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Adrift-Chapter Eighteen

From my mind, down to my hands, here is the next chapter for all Bono fans!

Disclaimer: The disclaimer is not in right now. Please leave a FICTIONAL message at the tone.

Chapter Eighteen

Bono rented a car once we landed at the Columbus airport. From there it was only an hour drive to Logan. After putting our luggage into the black Volvo, Bono walked to the drivers side of the car until stopping, obviously aware of my disapproved look.

“What?” He asked.

“Erm, I think I should drive.” I advised.

Bono grinned. “Scared of my driving?”

“Just a little. But I know how to get home. It will save a lot of confusion.”

Raising his eyebrows, Bono nodded and threw the keys my way, stealing a kiss as we switched sides. I’ve never been behind the wheel of a Volvo and let me tell you, it drive like wax on a slide. Every turn was smooth, every stop was gentle. Now I felt kind of bad. Bono obviously wanted to take the car for the spin. I promised him that he could drive for the remainder of our stay.

Switching on the radio, Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream put me and Bono in a good mood, singing along loudly to the lyrics, rolling down the windows to smell the country air.

Merging onto US-33 towards Lancaster, the longest point of the trip. But with Bono singing in the passengers seat at the top of his lungs to every song (the man is a living lyric book!), the trip seemed so much shorter than it really was.

Ah, home. There truly is nothing like it. It was a perfect summers day, delicate with it’s picturesque green tree tops, freshly mowed grass and clean air. New York City contrasted like black and white to the likings of Ohio. Here the sky was pure blue with paint strokes of cotton white clouds. The roads were simple, everyone used their turn single and no one honked or cursed out the window.

Only a half hour away from our destination, the intro to Where the Streets Have No Name blasted through the speakers and I glanced over at the singer with a smile. He smiled back, his mouth singing to the familiar tune perfectly. Dazzled by him, I joined him at the chorus.

Once the song ended, I turned the volume down and asked. “How does it feel? You know, to hear yourself on the radio at random?”

Humming in thought, he shrugged his shoulders. “It’s rewarding. At first it was kind of scary. I always thought I sounded funny or thought that maybe I should have used a different tone. But now it’s almost normal. Don’t get me wrong, it still excites me.”

We talked the rest of the drive. Well, actually, Bono talked mostly. He was nervous, I could tell. He always blabbers on and on and on when he’s uneasy. There was a point when I wanted to scream “SHUT UP!” but I held back, understanding that this visit was going to be an awkward one not only for him but for me as well. This was where it all began. My house was the start of a forbidden relationship. Memento’s linger inside those four walls, taunting and strangely comfortable.

“This place is actually very charming without all the snow,” Bono remarked, looking out the window.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “It is. Hey, remember that corner store?”

Bono stretched his neck to where my finger was pointing to the right of him. “Oh, yeah!”

“Jessie, could you run down to the corner store for me? We need milk.” Lynn called to her daughter, he head blocked by the opened refrigerator door.

Her daughter shrieked. “Again? Damn it, Edge!”

The guitarist, who was at the kitchen table, infatuated with his plate of eggs, bacon and toast, cocked his head up, a piece of egg hanging from his lips. “What?”

“You and your milk! I’ve never met a man who drinks so much milk!”

“I’m sorry,” He said, swallowing his breakfast. “It does the body good.”

She couldn’t deny that. Edge had a slender, long legged frame. Yes, milk has done his body very, very good. Yet it didn’t lighten the damper of Jessica’s despairing half-mile walk through the worst blizzard in history.

“I’ll give you some money,” Edge offered, reaching into his back pocket. Lynn stopped him in a motherly and hospitality fashion.

“That won’t be necessary, Dave. Your money is no good here.”

“Your money might not be good,” Jessica inquired her two-cents. “But your company is. I’m not walking down to that store by myself.”

Edge turned pale. “I don’t want to go out there!”

Bono, who was sitting on the opposite side of the kitchen, perked up, landing a manly punch on his mates arm. “I’ll go. You’re such a pansy.”

