funny and witty as Bono when he was given the chance. Where Bono would say anything and everything out loud before he considered it, Edge was a bit more measured in his approach, and I’d always found that one of his most appealing traits.

I’d only recently started to become attracted to Edge, his kind eyes and warm smile weaving their way into my heart slowly but surely. He was getting better looking with age, and he carried himself with such confidence these days that I found it extremely sexy and difficult to resist. Again I cursed my thoughts, knowing full well that any sign of attraction from my side would surely spell the end of my career. It was a dangerous thing to think about, but tonight he not only looked incredible but he was unknowingly making me even crazier for him with every word he spoke, the alcohol hazing my will to resist him.

“Edge…” I said a bit clumsily after we’d enjoyed another round each, “I probably should be getting back…”

“Nonsense,” he said fully seriously, his hand coming to rest covertly atop mine on the table. My breathing quickened as he bit his lip and caught my glance once again – was I reading into this? We’d both had a bit to drink tonight… and he…

“Hannah, I’m really enjoying your company tonight. Stay for one more drink. Please?”

I looked down at his hand covering mine, his long fingers curling slowly around my wrist as he lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my palm softly.

“Please, Hannah?” he asked again, those golden green eyes sparkling as the question left his mouth.

“When you ask like that, how can I say no?” I laughed anxiously.

What did this mean? Was he just being friendly? Or was he flirting with me? There were always jokes between us here and there, but this seemed different somehow. No one else was listening, and he had no one else to impress but me.

“Another?” he asked as he rested my hand back on the table. He held it for a brief moment before letting go, long enough to make my heart flip. He
was flirting with me – there was no doubt now.

“I think I’ve had enough for the evening,” I admitted. I had to keep my wits about me, and if I had many more tequilas I would be regretting things in the morning that I imagined doing to him right now…

“You sure, love?” he coaxed playfully, “you’re not that drunk yet…”

“Are you trying to get me drunk, The Edge?”

“Maybe… you’ve been working so hard lately, I just want to see you have a bit of fun tonight and relax…”

“All right, if you put it that way, one more then. For both of us?” I suggested, not quite sure what to make of this. I’d drink this one slowly and then go back to my room.


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Oh, this is good.

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Isn't fun to write about how hot they are now. Looking forward to more. So glad this place has life again!
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Originally Posted by WithoutSpeaking View Post

“Well? What do you think?” he questioned, not once taking his eyes off mine as he spoke. “Does it leave you wanting more?”

Heh heh heh.....
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Oh, I caught that double entendre there.....I think Bono also needs to have an affair....with his stylist....named Jamie....
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Originally Posted by WithoutSpeaking View Post
“Well? What do you think?” he questioned, not once taking his eyes off mine as he spoke. “Does it leave you wanting more?”

YES it does
wow this is great.
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My face is just like this now ...and like this

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Oops, you did comment in here already Babyface - LOL.

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black widow

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