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The Fly
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All that you cant leave behind chapter 2

Same as the last.. sadly
Chapter 1 All that you can can't leave behind

"What about you uncle Larry Barry? what was you're favorite song for
auntie to play?" I still loved Michs nickname for Larry.
"I like all roads lead home myself and the other song what was it?? Ah yes my mistakes were made for you."
"Thank you Larry, by the way how have you been?“
"Fine, thank you and how about you're self love?" Wait did I just call her love?? Oh Lord I'm screwed.
"I am very fine Mich isn't in the hospital. I haven't eaten a hamburger with in the last year and a half years. My da-bo-ki is going wonderful and I feel like I'm in a good place with myself at the moment." I think back to when we first met Dee was a complete mess. Now look at her she helps fight the demons that other people have and she had a long-time ago. I remember how much she hated the press not leaving her alone. How I thought of a line of a song on 'no line on the horizon' “She's a rainbow and she loves the peaceful life; Knows I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy.“ How she got it and knew that there was something wrong. How she was always there no matter what. I remember our first meeting. She was wearing a Larry Mullen Jr band shirt as a cover up for her bathing suit. She was playing a dark crimson bass. Michelle was there and the band. Emily was working. Bono had invited himself to her pool party of two. Edge and Adam already knew her. Edge had one of her guitars in hand. Adam her dark blue bass. Apparently B had hired her as a song writer and she was stuck on a song. Next thing I knew she had a hand drum and I was hooked then Michelle had asked her to play Blackbird and I was in love. Anne had left me along time ago. I was also interested by her story. How she had a tattoo of dispare over desire because dispare always over rules desire. the dispare of knowing that all desires have a bad that follows. Talking about her cousin who had a music career and was currently touring.
I was in such deep thoughts that I almost didn't hear my "girlfriend" Sam talk to me.
“Larry will you walk me to my car. It's almost 2 in the morning an that's when all the creeps are out"
"Hmm..Oh uh yeah." And off to the car park we went.

"Anyway who wants to stay at my house?? It's only 5 minutes away"
"I do I do do" said bono. such a strange man I thought
"If it's okay with Ali"
"Please Ali cat."
"Fine with me"
"Count us in" said edge.
"Us to" said Adam
"Awesome giant sleep over at my house, I presume you and munchkin are staying over??" I said looking at Em
" you got that right I don't think she can stay up much longer. Should we call Larry? his house is two hours away"
"Fine. Because I'm a nice person. What about his girlfriend?"

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The Fly
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I've decided to make this a two part chapter. Also same as last time all feed back welcome, also any suggestions for the next chapter or something to change about the charters or something.

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The Fly
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Two and a half hour later. All that you can't leave behind 2.5
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