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All that you can't leave behind chapter 3

Total fiction sadly also.this chapter jumps around a bit so let me know if you are confused. I would also like feed back of how the story is going and if it's easy to follow etc....

it was the last call I wanted to ever get. With in seconds I was in tears. Bono, Edge and Adam were by my side's. With in the next couple of minutes we were in my car and on our way to the icu. Bono out of all of us was driving. We got there just in time to see Larry's blood covered body. His eyes were open his light blue eyes just like the sea. He was able to see me and gave me a weak reassuring smile. It didn't help. I told him I loved him but by that point he was unconscious. I don't think he heard me. I knew I should have went on that dam moter cycle. I should have stayed with him. I should have done lots of things but I didn't. We just got back together. Was this a sighn should I leave Dublin now and never comeback. Make it so he can't break my heart. After that moment 3 hours had passed. They were working on him. It was silent until the doctor came out.

“Mrs, Connolly Mr Mullen is awake and would like to see you now.i would like to warn you that he has multiple stitches and broken bones. He is also very coherent"

“okay." I had braced my self for the worst. From a far Larry looks like he was just relaxing in a hospital bed waiting to be realised from the hospital and that it was just a minor accident. But then he wouldn't be in the ICU. Also when you get closer you see also of the wires,tubes etc and a stitched together Larry. This could be the end I thought the end of the beginning. I step to where he could see me and said.

“how are you feeling? You could've been killed but I still love you“

“Better now that your here... I'm sorry to put you through this we haven't been back together a day and I already almost kill myself....“

“it's fine Larry. I love you and I'm not leaving until you do. Got it. The boys are outside want to see them?"

"Nah the Edge will just bug me for getting hurt and putting you through hell.... Again." I giggled.


All was well or at least I thought I knew something was wrong he kept getting text and having to record late. But Adam would tell me other wise. He'd also have lipstick on part of him and tell me it was mine and I believed him. He also didn't smell like my perfume nor like his cologne. He also got these texts and was a bit more grouchy towards me. I hope he'd stop acting like this before the baby came. He didn't know yet I was going to tell everyone at once. Untill that day came the day I found out he was cheating on me.

"How dare you you ass." I had walked in on Larry with some blonde bimbo... Again, I was crying I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. I knew that this was just a stupid idea. the worst part was, was that I was pregnant with his child. I don't want our child to live like this at all. I wanted nothing more to do with rock stars I decided to move to Seattle and keep my child. I had grown up in the US. So it wasn't hard to get in. I picked Seattle because that's where I lived as a kid. I knew Larry would suspect me there but I don't care. My child will grow up in the same place I did. It's a wonderful place to live especially in the summer where it isn't to hot nor to cold. Also my cousin had moved back there so I had some family but not a lot. I'll have someone to help with a kid in nine months. That I could trust and I could feel safe with.

5 years later....

I miss Mich Edge Bono Adam... well not Adam as much. Adam was my new boyfriend. He found out about the baby and it had evolved from that. He had moved to the US and had a house near mine. But then an issue came up. The fact that Larry was his band mate and the father of my child. She thought that Adam was her father. She was five now and looked a bit like Adam so people believed her but looked A LOT more like Larry. Adam to her was papa Adam. Me and Adam had decided to move to Dublin and I had told her. it was ALOT easier to tell a five year old that papa Adam wanted to go and live where we did for while. Adam helped explain that this is where is band lived and instead of not seeing him for weeks we could see him everyday. She knew that Adam was a bassist and that mommy was a bassist and guitarist. Also that his band was her favorite. Her second favorite member of U² was Edge. Just like her mommy. Her name was Iris after BONO's mother who had passed. I loved Dublin Adam told me about Mich and edge and all the others. I explained that we'd see my niece Michelle and that Michelle was her cousin and 8 years old. I also explained about Emily being her aunt and Edge and Bono her uncle's I didn't tell her about Larry. I also decided to wait to tell her about the tour and how we are going with and how fun it is. How it's like a long road trip. But we get to see Papas band play. And how much fun it's going to be and how we would teach her how to play the instruments. Adam told the guys he had a girlfriend and that's it nothing about me but lots about Iris. Iris Grace Mullen to be exact. I probably shouldn't of used Larry's last name but I did it was Elaine' s idea along with Adam as soon as he found out he bought the house closest to mine and started baby proofing. I loved having the two best people to support me. With little complaining but more nagging and throwing out all of my coffee. Adam was a bit over joyed when Iris was born. Fact being they weren't even related. He was the first to hold her and the last to put her down. A couple weeks after I had her I had a bit of a break down an that's when he started living with us. I also came to the conclusion that I was in love true love. He has been there since I met Larry and he was there when we broke up and definitely there more than Larry that's for sure. That's why I love him...

