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Fiction. UFF era.

Another normal and boring day. Or at least I thought it was going to be. It started out as one with the drunk I call a father beating me. This time he left a bruise. Four men just walked into the pub I work at. One has a mullet, and is wearing all black. Sitting next to a man with long hair. But partly bald. Another blond spiky hair, white T-shirt, and a leather jacket. Then there was the fourth one. Blonde on the top of his head and brown hair on the sides. With a few day old beard. Wearing a blue button down with the top three buttons UN done, with a pair of black pants. He was sitting next to spiky hair.

"Hey Grace, can you get that table over there?" Said my boss Charles.
"Yeah, sure." I walk over there. With my note pad to get drinks for them. When I got over there they seemed to be debating over a guitar. Once they noticed me though they seemed to stop.
"Hello, my name is Grace. I'll be your server today." I said with a fake smile. The one Charles told me to use.
"Can I get you boys anything to drink?"
"Yes, I'll have a pint of Guinness." Said the one with a mullet.
"Me too." The one with long hair said.
"Me three"spicky said.
"I'll have a water thank you." Afro said I wrote Down 3 pints a water.
"What?? Why aren't you drinking?? Adam" one yelled
"Don't you think it's a bit early." He replied to his friend very bluntly. But looking at me well saying it.
"Not when your a drunken sailor like you!!" Spiky hair had piped in.
"We even convenienced the Edge to drink he never drinks!!!"
"Okay fine I give up, Bono you win. And look you scared the poor girl!" He looked towards me.
"Sorry 'bout that love." Said Bono with puppy dog eyes.
"It's okay, but I'm a bit confused. Are you having a pint or water?" I said looking towards the one named Adam.
"I'll have a pint and a water. Grace is it." I blushed a little.
"Yes it is. I'll be right back with your drinks." Wow that was a bit awkward. But still I got the drinks and went back to get there food. well waiting for there order to be ready.My good friend Rachel walks on the miniature stage we have with both my explorer and bass in hand.
"What are you doing Rachael?"I wasn't a hundred percent sure that I wanted to know.
"Playing a song." She replied in a 'what does it look like I'm doing' tone.
"You don't even now how to play guitar or bass."
"Well it's helpful to know the chords on guitar and bass. Also if you did you'd know that both instruments are out of tune."
"Are you sure about the out if tune part?" She asked looking at me like I was a idiot I may not be allowed to listen to music. But I was some how allowed to learn how to play it as a child.
"Positive, they both are mine aren't they?" I was on my way to deliver mystery boys food.
"Yes. Can you help me?" She said with puppy dog eyes.
"When I'm not working."
I handed Bono his food. Part of my shirt went up where my dad punched me this morning. He always made a point to beat me in places that are less noticeable. Where people can't see. But apparently someone did see. I finished serving and was about to turn around and leave. when Adam asked.
"Are you alright love? It looks like your side's taken quite a beating."
"No I'm fine. I don't even remember getting a bruise on my side. I'm sure it's nothing."
"Well in that case. I'd like to ask you on a date. So are you up for it?"
"How about we have dinner here at 8? I'll pick you up."
"No need I get off and half an hour before. So I'll just meet you then."
"Okay it's settled. Meet here at 8 tonight."
******* skip to an half an hour before the date.

