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Bad Chapter 1

This is using the lyrics from Bad. It's about a girl who is a drug addict and her boyfriend is there to pick up the pieces if anything happens to her. But what if she isn't who she says she is? Anyway here it is:

I slammed the door so loud that the neighbors woke up and came into the hallway. Why weren’t they already out here? We had been yelling for like an hour already. Maybe they were afraid that somebody would get hurt… she can get really crazed when we argue. I do too. She’s always denying the facts and ignoring my warnings and thinking that nothing can touch her. That she is safe from everyone, she is. What she’s in danger from is hurting her from the inside out. Heroin. And she keeps moving away from everyone, turning away from me.

If you twist and turn away

If you tear yourself in two

If I could, yes I would

If I could, I would

Let it go



“I just want to fix her… me… everything,” I mutter to myself as I walk away from her apartment, back home, “I want to give up.”
“What’s the fight about this time?’ a sweet elderly lady asked as I walked past her and her cantankerous husband responded, “It better have been important to wake me up at this hour!”
I checked my watch. 3:15 a.m. I’m not tired and I don’t want to go home yet. Where should I go and what would be open?
“Hey… this is New York,” I said in my best mocked New York accent. I could go almost anywhere I wanted to. I looked up from the faded ruby carpet. The usual crowd started going back into their apartment rooms and closing their doors as they gave me their typical dirty looks. I kept walking to the end of the now quiet hallway. I shoved my fists in my pockets and looked at the tearing russet wallpaper that had never been replaced. My whistling rang through the hall as I approached the elevator. No surprise: the elevator was “out of order” again. Still would be a better word since all they do is take the sign off every year or so for a month. I turned towards the stairs to take the ten floor stair journey, again.
I pushed open the cold white door and headed down the stairs. The door closed with a loud metallic clank. In this stair well I was always on the lookout. Feeling like somebody would come out from somewhere and try to mug me or something; I looked behind me and started skipping stairs. Nobody has ever given me physical trouble but the stairs just make me feel like it will happen. I started counting the floors out loud instead of in my head now. Five. I start to pick up the pace and look around again. Freaked out, I begin running and not caring how loud my footsteps are or if I wake someone up. Four. My hands are shaking violently but I just shove them back in the jean pockets. The stairs are moving too fast under my feet to count them. Three. Breathing hard now, I pull my hands out of my pockets and allow them to run lightly over the railing in hopes to get a little more support and not to fall. Two. My head is spinning. One. I’m almost to the lobby. Then I fall. I fall down five steps that I could see and onto my face at the very bottom. I know I missed too many steps but I was moving too fast to notice. Groaning, I turned over and looked at the white ceiling. And then the door opened and suddenly everything went black.


I look around and notice that I'm in a hospital. Why am I in hospital? I fell down some stairs… it happens all the time. At least it looks like a hospital and it feels like one too, freezing cold. I'm in a plain white room by myself hooked up to all the medical chords and machines. No doctors. No nurses. No girlfriend. No anybody. Maybe I'm dead or something. Maybe I was mugged and they're holding me hostage because the cops chased them. Maybe I'm dreaming. Maybe… I'm worrying too much. I take a few deep breaths and close my eyes and try to not let it bother me and enjoy a respectable place to stay for a while. A few minutes later I open my eyes just to see if everything is the same as it was not long ago. I can't tell. Everything is going in and out of focus. I get dizzy and nauseous as all the colors I see mix together. The colors all turn black with the rest of the world.
"He's comin' around!" I heard a man yell and a young woman's response,"Go get his girlfriend!"
Were they talking about me? What's going on?
"Yeah? I think so. Who is this?"'
"You don't know who I am?" She asked, sounding hurt.
Why would I know who she is?
"No. Should I?"
It sounded like she was going to cry but she left before I heard her.
"… mild case of amnesia…" the man said but his voice got fuzzy and I couldn't understand him.
"What happened?" I decide to croak even though it kind if hurt to. Everybody stopped talking and I guess they all looked at me and came over to me because I heard movement and felt the presence lots of people leaning over me.
"Do you remember anything?" The same man asked.
"Uh. No. Where am I?"
"In a hospital. You fell down the stairs but you fell onto your head after your hands took some of the force. That's why your left wrist is broken." I open my eyes and I look at my wrist. Well at least it's not my right one otherwise I would have some troubles being my right handed self and find normal tasks difficult to do.
"You suffered from a mild case of amnesia but it's such a very mild case so you'll probably get your memory back pretty soon. Of course it won't be all at once but I say a week or maybe less," a petite nurse with jet black hair informed me.
"I fell down stairs?" What could stairs do to me? Why would I fall so severely down some stairs? "How long have I been here?"
The man responded, “About a day."
Then something came back. I remember coming here and seeing things and then colors and then… nothing. I guess it was more than five minutes that I had my eyes closed.
"Who was that?" I asked after a minute of thinking.
"That was your girlfriend," the nurse answered. "She was worried about you after you two got into a fight and then she heard sirens and she followed the ambulance here."
"What's her name?"
The nurse remained quiet for a moment and then answered, "She said you would know."
The male doctor looked at me and asked me if I wanted to let her come in see me. I nod and he goes to get her from outside of the room. I see her and everything about her comes back over me in a wave. I remember her. Her blue eyes. Her humor. Her voice. Her talents. The first date. The drugs and the fight too.
Tears welled up in her icy blue eyes but she forced them back, "You remember me?"
"Yeah. Everything about you."
It was true. I even remember why she did the drugs she does. A change. Life was too boring for her. She said she was a zombie, a lifeless creature. She wanted to get rid of it.