“I am not!” Edge shot back, insulted. “I have a weak immune system!”

“Excuses,” Jessica laughed, punching Edge in the same spot Bono had bruised only seconds later.

“You punch like a girl!” Giggled Edge.

“That’s because I am on, you half-wit.”

“Oh, my Lord.” Lynn spoke up, throwing her hands up above her head. “It’s like I have a houseful of kids! No more punching! I mean it!” She jabbed a finger at the three hung heads.

“Yes ma’am.” They said in unison.

“Here’s a list, dear.” Lynn outstretched her hand to Jessica and she took the paper from her mother’s grasp.

“We’ll be back.” Bono said, lacing his arms through his leather jacket. “I’ll take good care of her.”

“I know you will. Just call if you run into any problems. It stopped snowing so you should be alright.”

Bono helped Jessica into her coat and they put on their hats and sunglasses. It was a very bright day and the sun on the blanket of snow was blinding. U2 had been at the house for a little over a week now and the four band mates felt part of the family already. Lynn cooked heartwarming meals and Alan kept them entertained with endless amounts of stories from when he was in the service. Jessica would sing with them and Edge started giving her guitar lessons every night.

Bono and Jessica had a very tight relationship right from the start. It was as if they had known each other for years. Sure, it took her a long while to get over the fact that a very famous band was staying at her house, but the shock passed rather quickly.

Fighting against the snow, Jessica walked next to Bono and was glad that he had offered to join her. Edge was fun, no doubt. However, she secretly wanted the singer to go along. He must have read her mind, she thought. That’s been happening a lot. She would say something and he would finish the sentence for her, vise versa. They had a lot in common: music, art, the love for God and the bible. They would stay up until the wee hours of the morning, exchanging biblical theories and bible stories. Mostly Bono talked. He liked to talk and Jessica preferred it that way. She was always more of a listener than a speaker.

“So, how are you getting on with the guys?” Bono asked, looking at the girl next to him, his arms behind his back.

Jessica’s lips stretched into a wide smile. “Oh, wonderfully! You’re all so very nice and sweet and smart. I just wish Edge would stop drinking three gallons of milk a day.”

Bono laughed. “He’ll grow out of it. He goes through phases. Shit, there was a time where he would eat nothing but red things. Red sauce, tomatoes, strawberries. If it was red, he would eat it.”

“That’s…kind of odd.”

“Edge is an odd guy. In a good way, of course. Very Zen. He loves nature. So I don’t see why he had such a problem walking with you.”

“Maybe he doesn’t like me?”

Bono shoved into Jess playfully, making her smile. “I doubt that. How could they not like you? Besides, Edge would tell me if he didn’t like you. He adores you, actually.”

Did Bono just sound jealous? Jessica thought. No, she told herself, don’t be silly. Bono is just being modest.

“Well, I adore him. I adore all of you. You’re all very grounded for being rock stars.”

“Thank you,” He told her sincerely. “We try not to fall under the spell of fame. It’s hard sometimes. Being spoiled isn’t always an easy thing to ignore.”

“You can be spoiled and still be you. It’s people who take advantage of being spoiled that turn rotten.”

Bono was stunned. “Well said.”

She flushed and Bono found it adorable. Jessica was truly a shy, well rounded, traditional girl. He liked that about her. She wasn’t stuck up or immature. She was the type of girl who would go to a concert, not caring which seat she was in, just to enjoy the music.

Reaching the small, red brick corner store, Bono and Jess were greeted by the sweet voice belonging to Tammy Reynolds, a round-faced, chunky lady. She and her husband, Roy, owned the shop an lived on the second floor.

“Jessica, dear, how are you?” Mrs. Reynolds asked enthusiastically, thrilled to see that human life still existed despite the storm.

“I’m good, Tammy. How about yourself?”

“As good as I can be. Times are hard right now, with the snow and all. And who is this striking, young man?” She asked suddenly, sizing Bono up and down with a lustful eye Bono had seen time and time before.