"Finally Rach I'm free."
"Yeah but what about your date with the super hot bassist?"
"How do you know he's a bassist?"
"His band is really famous."
"Yeah, it's called U2."
"Okay then."
"What are you going to wear?"
"This." I wasn't wearing the same outfit as earlier. I was wearing a purple blouse and a pair if black pants and really comfy high heel which I didn't even now was possible.
"We're going shopping my treat."
We went shopping and I got ready. I was wearing a black dress that was just past the knees. And the same black heels from earlier. I waited for him by the bar like we agreed.
"Hello beautiful." I almost didn't realize he was talking to me. No one's ever called me beautiful.
"Hello Adam." He was wearing a very nice out fit with dress shoes. He also had handed me a boaqè of a dozen roses.
"How was work?"
"Boring as usual. Life as a waitress isn't as exiting as it sounds."
"I'm sorry love. Being a bassist isn't a picnic either. Especially with Bono in your band." He smirked after saying that. We talked for a couple hours and decided to go home.
"The least I can do is drop you off."
"No it's fine really." I was embarrassed by where I live. Besides my dad thought that I was still working. And was probably drunk.
"Grace it's 10 o'clock. You'll get hurt or worst."
"I'll be fine Adam it's within walking distance." It really wasn't it was at least two miles away and in one of the worst neighborhoods in Dublin. I live in one of the 7 towers and I didn't want him to get the wrong idea that I was a drug addict. Like most people who live here.
"Then I'll walk with you." His tone of voice saying there was no argument about it.
"Fine." He intertwined his fingers with mine and we started walking.
"So Grace tell me about your family."
"I still live within my father because job of waitress isn't the best paying. Plus I thought he'd like the company after my mum died." I didn't mentioned my daily beatings. Or the fact he was a drunk.
"What about yours?" He told me about his family and then told me he'd like for me to meet them some day. We finally reached the tower I live in. He didn't say anything about where I lived. We were talking about his band some more. Then we reached our apartment. Which always more like a prison.
"I'd love to do this again."
"I would to." He pulled out a piece of paper with a phone number.
"Call me okay?"
"Okay and well you already know where to find me." Then he started to lean closer. But then the door opened. And my dad started yelling me. And pulled me by my hair back into the apartment. Then went out to Adam. And I could hear the yelling. And asking Adam who he thought he was. That's when I finally lost it and went out with a suit case.
"Where the hell do you think your going?!" He spat. Adam just looked at me.
"Anywhere but here." Then I just bolted and heard my dad yell look what you've done to her. When i got outside I sat down. And started to cry. Then someone put there arm around me. And whispered In my ear.
"Its okay love, you can stay with me. You did the right thing." I looked up and he smiled a little.
"Really? Why are you letting me stay with you. I'm a complete stranger."
"Becuase I feel like I've known you forever. It takes a lot of guts to walk out of a situation like that."
"Thank you Adam. I guess we should get going."
"I think your right." He did his half smile. We walked to his car in silence. Put everything inside of his car. Arrived at his home. Unpacked . He made tea. Then we sat on the porch for awhile. He had just put his arm around me. I has tensed.
"Its okay love I'm not going to hurt you, you know."
"I know just I've been hurt but to many people. It seems that everyone I know's out to get me."
"Not everyone love. I'm not love. Now go get some rest. You've had a long day."
"Okay, see you in the morning."