If I could throw this

Lifeless lifeline to the wind

She smiled and her icy blue eyes softened and melted into pools of blue. All I could do was smile back. The doctor and the nurse left the room to give us some privacy. Her eyes froze, back to blue ice. Her face hardened and I could tell already that this wasn't going to end well.
"Where is it?" She asked.
"Where's what?" I knew what she wanted. She wanted the drug.
"You know!" She was angry, “Tell me where it is! Tell me!" She demanded.
The truth is I don't even know where it is. And that wasn't the amnesia either. I've always had a bad memory but I do know something; she'll go batshit crazy if I don't find it. But it's better for her to go crazy than to take it. Why did I have to have it?
"I don't know where it is… sorry, Amy," I responded.
"You're not sorry!" She started screaming and soon the doctors came in and called security. "You're not!" She was kicking and trying to get away and finally she did. She looked at me with hate in her cold eyes and she turned to leave as her face hardened.
It was pouring rain outside and I knew she wouldn't go back to her apartment. She loved the rain. It was one of the few things she did love. Heroin, rain, and music.

See you walk, walk away

Into the night

And through the rain

I heard her laugh wildly and then everything went black, again.
I don't know how I know but I know I'm dreaming. Maybe it's because Anne and I aren't fighting or even mentioning the drug. Maybe it's because I am out of the hospital bed and the nurses are asking us questions to make sure everything is okay.
"Names." A woman would say.
"Brandon Mitchell," I respond.
"Amy Anne Costello," Amy informs.
"Age," the woman continues.
"23," I speak first.
Amy follows,"21."
"Why are you here?"
Amy and I look at each other and smirk. "I uh… I fell down stairs."
We bust out laughing at the look the lady gives me. Amy's smile doesn't fade and her eyes are warm. She looked like she did before the drugs. The woman tells us to leave so we do.
Outside of the hospital I see acrobats and flame throwers and elephants. It's spectacular but it doesn't make any sense. That's probably how I knew it was a dream. The acrobats were on unicycles and they threw the flame throwers into a pile and they started to combust. Not the flame throwers, the acrobats. They just burst into flames and as the last on caught fire so did the flamethrowers. The last acrobat didn't turn to ash though; he just cycled around the fire… on fire himself. He then went into the fire and disappeared. For some reason Amy followed him. She ran into the light that was as bright as day even though it was a small flame on a pitch black night. But it was getting darker as she went further into it. A half lit fire.

Into the half-light

And through the flame

Then she burned. She crumpled into the fire and out of sight. I scream as the flames just go. As fast as they had come they left. Then everything went red. Not black this time but crimson. Suddenly the crimson left and I woke up, panicking.
It was like in movies when a kid has a nightmare and their mother comes in to see what was wrong. Except this was worse. I was alone. I never like hospitals but I hate them when I am alone. I haven't been in a hospital for almost a year now... when I overdosed and almost died. Thankfully, Amy didn't do drugs then so she got me to a hospital and to counseling. But then she started doing the drugs and the counseling isn't helping her.
She used to be happy and lighthearted but not anymore. Now she's upset and emotional. Her spirit was warm but now it's cold and broken and trapped... by drugs. I want to help her and fix her and make her like she used to be.

If I could through myself

Set your spirit free

What did you guys think? ?
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