“Paul Hewson,” Bono said, kissing Tammy on the back of the hand.

Instantly turning red, Tammy giggled like a school girl, fanning herself. “My, my. You’re not from around here, are ya? You got an accent. English?”

“Close. Irish.”

“Mm, an Irishman.” She turned to Jessica. “Good for you!”

“Uh, I think you’re getting the wrong idea, Tammy. Paul is just a friend.” Jessica laughed, somewhat embarrassed, putting cans into a red, plastic basket.

“Well, if I wasn’t married, I’d eat you up!” Tammy batted her eyes at the rock star.

“You might have to boil me first.” Bono joked back, causing another hysterical giggle out of the shop owner.

“You sure know how to flatter an old woman, Mr. Hewson.”

Shaking her head and snickering under her breath, Jessica walked about the store, collecting everything that was on her mothers list into the basket. Bono bought a few things of his own: a carton of cigars, a carton of Jessica’s cigarettes and a carton of her mother’s. Well aware that Lynn would not approve of Bono spending so much money on her, he did it anyways. It was the least he could do.

He also bought a bottle of local wine and some candy for Jess. She was sucker for candy. After purchasing their items, Tammy flirting with Bono the entire time, they headed back into the cold outdoors. Struggling through the snow, Jess grabbed Bono’s shoulder to steady herself.

“You alright?” Bono chuckled, stopping to help the young girl.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Stupid snow.” She mumbled.

“Here,” Bono locked his arm around Jessica’s and they started walking again. “Better?”

“Much. Thank you. You know it’s a bad snow storm when the snow is taller than you are.”

“No, shit.” Agreed Bono. “I’m not very tall me self.”

It was the first time she had ever heard Bono say “me” instead of “my.” It was un-mistakenly Irish and…well, sexy. Chancing herself, Jessica pressed her body up against Bono’s, their thighs only an inch or so away from touching. He didn’t move away. That was a good sign. Right?

Bono knew she was trying to secretly get closer to him. In any other normal circumstance, he wouldn’t have allowed it. Nevertheless, this was different. Somehow he knew that Jessica was trying not to be seductive in any form. The way she moved near him was more out of affection than sexuality. A gesture in which Bono hadn’t experienced in years. It was refreshing. Moving.

Reaching the winding driveway, Bono sat his bags down to die his shoe. Jess waited until Bono told her to go on without him. A few seconds later, something hard hit her back. Turning on her heel, she wasn’t surprised to see the singer holding his stomach, laughing like a maniac.

Jess balled up a cylinder of snow and WHAM! Right in Bono’s face!

“I do believe that’s five points for me?” She was now the one laughing.

Charging after her like a bull, Bono yelled out. “You’re in for it now, little girl!”

“Ha! Catch me if you can, old man!”

Shrieking, Jessica ran as fast as she could through the snow, her bag of groceries long forgotten in the yard. Bono caught up with her, pouncing on her like a panther, pinning her to the ground, the snow cold and somehow refreshing.

They rolled around in the snow like two cats, their clothes damp and their hair turning into strands of icicles. Playfully, they threw snow balls and kicked snow at one another. Bono picked Jessica up from the ground by the waist, twirling her as she demanded for him to put her down, even though that was the last thing she wanted him to do.

Lynn threw open the front door, ending their playtime. “What are you two doing? Get in here before you catch a cold!”

Bono set Jess down gently and, with a cold, red hand, wiped of the snow from her lovely face and petite shoulders. Picking up their bags of goods, the house was warm and smelled of vanilla.

“Go change, kids.” Lynn told them. “Bring your clothes into the laundry room and I’ll do a load of wash. I don’t want a house full of ill rock stars.”

Jess and Bono stole looks from the corner of their eyes and headed up the stairs. Bono went into the bathroom and unbuttoned his shirt. Jess showed up with a towel in her arms, turning into a real life ice sculpture at the topless man in front of her.

“Er…here.” She stuttered, shoving the towel his way. “This is for you.”