I woke up the next morning with Adam in the same bed as me. Holding me rather tightly. The only reason I believe he's actually awake is because I can hear bono whispering. Well more like chanting that Adam has a new sleeping buddy. The Adam hissed for Bono to get out. Becuase I was still sleeping. Once I heard the door click shut. I rolled over and all I saw was Adams piercing blue eyes.
"Hello love. Sleep well. Well minus the nightmare."
"Yeah, sorry I woke you up."
"No problem. Don't worry about it. It was nice you know. Having someone to share a bed with."
"I know. I'm just happy you aren't mad."
"Why would I be mad?"
"Becuase I woke you up. Becuase I'm freeloading and we barely know each other." I looked down.
"Grace, I feel like I've known you for ever. I'll live with the nightmares as long as you promise not to leave."
"I promise."
"Now time for me to cook us some food and probably yell at Bono for breaking into my house.
He kissed my forehead And got up up off the bed.
"One recommendation to add to your list of things to do Adam."
"What would that be love?"
"Put on some pants Bono might take you seriously then."
"Good point. I forgot about pants." He smirked, then winked. Went across the hall to his room got some pants. Came back to my room and put them on.
"Why didn't you just put them on in your room?"
"I wanted to have a witness." I giggled.
"You having me witness putting on your pants. Was it really necessary?"
"Yes, now put on some regular clothes. So that Bono will take you seriously. Also apparently out mangers here. So it's better to look more professional than anything."
"Got it I'll be down in 10 minutes."
"Okay." And then he came and kissed my cheek.
After that he left. I took a 5 minute shower. Then did my hair and got dressed. The I went down stairs greeted by the aroma of bacon cooking on the stove Bono and a man who was partly on the heavy side. And bald but not edge bald more like completely bald. But he had a wonderful smile and a check of a hands shake.
"Paul McGunnius."
"Grace O'Reilly."
"Well it's nice to meet you Grace. May I call you Grace?"
"Yes Mr MCGunnius. That what everyone else does."
"Please call me Paul."
"Hello Grace, so tell me did you and Ad-"
"Bono! Don't even think about asking her that!"
"I was going to ask her if you guys enjoyed dinner. And if dessert was any good." He said and then winked at me.
"Dinner was lovely."
"Glad to hear it. Adam deserves someone like you."
"What do you mean?"
"Adam told me about what happened."
"So he needs someone that has trust issues, been abused, and is insecure?"
"Not what I ment. I ment he needs someone that is strong and tuff like you."
"Thank you Bono." Just then Adam came I've rapped his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. Making sure it was loud. but not slobbery.
"Food ma lady."
"Thank you Adam."
"My pleasure."
"So you wanted to talk about doing live aid?" Directing the comment to Paul.
"Yes so far everyone but you has agreed with the idea."
"I'm in one one condition."
"And that would be." Bono yelled. Which startled me. Adam could tell Becuase I jumped then tensed up.
"Bono don't yell! Anyways there has to be a spot for Grace to come. If she's willing to come."
He looked towards me. I'll go. As long as everyone's in agreement to it.
"I'm fine with it. Edges pretty chill about family coming and Larry can suck it up besides there's still a couple months until the concert."
"Okay so I'm going."
"It seems so." Adam kissed me again. This time more loving the all of the rest. Like if he didn't kiss me the world was going to implode. I kinda liked it.
"Well we best get going isn't that right Bono?"
"Yes must go tell Edge the joyous news. Plus Ali wants me to shop with her. Before we tour and all."
"Okay bye Bono goodbye Paul. It was very nice meeting you."
"You to Grace. Let me know if you ever need anything." And with that a hug from Bono. That made me a bit jumpy. They left Adam let go of me and asked me how I like my eggs since he'd just made pancakes and bacon which weren't half bad.
"Fried please."
"Got it. Do you wants to come with to do some chores with me? There kinda boring to do alone."
"Sure what all do we have to do?"
"Ah the royal we. I like the sound of that you know. Anyways I'm off track. I need to pick up my bass, dry cleaning and go food shopping. Then afterwards we can go out to dinner."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Good, also at some point take you shopping."
"You only have one suitcase and you sure as hell aren't going back to that hell hole. Don't worry about anything it's my treat. My girlfriend should look like a million buck. Cus on the contrary to what she thinks she's worth a million bucks. To me at least and that all that matters right?"
"Yes it does. I'm glad you feel that way. cus thigs would get weird if you didn't." I winked at him. Flirting was a new whole world to me I kinda liked it. I liked how Adam makes me feel. I love his kisses. I love him.
"You've got that right. Anyways your eggs are done."
"Thank you." I smiled well Adam looked at me well frowning.
"Will you please stop thanking me already?"
"I guess. I'm sorry for using something my mother tot me."
"Its okay. Now eat."
"Yes father." I said to him and giggled.
"Not funny."
"To me it is."
"I guess it is. A little funny." He looked at me and smiled. The day dragged on. We did all that we needed to and went out to lunch. We ended up running into Bono and Ali well shopping. Ali was a rather sweet girl. She told me the story of how she thought Bono was an idiot. Then one day she realized Bono was the love of her life. How they dated and then split up for a short time. Then got back together and how she hopped her and bono would be together forever. That's when bono whispered In my ear he was going to propose. This Saturday and he wanted me and all. Of the band with him when he did. He told me to tell Adam. Then invited us to dinner. Adam expted the offer. So we went it was rather fun. Me and Ali talked well the boys were debating about something. After that we went home and got ready for bed mainly Becuase it was midnight. I was surprised to find Adam in my bed again. This time I don't remember even having a nightmare.
"Morin' sunshine." He said in an American accent
"Morin' how'd you sleep?" I looked over at him and his blonde hair.
"Pretty good. once I got you calmed down."
"Sorry about that."
"Its okay. I still don't blame you." He smiled and got out of bed.
"Listen I have to go to the studio. Want to come."
"Sure, I guess. Oh yeah Bonos planning on proposing to Ali. He wants us to be there."
"Sounds like a plan." He smirked.
"Now where the hell are my pants?"
"Your room."
"Oh yeah. Thanks."
"I thought there was no more thanking each other?"
"Good point love."

What do you guys think?
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