I have made a very big mistake I cheated on Destiny again. She left and now I have a kid. Named Fáilín (FAW eh leen) which means Destiny in Irish. It was her mother's idea. I'm still not sure how it all happens it just did. She started out as a fan and became much more. But since the kid I found out she is a terrible mother and I am a pretty decent father in which I thank Destiny for. because she has helped me with that because of Michelle. Who stays at our house but Sam hates her. Thinks that an 8 year old is a bitch.

A few weeks later.......

We had arrived in Rathfarham. My third favorite place in county Dublin. We were greeted by everyone but Larry they all had shown up and apparently they didn't know I was coming all they knew was that Adam had a girlfriend surprise suprise. I introduced them to Iris they asked if she was Lars and I said yes. Bono had asked if her name was intentional and I said it was. A few minutes later Larry and the blonde bimbo that he had slept with showed up with a kid and that's when it went down hill...

I was shocked to see him have a kid. Michelle seemed to stay away which was odd because normally she was very friendly and loved to talk to people. She looked terrified and it was like she hated her. The woman was the one Larry cheated on me with. It was Sam the one he "broke up with" which means cheat on me for three years. Adam could tell I was getting uncomfortable.

"Dee can I talk to you for a moment?"

"yea sure honey" I saw disappointment on Larry's face.

"are you Larry Mullen?" Said the little girl who was with Destiny.

"yes and you are?" I asked the girl she looked ALOT like Dee I was hoping there was no relation between them.

"Iris Grace Mullen. My mommy is Destiny and we live with papa Adam." Oh my God she's part me. Why didn't Destiny tell me?

" Lawrence" it was Sam what did the bitch want now. I was just meeting my daughter for the first time.

"I got to go Iris. But I'll talk to you in a bit okay. Also I have to find you're mommy and UN-pappa ads okay?"

"okay Mr Mullen" then she ran off to the edge and started talking and asked him to play Grace which was her middle name. I had a feeling Dee did that for a reason. She always does. Then the lyrics spoke to me why.


She takes the blame

She covers the shame

Removes the stain

It could be her name


It's a name for a girl

It's also a thought that changed the world

And when she walks on the street

You can hear the strings

Grace finds goodness in everything

Grace, she's got the walk

Not on a ramp or on chalk

She's got the time to talk

She travels outside of karma

She travels outside of karma

When she goes to work

You can hear her strings

Grace finds beauty in everything

Grace, she carries a world on her hips

No champagne flute for her lips

No twirls or skips between her fingertips

She carries a pearl in perfect condition

What once was hurt

What once was friction

What left a mark

No longer stings

Because grace makes beauty

Out of ugly things

Grace makes beauty out of ugly things

She made beauty out of me cheating on Dee. On all the bad and evil. She takes the blame on why her and Adam are together and we aren't. Takes the shame of knowing the bad. The reason there is little good in Dee' s life was because of her. After I had betrayed her twice. Then the lyrics hit me.
What once was hurt

What once was friction

What left a mark

No longer stings

Because grace makes beauty[/I

Out of ugly things

played in my head thinking how much of an idiot I am. She removed the hate friction and replaced it with love. I wanted to be in her life but first I'd have to convince Destiny of it.
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