Taking the towel off her hands, Bono leaned into her slowly and placed a gentle, warm kiss on her cold cheek.

“I still remember the look on your face when you saw me without a shirt on.” Bono laughed. “You were all-” He mocked my face, lips puckered and eyes wide.

“Shut up!” I shoved him. “What did you expect me to do? Jump your bones?”

Bono shrugged. “I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Psh. Whatever. Well, here we are. Just as we left it.”

Bono looked up at the two story light blue house. “Hm. You’re right. But there are flowers surrounding it now.”

“Yeah. My mom loves to plant flowers. See the red rose bush over there by the side of the house? That’s all me.”

“Really?” Bono appeared impressed and he kissed me on the cheek. “Is there anything you don’t do?”

“You’re sweet. And I know you’re nervous but please try to relax. It’s just my mom. If anything she will be scorning me for not keeping in contact.”

“Doubt that. I’m sure she has a few things to say to us.”

“We can handle it,” I told him, sneaking a kiss on his lips. “Just be who you are. You can win anyone over with that charm.”

“Now who’s being the sweet one?”

Winking at him, I stepped out of the car, unlocking the trunk to grab our suitcases. Even before we reached the first step to the front porch, my mom was parading across the yard, her arms waving excitedly in the air. I dropped my suitcase and ran to her open arms, hugging her tightly like I did everyday after school when I was ten.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming home!”

I pulled away, kissing the side of her slim cheek. “I wanted to surprise you!”

“What a great surprise!” She cried, pulling me in for another bone-breaking hug.

“Mom, mom,” I choked. “You’re suffocating me.”

“Oh, sorry. Look at you! All thin and such. Are you eating well? Are you eating at all?”

Rolling my eyes, I exhaled. “Yesss, mom, I’m eating. And what about you? You dyed your hair blond. We don’t look alike anymore!”

“Sure we do! Honey, when you turn my age you will…oh.”

Shifting her brown eyes away from mine, I turned to see that my mom was staring at Bono. He stared back, folding his hands in a nervous way.

“Paul,” My mom smiled. “How nice to see you. Come here!”

I could almost see the weight lift off his shoulders when Bono wrapped his arms around my mother. Giving him a thumbs up, I picked up our suitcases and set them down in the foyer. Alan was still at work, Mom told us while pouring lemonade into three glasses.

“Let’s go onto the porch, shall we? It’s a beautiful day out.”

Bono and I followed my Mom onto the patio and sat down at the square, glass table. Lighting a cigarette, I handed one to my mom. Bono reached for my pack but I slapped his hand away.

“The doctor said I can have one fag a day!” Bono reminded me.

“Oh, fine. Here.” I threw the pack and it landed in his lap.

“Doctor?” My mom asked.

“Oh. I had a cancer scare. Throat cancer. Apparently I drink and smoke too much.”

“Correction,” I said. “You DO smoke and drink too much.”

Mocking me for the second time, I kicked Bono underneath the table and he yelped. My mom laughed and took a sip of her drink, her eyes traveling from Bono, to me, to Bono and back again. Her golden hair shone in the sun like fine threads of wheat. It’s going to take me awhile to get used to that shade on her…

Clearing her throat, she finally spoke. “You two have a lot of explaining to do. Kissing on stage? What were you thinking?”

Bono answered before I could even process the question. “That would be my doing, Lynn. I was trying to get her to talk to me. Unfortunately, I went about it the wrong way.”

“On a lighter note,” I added. “Because of Bono’s little stunt, I have my own gallery at the Museum of Art.”

“I know you do,” My mom smiled a glamorous smile, resting her hand on mine. “I read the papers, you know. I’m so very proud of you. We’ll talk more about that later. I’m really concerned for you two. Kissing on stage, going out to dinner, sneaking off to France, ma-”

“Wait, what?” Bono interrupted. “How do you know about France?”

“Good God, don’t you guys read the paper?”

“No.” I answered. “We’ve been busy.”

“Do you watch the news?”

Bono gave me a worried glance. “Not lately. It really got out?”

My mom shook her head. “You need to start watching out for each other. You’ve been followed for over two weeks now. There are pictures everywhere! Bono, you’re engaged. What are you doing?”

And here comes the migraine! “Mom, please don’t be mad. I know we’re ages apart b-”

“Pish-posh,” She waved a hand to shush me. “You think I don’t know what goes on in my own house? Don’t look so surprised, guys. I saw the way you two looked at each other. At first I thought I was imagining things but then you started leaving the rooms together and I would hear laughter at three in the morning coming from the guest room. I’m a mom. I have eyes on the back of my head and ears in every room.”

Bono looked down at the table like he was ashamed. “Lynn, I swear, we never had sex in your house.”

“Of course you didn’t. I never thought for one second that you two were having a sexual affair. You’re too moral, Paul.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” I asked her.

“What would I have said? I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Besides, I knew it wouldn’t last. Paul would have had to leave soon to finish the tour. I figured why not just let the two of you have your time together without interference? You were an adult, Jessie. I couldn’t stop the two of you being together even if I tried. Obviously I was wrong, though. You two are together now. Aren’t you?”

Bono and I exchanged looks again. Bono answered for me. “Not really. It’s…it’s complicated. But I swear, Lynn, I would never hurt your daughter.”

“I know you wouldn’t, Bono. Not after what you did for us.”

A secret was being passed between their eyes. What did she mean ’Not after what you did for us?’ Who’s us? And what did he do?

“What do you mean?” I asked.

My mom sighed, lighting another cigarette. “Paul kind of…helped your stepfather and I. Financially.”

“Financially?” I repeated. “Meaning?”

She blinked at Bono who nodded in response.

“He paid for you tuition.”

Feeling numb, I had to stop from screaming at them. “He-he-he paid for my tuition? How much of it?”

“All of it.”

Bono jumped the gun. “Don’t be angry, Jess. I did it as a favor.”

“You better explain! Now!”

“Jessie,” My mom snapped.

Bono held a hand to the air. “No, it’s ok, Lynn. She deserves an explanation.”

Bono sat in the comfort of the living room across from Lynn and Alan. Earlier in the evening, he had asked them if they could meet in private when no one was around. Edge was in the den with Adam and Larry and Jess was in the bath. Lynn sat next to her husband, holding his hand and smiling at Bono.

“What’s up, Paul?” She asked. “You said there was something you needed to talk to us about?”

Bono sat up straighter in his seat. “Yes. Erm, as you know, the guys and I will be leaving tomorrow morning and you and your husband have done so much for us. We would never be able to pay you back for everything.”

“Nonsense, dear. It was our pleasure. Don’t worry your pretty head over it.”

“Well, I don’t feel right leaving here without thanking you properly. I know that Jess really wants to go to college in New York. I also know that times are hard for you at the moment and any art college is expensive. But she has so much talent to give, to show the world. Mr. and Mrs. Harper, I would like to pay for Jessica’s tuition.”

Lynn was stuck. Alan was speechless, staring at Bono like he was a mad man.

“No,” Lynn managed to say. “I can’t let you do that. It’s a nice gesture, really, but it’s almost one-hundred grand for a four year degree. I couldn’t let you put that much towards a family you hardly know.”

“I give more money than that to strangers every year. You took me and my mates into your own, four strange men, into your home. You treated us like family and I would like to think of you as such. We adore Jessica. She’s a smart girl and she’s not going to make it as far as she would like being stuck in a small town, going to a community college. Coming from an artists point of view and having an artistic career, the more connections you have the more you learn and the more you grow. I have already written a check for two-hundred grand. That should cover all her books, supplies, tuition and the rest she can use for clothes and any other things she may need. I have rented out an apartment on the safe side of downtown Manhattan so that she doesn’t have to bunk with anyone. I know she likes to be alone.”

Alan spoke this time. “Really, Bono. We can’t accept that much from you. It’s just not right.”

“I’m not asking you to accept it.” Bono said strictly. “I’m telling you to take it. I won’t leave this house until you take it. I’m doing this because you did so much for us. Don’t think of it as charity. Think of it as a gift. And I don’t want any talk of you paying me back. Not to brag, but I have millions of dollars that hasn’t even been thought about being touched. Two-hundred grand is nothing. Please take it.”

Lynn was crying into her hands and stood up to embrace to the singer. “Thank you so much,” She choked back her tears. “How can we ever thank you?”

“You can thank me by not telling Jessica about any of this until she is graduated. She would never forgive me.”

“Let me get this straight,” I inquired, exhaling my cigarette. “You gave my parents TWO HUNDRED GRAND to send me to college?”

“Yes,” Bono nodded.


“Don’t get angry at him, Jess.” My mom filled the silence. “He didn’t have to do what he did. He did it because he cares for you. He knew you had a lot to give.”

“I’m not mad, actually. I’m…touched.”

To be mad would to be insane. He didn’t only do a great favor for me, he did an even bigger favor for my parents. If not for him, my parents never would have been able to afford to provide me with a great education. Without even realizing, I felt the tears stream feely over the brim of my eyes.

Kicking my chair to the side, I threw my arms around Bono’s neck, sniffing and sobbing. Bono hugged me back, showering my cheeks and forehead with kisses. I turned to my mother and motioned for her to join the hug. Crying just as hard as me, my mom put an arm around Bono and myself for a group, soppy hug.

“Thank you,” I said to Bono. “Thank you for everything.”

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Was not expecting that last bit!!! *wipes eyes*

I love her mom...she's like the perfect mom

LOL at Edge only eating red things!!

They just have to be together, they just have to!

Another awesome chapter

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this was so amazing

at this point, I'll be damned if B doesn't drop his fiance
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Ah, shit. I just realized that I forgot to italic the flashbacks in this chapter. sorry guys! I hope I didn't confuse anyone...
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Her mum is soo cool haha
I wonder whats gonna happen to the fianceeee??

great chap again! (I wake up to new chapters which is such a joy )
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Originally Posted by popmartlemon93 View Post
Her mum is soo cool haha
I wonder whats gonna happen to the fianceeee??

great chap again! (I wake up to new chapters which is such a joy )
heh, that's awesome!
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Originally Posted by LoveandLogic View Post
Ah, shit. I just realized that I forgot to italic the flashbacks in this chapter. sorry guys! I hope I didn't confuse anyone...
I just assumed Edge was getting extremely jealous of Jessica and stalked Bono back to her mother's house.

: Won't call me for months, will he? Fine! I'll track him down and make him have to go out to get milk. That'll learn him.
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Originally Posted by LemonMelon View Post
I just assumed Edge was getting extremely jealous of Jessica and stalked Bono back to her mother's house.

: Won't call me for months, will he? Fine! I'll track him down and make him have to go out to get milk. That'll learn him.
i tried finding a way to edit the post but i guess i can't. and that's REALLY bugging me. I'm so OCD sometimes...
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really great chapter! I like sentimental chapters... And the odd Edge.. I laughed so hard when I read about the red food XD!
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Nice chapter!

I went YAY when I read about the tuiton fees, cause, in one of your last chapters, when Jesse was discussing college with her parents and was listening , I was like yeah Bono 's gonna pay for it, I'm sure!

And Edge is so cute in this chaper ( the milk and the red food)
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That was too much cuteness for only one chap!!
Edge's eccentricity FTW

Loved it!
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Utterly marvelous!!
I KNEW IT that Bono paid for her education, with the few hints you dropped here & there, it had to be something along those lines!!

So taking into consideration such a major "gift" towards Jess, Bono is already ready to devote his life for that girl. Now what the fook is she waiting for?!?!! For him to offer himself wearing nothing but a towel?!!

Love will come through!
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I thought he paid for her education...there were definitely hints of it

I love your flashbacks; they're so adorable. Although, really, eating only red things, Edge? Weird.

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